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  1. it's still "active" in the github wiki documentation... https://github.com/somatonic/MarkupSimpleNavigation/wiki/MarkupSimpleNavigation-Documentation but thx so much for this work! its great
  2. guest view access was checked - but suddenly it works! don't know why. sry for confusing and thx for incredible and fast help! I can continue...
  3. Yes, already did that in the beginning. The list of roles doesn't show me "superuser". If this approach mixes up things, how do you move from the basic install to your own templates and files?
  4. ;-) I tried both, the default home page template which I renamed into "home_old", and my new one, named "home". Trying to assign it to the default home page.
  5. thx for fast reply! I already had tried that. No superuser listed. Error thrown
  6. Hi, I'm just a newcomer from modX ;-) and already stuck at the first corner: I try to exchange the default installed pages and templates with my own. I changed the name of the home template. Then I tried to link my own home template to it. Following error is thrown: Can't save page 1: /: Selected homepage template cannot be used because it does not define access. I can't find how I can define access to the old or the new home template... In the "Manage template access" section no role "superuser" appears. The option "create new pages" is grayed out. I also can't find that option in the list of possible permissions... Same applies for the new home template... Sry for being stupid...
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