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  1. wbmnfktr

    Maybe you will find or remember that.
  2. wbmnfktr

    There could be one but... I don't know where. Didn't you ( @Guy Verville ) did something similar with your skiing(?) project?
  3. wbmnfktr

    Interesting to see this: https://www.1and1.com/digitalguide/fileadmin/DigitalGuide/Screenshots_2018/processwire-seitenbaum-beispiel.jpg A german file name. And it's not the only file with a hint of german. Here we go... https://hosting.1und1.de/digitalguide/hosting/cms/processwire/ (same as above but in german) https://hosting.1und1.de/cloud-app-center/process-wire-download#apps (some other news)
  4. wbmnfktr

    As far as I know you have to go this way. You could take just that $data ['TypeDeMembre '] column on first run and create all non-existing pages and afterwards you import as usual.
  5. wbmnfktr

    Is it me or does the site and those screenshots look a little off? Besides that the article is really nice for a post on a hosting company blog. Quite in-depth with some really nice examples and things readers might be interested in. One thing caught my attention:
  6. I think your module fork should be on its own - just to minimize the risk to break a site. I don't know if it's possible to check if Nicos version is installed and therefore your version can't get installed. Or similar. If an upgrade() method is easy to do I'll be fine with it, too. Regarding community help... count me in as tester (at least as this). As we talk about testing, where is the best place to report issues? Github? Here?
  7. I can confirm that children.count returns all children - including unpublished and hidden ones. At least in my current project. Maybe it's similar to this: A work-around... not yet. You could try to find out if those child pages are viewable or something like this.
  8. wbmnfktr

    # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 9. If you only want to allow HTTPS, uncomment the RewriteCond and RewriteRule lines below. # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off # RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] This part of the .htaccess works absolutely perfect - at least for all my ProcessWire powered sites which are a few now. Too many redirects is most likely a caching problem in your browser. Try it in a private/incognito window again. If this doesn't change the wrong behaviour try a Google search for similar problems with your hosting company. Some hosting companies do weird things sometimes. If you are using any kind of CDN (for example: Cloudflare) disable caching, routing or forcing https and enable debug/developer mode.
  9. wbmnfktr

    The second foreach($speaker as $thumb) looks like there is something missing. I'd expect something like this there: <?php foreach($speaker->photo as $thumb) { // } And I would remove the very first part of code. <?php foreach($page->speaker as $speaker): $thumb = $speaker->photo->width(310); endforeach;
  10. wbmnfktr

    For those who want to know more or want dig deeper into this JSON-LD/Rich data/schema.org topic - there is a really good write-up about all this with examples and recommendations as well: https://www.link-assistant.com/news/structured-data-for-seo.html
  11. wbmnfktr

  12. wbmnfktr

    Thank you, @tooth-paste. The PagefieldPairs module keeps the mapping between tutor:instrument, tutor:ensemble and vice versa in sync. So editors can either add tutors to an instrument/ensemble or add instruments/ensembles to a tutor. This detail seems small at first but it's crucial. Keeping this in sync makes changes much easier and reduces the risk to miss a tutor/instrument/ensemble somewhere and it doesn't matter where this detail gets changed.
  13. I could give it a try next week. Never used this or the version from Nico so we will see. Anything special I should look for?
  14. wbmnfktr

    Thank you very much @cstevensjr. I'll forward your compliment to the designer.
  15. wbmnfktr

    I'm proud to share this newly released custom-made website with you. Musikschule Neumünster https://www.musikschule-neumuenster.de/ Design details The design was built from ground up to give every aspect and every detail of the website its very own unique look. We faced the demand to create a visual experience that is up to date but kind of classic at the same time. A fact you can't describe but you will feel and see it when visiting the website. Technical details From top to bottom every detail can be managed in the backend - all instruments, tutors, events, and content pages. In order to make life easier some things are automated (for example: archiving older events or managing the relationship between tutor and instrument). Modules and time-savers ProCache Croppable Image 3 PagefieldPairs MarkupSitemap Hanna Code Jumplinks I hope you enjoy the result as much as we* do. * A little side note to reduce confusion: I'm partner and the developer of Muskaat (design and development bureau based in Neumünster, Germany).