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Page edits are not saving on localhost


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I am running ProcessWire 3.0.165 on my Synology NAS, along with another couple of test sites. The other sites are working fine.

The site will allow me to edit pages, and shows that the edits have been saved (as per the screenshot), but on reloading shows no change. 
I can however edit templates and fields.

The database was imported from my live website (where editing works), and changes of db user etc. made in the site\config.php file.

Any help would be appreciated as I have searched the forum for an answer.



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Have you tried checking the logs?

If not, I'd suggest looking at Setup > Logs (or going directly to the log files at Site > Assets > Logs).

If you can't identify anything, it might be worth posting an excerpt here.

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Thanks Bill,
I looked in the logs and found nothing that I think is relevant. The two screenshots show the last error. However, replicating the issue of unsaved edits does not add further entries to the logs.

Could there be an issue with the local db having different usernames to the live db - even though my local username for the db has all privileges according to phpmysql?
I'm clutching at straws here.





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I wouldn't think there'd be an issue with different usernames - though I could be wrong.

An error with accessing the database does sound like the right sort of thing, but I'd expect the consequences to be more wide-ranging and the errors to recur. My guess is that these errors were caused by something else.

Have you turned on debugging in config.php ($config->debug=true;) and is anything interesting returned?

And are you using the same version of PHP on both local and live servers?

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Thanks again Bill,

Yes, debugging is turned on, and I'm using Tracy Debugger - neither shows any errors.

The live site uses PHP 7.3.27, and the local/NAS is 7.3.16, so I figure they are pretty close. The live site uses MySQL, and the local is using MariaDB 5, but that hasn't been an issue before.

I have been experimenting, and can edit and save changes to the fields via Adminer, but edits via the usual page editor still do not save to the database.
Editing a page via Adminer is fraught with danger though...

Edited by Rob(AU)
more info is provided for troubleshooting
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