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  1. thx a lot looks great - unfortunately, I don't have access to files at the moment, so feed back will take some time... (btw would be helpful if PW had a possibility to access files and edit them via browser as well) as for the flexboxes - what makes them so appealing is the ability to align the boxes independent of their width and distance. Percents do not equal apply if you have margins and paddings in pixels...
  2. thx! sry doesn't work. I can't see where the number of $box is counted...
  3. but where is the variable $box_count defined? I can't set it to 0 before having $box defined. Obviously, I don't know how to define $box_count or the number of $box. Your original code example doesn't match my structure. I tried to adapt it to my varables. Is it foreach or for each?
  4. oh how great, thank you for the excessive lesson! But still doesn't work. This is what I have: <?php foreach($page->projectBox as $box) { $box_count = 0; if ( $box_count == 3 ) { // start a new line echo "<br>"; $box_count = 0; } else { echo "<div class='projektbox'>"; ... echo"</div>"; $box_count = $box_count + 1; } } ?> what is this underscore in $box_count? The divs are flexboxes which are "floating" by definition.
  5. Thank you for your answer, but css doesn't limit the number of boxes in a row. Sry for bothering you with non-programmers' questions - what syntax do I need? if (count($page->$box)<3 | count($page->$box)>3) { is also not working
  6. Hallo, for a number of floating flexboxes I want to limit the number of them in each row. This is what I tried : <?php foreach($page->projectBox as $box) { if (count($box)<3 | count($box)>3) { echo "<div class='projektbox'>"; echo "<h2>{$box->boxTitle}</h2>"; echo "{$box->boxText}"; echo"</div>"; } if (count($box)=3) { echo "<br>"; } } ?> Which throws a 500 error... any help, pls? Thank youuu!
  7. Installing CKEditor and MarkupHtmlPurifier throws the message: Module "InputfieldCKEditor" has multiple files (bold file is the one in use). Click here to change which file is used /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/InputfieldCKEditor.module /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/InputfieldCKEditor.module What to do? thx
  8. finally... Bitnami‏ @bitnami @processwire @wishbone4design @somartist Correct. We'll document it. We never had such heated ending, we learnt some lessons & will improve. https://twitter.com/bitnami/status/429806931146862592
  9. well said, Ryan!! it's the difference between being right and getting right ;-) justiciable arguments are rare...
  10. merits go to Darren he suggested processwire to b*itnam*! Still I'm unsatified because am*t*s is still using their script. As @Processwire mentioned: JS and other manipulations can't be logged. Same Cookie logs are a minor amount in this game! and what about Tor?
  11. of course b*tnam* doesn't want to stop the race, attention to _them is immense!
  12. nono, he'll continue once we come up close...
  13. they're going faster now, so it _must be a script... Help, folks! Specialists!
  14. this is not enough, dear diogo. Second, ähm now first place is using some script, obviously.
  15. yes of course the winner of this contest is bitnami anyway ;-) nonetheless, it's too frustrating to see hese other guys spamming us down...
  16. "Vote competitions are spammy, can be intrusive, result in cheating and accusations and can also be damaging to brands." http://blog.loquax.co.uk/fbcomps/how-do-people-get-votes-to-win-voting-competitions-967.htm shouldn't we urge on bitnami to dismiss this obviously spammy contest?
  17. Look at ametys! the've just fired up their machine!!
  18. may be this guy just sits there watching us and laughing about our conversation :D
  19. how could they? there is no control whatsoever... yes, I noticed that too, Joss ;-) maybe it's only three persons using TOR
  20. look at ametys - we can't beat that. They just keep their power low to not get fined (((
  21. look at ERPnext, they were behind us, and now... seems that they just don't fake ;-) their votes seem to have some connection to the size of their community ...
  22. as one could feel immediately...they fake. So we have to fake as well ;-)
  23. will be hard to win. This other CMS pushes fake votes. Look at their community, the amount of members and posts! Just can't be real votes!!
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