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  1. Well yes, your example is what I'm trying to do. But in this case I get an error when I'm trying to save the "child". I was assuming it was because PW couldn't save those two pages back to back in same operation, so I relegated creating and saving the child into a hook that takes place after the first page has been saved. But your example seems to work fine, so I'm just going to go back and check my code.
  2. I need to create a page and then add a children to it when user fills in a form. I can create the parent page by putting the code on the form page itself, and then the child by using a pages::added hook and bringing the needed information to the hook via session. Is there any more straightforward way of doing it or is this a good approach?
  3. @kixe I'm probably doing something wrong, but I cannot get your example to do anything.
  4. I've always included a "path" to the field when including fields inside a repeaters or matrix fields. I'm not actually sure if it's really needed or if I've just been too meticulous about it. matrix_field.regular_field|matrix_field.repeater_field.regular_field Perhaps repeaters and matrix fields having their own template has something to do with it.
  5. Hello, Any advice on how to hook page, so its fields get populated by something else than the actual saved content? The below works fine for frontend (it's in ready.php), but has no effect in front-end editing or backend, and that is the problem here. $this->addHookBefore('Page::render', function($event) { $page = $event->object; $page->exampleField = '123'; }); The information doesn't need to be saved into PW itself. It's been fetched and then on save, delivered to another database.
  6. Hey, Thanks for the replies all. @bernhard We'll take a look at Rockfinder 2. We don't have that many pages yet, as this is more about future proofing the site, but eventually it has potential to grow very large indeed. I'll get back here once we are further along.
  7. Hey, I know there has been lots of discussion on this subject already, but I feel like I need some clarification on the subject, especially in the light of the new $pages->has('selector'). So lets say we have a site with a couple of million pages and we need to find one or more pages from that pile. 1) Usually direct database search would probably be recommended at that point, but does the $pages->has('selector') speed things enough to be considered a serious alternative? 2) If I wish to load a list of all the Names with say one extra field from all the pages, will PW always load the whole page (times million), or is it possible to only get the fields I'm looking for and nothing more?
  8. Yes, that would be nice. Especially since the philoshophy of PW for pretty much everything else is so streamlined. Right now it looks like I'll try to manage with the PW's own <edit> functionality or cook up my own solution. Neither of the modules I linked earlier really did anything useful in this case.
  9. Hi @kongondo, Yes I mainly meant the drag&drop functionality and the ability to edit images and so on.
  10. Hi @Ivan Gretsky, Yes I noticed the iframe now. That's an even bigger bummer. Ideally I would like an inline view of the wanted fields, without any kind of modal or iframe at all, so I could customize them as I see fit, while still retaining the drag&drop functionality and other nice features. That's probably a pipedream. I'm currently looking into these: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/front-end-edit-lightbox/ http://modules.processwire.com/modules/admin-bar/
  11. Hello, I'm building a site where frontend editing is integral part (you could say the only part) of the sites function. Is there any way at all, to humanely customize the frontend editing modals? I've found out that it wont work properly with new jQuery (which is something we use) which is bit of a bummer, but can be solved with jQuery migrate (see link below). The modal also looks sort of fugly compared to rest of the site and overriding the appearance with css alone, while not impossible, is a major pain in the ass. jQuery issue link: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/609 If customization isn't an option, the next step is probably to build our own forms, but for images and files especially, it would be nice to use the existing tools.
  12. Heya, Is there something special with url-segments and the 404 page? Pages using template with url-segments turned on, don't seem to trigger 404 redirect no matter what I do.
  13. Hurme


    I'm running into an error using the 1.1.4. version. In field input settings: Inputfield type = "text" and value type = 8 digits. In actual page where I'm using this: If I try to use #ff000000 I get HTML 5 field error stating "Please match the format requested" and saving the page fails. If I try to use #000000 I get "InputfieldColor: Does not match required pattern: /#?[a-fA-F\d]{8}/" So something is stopping me from using it with alphavalues. If I go back to using 6 digit hex value it works fine. EDIT: It would be awesome if I could use RGBA(0,0,0,0) as input value as well. Using the hex value I'll have to google the value each time instead of just typing it out. Another great thing would be, if I could choose "empty" as default value. The forced #000000 may not print anything, but looks very confusing because it looks like someone has typed a value in the field.
  14. Internal Server Error. It only seems to happen when user tries to access files protected with PageFileSecure. Otherwise the 404 pages work normally.
  15. Hello, pagefileSecure works wonders, but how can I catch the error message and replace it with something more human instead of the "Internal Server Error" that pops up? Best scenario for me, would be to redirect the user on another page instead.
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