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  1. Very nicely done! Only thing I would add is <noscript>. By default I have all scripts off until I am certain of the site I visit, so an empty page is initially displayed with no indication of js/cookie requirements.
  2. +1 for Stripe. They allow recurring payments also. There is a module (haven't used) that supports Stripe. I'd post a link but the modules site is also experiencing these slow-downs. Sorry.
  3. All of the resources, css, js, images, and fonts are taking quite a while to load. What type of hosting service is this site using, shared? I am not familiar with modernizer. Can you temporarily disable it and see if that helps any? I'm just thinking out loud about eliminating a possible cause one at a time.
  4. Many of the images are taking a long time to load, for example,1021701976_1-1.1140x760.png takes 12.64 seconds. You can add setlocale(LC_ALL,'en_US.UTF-8'); to your /site/config.php to remove that error. Use whatever locale is appropriate for you. [edit] You can use the browser dev tools > network tab to determine loading issue. It will help eliminate that issue should others exist.
  5. Going back quite a few decades, an online document used heading tags (H1...H6) to represent the various parts of that document, and is usually shown similar to an outline format. The <title> tag in html was used as the name of the document for search purposes -- Think of a Thesis title. As such, H1 usually represented each part's title (like a chapter title), while subordinate headings represent the different outlined segments. All search engines back then started with this foundation, and they all currently maintain the ability to extract the desired information from this structure. A number of enhancements were made to tags, specifically the title parameter. For example, <H1 title="This is a brief description of the introduction text for search purposes">Introduction Text</H1> Most every html element makes use of the title attribute, but it is more important for heading elements. It is also used with the newer <article> and <section> tags. So basically, you wind up with something like <html> <head> <title>How to setup payment gateways</title> </head> <body> <h1 title="Configuring your software to utilize various payment gateways">How to setup payment gateways</h1> <p>Somewhere in this text, and before the next heading level, you should address the Heading title attribute text.</p> <h2 title="Installing the payment gateway">Installation</h2> <p>Again, for seo purposes, you should ensure your heading title text is addressed in the content section for the current heading.</p> <h3 title="...">Step 1...</h3> <p>Step 1 instructions.</p> ... <h2 title="...">Quick Setup</h2> <p>...</p> <h3 title="...">Step 1...</h3> <p>Step 1 instructions.</p> ... ... </body> </html> Where the H1 tag is the title of the document as displayed to the user, H2 would then be similar to chapter titles, eg, Installation, etc. Now your generated TOC may consist of the H2 tags. You can construct your documents as you see fit. This is only a recommendation. [edit] Can't edit the code section :/ [edit 2] Thanks @kongondo
  6. I would say keep the interface the same as other comboboxes for consistency. Adding sub-menu options to an existing breadcrumb is in effect a combobox. So why not change the breadcrumbs to a sequence of comboboxes separating each as you would normally. The visual ques remain the same for the user. Just a thought.
  7. linux
  8. chrome, firefox, and vivaldi all show this.
  9. One thing I noticed while browsing this wonderful site. The header logo is cropped and the menu options move off screen when scrolling. See attached... This is the landing page. I think there could be more contrast between the colors. This is how it appears when you begin to scroll the page.
  10. I don't think <DIV> elements are valid children of <HEAD>. Element names may be the same, but IDs should be unique.
  11. Where are you saving the customer_number field value? If it is not set then you will get a default return value 0 from your selector depending on the field setting you have in place.
  12. Thank you @ryan. I appreciate the clarification.
  13. I removed the login code on the site and the 500 error is no longer present. However, the only log entries are similar to that included below. I changed the mapping of facebook picture field to pw image field in module settings. The error and exceptions logs continue showing this error... Attempting to save the user's facebook picture to an image field fails with the above error. Creating and adding a text field to the user template, and mapping the facebook picture to that field does not display an error (log in is successful), but no data is stored in the text field. There is no picture_url field as shown in the blog post., only picture is available in settings. Attempts to dump the $facebook variable to a log file or echo'd results in a 500 error. The server is running other PW (3.0.62) sites (no facebook login module) without issues. I'll get it sorted eventually. I was just curious if anyone else had experienced this problem so I can tell where i am pulling another newbie stunt.
  14. Is anyone else getting this error? This error occurs in two scenarios. 1. Currently logged into facebook. Selecting to login using facebook from web site. Immediately displays this error. 2. Not logged into facebook. Selecting to login using facebook displays the facebook login form. This error is displayed after logging into facebook.
  15. I'll test some stuff when I get home. Hopefully someone will jump in with the solution in the meantime.