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  1. Hi everyone! I've been away from web dev for a while (designing more), so I'm feeling a bit out of touch. Can anyone tell me what's the best way to combine multiple rss feeds in one single site/page these days? Preferably with javascript (or is there a better way these days?) What I want to do is to fetch only the images of multiple (hundreds, probably) rss feeds and display them in one site/page as one big gallery. Thanks, and cheers!
  2. Nope, I had found Admin Hot Keys, but not that one. Thank you!
  3. Does ProcessWire have an option/keyboard shortcut to save/keep unpublished AND add another page? For a faster workflow of adding bunch of pages, I'd like to save them (keeping them unpublihed) and automatically be redirected to another page editing. Cheers aren
  4. thanks for the explanation teppo! suppose it would be the same problem if i wanted to host images on a subdomain for a better page load time? (in a case of a site with tons of images).
  5. Hey guys, Why does ProcessWire automatically creates folders for each page images? Is it possible to create and use my own folders for uploaded images? For example, I want a "projects" folder to store project images and a "blog" folder to store images from the blog. How can I do that?
  6. Ahh, thank you very much for this Adrian!! Exactly what I needed!! I'll download it right away!
  7. How to automatically rename the image files to a random string during the upload process? For example, I have an image named "big_poster.jpg" and I want it to be saved as something random, for example "2680542675157_cc7m541v_l.jpg"
  8. Does ProcessWire have a bookmarklet that allows you to quickly save/post images, text, videos or any other content from web pages to ProcessWire pages/fields?
  9. Thanks @kongondo! I've looked through the PW modules page but somehow didn't find this
  10. Is there any way/module to view all uploaded images/assets in the the back end admin?
  11. Awesome work, @cmscritic! One of the best PW websites I've seen so far! I'd also love to read a case study on the WordPress/ProcessWire conversion. Specially on how you setup the categories/topics and tags.
  12. Hi apeisa, thanks for such a quick reply! So I don't have to include the templates "articles.php", "images.php" and so on.. in the code? Oh, and can you please tell me what the "render" in the code does?
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if it's possible to build a Tumblr-style website with ProcessWire. Sections/pages would be Article, Image, Video, Audio and Quote. But how can I get the posts from all of them (ordered by date as in a blog) in the homepage? Many thanks for any help!
  14. Hi guys, I have a few questions regarding a few common practices when dealing with CMSes: 1- How can I install ProcessWire above the root for better security? 2- How can I change the default folder for uploading images? For example, I'd like to create a folder /uploads in the root and have all my uploaded images in there. And can I have multiple folders or just one folder for all images? 3- Is it possible to have site assets (css, js etc) stored in a folder /assets in the root? If you have other common practices or security tips etc and you'd like to share, please do.
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