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  1. It's fun ain't it I had always used sites like w3schools and php.net as references, and concepts are explained simply. They have great examples and you can most always find answers to your questions. Of course, ProcessWire specific questions will be answered here. It's a great staff and there are many knowledgeable people willing to help. So ask away!
  2. Your post variable for the button is sent as, sendMe=1, whereas the input field is sent as, submit=Search. You can test the post variables and retrieve the values in order to perform whatever logic you require: IF sendMe == 1 THEN ..., or IF submit == 'Search' THEN ... I don't have access to the skyscrapers code at the moment, so I can't comment on the differences you are seeing. However, in general, all completed fields; hidden, input, options, arrays, whatever, have their field names and values posted back to the script defined in the action attribute of that form. The field names can be whatever name you want (allowed characters) and the values can be whatever you want. So my previous post was slightly incorrect, in that you don't need to 'change' the value (you can if you want), you only need to test that field's name for the value you expect then perform whatever task you want.
  3. The name is returned with the associated value assigned, as so: Change it to: name='submit' value='1'
  4. @ryan Here is a sample in firefox. Just and FYI The field list dropdowns have no initial "instruction" or default option in both chrome and firefox on all pages. There is no highlight for the currently selected item in the sidebar in both chrome and firefox after lost focus. The expand/collapse chevrons are not aligned in firefox. They appear correct in chrome. Everything else looks fantastic! Looking forward to the release!
  5. Hi @webhoes Site looks good. On Portfolio page, Chrysemys and Defense Lab are too wide and slightly obstruct the text.
  6. I too had used wordpress a long long time ago, and even wrote a few plugins for the 2.x versions since there was nothing out of the box available for my needs. I dumped it because that square peg was being force-fit into the round "one size fits all" hole with each passing version at the cost of security. And more and more plugins were coming on board that didn't work, had no support, wanted payments, and embedded hidden ads without your knowledge. I'm glad I came across ProcessWire because I can solve my needs any way I see fit; that proverbial skinned cat. As an example, I wrote my own front-end user management system simply because ProcessWire makes it easy to do so, and it does exactly what I want, and ProcessWire doesn't impose restrictions. You don't have to write your own, however, as there are quite a few user management modules/code snippets available to you in this forum, but you are certainly welcome to do so. This community would welcome your contribution, and gladly assist you with its development. One other option is to hire someone to develop your module(s) to your specifications (See the Jobs forum).
  7. Hello Carlos! Welcome aboard! Your application can certainly be developed with ProcessWire. Not knowing your experience developing applications, I can only point you to the tutorial section, and to the ProcessWire blog, as places to begin. If you already have something designed, you can always ask for specific advice. Everyone here will be glad to help. Again, welcome.
  8. No mockery from this group. We're here to help. If you have a statement comparing two conditions (eg. variable to1037, and variable to 1038) then there are four possible combinations: FF FT TF TT. Basically, for every n elements there are 2^n possible outcomes. Example 1. If you want to perform a conjunction (AND) then the statement is true only when both components are true, as follows: Assume $page->id = 100 IF ($page->id !== 1037) AND ($page->id !== 1038) THEN TRUE Example 2. If you want to perform a disjunction (OR) then the statement is true when either component is true, as follows: Assume $page->id = 100 IF ($page->id !== 1037) OR ($page->id !== 1038) THEN TRUE The problem you are experiencing is wanting to use the disjunctive case, as in Example 2. Because when the $page->id does not equal one of the test values (1037 or 1038) the result will also be true, which is not the desired outcome. Hope this helps.
  9. OR AND 1037 F T F T F T F T 1038 F F T T F F T T F T T T F F F T
  10. Hi Doc, A slight flaw in the logic. You created a second user with the same email as the administrator, and are basing your user->get 'query' on that email entry. The result of your 'query' is not unique. I would recommend you create unique emails per user to resolve this issue. Once that is corrected, you can access the user roles of the logged-in user for further processing.
  11. Maybe I am missing something, and please correct me if I am wrong. Based on the increasing disclosure of your requirements, "re-use a field in a template" to "edit all texts you can see": It sounds like you want an 'online' version of a form building app (similar in functionality to what is shown at phpform.org) except that you want to edit only a pre-existing form's elements (a template, so to speak), which you have designed.
  12. Hello Kass, and welcome to the group. Can you also post the section that includes your mean menu. It is difficult to tell where any issue is with this code segment, as the only class designation is when the viewport is x-small.
  13. What I would like to know, and haven't found if it exists, is a mapping for the order of files invoked by PW. I see quite a few references to init.php and ready.php, etc. files, but have no idea where they are executed in the precedence order. Is there a 'map' that shows the files in order of execution, and their corresponding definition (use this file when...) ? similar to: index.php | blah...blah | init | ready | blah...blah |
  14. Been using lets encrypt for a number of months now. Just note the date so you can re issue the cert before it expires. In htaccess on lines starting at 90 is where you set https.
  15. Welcome to the forum Jesse! Your code shows a hard-coded date (I assume for this example). Using the current date, limit the number of 'pages' to a quantity, and sort them by date. This will give you x number of pages in chronological order similar to a blog's recent post listing. Sorry for a simplistic answer. I don't have access to topic listings at the moment. Someone will post here shortly. Again, welcome aboard!