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  1. Hi @horst, I did check it but don't know how to achieve select fields with different content for each language. I think it actually must be something easy and common to do.
  2. Sorry for bothering again but I still could not find any solution to this 😞 A clue anyone?
  3. Thanks @Gideon So, I actually managed to get it working with a hook. Now I have another field that lists all items of a repeater field. It looks like this: Is there a way to change the appearance of that label which is showing that mysterious numbers? I'd like to have a simple numberation (since the repeater items have no titles). Do I have to change the hook code to achieve that? I have no clue ....
  4. Thanks @Gideon So, but that's not working. That field doesn't accept variables like $page ... Here's what I'm talking about: Show children of that page only... I don't even know, if it's possible.
  5. Hi everyone, I have pages each with a PageReference field. Now I need to set up a selector for that field to show only their child pages. It must be something like parent.id=1024 but without that fixed id. Or maybe I need a totally different selector? Does anyone unterstands? πŸ˜„
  6. Hi everbody, I still didn't find any solution for this problem though I think it might be something not too fancy. Looking for a select field (ASM too!) with language tabs. For each language there is not only a translation but an entirely different content. Ex: Select field "Publishers". Field holds different lists of publishers for each language EN / DE / ES. Or: ASM Select "Available as". Holds options such as "book", "ebook", "audiobook". Different selection possible for each language. In case I am not making it clear enough have a look at the pictures πŸ˜„
  7. It's been a while but I'm actually still looking for a solution... Is there a way to find all empty fields (even in repeaters)? The client doesn't want to click through each and every single field for translation whenever a new item has been created. πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks @wbmnfktr, seems to be the right track though I cannot get it working properly. Code is like: $options = array( // markup tags that are allowed. Example: "<br/><strong>" 'allowableTags' => '<p>', ); $p->text = $sanitizer->purify($data["comment"], $options); Other tags still appearing. Also I tried to use $markupHTMLPurifier as there are many more options such as br to p, remove emtpy p etc. which doesn't seem to be available in $sanitizer. But the function is unknown. Any clue?
  9. Hi everyone, currently I am transferring data from an old database to PW using the API. Textarea in old DB be like: <p>...</p><div dir="somecrappytags">i don't want that</div> Textarea in new DB, of course is exactly the same BUT: when I open and save that textarea in admin, CKEditor replaces all the divs with <p>, and that is what I do want! How can I achieve that formatting CKEditor does within the API? Like simulating open up and save the data in the admin to get rid of all those stupid tags and just keep the paragraphs? Is it sanitizer stuff?! Does anyone understand? πŸ˜„
  10. Hi everyone, I still did not figure out how to set up an select options field with different content for each language. I think it must be a simple thing to do and something you would need fairly often. Am I wrong? Another thing is that I need option field that are populated by other fields (or pages?) and don't know what to look for 😞 Could anyone tell me where to start with that? Thanks a lot!
  11. Thanks @3fingers I think this is something different from what I actually need. In fact I am looking for a select field with language tabs like any other multi-language field (textfield, textarea) in the backend.
  12. Thanks @outward, what I actually need (in the admin) is a repeater with a various amount of fields and this repeater to be connected to a select field. I am not quite sure if I can achieve this with your suggestion. Maybe you or someone else has another thread on hand?! Thanks!
  13. Hi @3fingers, it's supposed to be in the back-end.
  14. Hello everyone, I have a select field say "publishers" and I need its content to be different for every language. In the US there are different publishers than in GB. How to set up this kind of field? Couldn't find anything about it. Would be nice if someone could help ...
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