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Found 12 results

  1. Hi folks, I just tried to export/import some pages with meta() data using the ProcessPagesExportImport module from the core. Unfortunately the data is not exported. Is there a way to migrate pages with meta data to a new pw installation? See the API docs for $page->meta() for more information. Since this is a relatively new addition it might not be possible yet without custom code. Since my new pagebuilder module uses the meta data to save the styling of pages I might develop something myself, just wanted to ask before..
  2. Afternoon, I have a page setup with a repeater which has 40 or so items in. Each repeater item has around 6 fields. This is becoming a little unusable so I'd like to convert them to child pages of the current parent. Is there a way to do this (import/export maybe?) Many thanks Pete
  3. Hey folks, im pretty new to Processwire. A client of mine asked me to migrate his old (v2.5) Processwire Website. On his server its running on PHP 5.3 and i want to upgrade + migrate the site at the same time. I Downloaded the Site from his server to set it up locally, replaced the /wire directory, index.php and .htaccess with the files of the latest version. After that i changed the DB Connection details in the config.php, swapped to PHP 7.4 and now, when i open up the site on my localhost i get this error: compile(\ProcessWire\wire("config")->paths->root . "site/templates/includes/head.inc.php",array('includes'=>true,'namespace'=>true,'modules'=>true,'skipIfNamespace'=>true)))?> compile(\ProcessWire\wire("config")->paths->root . "site/templates/includes/header.inc.php",array('includes'=>true,'namespace'=>true,'modules'=>true,'skipIfNamespace'=>true)))?> compile(\ProcessWire\wire("config")->paths->root . "site/templates/includes/start_content.inc.php",array('includes'=>true,'namespace'=>true,'modules'=>true,'skipIfNamespace'=>true)))?> compile(\ProcessWire\wire("config")->paths->root . "site/templates/includes/footer.inc.php",array('includes'=>true,'namespace'=>true,'modules'=>true,'skipIfNamespace'=>true)))?> The page itself doesnt load, just a white space with this stuff on it I checked if the files exist, they do. I hope anyone can help me with that ? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey there, i have a big Problem. I migrate Processwire with a Plugin from my local Mama Server to a 1&1 web server. After few Problems with Internal Error (.htaccess), the site looks greta and its work. But my Admin Panel are not working correctly. Before I installed the AdminThemeUIKit but now I can't install ist anymore and I can't refresh my modules. Nothing happens after a mouse click on it. If I am going to the pages, I can't see anything. There isn't a Site Tree or anything else. I can not change anything there. Please help me, it is a huge Problem for me... The admin looks like the very beginning of Processwire !!!
  5. How do I migrate a template with all its fields and values to a new site? Is their an export/import process?
  6. Hi Guys, I'm trying to do my first migration to the customers existing server (IIS 10) . I ran the site as a subdirectory on my website for test purposes (everything works fine). Following the tutorial of Joss, I tryed the site on a local xampp server to make sure, it also works on a root directory. So far so good, everything works. Now I moved the files (from the xampp) to the customers server. The root/index page is shown but for every subpage i get 404 Errors... Hence I followed the troubleshooting guide for not working URLs: On the first sight, the .htaccess file is not recognized, therefore I contacted the host support. They said, it is recognized but not all modules are supported in the processwire .htaccess file. I did the "öalskjfdoal" test in the .htaccess file and didn't get a 500 Error.... BUT the rewrite rule from the hosts support, to proof the file is read, DID work... The support claims, they do not provide debugging... so basically the .htaccess file is recognized and working, but not throwing any errors (for whatever reason). Working rewrite rule (from support): RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^test\.asp$ index.html [NC,L] RewriteRule ^test\.html$ konzept.html [NC,L] RewriteRule ^test2\.html$ team.html [NC,L] The support said, a couple modules are not supported in the htaccess file, the supported ones are listed here: http://www.helicontech.com/ape/ (I think mod_rewrite is supported) As I do not completely understand what exactly is happening in the htaccess file, I'm stuck. I tried all suggestions I found regarding this topic on the forum, but none of them solved the problem. .htaccess.txt
  7. Hello everyone, Last night as a "saturday night shitty weather stay at home" project I attempted to migrate a project that was on PW 2.7.x to PW 3.x I use a lot of partials on the project so I have around 200 php files that needs to be namespaced. Compiler was giving me trouble with "Call undefined function" errors. Being the lazy developer I attempted to wrote a script after getting bored over pasting the namespace Processwire; line into around 10 files. Below you can find the script, that is very basically adds <?php namespace Processwire;?> as the first line of every .php and .module file in the given directory and shows you the results. Of course it checks for namespace Processwire first By default it assumes ./site/templates folder but I tried it with a module which is giving errors due to namespaces and worked fine. Be careful and remember to take backups first https://gist.github.com/borantula/e41c4b6ba36f78b1110d400a16754691
  8. I have inherited a ProcessWire site that was still in development when the webmaster was abducted by aliens. Forunately I have a zip file of the SQL dump and all of the files. I want to bring that dev site live (not public) so that I can complete development. Although I have not used ProcessWire in the past, I'm pretty good with Wordpress and after going through the PW documentation feel like I could pick the system up pretty fast. Here are my questions - I'd really appreciate any suggestions or help with them: I'm not sure what version of PW was running on the old server. How can I tell? I have not yet repointed the legacy domain name to the new nameservers so I am only able to access the new dev site by IP address - is this going to be a problem? What sequence of events should I follow to bring the old site up on the new server? For further context, I have created a database on the new server, changed the site/config.php file to reflect the new database properties and authentication, executed the SQL dump into the new database and copied the remaining files onto the new server. When I browse to the IP address, I just get a 404. Have I missed a configuration setting somewhere? Or is this related to the ip address for the new location? Thanks much in advance. I'd love to get the site functional on the new server if I can...
  9. How can i build multi-user-system for the frontend? I have an approach like: Pagetree: Login -Admin(Admin-Overview) -- Veranstaltungen -- Agenda/Daten -- Multimedia -- Veranstalter -- Import/Export -- Einstellungen -user-1(Overview) -- Veranstaltungen -- Agenda/Daten -- Multimedia -- Profil -- Benutzer -user-2(Overview) '' '' ... users: user-1, user-2 the users have the role: client When the successfull login happens: if($user->isLoggedin()){ if($user->isSuperuser()){ $session->redirect("./admin-overview/"); } else if($user->hasRole("client")){ $session->redirect("./$user->name/"); } } On the beggining of the _main.php where all the content will be loaded: To avoid access to the content from another user from the url. if($user->isLoggedin()){ if($page->name != $page404->name){ if($user->name != $page->rootParent->name){ $session->redirect("$page404->url"); } } } Am I on the right way or is this the completely false? Can you give me a better approach, a better, safer way to achieve a multi-user-system/management for the frontend?? I must migrate an existing Web-Application that was build with yii to Processwire.
  10. Hi, i want to import stuff from Drupal to Processwire and have create an importscript but some things doesn't work. I import a list of questions from users and i will manipulate the page created date (thats work fine) and change the User to the right one. If the User dosn't exist, i will creat a new one. But this is the first problem i have, no user will be change or create... The second problem is to find out if the page does alrady exist or not. If the Page exist i will only modify some fields, otherwise i will create a new page..... To find out if the Page exist and whats the Page ID do i also need to import the Comments..... readCSV.php: // Read the CSV file and get an array of rows function readCSV($file){ $lines = array(); foreach(file($file, FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES) as $line){ $lines[] = str_getcsv($line); } return $lines; } import.php: while($i < $countArray){ // Initzalisierung der Variablen $title = $data[$i][0]; $date = $data[$i][6]; #$summary = ''; $body = $data[$i][1]; $categorys = $data[$i][4]; $tags = $data[$i][3]; #$images = ''; $authorName = $data[$i][5]; $sanitizTitle = $sanitizer->pageName($title); $post = $pages->get("template=$template, name=$sanitizTitle"); if(empty($post)){ $p = new Page(); // create new page object $p->template= $template; //set template post $p->parent = wire('pages')->get('/$parent/'); //set the parent $p->name = $sanitizTitle; // SANITIZE!!!! $p->title = $title; // added by Ryan: save page in preparation for adding files (#1) $p->save(); $p->created = $date; // Timestamp!!! $p->save(array('quiet' => true)); // To save the created Date $p->body = $body; // $p->summary = $summary; // Looking for the inizialisation $p->tags = $tags; $p->categories = $categorys; $p->save(); echo 'Created Page: '. $title .'<br>'; $authorNameSanitiz = $sanitizer->name($authorName); if($users->get($authorNameSanitiz)){ $authorID = $users->get($authorNameSanitiz); $p->createdUser->name = $authorID; } else { $u = new User(); $u->name = $authorNameSanitiz; $u->addRole("author"); $u->addRole("guest"); $u->save(); echo 'creat User: '. $authorName .'<br>'; $authorID = $users->get($authorNameSanitiz); $p->createdUser = $authorID; } $p->save(); #} // populate fields //$p->images->add('path/to/image1.jpg'); // add multiple to images field $i++; } The CSV: "Titel","Inhalt","E-Mail","Schlagworte","Thema","Benutzername","Beitragsdatum" "digitale Filme in der Strahlentherapie","Hi,<br>zur Zeit suchen wir in unserer Abteilung für Strahlentherapie in Regensburg eine digitales Filmsystem.<br>Welche Firmen bieten den solche Systeme für die Strahlentherapie an?<br>MfG<br>Jan<br>","janmee@web.de","","Strahlentherapie","pete","1437587189" "Gehalt MTA R","Hallo,<br>ich interessiere mich für den Beruf. Wo kann ich erfahren, was ich ausgelernt verdiene? Gibt es einen Tarifvertrag? In welchem ist man da wie eingruppiert? Vielen Dank<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>","sweetmic@web.de","Gehalt","Radiologie","guest","1437303471" what am i doing wrong?
  11. Hi, I'm new to Processwire and I have to say that after reading through your forum and some of your tutorials I have taken the plunge and installed PW and quite like the CMF/CMS that you have developed and congratulate you and your communities efforts to date. I have come up against a problem when trying to develop between multiple environments i.e. dev, staging, production. The problem I am facing is that after doing and ProcessWire 2.2.13 installation (without problems) on my dev environment and then I move the site to staging or another developers environment, when I try to login to the Administration area I get a error "Unable to generate password hash". I have tried to empty cache, both browser and physical files and still get the error message and I can't login to the control panel. My Staging environments is running Apache 2 and PHP 5.2.17 (can't upgrade to 5.3 or 5.4 due to another cms legacy issue) and my Dev environment runs on MAMP 2.0 with Apache 2 and PHP 5.2.17 also. I have checked AMP logs and can't see anything out of the ordinary there. Just wondering if I'm missing anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Sambo.
  12. Hi guys, Have just transferred a site over to a live domain. I did the following: Exported old db, Created a new db on new server Transferred files and folders to new domain Changed db details in config.php Imported db to new db The site is up and all looks fine but some (at least half) of my pages are just redirecting to the homepage. I'm scratching my head here, do any of you have any ideas where this may be coming from? Thanks. PS Just to add that the old site was on a subfolder ie: .com/folder, now I'm at the root level Not sure if this makes a difference
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