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  1. Although I don't believe this is would be coming any time soon, I'd just like to leave a note here that I would really really really enjoy sqlite for processwire very much. It would be so much easier to handle and synchronise smaller sites just by version controlling the files of the project. *sigh* ... could the FileCompiler offer a new approach on creating a universal compatibility especially for 3rd party modules?
  2. @JasonS Noooooo, I was afraid this would happen. It is fixed now! Sorry! Yep, that was a Tracy bd() call ... as a quick fix you may just remove that line ...
  3. Ok, so there is the new version out now which includes a gallery type like the ones in the medium articles. The whole module has been rewritten and I changed the way the galleries are rendered. Instead of weird template files the galleries are now modules which extend the MarkupPwpswpGallery module. Have a look at the readme for some more info. Everything should work just fine when updating despite the code changes. I build a gallery module which should ensure compatibility in case anyone was using her/his own template file. This is the new gallery type „Petersburger Hängung“ The inspiration for that type: The linear partition problem: (coffee script) Yet, I implemented a simplier and I guess faster algorithm: Maybe I will implement the original algorithm, too, at some point. ...
  4. This sounds like you are looking for something like Repeater fields? There is the standard Repeater field included in the core - you have to install it under modules > core > Repeater. Check out Repeaters here: And there is also RepeaterMatrix, but this is a pro module and costs some few $$. Don't know if you actually need it here ... But regarding where you put the code ... it doesn't really matter as long as you get along with it and it works for you. Processwire lets you do your own thing there. You will find out later if you could/should improve something.
  5. Where is the data from of which this list is made of? Basically „yes“ - put it into home.php if this is the home page. Maybe, depending on what the data is, you may want to check out the possibilities of the /fields/ folder and $page->render('field') (Check out this processwire blog post about that functionality) E.g.: In case these items are children of some page. Maybe like so: (assuming ) // assumed site structure -home [template: home] -portfolio [template: portfolio] -nice [template: project] -cool [template: project] -awesome [template: project] -... // templates/home.php <?php include('_top.php'); echo $pages->get('/portfolio/')->render('children'); include('_bottom.php'); ?> // templates/fields/children.portfolio.php <div class="portfolio"> <?php foreach($value as $item): ?> <div class="portfolio__item"> <h2><?= $item->title ?></h2> <img src="<?= $item->someImage->url ?>"> </div> <?php endforeach ?> </div> But there are many ways to do anything. See this as some inspiration. cheers Steffen
  6. That should work - but that would kinda eliminate the use of it for me. I Just try to find a way for others to make those kind of modules. So the interface should have been some guide for that. Butttt: Actually it's nothing big and I do hardly need it aaaaand: These submodules extend this one base submodule now which implements the interface already and therefore the functions are already implemented there and can be used by extending modules. So ... ... ... Ah, message incoming while typing ... thanks kongondo, but I think a problem like that was already solved. In the beginning I had a typo and got an error thrown that the interface was not found or something like that. Corrected it and the processwire module list worked fine. Then, the error occurred when installing the modules. So I thought when installing modules the main module is probably not loaded yet and the interface fails? The setup: MarkupTheModule -- is already installed and includes the interface MarkupSubmodule -- not installed yet, one of those submodules which can be used by TheModule, should implement interface MarkupSubmoduleB ... MarkupSubmoduleC ... ... #+ä+0ad ASdsdjfgs dgiguh aha. So I tested some things after I wrote down the setup and it actually works now. So I must have missed something. *blush* edit Mhm! Maybe what I was looking for are abstract classes ...
  7. Hi, is there a way to implement own interfaces to processwire modules? I am working on some new "submodules" (putting some optional sub-functionality into modules) and I thought it would be nice if they complied to an interface. I am requiring the interface file in the main module file. Now, the installation of the new sub-module fails with Interface 'ProcessWire\MarkupPwpswpGalleryInterface' not found. ... hm. Any ideas? cheers Steffen
  8. Hi alan, yep, I know! There is my issue right next to yours: ... ah, and you mentioned your fix there already! But I will just wait for the next release now since it is going to be released very soon. Yet, I think your solution is the fix for my problem, too. I had something like this in mind but was to frustrated that evening on to put any more effort into it Also nice to see that Apple includes php 7 in 10.13, btw.
  9. Or you could bootrap your apps in Processwire pages. Any access would go through Processwire then. (For good or ill) Like: One template and a page for any app, set user access per template. In the template file, bootstrap your app.
  10. I liked this one very much - until recently when I could not get it to run PHP 7.2 using this package for macOS: Edited the options to use: "php7_module": "/usr/local/php5/" But it just won't start anymore. I tried do dig around in the clamp sources to figure something out but don't want to waste any more time there. Maybe it merges the custom config with the default ones so php5_module gets back and conflicts with php7_module. Don't know. Anyone any idea or solution?
  11. Nice, glad you like it! I will consider this and probably change that - thanks for the feedback!
  12. Hej, some ideas: If you would consider such input as spam which does not really deserve proper display you could just cut it off inside the parent box with CSS: overflow: hidden; Another quick hack would be to insert the invisible character &shy; after every so many characters in that "word", so that the layout does not break / the word breaks so it fits into the box. This character is invisible but it tells the browser that the word is allowed to break at that point. Have a look here and see what it does:,output ! I'd do this on the server side ... You could enhance this to some "real" hyphenation algorithm ... more or less sophisticated. As time and money allows ;P EDIT: I think often it is URLs that blow up the boxes - you could create a Textformatter which replaces long urls with a shortened version <a href="actual URL">shorter URL</a> cheers!
  13. nice! That was just what was wrong here at my place. I think the datetime field should handle that automatically somehow!?
  14. Now in the modules directory. Want to update the module soon with some new flavors ... Cheers!