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  1. Thanks @kongondo - in hindsight I should have resurrected the previous post.
  2. Probably nothing but I have gone around the houses, changed a lot of stuff, got a better understanding of what I am doing and come back to the same place... added images as I thought it may help explain better @kongondo
  3. I have a user template with a profield page table field for Businesses - this has a profield page table field for Addresses. The problem I have is that this does not populate the data in the addresses table. If I edit the empty row, the data is correct. The table column headers are correct. Any clues? Appreciated
  4. Been trying to get to griips with using RockTabulator to create grids today inside a Process Module. public function ___executeContactsPage(){ $finder = wire('modules')->get('RockFinder3') ->find("template=user,sort=surname,id>40") ->addColumns(['firstname','surname', 'linkedin']); bd($finder); $grid->setData($finder); return $grid; } The data is coming across fine, but I cannot work out how to define $grid - Undefined variable: grid. Any help appreciated Got myself confused between RockGrid and RockTabulator Actually the reason I was getting all the problems is that my version of PW was not working with RockFinder3, but I did not get the error message until I dumped the sql. Undefined variable: grid
  5. Strange - still not attaching the cid to the row. It is in a loop and I know it works as it is also in the data? *I spotted that in the options code it should read plural attrs
  6. Thank you @gebeer I stared at that for so long and just changed it to the shorthand version without thinking when looking at other code samples! Once again Thanks.
  7. Trying to get an id attribute to the row $table->row([$club->title, $club->id],['cid' => $club->id, $club->title, $club->club_status->title]); The attribute is cid in the options part of this row - the row is not getting tagged with the cid - Am I missing something? This is being used in a Process module. Everything else in both parts works fine.
  8. This has happened again on a completely fresh install. I suspect it has something to do with LoginRegisterPro but cannot prove it. I have taken into account all the things you mentioned above as well @wbmnfktr - Cannot work out why it seems to work fine for a while then stops working. I am going to move this over to the LoginRegisterPro forumas it appears to be responsible.
  9. Thanks a lot @wbmnfktr that is useful. I suspect a module but I cannot prove it :-)
  10. Ignore - I nuked it. I want to document what I did and be a bit more careful so I can report properly if I have an issue.
  11. I have seen many different responses for this problem, but none of the solutions work. This is a new install (the latest version) that has allowed me to log in as admin several times. But has stopped now. I have used the forgot password reset and I get exactly the same message - ProcessLogin: admin - Login failed I do not think I have installed new modules since the last successful login. Short of nuking it, I am fresh out of ideas. Very frustrated.
  12. Sorted this myself. It was because I had the field set for multiple references as has been mentioned many times... doh! As well as getting it by page id.
  13. So, I can access the value of a field in a club that my user belongs to $user->club['title'] However, I can't get the title from a select? I tried $user->club['status']->title but it didn't work. 'status' being the select field name that I am trying to get the value of from the dropdown. Any help appreciated
  14. OK, I have resolved this although I am not sure I fully understand but basically I was trying to use webhook code on a 'success' page. Moved it to something that could be polled asynchronously an it worked straightaway.
  15. Do you mean the @ symbol @psy as opposed to & ? If so, then yes I have done that but with no difference to the outcome. Thanks for replying. I have started a new question so I don't mess with your thread ?
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