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  1. may be this guy just sits there watching us and laughing about our conversation :D
  2. how could they? there is no control whatsoever... yes, I noticed that too, Joss ;-) maybe it's only three persons using TOR
  3. look at ametys - we can't beat that. They just keep their power low to not get fined (((
  4. look at ERPnext, they were behind us, and now... seems that they just don't fake ;-) their votes seem to have some connection to the size of their community ...
  5. as one could feel immediately...they fake. So we have to fake as well ;-)
  6. will be hard to win. This other CMS pushes fake votes. Look at their community, the amount of members and posts! Just can't be real votes!!
  7. strange things happening on bitnami... some CMS moving up to the second place, from "somewhere" Help make the race the last 8 days !!!
  8. we've seen Sam concerned about being fair to other open source projects... and now I must read in twitter, written by modX ! : "Want to edge out @processwire and get our friends at @Elasticsearch into @bitnami? Vote now:" I used to love modX. But I just can't believe that the team itself pushes against processWire. I want to see it that way: they are afraid of PW because a lot of their users have turned to PW because... because ... I'm happy to read at least one answer of a person who also dislikes such behaviour: Jeroen Kenters ‏@jkenters2 Std. @modx Can we go back to being nice now? There is really no need to 'attack' @processwire or any other CMS out there. Jeroen Kenters ‏@jkenters1 Std. @modx I just voted @processwire because of this AND because it's an awesome CMS too. Plus: this man is a "Modx Ambassador" !!!
  9. ah, I understand. Yes, you're right. Would be better to keep the counts. Should suggest to them!!
  10. btw dear Sam modX is pushing now ElaticSearch with their community ! So if you're the only "fair" person in the battle...
  11. yes they do start from scratch. PW was quite up last time don't remember exactly. Then modX activated their community - and rushed away! so ERPNext will have a bigger chance next time. If they manage to activate their community again! This time its our turn!
  12. equal! yippieh!!! Now once ERPNext activates its community, we must stay strong !!!!
  13. this time we'll do!!! or are there no more than 269 members of the famous PW community ;-)
  14. we are trying to get processWire packed on bitnami http://bitnami.com/contests/24/applications/1733/share actually on place 2! Vote for processWire! (Or is the bitnami contest not serious?)
  15. site works locally - I moved to remote server, homepage works! (database connected) - but no subpages, and no login page. No error logged. Only non existing page error... Could it be because installation is in a subdirectory, and in root another CMS (modX ;-) is running??
  16. could you ever think of setting up a mulitlanguage site being easier than curly brackets??? Just did it with the new core.... WOW!
  17. yes of course - but we get stuck! We couldn't continue without your help which makes us very vulnerable...
  18. that's just fantastic.... Thanks to all of your help everybody! Incredible you waste your time...
  19. HAHAHA! But I'm the kind of type who wants to know what I'm doing and why!! Naturally, for a non coder it's mostly try and error... by the string way: DaveP ommitted the curlies in line 4. But there _is a variable inside a string - my brain goes really curly now
  20. so, if the above example 2 would be inside "echo", it would need some curls? like so: echo "{$skyscrapers = $pages->get('/cities/chicago/')->find('floors>=60, sort=floors');}"; wel doesn't really make sense, but anyway just for learning
  21. I did I couldn't do any PW without... Anyway, with what DaveP explained I can work. And maybe after some time I will also understand, why...
  22. as I said I'm a non coder... I have a glance of what is a string, but where is there a php string??? there is some html... So, to my opinion, it's almost not possible for a non coder to use PW and the target audience never would come from wordpress Compared to other designers, I do a lot of coding and never give up before I have the solution - and even for me, it's exhausting. How would it be for "normal" designers??? Without all the help here which is really unusual, I wouldn't be able to do a single thing in PW!
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