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  1. wbmnfktr

    Not mine but... .. lots of inspiration here: https://www.lapa.ninja/category/portfolio/ http://www.hixle.co/?s=portfolio .. some free templates here: https://html5up.net/ https://www.styleshout.com/ .. some premium stuff here: https://themeforest.net/category/site-templates
  2. wbmnfktr

    There was a similar thead a few days back but sadly without a solution: I never tried to run a PW instance on an IP address in a subfolder. Maybe there .htaccess issues or something like that.
  3. wbmnfktr

    Extend that solution with a check for facebook.com / twitter.com / whatever.tld and you can apply social icons as well.
  4. wbmnfktr

    Is there anything showing up in the dev console? Any JS or 404 errors? Is this a local (WAMP, XAMP, MAMP, Laragon) or remote/server setup?
  5. wbmnfktr

    Woah! I knew that today will work but... woah! That makes dev-life a lot easier.
  6. wbmnfktr

    Nice addition. I personally would like to see that "not secure" badge all the time. Even way more in your face.
  7. Newsletter-Tools... the reason why I prefer Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor, and similar solutions: I don't have to invest in servers, several IP addresses and maintenance. I don't have to take care of blacklists, spam-prevention-configurations, routings and all that technical stuff. Mailchimp & Co. do this for me. They want my money and they want me to be happy with their service. Self-hosted solutions never worked for me, the companies I worked for, clients and most people I know who do newsletter-marketing. Just my opinion. It may work really well for you.
  8. wbmnfktr

    I miss the ProcessWire-part.
  9. wbmnfktr

    For a long time I used to use the recommended Google way by just placing their snippets. Then some clients wanted to have their sites faster. Less requests. Less files. As fast and as clean as possible. I moved over to hosting fonts on their servers. But... this only works in some cases. Sometimes you can't use this method as you are not allowed to do so or don't get the files you need. If possible I add the fonts to the server. Do I take care of updated or removed versions? Not that much to be honest. Recently I just stopped using webfonts at all for smaller projects (or landing pages, micro sites). If there is absolutely no need for a special font I use system fonts. html { font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif; } It works pretty well so far. You won't get an FWA award for those sites but who cares.
  10. wbmnfktr

    In Setup / Languages / LANGUAGE you can look for Site Translation Files. You can get a list of all files that can be translated. Once you created the file index, you look for the LoginRegister.module and can start translating it. You get an interface with all things you can translate.
  11. wbmnfktr

    That's nice!
  12. wbmnfktr

    Ok... I don't have the exact same ProcessWire setup like you but sorting and filtering my page field's entries works with the example above. Is there a detail we miss at this point?
  13. wbmnfktr

    Can you please try this: <?php // get all pages in page field $resultsAll = $page->my_page_field; // filter $resultsByCategory = $resultsAll->filter('category=1474'); // sort $resultsSorted = $resultsByCategory->sort('sort'); foreach($resultsSorted as $result) { // whatever };
  14. wbmnfktr

    A nice thread on Twitter about companies that block users from the EU because of GDPR: Source: https://t3n.de/news/dsgvo-erste-us-unternehmen-1078319/
  15. wbmnfktr

    Another day, another level in DSGVO-Madness (in Germany) https://www.golem.de/news/eu-datenschutz-kontrollbehoerden-koennen-dsgvo-kaum-durchsetzen-1805-134304.html (EN Version) https://t3n.de/news/dsgvo-angela-merkel-aenderungen-1078083/ (EN Version)