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  1. opalepatrick's post in Interweave sections on single page website with text snippets was marked as the answer   
    Sorted this with the help of LostKobrokai on another thread by looping through 
    foreach($page->children("has_parent!=2,id!=2|7|27,status<".Page::statusTrash.",include=hidden") as $p){ $quote = $pages->get(1034)->quotes->eq($i); // loop through $quote to get repeater fields and print here echo $p->render(); } And getting the required fields from the repeater
  2. opalepatrick's post in MarkupPagerNav top different to bottom was marked as the answer   
    As soon as I edited that last entry I realised that when I was messing around earlier trying to sort this, I added start=0,
      to the $page->find selection. So, of course it was returning to 0 every time!
    Thanks to you all for putting up with my meanderings
  3. opalepatrick's post in problem with cache maybe? was marked as the answer   
    As is often the way, I think I have just spotted my error, and it is nothing to do with the above! Strike that query and apologies to anyone who wasted their time reading it!
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