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  1. cstevensjr

    Follow-up for Office 365 Settings
  2. cstevensjr

    Thanks for creating this module.
  3. Please let us know when you have access and one of the Moderators will move this topic to the Form Builder VIP Forum.
  4. You should post this in the Form Builder VIP Support Forum. If you cannot access this forum, please send a PM to @ryan
  5. cstevensjr

    Under Modules go to Core and look under the Process Heading. You will find the Page Clone module.
  6. cstevensjr

    Based on what you have provided so far, here are some links that may or may not help you with your situation: https://www.fastmail.com/help/technical/ssltlsstarttls.html https://www.limilabs.com/blog/ssl-vs-tls-vs-starttls-stls https://www.sparkpost.com/resources/email-explained/ssl-tls-starttls-encyption/
  7. cstevensjr

    I can confirm that I'm getting the same error from South Carolina right now.
  8. cstevensjr

    I actually like the verbose style for this type of documentation. Ryan has significantly filled in the gaps of missing centrally located documentation. There's much to read now. I find that better to have than the typical documentation that is full of bullet points. I truly hope he continues along this path because I believe it helps everyone in learning the more technical parts of ProcessWire. I also like that community members are actively asking to contribute to making the documentation meaningful. The active positivity of community members and the quality of thoughtful or extremely helpful answers given are what makes being on this forum truly unique.
  9. cstevensjr

    I believe you need to put this in your /site/config.php file
  10. cstevensjr

    @Robin S and @adrian, a great discussion and follow-up solution(s). This is the type of stuff that makes this Forum so valuable and worth reading on a daily basis.
  11. cstevensjr

    I have a license for both Transmit and Forklift for my Mac machines. I keep both of them updated with the latest versions. I first started with Forklift. Used it for years and like it as an alternative to Finder. Years later, I had problems with connecting to one of my remote servers with Forklift (a flaky certificate problem, which eventually got resolved). However, at that time it was a problem so I gave Transmit a chance, liked it and that's what I have been using primarily for all remote secure connections. I believe both programs are worthy Mac utilities. Either one is suitable when you need rock solid SSH tunneling using SFTP.
  12. cstevensjr

    You stated exactly what I meant. Thanks. The fact that you can make use of these tools makes life easier building websites or applications.
  13. cstevensjr

    i don't know if it has been mentioned, but we need to stress the ability of ProcessWire installations to use/incorporate third-party PHP tools without much effort.
  14. cstevensjr

    A very nicely composed showcase writeup.