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  1. Thanks all (@abdus and @horst) for the quick response. I'd be lost without this module, I use it on every site. Also thanks to @ryan for having the feature of saving the previous version of each module when using his Upgrade module.
  2. I upgraded to version 0.2.6 today and cannot make use of the module. It seems to not save the SMTP Password anymore. I can send additional SMTP Configuration information via PM, if necessary. Once I reverted back to version 0.2.5 everything worked as before.
  3. I'm looking forward to your newest module. It would benefit my internal/external work tremendously. I hope you don't change the focus of what you are creating.
  4. You should be commended on sticking with the troubleshooting. I'm glad you finally got to the root of the problem.
  5. There should be 4 options (A, B C and D) available
  6. This still needs to be fixed/addressed. Also that was from the old repository.
  7. @kongondo, It was a joy to wake up and see this effort you have undertaken! Good luck on making this work.
  8. have you: 1) exported your localhost database? 2) Created a new database on the live or web hosting location? 3) Imported the localhost database into the newly created database? 4) Made changes to your site/config.php to reflect the credentials in the newly created database? _
  9. Would be interested to know is this you only ProcessWire installation? If not, do you have the same issues with your other installs or a basic install of ProcessWire (with no 3rd party modules)? Also knowing the PHP and MySQL version would also be beneficial.
  10. That's still a lot for Gmail. Simply knowing about Gmail's Bulk Sending Guidelines should help you since you want to keep using them.
  11. I wrote "we hope", however I was not implying that the module won't get updates. From my experience @ryan has supported all the modules he has released for the last few years. Hanna Code, Import Pages From CSV and ProcessWire Upgrade are 3 of many he has produced and kept up-to-date. All the while he has produced many other great modules (paid and free).
  12. Whether this module is in the core of ProcessWire or isn't is not too important to me. What I am very grateful for is that @ryan has addressed the functionality himself and produced what seems to be a solid solution. What we have now is a Login/Registration solution written and supported by @ryan. We are definitely better off than we were just a few weeks ago. We hope that the support is long-term and that there will be further enhancements to this module in the coming years. Front-end Login/Registration is, to me, a very important capability. @ryan has produced the basic scaffolding (his module) and hopefully others will add to or enhance the functionality of what's been produced.
  13. A fantastic upgrade to ProcessWire's core capabilities. Thanks for making our lives easier.
  14. I prefer it immensely and hope that it stays available/supported (maybe not as the default). We all need choices. I am glad to see and support progress on additional Admin themes.