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  1. Yeah. I didn't try the full path as Robin pointed out.
  2. Bingo! We have a winner! Everyone can go home now, @Robin S done won the prize. I cannot tell you how long that would have taken me to figure out. I'll give you a hint: I'm old and don't have that much time. Thank you and thank you to everyone that helped. This forum community makes a defining difference between other CMSs.
  3. Yes, I tried that, along with many other permutations. Now, I'm in the middle of starting over again with a fresh install.
  4. My process module is using the ProcessHello files: This is the MyProcess.module.php without all the comments: class MyProcess extends Process { public function init() { $this->config->styles->append ... datatables.css; $this->config->scripts->append ... datatables.js; parent::init(); } // Main menu end point. public function execute() { // Display placehoder content from main menu } // Sub menu end point. // This is the method executed regardless of ajax url setting - see myprocess.js public function executeOption1() { $mytable = <<<_OPT ... _OPT; // myTableID return $mytable; // This is the data shown as the ajax response. } // Ajax end point. // This is the method that should be executed. public function executeOption1List() { // extract data from pages $result[] = [ col1, col2, ...] echo json_encode( $result ); } } MyProcess.info.php $info = array( // title, etc. // page that you want created to execute this module 'page' => array( 'name' => 'myprocess', 'parent' => 'admin', 'title' => 'My Process' ), // optional extra navigation that appears in admin 'nav' => array( array( 'url' => 'option1/', // number only for clarity 'label' => 'Option1', ), array( 'url' => 'option2/', 'label' => 'Option2', ), ) // for more options that you may specify here, see the file: /wire/core/Process.php ); MyProcess.config.php is the example provided in ProcessHello. I'm not using it at the moment. The MyProcess.js: $(document).ready(function() { $('#myTableID').DataTable( { dom: '<lf<t>ip>', processing: true, ajax: { url: './option1-list/', // I've tried with/without trailing slash, with/without './', etc. dataSrc: '' }, columns: [ { blah blah }, ], }); }); Like I said, there is something simple that I am missing, but I can't seem to find it. This works in the stand-alone modules, but does not work in the ProcessHello mode.
  5. Hi bernhard, This is a fresh PW (98) install with only Tracy, Upgrades, and Export Profile modules installed.
  6. Thanks Robin, but now the complete URL is shown in the network tab, where as only the url specified in the ajax url is shown when omitting the trailing slash. The response data is still the data generated by the execute() function. Originally, I had manually built the menu structure under Admin, and assigned separate process modules to each. The ajax requests worked. Now I am trying to refactor this to removed duplicate code, installing half a dozen process modules, etc. Using the ProcessHello structure, those "physical paths" that ajax was previously using no longer exist. Does this mean that I have to write my own routing procedure in the execute() method?
  7. Howdy all, I am having difficulty getting an AJAX URL to target the appropriate executeSomething method. No matter how I define the URL only the execute() method is called. I am creating a process module based on ProcessHello. I have sub-menu options defined which have their own paths as stated in the module.info.php file. However, an example ajax url defined as "./some-thing" does not access the executeSomeThing method. It only hits the execute() method. I have tried an ajax url as "./sub-menu option path/some-thing" and still no joy. Obviously I am missing something very simple. Can anyone shed some light on this please?
  8. Also, don't set the new page id to the current page id.
  9. rick

    There was no data associated with x-tracy-header that I could see (just an empty entry), and it is no longer present since disabling the system notifications.
  10. rick

    I hadn't noticed. I don't use that theme because of the poor ui, but that is a different story. I disabled the system notification and this issue no longer exists. So this wasn't related to tracy at all, but thanks for your help.
  11. rick

    Absolutely! I'll take a look in in a bit when I get back. I'll also get rid of that notifications module. The only reason I enabled it was I didn't like all the default messages scrolling the content off the screen. I figured notifications would be less intrusive/aggravating/cumbersome?
  12. rick

    I'm not sure if this is tracy related or not. How do you disable the notification requests? url ?Notifications=update&time=1524147545 The header shows x-tracy-ajax. This fills and scrolls the console/network pane making it difficult to refer back.
  13. rick

    How did you know I was needing this functionality just today. Great stuff! Thanks!
  14. rick

    Thanks @Robin S and @Jonathan Lahijani. I was thinking about page references, but posted the hierarchy as a simple way to show the relationship. So Robin, I agree completely, and prefer the future-proof methods as well. Jonathan listed out the organization that clears some of the brain fog. Haha. And yes, contractors are actual people. Thank you both for your insight!