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  1. I hope you are aware that PW 3.0.98 is now the newest Master Release.
  2. FYI, Site is accessible through the frontend
  3. This occurred back in January of this year. It's still a great analytical system.
  4. It's great that you are actively working to improve things on your website. I would also advise you to take a look at the following linked article for other things to look out for: https://blog.ezoic.com/ttfb-shouldnt-matter-test-this-instead-for-pagespeed/ Best Regards, Charles
  5. I'm just glad that one has a choice with ProcessWire. We are not mandated to use a particular way of website building. It's always good to read about the distinctly different uses of the platform.
  6. Are you looking at this from a Browser Cached Page or are you accessing the site via Browser Incognito Mode? If you logged out of ProcessWire and then went back to that page from the same Browser tab, you may get this result because the Browser Cache needs to be properly cleared.
  7. The Comments Fieldtype is explained at the following link: http://processwire.com/api/fieldtypes/comments/ I believe you need to go to your Comment field and enter an email address. The last 2 images show what a Comment field looks like
  8. https://processwire.com/videos/ You can also do a Google search of "Processwire Videos" for other associated links. Welcome to the ProcessWIre Forums. You may want to visit the following link to answer many other questions you may have: https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/
  9. Nice site. He has other interesting articles on this site: http://www.davidkissinger.com/spin-up-a-quick-installation-of-processwire-with-docker-compose/
  10. Can you please elaborate a little more and better explain what you are talking about? If you could provide some examples about PW's inabilities, that would be very helpful.
  11. Please send a PM to @apeisa to gain access to the VIP Support Forum for PadLoper.
  12. I've dealt in the past with a web host who enabled some ModSecurity or Custom settings that were geared towards protecting WordPress installations. This affected some of my clients PW sites on shared hosting. Once I sent a message to the web host, letting them know these weren't WP sites and that their changes were impacting the PW sites, they relented and removed the WP-specific host settings.
  13. What is one to do when someone willingly chooses not to read the provided instructions or refuses to abide by any restrictions that are prominently explained? A lack of adequate documentation is one thing and should be brought to the attention of the Module Developer.
  14. Make sure your online host is not blocking or restricting anything.