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  1. This feature sounds like it would be a prime candidate to add to the admin on steroids module.
  2. That too
  3. Just an old saying, like keep it simple.
  4. Hi @Antonio Iorio, Regarding where to place your ads, is dependant on the ad itself. For example, a creative with wide dimensions doesn't fit in a sidebar. When I wrote the ad manager plugin fo wp many years ago, I referenced the IAB Standards for ad sizes. In your screenshot you will notice a Leaderboard 728x90 type ad. This ad is designed to display in one of three locations (I used the term zone in my plugin). This banner should be placed in the header and or footer of your page, or even between two separate sections of body content. The <script> section of your screenshot is apparently how altervista wants you to include the ads. You would simply edit your PW templates and include that script at the location you want the ad to appear. You repeat that process for all the ads you want to present. One note of caution. While ads can be a good means to generate a small income, you should use them sparingly. No user wants to weed through a bunch of ads in order to continue reading your content. So I would keep with the old axiom, less is more. I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.
  5. Hi Antonio, and welcome to the forum. With regard to incorporating altervista advertising, I did not see any reference (I don't speak Italian) regarding any form of advertising options for their hosted members. I did notice they have a support forum link at the bottom of the page. I would ask your advertising question there. Once you have the necessary information you can ask here how best to include that information. Regarding your css and php file changes, you usually need to clear any cached data in your browser before you see any changes.
  6. Thanks @flydev, I know this will be very helpful to others as well!
  7. Don't worry about whether you are a coder or not. This community is full of people that are glad to help you with whatever issues you may have. We just need more information to do so. Post the code you have to work with and someone here will be along shortly to help you get it sorted.
  8. Hi @Roych, I'm not quite sure I understand. When you say you have a field for redirecting if necessary, what does necessary mean? And a non-clickable link is just text. Can you expand your requirements further so I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish please? Maybe a screen shot of a similar interface?
  9. I have VSCode as well, but haven't used it since I purchased a license for storm. There are some UML plugins, such as this one available in the marketplace. I haven't used any of these, so I can't vouch for which is best.
  10. Hi @SamC, One thing I find that helps me understand and better structure any classes I attempt to create is a UML tool. Personally, I learn best when I am shown how to do something and a UML diagram is the next best thing to having someone standing over my shoulder. If you are using PhpStorm, you can read about the UML feature here.
  11. I wrote an ad sponsor plugin for wp many moons ago. I thought of porting it to PW as my first project, but quickly realized I didn't know squat about PW so it wound up on the shelf. If anyone is interested in taking on a project like this I'd be more than happy to send you the source to the original plugin and answer any questions about ad/sponsor management.
  12. To me it's a preference. For example, in user registration I use this structure: if( $input->post('register') == '1' ) { // is our form submitted if($session->CSRF->hasValidToken()) { // is it our form if( $input->post->text('g-recaptcha-response') == '' ) { // are they beast or human $regError = "Invalid Captcha response."; } else { $regEmail = $input->post->email( 'regEmail' ); if( $users->get( "email=$regEmail" )->id ) { $regError = "You cannot register more than one account with the same email address."; } else { ... } } } else { header("Status: 401", true, 401); } } Since php does a short circuit test, it stops evaluating conditionals as soon as a value is known. So it doesn't really matter, unless you get into nesting elseif or use switch statements. Whatever code style reads best for you and your team is how you should do it. Just my $.02
  13. Searching by, site:processwire.com/talk/ processwire ide yields a number of recent topics and various tips.
  14. Depending on the theme, it can a lot more work trying to remove all the wp junk from a theme than it would be to create a similar theme from scratch using whatever front-end style you want, such as bootstrap, etc. Personally, I have not found a wp theme worth that time. There are many good theme (templates) where you could put your time to better use. See this thread for some great options.