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  1. as for the page reference problem, might be worth to check if you're adding pages to a non-array (field setup: single page vs. PageArray). Unless you rewrite it, it expects some PageArray.
  2. Same with padloper. Thanks!
  3. uikit-modal on front-end issue 🙂
  4. cheers Can i use InputfieldPageTable in a form? Renders fine (with child pages) but nor add new or edit links are working so i might as well just have a permission issue. Other fields are fine. thanks!
  5. cheers, getting: Error: Exception: Item added to ProcessWire\InputfieldsArray is not an allowed type with PadOnePageCheckout only PadCheckout works just fine. url segments, caches,.. etc checked ... ProcessWire 3.0.123, padloper 1.3 any ideas ? thanks!!
  6. Just curious. How would permission to edit a set of pages even without login compromise the security of the remaining site? Yes, all doable via forms. The frontedit modal dialog is just a very comfortable and flexible way. 🙂 thanks!
  7. i thought about that but after sending the invitation there may be hundreds trying to log in at the same time.
  8. sure. it's an event registration site where people with an ticket id (which they enter once) can confirm their status and choose a couple details. not more 🙂
  9. thanks for your reply! guest has full edit permissions. theres seems to be a difference between assumed guest role (visitor) and logged in guest role.
  10. hi, I'm only allowed to front-edit (Method D, modal comes up) when I'm logged in. Default guest user (role ID 37) without login will not work while a logged in user with role 37 assigned will work (and superuser ofc). Does frontend editing require a 'real' login? All template access rules are assigned and checked. Any hints what i might be missing? thanks ProcessWire 3.0.108
  11. is there any way to easily concatenate the id and other hidden fields? parent.child.id will output the id but i'm using it in a "multichild" context. thanks!
  12. Wrapping inner <ul> into div? thanks for your great module! With the uikit nav + dropdown i need to wrap an inner <ul> into a <div>. Thats fairly easy with MarkupSimpleNavigation "inner_tpl" but how to do it in this case? Uikit example: <a href"#">Menuitem</a> <div uk-dropdown> <ul class="uk-nav uk-dropdown-nav">...</ul> </div> thanks!
  13. Thanks! Works perfectly (little adjustment "?" to avoid passing through of query). I've seen this solution in your former post but hoped there is a more direct way
  14. thanks for this great module! I need to redirect some old drupal links without cleaning, query string directly after the root: www.mydomain.com/?q=content/samplepage ?q=content/samplepage as source does not work. Could you push me on the right track? PW 3.04.42 URL segmentation disabled. ProCache. thanks!
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