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  1. rst

    hello, is there a way to add a prefix to the image name? i am trying to create a low quality and high quality image with the same size, but it seems one is overwriting the other
  2. I am having problems uploading svg images in the the latest pw 3.0.98. It shows the preview and has the spinner on top of it, and just gets stuck on that. Worked fine in the previous version of PW
  3. is there a way to apply this module to images that are already saved? thanks!
  4. Hello, Has anyone used ProCache with Cloudflare for CDN? I am trying to figure out whats the best way of setting that up. Thanks
  5. rst

    i did the 404 redirects from the link above, and that works, thank you
  6. rst

    thank you!
  7. rst

    thanks, i added this to htaccess, but still get a 404 error page, that loads
  8. rst

    My site keeps getting hits for wp-login.php file . I guess its connected to wordpress hack of some sort. Is there a way to block these hits in htaccess ? thank you
  9. rst

    hmm, response i get is this error: false message : AJAX Page not saved (no changes)
  10. rst

    also, just noticed that this error is happening on every single image field now. i can't upload new images to the site. i didn't make any edits to the server, so not sure why this is happening all of a sudden
  11. rst

    seems the error is caused by this line, in InputfieldImage.js var response = $.parseJSON(xhr.responseText),
  12. rst

    thank you. i looked through some of the similar posts before i posted, didnt help. will try to google that error message, thanks
  13. rst

    thing is, it worked for all the other sections, and just today i added a new section and i am having this problem. i didnt change anything in the code
  14. rst

    I enabled debugger, and now I see this error when I upload an image SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data parseJSON .../wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryCore/JqueryCore.js:2:13582 uploadFile/< .../wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldImage/InputfieldImage.js:1450:21