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  1. The site looks good! I did notice a couple of grammar errors in the docs, but otherwise, it looks good.
  2. rick

    Howdy @quickjeff, I'm using two fields, one for the visitor's ip and another for the timestamp. The visitor's ip allows for unique visits, and also for telling you who is visiting your site often. On another note, google analytics gives you this same information, and much more.
  3. You don't need to track an IP unless you are requiring information unique to a user. Just the timestamp in a mysql table is sufficient to give you a hit counter by date. There are quite a few apache log analyzers out there, but I haven't used them since google provides the information for me. I prefer to not make things more complicated than need be.
  4. Howdy @mr-fan! This is just my $.02. While PW can certainly handle such a simple task, to me, it is overkill. And I don't want 100K+ pages in my tree. In one project, I use a simple mysql table to store the unix timestamp as a simple counter. In another project, I use PW's features to track more complex data for affiliates. Regardless of the method you use, google analytics gives you the visitor data you used to get with dedicated visitor tracking scripts. Even if you store visitor IP with the timestamp, you can use php's dns lookup to gather information on a desired ip address, although I don't recommend using that function on every ip entry. I haven't noticed any performance degradation with either method. But I'm looking at only a few hundred to a few thousands hit per day on those domains. Your milage may vary. Hope this helps.
  5. rick

    Thanks to you both. @flydev that solution sounds better. @bernhard, I just tried the url checker module and it throws errors when building a form dynamically through the API.
  6. rick

    How do I place a button next to the URL text field on a form created from the API? I have the following code to create the text field to display on the form and it works as expected. This text field contains a URL. I want to place a button next to this field that will open the URL in another tab. $field = $this->wire('modules')->get("InputfieldText"); $field->attr('id+name', 'some_link'); $field->title = "Link"; $field->label="Some Link"; $field->columnWidth = 50; $field->value = $this->some_link; $wrapper->add($field); The result of what I want is this: [ some_link ] [ view ] where the view button opens the URL in a different tab. Can someone offer some insight?
  7. rick

    When I have a panel maximized, sometimes the 3 or 4 lines of the tracy bar cover some content. It's no biggie, I just expected the panel to remain in view and surprised me when it kept closing after minimizing the toolbar.
  8. rick

    Just and FYI: Ubuntu and Debian both display the correct information for me. On another note, when minimizing the tracy bar (displayed lower right) it removes whichever panel is displayed. Is there a way to keep the target panel visible when the tracy bar is minimized? It doesn't matter if the panel is opened in a new window, the performance is the same. Thanks for all your work on this module. It really is a time-saver.
  9. Today I noticed that none of the /assets/files are being included in the generated zip file nor using the directory option. The permissions are set and my PW 3.0.109 ProcessModule has no problem r/w any folder in the assets directory. Has anyone experienced this, or can offer some insight? In addition, it would be nice to have the assets folder contents listed with selectable sub-folders to be included in the final output. [edit] ProcessExportProfile 3.0.0
  10. rick

    I've been using phpstorm since November last year solely on processwire projects. The issues I have are not related to processwire but the phpstorm interface in general. I also have used vscode and other code editors with processwire projects. To be honest, I don't think phpstorm is worth the price. It is far too annoying for the benefit of intellisense than vscode, for example.
  11. rick

    For me, the upgrades module is showing every processwire option rather than only the currently installed version. Plus a couple of other artifacts I haven't tracked down yet.
  12. rick

  13. rick

    This article has helped me. It's still incomplete (commented at the end) but I think there is enough information to solve the issue.
  14. rick

    Thank you @Zeka. Your solution does work. The base images field allows for a local zip file to be added via the Choose File option. I haven't found a means to accomplish this from the API. For example, from the API: Download the desired file.zip file to a local folder. $this->config->paths->assets . "some-folder/" . basename( $url ); Pass the file from that local folder path to the images field. $page->images->Add( "/var/www/test/site/assets/some-folder/file.zip" ); Save the page. Does not work. However, if I select Choose File and navigate to that same folder, select file.zip, and click Open, the zip file contents are added to the images field. So there is a difference I haven't yet been able to determine.
  15. I know I have to be missing something simple. I need to specify via API a url to a zip file which contains images and have them saved in a back-end images field when the admin form is submitted. I have built a process module which generates a dynamic form and processes the form once submitted. Everything functions correctly except adding a zip archive of images to a multi-image field. The images field works fine if the zip file is selected on a local machine. The addimageurls module does not work with zip files. The wirehttp->download will save the zip file to the specified folder, but the path returned is not accepted by the images field. // $zip can be filespec or uri $page->of(false); $page->images->add($zip); $page->save(); The images field has no file limit, zip extension added, and decompress zip is enabled. Can someone provide the correct procedure please?