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  1. How would my client insert an image in a selected paragrph on a page (e.g., something like the following: <p><img src="..." style="float:left" alt="new image">This is a line of text containing an image floated left.</p> Note that the image also contains alt attribute and its value.)
  2. Thanks guys - this gives me alot to go on...
  3. I've looked at the module, and I'd like it to be more passive than that. Plus, instead of confronting visitors with a login screen, I'd rather give them some information. In fact, this code in head.inc seems to work nicely - $allowed = array('',''); $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; if (!in_array($ip, $allowed)) { header("Location: http://example.com/maintenance.html"); exit(); }
  4. I realize this thread is beyond old, but I have a related question. I want to bring up a new domain name and migrate my dev site to it, but I don't want it to be visible to the public yet. What I would like to have is a "COMING SOON" image shown to everyone who browses into that domain (the domain name has already been published by the client), yet still allow those 'in the know' to peruse the entire dev site. I can do this by sniffing for the IP address of the visitor, right? Would something like this work in head.inc? <?php $allowed = array('ip address 1', 'ip address 2', etc); if (!in_array($_SERVER['HTTP_CLIENT_IP']), $allowed) { header("Location: http://example.com/maintenance.html"); exit(); } ?>
  5. Thanks for the hint, Macura. I'm more concerned with how I might reproduce this slider functionality in another 'from scratch' site.
  6. Thanks, guys! That is just the ticket. But, will that give me the Slider tab in my page/admin options? Any links to how to implement something like that in PW?
  7. I am a new ProcessWire user and have inherited a site originally built in PW2.3.0. Thanks to tons of help from the people on the Getting Started forum, my site is now up and running in 2.6.1. The site's pages contain a slider and I'd like to identify where it came from - can you help, please? You can see the site at http://baringer2-3.gws-sandbox.com. Some of the pages only have a single image in the slider, while others have mutiple images. I'm hoping that this is not a custom-built one, and while I feel that I have the chops to wade through it, I'd really rather not! As you will see from the link above, the site is only in a partially completed state and I'd like to get it done quickly. Thanks for any ideas you might have!
  8. So, I figured it was time to post an update to this great thread. Thanks to the truly exceptional help from Bernhard, and from others including kixe, OrganizedFellow, Peter, and cstevensjr, I am on my feet with this. while I didn't exactly follow the summary that Bernhard posted in the immediately previous message, it was close enough. The site is loaded and functional! This has allowed me to begin exploring the inner workings of the site - expect me back at any time without notice! Thanks again, guys. It was great help.
  9. @Craig - I think you are completely correct. My plan is to delete everything I have started, and install a 2.3.0 version (blank profile), then import the data, and ensure that everything is looking right before trying to move up to the latest version. Thanks for your nudge...
  10. Thanks, guys! I got it. We'll see where this gets me soon.
  11. @Bernhard - where on github do I find PW2.3? When I search I don't find it.
  12. @Bernhard - didn't see your post before I made my last one. Your suggestion makes a good deal of sense. I'll try that...
  13. Has anyone used the Migrator module?
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