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  1. thx! I'm afraid of doing this because it's a live site and I'm not a developer so if difficulties occur... Maybe it's too early to do this switch ("not for production") anyway?
  2. thank you, but page by page doesn't really hit the point... I still don't know what is a "page by page basis" ;-) could be sensible to make the move function consistent across items; should be the same with repeaater items and with images...
  3. :D hahaha omg - found it! I searched on the right, I tried the bar, the name - as with images... but you have to touch the little arrows to the left ;-) sry
  4. ok, I found that in the admin page section. Sorting in my case, kongondo, works! Repeater items names are a bunch of ciffres, which you have to find out first which is which and then move. For clients not practicable... or, Soma, did you mean another place where to dragndrop the items? I'd just like to sort repeater items as you can do with images... could be caused by some caching... it worked for me, as stated
  5. I don't understand "page by page basis"... I want to move repeater items to change the order, as with pages... btw, how do I upload an image here?
  6. couldn't we have the option to sort repeater items manually??
  7. is this module already included in the stable 2.3 version? I have a "Languages Support - Page Names 0.0.3" in my install; is that the one?
  8. Soma, no need to defend this really great piece of software!!! only there might be some small improvements... ...and no mixture between uploading from pages and from the IM. Makes great confusion, and also, we have the problem of deleted images (which is solved with your IM). To have something like the default image dialog, but accessing only the IM – that would be great. Clients can choose the size, visually or numeric, and link to the large image.
  9. I'm using this LocalizedLanguage module, it's perfect, thank you! Now, is it possible to update to LanguagePageNames? and is it this module in the list: Languages Support - Page Names 0.0.3 ? And what do I have to do to upgrade? delete the gateway template? Do I have to change code? (PW is upgraded to 2.3).
  10. Sry if I sounded too rude! It was not my intention. I just want to help improving PW by reporting problems a designer and clients have. yes, of course! It's a really smart module and really needed! Thank you Soma for such a great work! We only need the access also from an imagefield, but you mentioned to be able to do it with a pagefield http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3219-images-manager-alpha/?p=31662, as did Ryan in this comment http://processwire.com/talk/topic/1188-image-inputfield-like-in-tinymce/?p=10590 ff. - well, I'll have to find out about that ;-) Maybe the PageField thing could be documented, to attract more people, from WP and such. So if that comes out as intended (access to all images from textarea as well as from a field), it should be perfect! and almost exactly what I once had a developer code for a client in modX, because there is no "Images Manager module" in ModX. And I'd really like to not have clients copy some code! They work in TinyMCE. The smartest thing would be to insert images via the default image dialog accessing the Images Manager. I really would like to see more WP designers use PW! My intention is to help name the obstacles. Coders tend to be fascinated by the smart technology and, how could I say without offending ;-) , tend to not be able any more to understand the designers down there. It's one of the reasons why modX hasn't grown bigger (opposed to the impression it makes) as discussed in another thread. As I designer I'm unusually persistent to understand a smart system like modX and now PW. I almost never give up. But most designers go off much easier with some nice theme in WP and make use of all the cute functions already built in. It's also a matter of time...
  11. Yes!! media intensive sites just need that! It's a crucial feature which makes me think of going to WP for image-intensive sites...
  12. For me, this sounds like a very common media manager, and is standard in wordpress. Artist, photographers and such just need it... I was always very frustrated it's neither possible (without hard work) in modX nor in PW. In ModX for one client I had it coded by a pro which was quite a lot of work and not as smooth. It was quite difficult to find a coder for this difficult task ;-) Basically, the image manager uploads and scales 3 different sizes and stores them. There is one file showing all images uploaded with checkboxes on which page to use them (which is not very scalable). The automated output is a gallery. These images can also be accessed by the usual FCK editor from text area via tinyMCE. I'd definately adore PW and it's developpers for such a function !!
  13. yes thx I know but doesn't this cause _all submenus to collapse?
  14. only output submenu of active (current) menu item In modX, we had the "&hideSubMenus" parameter. How could I achieve something similar with this module, without the use of css of JS?
  15. PW magic Yes !! Well thank you, it's not important, only to understand the concept...
  16. ok, yes, now works, sorry, don't know why... I was confused because I don't have a file name. Could you pls explain me the concept how the page is displayed if not a file?
  17. thank you! that only throws me, again, a folder. I need the hardcoded absolute path and file name... I want to link to an anchor on the target page. I can't link to /site/category/output/#anchor
  18. thx! but I want it hardcoded, absolute URL...
  19. stupid question: want to link to an anchor on the tearget file. What is the name of the output file? I tried to guess, but /site/category/output/index.php isn't it, nor is site/category/output.php...
  20. full ack... never thought I could ever learn to code... With ModX, I had to hire programmers to write snippets I couldn't do anything new. With PW, I learnt some php, and piece by piece, with the help of this never impatient community, I can bring my ideas into life - by myself!!!
  21. Saturday? ... yes... right...
  22. just had a look at the answers in this forum - Ryan has worked himself through every unanswered post! On a Sunday afternoon...
  23. sry $connection didn't help. Server error logs I don't have access to. But don't ask me why I had the idea to test every piece of the script... so I found out part of it works... only if no email has been entered, an "Internal server error" is thrown! If email is specified - everything works fine! It doesn't work in the templates directory - is that right? I put it in root. Thank you for your help!!
  24. thx! It's an existing script, and it runs with another database than the PW install. It has to be integrated into the new PW site. I don't know nothing about sql, so, sorry, I can't adapt it to PW's own $db object... This is when Designers, starting to dream of processwire, get to their limitations... it's these queries: $connect = mysql_connect("rdbms.strato.de","user","password") or die ("Keine Verbindung moeglich"); mysql_select_db("DBxxx") or die ("Keine Verbindung moeglich"); $anfragedatum=date("d-m-Y"); $sql1 = "INSERT INTO fuhrung (anfragedatum,vorname,name,[...]) VALUES ('$anfragedatum','$vorname','$name', [...])"; mysql_query($sql1); $sql2 = "Select * from login"; $ergebnis = mysql_query($sql2) OR die("Anfrage fehlgeschlagen: " . mysql_error()); while ($row =mysql_fetch_array($ergebnis)) { $empfaenger2=$row['benutzermail']; mail($empfaenger2, $betreff, $text, "From: [...]"); It is not the same database as the PW install...
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