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Just launched my first public Module¬†ūüéČ

This module allows ProcessWire to send transactional emails via Brevo.

Download the latest version: https://github.com/ttttim0709/WireMailBrevo


  • Copy the WireMailBrevo directory into your site/modules/ directory.
  • In the ProcessWire admin, go to Modules > Refresh.
  • Click "Install" next to the WireMailBrevo module.


Example usage:

$email = $mail->new();
$email->to = 'recipient@somedomain.com';
$email->subject = 'Test #1';
$email->body = 'An example email';

Use of Versions: Check the Brevo dev section for more information about Message versions

        'to' => [
                'email' => 'bob@example.com',
                'name' => 'Bob Anderson'
                'email' => 'anne@example.com',
                'name' => 'Anne Smith'
        'subject' => 'This is my version subject line',
        'to' => [
                'email' => 'jim@example.com',
                'name' => 'Jim Stevens'
        'htmlContent' => "<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><h1>Modified header!</h1><p>This is still a paragraph</p></body></html>",


After installing the module, you can configure it by going to the module settings page. You need to provide the following configuration options:

  • Brevo API Key: Obtain this key from your¬†Brevo account settings.
  • Sender Email Address: The email address to be used as the sender.
  • Sender Name: The name associated with the sender's email address.
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Ah, I like PostmarkApp for transactional stuff, but their monthly limit is a quite low on the free tier (though I am thankful for it.) Brevo's limits are somewhat better.

I will be trying out this module soon, as I'm just calling brevo's API directly at the moment and want to use a module for this.

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