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  1. Thx, worked like a charm.
  2. How do I migrate a template with all its fields and values to a new site? Is their an export/import process?
  3. Hey guys, FYI I got this fixed finally. Main issue was that I have PW installed in a subfolder and so my .htaccess was not being seen by the web server. I moved the file up a folder, and now I am good. Thank you all for you help!
  4. Thank you Gary I will check it out. I tried a search like that early on, but maybe I did not view a wide enough net of pages and drilled down too soon. I will revisit. -Cheers
  5. Well, I have not solved this yet. Unfortunately. I clicked a host link provided by cstevensjr and modified my .htaccess file appropriately. No fix. I also cleared my PW cache folder as per dragan. But, no fix. At this point I have tested and made changes for both my host and PW with no effect. Each is pointing the other way now - so, not unusual Is there a tool my host could use to track what's going on in order to determine the missing and/or problematic link/setting? Thx to all.
  6. Yah, I've basically ruled out .htaccess. But there is something preventing the proper resolution to the correct https URL. I thought it might be something about templates, but the admin page fails too. So - idk... I really need to figure this out soon though.
  7. My hosting firm says their Apache server is configured correctly. They believe this is a CMS/Framework issue. I have tried many different .htaccess settings with no effect. One theory is that the PW /cache/ folder is the problem and needs to be emptied. But I'm concerned about making things worse with a broad stroke like that. Something more surgical would be better. Yes? No? Note, all pages were accessible and the site was up and running before I switched to HTTPS. After, only the top domain URL loads. This includes the admin page.
  8. Host: https://laughingsquid.com/ not sure if I have force www. How can I find out?
  9. Is there a way to bump this up the PW chain? I am dead in the water with my production site. The https config features of the latest ver help with ports to non-https dev sites, not the other way around. Thank you to any and all!
  10. Well, there are a lot of folders and files in the /cache/ folder. I am reluctant to remove them all. Are there specific files you might have in mind? Or is it truly safe to clear the /cache/ folder? I am running the latest ver.
  11. I haved heard this: "I know this may sound strange, but when it comes to https and redirects browsers become very "cachehappy"! When running into problems with this I use the browsers incognito/private mode, have to empty cache, restart browser, use different browser, use a VPN, and so on. Tiresome sometimes..." Hmm. Does this mean only I continue to see this problem? External site visitors would be OK? What can I do to solve this? Even if only for me... THX
  12. I installed an SSL Certificate, then edited my .htaccess file: # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 9. If you only want to allow HTTPS, uncomment the RewriteCond and RewriteRule lines below. # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] by uncommenting out the Rewrite lines. The main site loads as https, but now I get 404 error pages when I try go to any subpage: .../processwire-master/<pagename>/ This includes my admin page at .../processwire-master/processwire/, so i can't get into my admin. After this, in .htaccess I uncommented out RewriteBase / and RewriteBase /processwire-master/ still not working...
  13. If not an .htaccess setting, maybe something down in the /wire/ directory affecting the paths to templates and admin page??
  14. Neither worked. Symptom: Home page loads with https, but no child pages or admin page - get 404 All pages loaded fine before SSL Cert installed. Hmm.
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