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  1. EDIT: removed comments. I figured it out 🤦‍♂️ I'm sure I'll have more questions though, LOL.
  2. Hi, I love this plugin and use it by default in al PW builds! I've noticed that CKE text fields inside repeaters aren't affected by the Autogrow plugin for CKE. Do you have a fix for this?
  3. Oops, wrong forum🤦‍♂️moving this question there.
  4. Hi I'm curious if there are any developers out there that have experience with SnipWire who might be available to hire? I already have the module installed and integrated with the client's Stripe account. This is a non-profit company that would like to offer 9 different membership plans. Everything is working for the basic plan but there are some advanced options that I'll need some assistance with. I've reached out to the developer and I had someone that was going to help but that didn't work out - I do have a description/overview of the project written out which I can forward to you in a DM. From what I understand, this shouldn't be too terribly difficult for an experienced programmer. Thank you! ?
  5. I can confirm @torf's comments above, this module doesn't work in it's current state. Some images are lager than others, it won't display in a nice grid no matter what options I try. Wish I would have looked here before I wasted a couple hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, lol. Sure would be a nice addition to my PW toolkit if it worked.
  6. Hi @Gadgetto, I finally have a working demo (see it here) using the Beginner Profile that is incorporated with my custom design but I have a few questions: Where is the data saved for custom fields? I added some custom fields and completed a transaction but I don't see any of the custom field data saved anywhere in Setup -> SnipWire -> Customers or in my Snipcart account. Is there a hook I can use to replace the "Order Info" with "Member Info" in the tab label? I'm using SnipWire to sell Membership plans and I'm hoping to have them renew automatically using the subscription option, I don't see any information in your documentation on this, can you provide an example? Is there a way to set a default option on a select field in the Billing Address? This association is only for Michigan (US) so I'd like to set that as the default under the State/Province field. Is there a way to use conditional custom fields depending on the product that is selected? I'm hoping to be able to add/hide certain *required* & optional fields on the Order Info and Billing Address tabs as some membership plans are for businesses and others are for individuals. Each product will likely have custom requirements so if I can create some sort of if/else statement, that would be great. EDIT: Is there anyone out there that can help? All suggestions are welcome! ?
  7. @Gadgetto thank you very much for taking your time to provide that example. I'll kick it around and see what I can do. Cheers ?
  8. Yup, that worked. Thanks so much @Jan Romero! I can see the demo products now. Oh no! Hi @Gadgetto, can you elaborate on the side effects? Basically, I'm trying to add a way for this association to offer paid memberships. I initially tried doing this with @ryan's FormBuilder and Stripe Payment Processor modules but it quickly became too complex for that route. The association's board came up with 9 different membership plans they'd like to offer, some with one user, others with potentially hundreds or more. For instance, when a school registers, they'd like to be able to offer a coupon code to their students so they can register for free, using the school's plan that they paid for. I think the only way I can really make this work is using a cart system so I can enable coupon codes. If you're interested, I can PM you links to the mock-ups I've created that might help shed some light on what I'm trying to do.
  9. I'm using the Beginner profile, any chance I could convince one of you coding wizards to show me some example code for snipcart-product.php, snipcart-shop.php, and snipcart-cart.php? I'm definitely not a PHP expert but I'm feeling more and more comfortable in PW every day... I'd really like to get this working but my entire site is already built using the Beginner profile and is currently public, I can't rebuild it using the markup regions output strategy. I have my Snipcart account created, the API test is validated but I have the same issue as reported above by @fruid: Call to undefined function ProcessWire\ukIcon() Note: this project is for a non-profit association and I'm currently donating my time but I would 100% not mind paying someone for their help, feel free to PM me if that's preferred ?
  10. Hi all, I'm having an issue on my search page when using SeoMaestro, any idea how to resolve? Error: Exception: Operator '~=' is not implemented in FieldtypeSeoMaestro (in /home/kbellaspa/public_html/wire/core/Fieldtype.php line 693)
  11. Very nice, that worked flawlessly. Thank you so much for your help @horst, what a time-saver! Cheers ?
  12. Yeah dude - that was it!! THANKS! So now, I can just comment out the die('BREAK!!'); and reload the script? Then if everything looks good, remove the script from the server?
  13. Does it matter that my site only has one language (english)? I see that the foreach from Wanze is for a multi-language site.
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