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  1. Thanks for the links. I haven't looked into sockets in quite some time, but I do have an upcoming project to use this with. Thank you!
  2. Except it requires composer to install. 😱
  3. I'm having to read the whole dataset into an array in order to process entries. Some pages have 5K+ entries, others are more manageable. It's a global Company <--> Contractor relationship.
  4. Yes, that is what I am currently doing. It saves the data fine and I can read the data fine. Searching values from keys, not so much. lol
  5. I've been searching for a viable means to store json without having to use a document db as well. Is this still on the back burner? If not, any suggestions on efficiently searching large datasets? Thanks!
  6. If the post fields are present, maybe check the spelling of the fields in $input->post("var_name")? I know it sounds simple, but I sometimes misspell the field names and wonder why I don't get the values submitted. Maybe that's just me. 😄
  7. Hey, we all make simple mistakes at times. No worries though. There are many members here that will gladly help you get your site up and running. [edit] You can edit your original post and add [Closed] to the subject line.
  8. Hello @picarica and welcome to the forum. View the page source of your site and you will see a couple if issues. When you say you made php changes so it would work, what changes did you make? Are you sure you have the correct CSS files referenced in your header? Javascript files? You should not have any issues applying a 3rd party theme to processwire. It is actually fairly simple once you have your structure set up. Have you followed any of the tutorials for your site structure? If you are still having problems, then please post back here. We will need more information so we can better answer your questions.
  9. I guess I go about things backwards. 😄 I design the front-end based on content and what features are required, then I select the css framework that best suits it. Meaning, I'm lazy, and pick one where I have the least amount of work to do. I mostly use bootstrap, but have been using w3css with the past couple of projects.
  10. If I understand you correctly, you are looking to add Ajax updated section to your page. This is indeed possible, See Here for an example. If by chance you are using vanilla javascript then check out this post.
  11. Hi @ngrmm, You don't have to assign a boundary, that should be done automatically by the email module when an attachment is recognised. I was referring to troubleshooting by looking at the headers to see if there was a boundary id for an attachment. You shouldn't have any issues if you follow the WireMail api examples. Specifically, $m->attachment('/path/to/file.ext'); indicates your attachment should be the path to the file. You would therefore write out your ICS file and use the resulting filepath.
  12. Where does filename come from? header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename={$filename}.ics"); Why are you assigning an attachment that is not a file. $m->attachment($ical_data); Is the attatchment boundary defined ?
  13. I have not had personal experience with these, but they were recommended to me. vultr (Germany) upcloud (Finland) ovh (Central Europe) linode (Frankfurt) Hope this gives you a good starting point.
  14. Thanks @adrian. I dev null'd all the log files and now the issue is gone. lol
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