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  1. So... since there was lot's of feedback to 90s music... maybe you all want (and probably should!!!) to look up: https://www.youtube.com/@dj_jambor/videos So much and many awesome mixes and remixes.... for 90s, 2000s, and many more. András Jámbor has so many awesome mixes I couldn't even list here. I just love it... there is no need for me to create my very personal playlist of any kind as this already exists. Please follow András Jámbor and his channel. It's such a good and pleasant place to listen to awesome music. Follow him! No shout out needed.
  2. As @MarkEsaid... set the default date to today in the settings. Don't be too flexible with clients, otherwise they enter things like "every third sunday after easter but only in leap years that end with 9" or something. Think about sane defaults a client can choose from. Similar to the ones provided by LazyCron.
  3. Somehow this error sounds like a "We updated your host to PHP 8.1 from 7.x without asking you"-problem. Can you please check which PHP version is running on your instance.
  4. What about the core module Page Path History? It takes care of page URLs in case they change and redirect from old to new URLs. ProcessWire is quite good at managing old URLs, at least for those created in your ProcessWire instance. In case of a migration it's something totally different. There is even a managing area under the settings tab in each page. There would be no real need to add redirects anymore. Unless you want to use something that never existed before.
  5. I receive the markup but couldn't access any data somehow. Using $rockfrontend every time wouldn't save me that much time so I tried using it the .latte way. This did the trick. Thanks for this hint!
  6. Can someone please give me a hint on how to use RockFrontend with Latte and combination with RepeaterMatrix? I just can't find a way to show the content of my blocks (RepeaterMatrix types). {* home.latte *} <ul n:if="$page->blocks"> {foreach $page->blocks as $block} <li> {include '../blocks/' . $block->type . '.latte'} </li> {/foreach} </ul> {* oneOfTheBlocks.latte *} <div> {* NOPE *} {$block->headline} </div> <div> {* NOPE *} {$page->headline} </div>
  7. What exactly does this mean? In case this means "5 people updating pages and the host goes down"... yeah you really should look for a more reliable host. In case this means "we have 50-100 users visiting the site to look up the news"... you might want to look into optimizing the page or invest in ProCache. Can you give us a number (ballpark ranges are fine) of visitors and page impression we talk about here? Low traffic can mean everything between 100/month to 50k/month.
  8. Just stumbled over this... https://www.slant.co/topics/5409/~php-cms
  9. @bernhard you might want to check this one out as it works perfectly well with the free ChatGPT 3.5 (GPT 4 is acting weird with this prompt). https://flowgpt.com/prompt/qGQmSnF-MDsfhDhpfzZEM Copy the whole prompt Send it and wait a moment Explain what you want to accomplish Answer questions or add details if needed Ask GPT to write the code You have to get used to it as it's quite verbose sometimes.
  10. I was just looking for the Page Autosave and Live Preview module to re-install it in a project, yet I couldn't find it anymore. I probably missed something somewhere. Right?
  11. Please check your installed and used extensions - from password managers to vpn and privacy-related ones. Most of them are off/disabled in incognito mode so they don't interfere there.
  12. 90s and early 2000s House/Dance/Techno Remixes #oldschool
  13. Do you have more details on that setup? I have an old machine running that kind of dev setup but never noticed that issue at all. Which ProcessWire version are you running?
  14. Based on my recent post and your answers in Module: ProcessWire Core Upgrade I decided to no longer hijack that thread and therefore open this one. @bernhard asked some very good questions there and here are some of my answers. First and foremost, I keep all of my "Automation Hooks" at /site/ready.php, and they are not present in all of my projects. I mostly utilize them in larger long-term projects and projects in which I have devoted a significant amount of effort - see samples below. I considered building a module for each project so that I could keep it around, fork it, alter it... that kind of dev approach. But that didn't work out as expected, so everything was moved back to ready.php - which actually works best for me. One file in plain sight, right next to everything else. For these activities, I have my own collection of snippets. I simply grab the appropriate snippet, tweak it, position it, test it, and proceed from there. No overly complicated workflow at all. But why should I care if there are any module changes (see thread above) if I'm not going to update them right away? I'm curious about what's going on in each project. I can see which modules were installed, which are in use, and which may be upgraded the next time there is a release. I rarely update modules or anything else outside of my development environment. I learned my lessons here. This isn't something I'd use in a project in which 99% of the code consists of echo/foreach like in some smaller sites I built. I honestly don't care because their code base and modules will almost certainly never be touched again. Projects like these are a totally different thing - some of those "Automation Hooks" are in place there: What things I "automate" and have in place across my projects - to give you an idea why this makes my life easier. Checking for news updates (weekly) No updates in the last 2 weeks? Remind the client to say something on their website and suggest doing so on social media, Google Business, and everywhere else too. Checking event count (weekly) Only 3 events left? Tell the client to check this and update the event pages or at least post something in the news to tell visitors what's going on. Checking newsletters (weekly) No newsletter in the last 2 weeks? You get the deal: the client will be notified to either send a newsletter or hand out content so someone else can do this Checking lunch deals (daily) Same as above. A restaurant runs out of lunch deals and will be notified via email right away. Archive old stuff (weekly) Short term content, like lunch deals, don't have to stay in there until the end of days. Archive them under another branch of pages, delete/trash them. Out of sight, out of mind. Checking for TODOs (weekly) This is a special one as I sometimes like to add a notes field to content pages in which I can write down things I need to do on that specific page in a project. I look for all pages having content in this field, put everything in a mail and go from there. It's something like a TODO app but direct in the project. No Jira, Asana, Todoist needed for this. There are plenty other options available. In my situation, it varies depending on the specialty, the project's budget for maintenance, or the overall scope of my tasks. I typically utilize these "Automation Hooks" to learn more about a project and remain informed. Sometimes it's for the client, but it's all automated. There have been projects performing comparable automated tasks for over a year now or more, and the customer is thrilled to receive an email every now and then with a list of things he should do. WINNER WINNER! I get paid to remind him, and he gets things done. You could put anything you wanted in those. File counts, database size, login errors, PHP version, PW version, and so on. Ping at @flydev @monollonom @horst
  15. This is brilliant! Just minor tweaks. You already did 99,9% of the job. Awesome! Thank you. wire()->addHookAfter("LazyCron::every4Weeks", function(HookEvent $event) { $checker = $event->modules->get("ProcessWireUpgradeCheck"); if(!$checker) return; $upgrades = $checker->getModuleVersions(true); // we only want modules with new versions if(!count($upgrades)) return; $subject = "There are " . count($upgrades) . " modules to update"; $body = "Hi!\n\nAn upgrade is available for these modules on " . wire('config')->httpHost . ":\n\n"; foreach($upgrades as $name => $info) { $body .= "- $name ($info[remote])\n"; } $body .= "\nHead to " . $event->pages->get("process=ProcessWireUpgrade")->httpUrl . " to upgrade."; // not sure if this `get` would work? $mail = wireMail(); $mail->from("wwwuser@example.com") ->to("admin@example.com") ->subject($subject) ->body($body) ->send(); }); Just added this to an existing site. Works perfectly fine. Follow up Added public recipe for all: https://processwire.recipes/recipes/automate-module-upgrade-check/
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