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  1. Hi! You can use URL Segments to archieve this.
  2. Fokke

    Hi! I just pushed a new bunch of updates for PW 3.0.36 and drafted a new release. We are slowly reaching 100 % Any fixes or additions are welcome! Have a nice weekend!
  3. Fokke

    The current version covers a lot of 3.x stuff. Is there something in particular what you are missing? Since PW3 is now released as stable, maybe it's a good time to publish another release of the pack.
  4. Fokke

    Hi! Take a look at Repeater Matrix. Not really a drag-drop system like Visual Composer, but it lets you to define layout presets, edit and reorder them etc.
  5. Looks like you're using delayed output method. Therefore JS will be outputted in the wrong place. Try: $content .= "<script>history.go(-1);</script>";
  6. Hi! How about redirect using JS? Here's some discussion regarding sleep() function:
  7. Fokke

    Hi there! Check configuration for "title" field. If you have unchecked "Global" option, the field will not be shown in the first step of page creation.
  8. Fokke

    Have you checked if there's any JS errors in console? Perhaps there's an error in your mystyles.js, or the file was not found.
  9. Fokke

    Hi Celfred! Maybe you're having non-breaking spaces in your if statement, which causes the error. Try clearing spaces in your statement and rewrite them. At least on mac version of Sublime Text alt+space inserts non-breaking spaces. If you're using Sublime Text, add this line to key bindings configuration (Settings > Key bindings - User) to prevent those nasty spaces: { "keys": ["alt+space"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": " "}},
  10. Fokke

    Hi! 'outer_tpl' is missing the class attribute. Set 'outer_tpl' => '<ul "pure-menu-list">||</ul>', to 'outer_tpl' => '<ul class="pure-menu-list">||</ul>',
  11. Fokke

    Hi Tony! Create a template for dam and attach all needed fields to the template. Then export database table to CSV file and use this module to create dam pages from table rows.
  12. Fokke

    Hello! Have you tried this module? With this you can edit company pages directly via page field.
  13. That's because $page object is not in scope when used in function. Try changing the line: $classy = $child === $page ? " class='current'" : ''; to: $classy = $child === wire('page') ? " class='current'" : ''; There's also a versatile MarkupSimpleNavigation module for outputting navigations.
  14. Fokke

  15. Fokke

    Are you sure you're managing permissions in this template? Sounds like those pages are inheriting permissions from the templates of parent pages.