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SnipWire - Snipcart integration for ProcessWire

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I wanted to let you know that I am currently working on a new ProcessWire module that fully integrates the Snipcart Shopping Cart System into ProcessWire. (this is a customer project, so I had to postpone the development of my other module GroupMailer).

The new module SnipWire offers full integration of the Snipcart Shopping Cart System into ProcessWire.

Here are some highlights:

  • simple setup with (optional) pre-installed templates, product fields, sample products (quasi a complete shop system to get started immediately)
  • store dashboard with all data from the snipcart system (no change to the snipcart dashboard itself required)
  • Integrated REST API for controlling and querying snipcart data
  • webhooks to trigger events from Snipcart (new order, new customer, etc.)
  • multi currency support
  • self-defined/configurable tax rates
  • etc.

Development is already well advanced and I plan to release the module in the next 2-3 months.
I'm not sure yet if this will be a "Pro" module or if it will be made available for free.

I would be grateful for suggestions and hints!

(please have a look at the screenshots to get an idea what I'm talking about)






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Hi @Gadgetto, this looks great!

I've played around with Snipcart and Foxycart quite a lot and then built my own solution (which was quite a pain as well 🤪 ). Snipcart definitely looked best IMHO but it is also quite expensive. But it may be worth that price if we have a good working module that integrates well and saves us lots of time during development.

20 hours ago, Gadgetto said:

I'm not sure yet if this will be a "Pro" module or if it will be made available for free. I would be grateful for suggestions and hints!

Well... free sounds great 🙂 No idea how much money one can make by selling a pro module to the community - I've never heard any numbers and there have been several discussions about that. So I'm not even sure if it makes sense at all to sell anything to the pw community. It's also more effort to setup some kind of selling process, api key verificaton etc. (well, maybe not for you now that you can use SnipWire for that 😄 ); I decided to release RockGrid free for example so that others can use it easily in their modules (didn't happen as far as I know), but I stated that extended support is not for free. But RockGrid is totally different. A shopping cart is of course much more mainstream and has a broader audience for sure. I could be a possible customer one day 😉 


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