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  1. I have found a solution and thought I would share it for the benefit of others. It may not be the most efficient or elegant solution but it is working. After some trial and error the solutions suggested in topic 7659, especially by formulate, began to make sense. In the tagging.php template file is the following code: $fullList = $pages->find("$searchTxt=$thisTag"); // this select all pages where page field "Tags" contains a page with title of our tag $tagList = $pages->find("$searchTxt=$thisTag, limit=10"); // this selects the same as above but limits the rsults for pagination $session->taggedPages=(string)$fullList; // save the result of the first search for use in the portfolio template In the portfiolio.php template file the following gets the prev / next pages from the tag search: $fullList=$pages->find("id=" .$session->taggedPages); $next = $page->next($fullList); $prev = $page->prev($fullList); This means that going to the prev / next page is not limited to those paginated on the tagging page. I hope that makes sense and helps someone else.
  2. Thank you horst, that solved an issue I was yet to solve. dragan, your clue was too cryptic for my limited knowledge. PW is certainly easy to work with if you are prepared invest some thought. My issue is not solved, but that's because I didn't describe it clearly enough. The page with the thumbnails (now paginated!) lists all the images with the selected tag. It is based on my tagging template. Clicking a thumbnail opens a page based on my portfolio template for the individual image, each of which has it's own page. What I would like to do is have the prev/next links on the individual, portfolio template styled page move through the images that were on the tagging page. This will change depending on the selected tag, and will be different to where the images sit within the content tree. How would this work in PW? I have a sense that it involves sessions ... but have not been able to work it out.
  3. I am building a portfolio site based on PW 3.0.124 and learning php as I go. The site uses various tags on the pages for each image. The tagging is sorted and clicking a tag link brings up a page of links to images with the same tag using the following code: $searchTxt = $page->searchTag; $thisTag = $page->name; // Current clicked tag $tagList = $pages->find("$searchTxt=$thisTag"); // select all pages where page field "Tags" contains a page with title of our tag I have a Prev / Next section on the image pages, but it relates to the tree location, rather than the tagList page. My guess is that the $tagList array needs to somehow be saved to be used to iterate through it, possibly using sessions ... but I can't figure out how to do that. Any help/pointers would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks wbmnfktr, you put me on the right track. I had WireMail: SMTP installed but not configured. I actually uninstalled the module and emails are now being sent. I am having an issue where an email is sent to my address, but not to the person using the Contact form. The following is in the contact page template: <?php $scf = $modules->get('SimpleContactForm'); $options = array( 'btnClass' => 'butn1', 'btnText' => 'Send', 'emailMessage' => 'You have successfully sent a message to Rob', 'item_label' => "", 'classes' => array( 'item' => 'input-field' ) ); echo $scf->render($options); ?> <br ><br ><br ></div> </div> <?php include('./includes/foot.inc'); ?> Any clues would be appreciated.
  5. I have installed the module and the page appears as expected. The submit button works and redirects to the success page, or not if it detects spam. No emails are sent and I get the following errors in the log: [ERROR] Mail has not been sent to Name [ERROR] Additional mail could not be sent to Name running PW 3.0.123 on PHP 7.1.31 I have searched the forum for a solution. Can anyone suggest where else I might look to solve this?
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