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  1. Thanks @kongondo for the speedy reply. I will have a go at that 🙂
  2. Hey there, I have had an error with this for a while. I am using pw 3.0.123 and have uninstalled, cleared cache and reinstalled and still get this: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable on line 341 Any ideas? Appreciated
  3. Thanks for that @zoeck - I didn't pick that up even with a google site search! However, that seems to be more about either/or situations. I am trying to order by date desc with date_modified if it exists otherwise use date. Might be done in mysql with ORDER BY COALESCE(date_modified, date) I am re-reading just to be sure
  4. Hi, trying to order pages by modified date, date. I can do 'sort=-date_modified, sort=-date' but that will always put the modified date first regardless of actual date order. I just want to coalesce the two fields and sort. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. Thank you very much @wbmnfktr - that worked perfectly and complies with CSP as well.
  6. I have pages with a masthead image that is loaded to a background using inline styles. They are dynamic depending on the page. The problem is that with CSP I can't use inline styles, therefore I lose the ability to load the background image dynamically as we can't use php in the css file where you would normally move the inline style to. I am checking flexbox at the moment, and have looked at a div with the image covering the whole visible area on a different z-index level, but that is ugly and doesn't work consistently... The reason that I need it as a background is because I have content (text) over. Any ideas appreciated.
  7. Thank you both, I have now got something to work with. @dragan it is my own custom PW module that I wanted to access output from Formbuilder. I just couldn't work out a method. I will go and do some more work.
  8. Is it possible to access a modules output from within another module. I am trying to access Formbuilder output in a function for a sales admin module that I am building. Any how-to's or pointers appreciated.
  9. Thank you Macrura and Robin S - I have finally got it working after trying both methods (and a few others) - in the end, it was a rookie error in that I needed to logout and back into admin to make the changes to the latest legacy pw version. Then it worked as per Robin S - which is where I started 🙂
  10. Hi there, this was addressed way back in I am not able to do this either. It is in a legacy site. I updated to the latest wire version 2.8.62, tried the ideas in the other post, but still cannot get markdown to behave in this field. Any ideas as to how this can be done?
  11. Thanks very much everybody. Several ways to skin the cat there. Thank you once again.
  12. Thank you both. Yes 'financial stuff' wasn't very eloquent or illuminating but you got the gist of it 🙂 - Essentially it would be the structure of a shop without billing or prices, just the ability to choose items and then dump them in a basket and add quantities or delete items then email back the info and confirm to the client. Thank you very much kongondo for your detailed explanation. Much appreciated.
  13. Hi, I am trying to work out the best way to make something like a shopping basket without all the financial stuff. Basically, choose products/items, add to 'basket', view basket, send enquiry. Pre-processwire I did this with sessions etc. Thinking as I have already constructed the catalogue and individual product pages, I should be able to move on from there. Can't get it straight in my head so any guidance would be appreciated.
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