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  1. Hi Ryan, I replaced the Password.php file and tried to change the user password but I kept getting "Internal 500 Errors" every time I tried to run it through a template or via the API from command line. Anyway I found it easier to actually setup another site in MAMP whilst I was using PHP version 5.2, then copy the "$config->userAuthSalt" setting to my existing config.php and the values in the "field_pass" database table to the existing sites database from the temporary site I setup. This now allows me to login and create extra users. All working now, until I upgrade my server to php 5.4 which will be in the next couple weeks, I'll remember to keep the PHP version to 5.2 both in Dev and Production environments. Cheers Sambo.
  2. I'm away from that machine at the moment, I'll have a look when I get to it in about 5 hours.
  3. No probs, following is the error output: pass=mXXXXXX | hash=$2sNTd9VF43kk | hashType=blowfish | salt1=$2y$11$pTGSdPI7.YVGe70VuRhF6e Just to clarify, I still have this function set as well: public function supportsBlowfish() { return false; } and the following for salt: $config->userAuthSalt = '572fe5f9277ca75a16f78330eb3a0279'; field_password table in the database shows the following: pages_id data salt 41 FDUxEZx7t/1FDuDfB0wcwJrNSJ5rN/6 $2a$11$kPxOgAJBU6.fnYF0cE0jh. Cheers Sambo
  4. Hi Ryan I commented out the function in Password.php and added the recommended one into the file straight after it, but it still throws the same error.
  5. Not sure how I can check if the server supports sha1 but I checked my php info page and below are the settings on the server. Cheers Sambo.
  6. OK, I think this might be a PHP 5.2.17 error, if I change MAMP to use PHP 5.3.14 the error goes away and I can login, but my production server is running 5.2.17 so bit stuck here, is there some way to set this to a legacy encrypt/decrypt setting?
  7. I check the PHP Logs and there isn't an error generated. My $config->userAuthHashType is set to SHA1.
  8. Sessions and Cache folders have nothing in them, and the perms are set to 777, just deleted the cookies and still not logging in. Where can I set db session?
  9. It's the same on my Dev and Staging, but I'm still getting an error. Reading the comment above the setting it says that it should be the same on both servers.
  10. Hi I Disabled fingerprint settings but I'm still getting the same error, how do I change the hash key?
  11. Hi, I'm new to Processwire and I have to say that after reading through your forum and some of your tutorials I have taken the plunge and installed PW and quite like the CMF/CMS that you have developed and congratulate you and your communities efforts to date. I have come up against a problem when trying to develop between multiple environments i.e. dev, staging, production. The problem I am facing is that after doing and ProcessWire 2.2.13 installation (without problems) on my dev environment and then I move the site to staging or another developers environment, when I try to login to the Administration area I get a error "Unable to generate password hash". I have tried to empty cache, both browser and physical files and still get the error message and I can't login to the control panel. My Staging environments is running Apache 2 and PHP 5.2.17 (can't upgrade to 5.3 or 5.4 due to another cms legacy issue) and my Dev environment runs on MAMP 2.0 with Apache 2 and PHP 5.2.17 also. I have checked AMP logs and can't see anything out of the ordinary there. Just wondering if I'm missing anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Sambo.
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