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Found 4 results

  1. Being a newbie in ProcessWire I was wondering, whether I could have simple subdirectories on my webserver (serving specific self-developed php-apps) and use PW's built-in user management, to grant or deny access to those directories for specific users and groups. I was trying to wrap my head around LDAP for this, but it's not too easy to install on virtual servers running Plesk from my experience. So I thought I could possibly use PW's built in mechanisms for this purpose. Any ideas? Thanks in advance to the community!
  2. Hi folks, I'm scoping out a job and as part of the site they would like an 'Events' section. I have done quite a few of these which vary in complexities, but they are a client that has come from Wordpress and mentioned a 'Events Manager' plugin (http://wp-events-plugin.com/) which they used mainly for the following: Allow online booking Create reports about attendees Send group reminders/confirmation I'm wondering if there's anything that ProcessWire can do that is similar? I guess, per event, the user would select a number of tickets, include their name and perhaps some other information, then it would store this in the admin area somewhere – perhaps a form connected to a specific event? Then they could export this data to see everyone who is attending etc? Group reminders/confirmation I'm unsure about but any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks! R
  3. How can i build multi-user-system for the frontend? I have an approach like: Pagetree: Login -Admin(Admin-Overview) -- Veranstaltungen -- Agenda/Daten -- Multimedia -- Veranstalter -- Import/Export -- Einstellungen -user-1(Overview) -- Veranstaltungen -- Agenda/Daten -- Multimedia -- Profil -- Benutzer -user-2(Overview) '' '' ... users: user-1, user-2 the users have the role: client When the successfull login happens: if($user->isLoggedin()){ if($user->isSuperuser()){ $session->redirect("./admin-overview/"); } else if($user->hasRole("client")){ $session->redirect("./$user->name/"); } } On the beggining of the _main.php where all the content will be loaded: To avoid access to the content from another user from the url. if($user->isLoggedin()){ if($page->name != $page404->name){ if($user->name != $page->rootParent->name){ $session->redirect("$page404->url"); } } } Am I on the right way or is this the completely false? Can you give me a better approach, a better, safer way to achieve a multi-user-system/management for the frontend?? I must migrate an existing Web-Application that was build with yii to Processwire.
  4. I'd like to see better Hanna Code management and I think 4 things could greatly assist. 1 - Tags to be able to tag a piece of Hanna Code in the same manner as we tag templates. We could then see the list of Hanna Codes arranged in the same format as templates. IE broken down by tag. 2 - Usage On the Hanna Code list i'd also like to see a column called Pages (and Templates?) telling me how many pages and templates use my Hanna Code. Again, similar to the Templates layout. 3 - Filter / Find The Find page has a tab called Filters for searching by template, field etc etc. In fact, I can filter by almost anything except Hanna Codes. 4 - Descriptions To be able to add a plain text description to a Hanna Code. I try to name my HCs in a helpful way such as Get-Video Get-Investor-News etc Sometimes I have several variations of the above and I'd like an at-a-glance way to distinguish them without having to click into the HC or at least be able to see the description once I've clicked in. Anyone else feel the same or do I use HC more than most?
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