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  1. Another thread where this was discussed: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/11989-multiple-site-monitoring/ Great community and a really interesting development.
  2. Robin S, that worked (almost) perfectly, thanks. I just had to change it to: $config->paths->files = $config->paths->files . 'example/'; $config->urls->files = $config->urls->files . 'example/'; Thanks everyone.
  3. Is it possible to change where uploaded files are saved? They are currently saved to: /site/assets/files/ I'd like to save them to: /site/assets/files/example/ Thanks
  4. Before I download, I have a few questions: 1) Discount codes - is this supported? 2) Affiliates - are you able to give users a specific link and then assign orders to an affiliate 3) Product matrices - products can have pricing options (Small, Medium, Large and Black, Green, Yellow)
  5. Is Padloper still active? We're currently looking at developing a flexible ecommerce solution (we build a lot of PW sites) but need to check it out. Is there any form of dev download?
  6. Wow. Can I ask how you built the data structure? Was this all through processwire and pages? Did you customise the PW admin area or is this entirely frontend? Having tried to build a basic proof of concept the data structure it's tough to amek the admin area work sensibly. Pete
  7. Hi Tom, Thanks for posting. For me, it's about making the admin area nicely maintainable. To that extent we'd need to be able to customise the admin area fairly heavily. Is your ticketing system something I could take a look at from an admin perspective? Pete
  8. Right, so let's just say we have a members area which holds all of the User/Horse/Payment details and a CMS. Is there a way in which we can have a single point of access for all this? We've been discussing perhaps a Laravel user/horse system and expose some JSON for the website area. What I don't want to to provide 2 'admin' system to the client. One for users/horses and one for the CMS.
  9. OK. So if we were creating this sort of structure in the admin area of PW, could we build it using linked pages/repeaters? Also, is there any benefit in building the sort of admin functionality as a frontend or as part of the standard admin area?
  10. We are currently looking at building a custom administration area with the basic outlined functionality. Users will be able to login and see their horses, their events and their payments. Admins will be able to login and see all users, horses, events, payments. Data structure below. Questions 1) Would this make sense to build as a single frontend with different 'admin' levels' rather than customising the backend of PW? Ultimately the PW install will be running a full frontend website (showing Horses for Sale, Events and other misc content) so users will need to login to update content. 2) How does PW handle database relationships? Could this structure be built? Users ------ ID Email Horses - one user can own many horses ------- ID UserID Membership Level (payment) Events - one horse can enter many events ------- ID HorseID Required Membership Level Payments ----- ID TransactionID Payment Items - one payment can have many payment items ---- ID PaymentID Order Type - Horse Registration/Donation/Event ItemID - HorseID, DonationID, EventID Cost VAT Many thanks Pete
  11. Doesn't that defeat the object of having PC in the first place? Like I said, it's awesome, but stripping <body> tag, feels wrong to me. I wonder if any other front end devs would agree?
  12. In my mind, the word can should be in bold here. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Omitting the <body> tag, whilst saving a couple of bytes opens a can of legacy worms. Older browsers will revert to quirksmode and Google Analytics 'prefers' analytics code immediately after the <body> tag. The module is awesome, and has shrunk down the first site we built to be so quick, the web inspector barely keeps up, but this one seems like it should be optional in ProCache to help with legacy development. What do you think Andreas?
  13. Debugging the js for this shows an error at InputfieldCroppableImage.js?v=83-1460630526:36 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'crops' of undefined json = config.CroppableImage.crops[suffix];
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