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  1. Hi ngrmm, Thanks for your reply! Two languages (default/DE) and all activated. Replacing fields (PageTitleLanguage) with new ones like Text (Multi-Language) also did not help. Still trying to figure out why on new base pages it works but on some older not. ** Update Seems like i get this error while editing the main-page via Editor-page AND my Dash Module uses the given base-page (not writing anything to it but quering the repeaters). At least i have an new point where to start looking 🙂 cheers
  2. Hi, Sorry, coming back to this and i'd need a hint where to start looking further. I have pages with a nested (not matrix) repeater (among other fields) in it: basepage event_staff_team_repeater event_staff_member_repeater When editing custom fields from the standard backend editpage within the repeater, i get: PagesEditor: Fehler beim speichern von Feld "Teams" — Can’t save page 1265: /de/admin/repeaters/for-field-321/for-page-1182/1694169181-3071-1/: Call $page->of(false); before getting/setting values that will be modified and saved. [event_quote_reg] When editing fields in any repeater like "Title" the change won't be saved but without exception. Editing from Admin > Repeaters > event_staff_member_repeater > 1694169181-3071-1 > 1694170536-1901-1 directly works just fine. New repeater items will be created but no title etc. saved and unpublished/hidden in root admin. It does not happen to all basepages (some are cloned). I have not figured out a pattern yet. I do have another nested repeater on this page with identical setting but this seems to work just fine (no special field config other than desc, label & tag, no access control). I do loop and read fields via API but not writing/saving to it. No hooks applied to the editpage. PW 3.0.225, Repeater 1.1.2 PHP 7.4-latest FPM (7.4.33) SQL 8.0.25-15 Thanks!
  3. I'm using Tabulator (5.3 http://tabulator.info/docs/5.3/data) with current PW. Maybe someone knows a smarter/faster way to change PW field values of a page via single click (not opening the edit dialog for the specific page) and can point me there? Now (very slow): (Backend) tabulator cellClick:function() calls js function and mutates cell value (symbol) for instant feedback. Js function calls php function which API edits PW page. Rebuild Page/Tabulators based on edited field value. Thanks!
  4. Hi elabx, Thanks. Maybe you can give me a hint to understand why i need to set of(false) (in template) when not editing (setting values/saving to) the repeater field (via API/Template). Error happens just by iterating through the field (base repeater event_setup_list, not even the nested event_setup_list_groups). Does this already invoke editing? I can edit the repeater via admin tree section direct access without problem. cheers
  5. I'm doing it wrong again. ? I've a nested repeater. event_setup_list (repeater) > event_setup_list_groups (repeater) with page references (asm) ONLY when i'm iterating (even without doing anything within the first iteration) in ready.php to build an array in a php session: foreach (wire('pages')->get($_SESSION['user']['event_select'])->event_setup_list as $key1 => $item1) { } 1) Changing title field in BACKEND of event_setup_list: not saved but no error msg. 2) Changing item order (Backend) in event_setup_list_groups: Error msg: PagesEditor: Fehler beim speichern von Feld "Event Anmeldeliste" — Can’t save page 2787: /admin/repeaters/for-field-388/for-page-2212/1646045250-8328-1/: Call $page->of(false); before getting/setting values that will be modified and saved. [event_setup_list_groups] 3) I can edit everything just fine from the tree > admin > repeaters > event_setup_list > basepage > testgroup (2787) ! The repeater-containing basepage has been duplicated but all settings seem correct. The repeater is within a fieldset. All PW/Module versions current. PHP 7.4.29 Any hints? Thanks!!
  6. Hi, When using MailInterceptorPanel with an bcc array i get following error: Thanks!
  7. Thanks kongondo! Pretty much did that but by populating the log file. I wasnt able to use the API from within the js (by just doing it) for following reason: in this install useFunctionsApi was disabled and $page() used. *facepalm* Just browsing htmx ... awesome. thanks for the hint! cheers
  8. I have visitors watching a stream and basically submit their attendance via a tracker. Click on button: "I'm here" -> create log-page. Click on button: "I'm out" -> add field value to this log-page. However, visitors are watching a stream or video an reloading the page would likely stop it and bloat other logs. For internal processing it would be nice to just have pw pages available rather than external logs/db. Is there a way to call pages api by js event? thanks!
  9. Awesome. Thanks. ? Any means to export that data possible (other than via DB)? ? cheers
  10. Hi Ryan, Would you advise to keep default Google API version (2.2.3) or should i install the current (2.10.1 - php 7.0 for me) version? Using it with formbuilder. thanks!
  11. Cheers, Using 3.0.163 dev, Forgot PW 1.0.3, Nifty PW 2.0.0, LoginRegisterPro 0.0.4 Settings are E-Mail rather than Username and unique E-Mail Field (when disabled it will work). I'm getting "E-Mail already in use ..." in the reset dialog. Any hint on this? thanks!
  12. Sorry for coming back so late. Yes, I'm using most of these modules already and they are all great and useful but built for a purpose. Importing/managing many users or building a registration process (pro forms) is just no easy or fast task in PW. Not even considering Mrs. Welcomedesk to handle this ... ;) An All-In-One Registration/Management solution, well maintained with as little dependencies as possible .. i think, would add very nicely to the pro module stack. @adrian I did not figure it out yet too. It certainly is rooted in some problem with the site logic itself which does some redirection stuff. I will try it on a new installation and come back. Thanks so far. Really appreciate your help.
  13. I've sites with hundreds/thousand users which need to be setup easily and administered frequently & fast (live event site). All doable but would be great as paid, maintained pro module out of the box with a suitable gui. - Import / Export users CSV/Excel(!) - configurable actions like send different e-mails (templates), batch assign field values, ... - better, more efficient list view. lister is nice but rather hard to use for many values / entries. - API options for Mailchimp transactional API, ... - Adds Token/Forced PW change to Login-Register-Pro cheers.
  14. happens with either setting. relative shows in the url. https://www.../login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/login-register/?profile=1 thanks
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