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  1. Thanks, that makes sense. For what ever reason I thought it would 'get' the field same way Processwire gets a whole page. It was originally in one string, but I put it in pieces when I couldn't get it to work. And in the process I broke it even more. Ah well...
  2. I'm trying to save new values in some existing user fields. I've tried to google this and found lots of information, but unfortunately it seems I'm still going at it wrong. Here's what I've got so far: Fields are inside a user $dude = $users->get('dude'); Notes is just a textarea field $notes = $dude->notes; This produces a fatal error, why? $notes->set('He's a dude'); But this works $notes = 'He's a dude'; Fatal error again, but maybe I should save the user instead $notes->save(); No error, but nothing gets saved $dude->save(); I also tried adding in the ->of(false) and ->of(true) before and after saving, but that didn't affect anything. So in short, how to change user->field values through api and save the results?
  3. @dragan Hi, I've left the office and wont be back until next week, but I'll see if deleting the cache has any effect. There were no errors in the log files, just your usual "Saved module X". Of course deleting the module itself resolves the crashing issue, but then you can't really use the module.
  4. Hello, I have a clean blank install of latest dev version of Processwire. When I install your module, the backend stops working.
  5. Hi, Field tags, the ones used for grouping up fields in the backend, used to have this feature where you add a "-" in front of one of them and it collapses the group. Now after updating PW the new tag editor is nice, but it's impossible to delete the old -tags. How does one clean those up? Renaming one doesn't do anything. Neither does removing the fields inside one. It seems the "-" in front of the name is preventing PW from changing them. Do I need to delete them manually from the database? And if so where from? EDIT: Figured it out myself. You have to go through each individual field and remove or change the tag name from there, instead of using the tag interface.
  6. And I just noticed what was wrong. My .js file was missing couple of ' around the classes. Typical. 😖
  7. Hi @gmclelland, my customstyles.js is shown below. The backend field is set to point: customstyles:/site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/customstyles.js When I open source code while editing a page there's a line like this: "stylesSet": "customstyles:/(some project folders here)/site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/customstyles.js?nc=1556022816", So it seems to find its way there, but the styles menu remains empty. I've also tried refreshing the modules like you suggested. CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add( 'customstyles', [ { name: 'Left Aligned Photo', element: 'img', attributes: { 'class': 'align_left' } }, { name: 'Right Aligned Photo', element: 'img', attributes: { 'class': 'align_right' } }, { name: 'Centered Photo', element: 'img', attributes: { 'class': 'align_center' } }, { name: 'Lead', element: 'p', attributes: { 'class: uk-text-lead' } }, { name: 'Large', element: 'p', attributes: { 'class: uk-text-large'} }, { name: 'Small', element: 'p', attributes: { 'class: uk-text-small'} } ]); I also tried with your file (including changing file name to custom-styles.js), but this didn't have any effect either.
  8. @Robin S It works fine now, thanks for your help. Ryan basically gave the same advice in another thread so it should be doubly fixed now. 😉 @MateThemes It works just fine. You'll want to write it like this: $pages->find("matrix_field.repeater_field.regular_field%=$searchquery, matrix_field.repeater_field.count>0"); Note that you'll want to leave out matrix type. The count part at the end is to make sure it only returns pages that actually have content in them (seems to be a bug and I haven't checked if it's been fixed yet or not).
  9. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain it. This does makes things much more clear to me. I'll report back once I've had the time to test this.
  10. Cheers @Robin S, this makes sense to me. I did read about the named groups while trying to solve this, but the explanation felt a little short for me. What does naming the groups actually achieve?
  11. @Robin S What happens if you have multiple pages, where some of the pages have the matrix and some don't? Does it still work for you?
  12. Unfortunately that doesn't work. "Multidot" selectors can't be used with the | symbol.
  13. I'm going to jump on this train as well. I've got a matrix with repeater inside and then a body field, just like MateThemes example above. This works title|headline|lead|body%=$q Also this works matrix.repeater_field.body%=$q But if I combine both like so, it wont return anything $selector .= ", title|headline|lead|body%=$q"; $selector .= ", matrix.repeater_field.body%=$q; If I try to enclose each line in parenthesis it returns every single page on the website, even if the search word is something that doesn't exist on the site $selector .= ", (title|headline|lead|body%=$q)"; $selector .= ", (matrix.repeaters.body%=$q)"; So I'm kinda almost there, but not quite.
  14. @gmclelland Your explanation was among the threads I read when I was trying to make it work. Here are some things I've tried: 1) Editing site\modules\InputfieldCKEditor/mystyles.js directly. 2) Renaming site\modules\InputfieldCKEditor/mystyles.js to customstyles.js (also changing the CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add( 'mystyles',... to 'customstyles'. Then adding proper path in the textarea fields Custom Editor JS Style Set to 'customstyles:/site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/customstyles.js'. Basically doing it by your instructions. 3) Trying above but with the customstyles.js in my 'site/templates/js' folder instead. None of these has any effect what so ever. The third option simply wipes the styles pulldown empty altogether.
  15. I've gone through several threads here, but I cannot get this to work at all. Whether I try to edit the mystyles.js in site/modules or create a new .js file in templates/js it's always the same, either it gives the default options or the styles menu is empty without anything. Has there in been any progress on this? Anything new I should take into consideration?
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