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  1. as a non-coder designer, this is what frustrates me always with processwire. If I wouldn't like it so much for it's "fluffyness" and flexibility I'd have long given up. Navigation is full code in the sample profile. But there is no contact from. A simple contact form with custom markup just to insert into a template - I can't find, except the one of Ryan which is 12 years old 😉 All the modules are either without custom markup, or not maintained any more, or still have issues, or are so complicated, that it's too time consuming to learn. Maybe somebody could write the code for me for money?
  2. thx but 1. "Sending emails is not part of this module" 2. seems to still have issues
  3. Was searching and searching for a complete code for a simple form - found this one from 2011 by Ryan, which is exactly what I need: So ist that still State of the Art and usable? What I need is a simple form with about 13 elements of the form: <div> <label> <span>Name</span> <input type="text" placeholder="Name" name="name" size="50" maxlength="20"> </label> </div> also a radio button with 3 values. The data of the form is to be sent to two email addresses, a confirmation that the mail has been sent - and a honeypot would be great. Since I'm a php-dunce, I need the full code... thx for advice!
  4. people often suggest to first do a new install and then copy the site into it. Or even to use "one of the" migration modules. But just copying everything works! so I think it's the easiest way.
  5. thank you!! when I understood it's not a matter of the pw-install, I searched again - and I don't believe how easy it was: the database name was casus sensitive. I had the prefix in capitals: DB... how many hours! learnt also that it's ok to just copy all the files from local to remote without new install thx again
  6. I copied an install from local to remote. I just copied all the files, and of course imported the database. Checked the database connection details in config.php ten times over. Can't connect to the database.
  7. I did an all new upgrading process, now works.
  8. "General error: 1194 Table 'pages' is marked as crashed and should be repaired" had an update with PHP8 and pw .199 which after some issues worked fine - until I tried to export the database. See this thread: Any suggestions? thx!
  9. don't know if this got to do with the install: Tried to export the database. Got this notice (Firefox): I did Firefox troubleshooting refresh. Now even worse (in Chrome also): how to do this? The lines don't match.
  10. thx! as for now, no more issues
  11. works! great! thank you so much for walking me through this. I changed in config.php $config->chmodFile = '0666'; to 644 and $config->chmodDir = '0777'; to 755, is that correct? When going to debug mode tools, I find this error with the old language tool (which I hoped not to have to change 😉 ). Works correct though: when editing a page, I get Otherwise, everything seems nice!
  12. wow! works (as far as I can see at the moment) ! Only error: login failed where it says: // split the password in two $splitPass = str_split($pass, (strlen($pass) / 2) + 1);
  13. or better use php7 to be on the safe side?
  14. thx! Yes you're right - PHP 5.3.8 (xampp 1.7.7) Imported site, wire, .htaccess and index.php into another xampp install - 8.1.5 for windows with PHP 8.1.5 which throws these fancy errors: Part of the frontend can be seen through these errors. Trying to log in gives these errors: I'm lost. Where did I go wrong?
  15. Hi hello, don't laugh pls, but I upgraded an old site from 2013, PW 2.2.9 to 3.0.184 via 2.7 - which went fine! just awesome. Unbelievable. Yet another reason to love processWire. Only MarkUpSimpleNavigation doesn't show unpublished items. Otherwise works fine! I have no errors in the logfile. Only error I get is when trying to edit a field ** or a template ** (any): Notice: Use of undefined constant JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE - assumed 'JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE' in \wire\modules\Inputfield\InputfieldTextTags\InputfieldTextTags.module on line 572 Warning: json_encode() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in \wire\modules\Inputfield\InputfieldTextTags\InputfieldTextTags.module on line 572 but I guess this can't be the reason. (Since I'm a non-coder, I don't know what to do with this.)
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