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  1. I'm using Dashboard to show some changelogs within the dashboard... but somehow repeaters don't respect that they aren't available as they would in normal pages. <?php namespace Processwire; $cl = pages()->get('template=dashChangelog'); $cles = $cl->changelogentry->sort('-date'); ?> That's how I get the main page for my Dashboard element and from there I do my usual foreach(): <?php foreach ($cles as $cle): ?> <div class="cle"> <p><strong>📅 <?php echo date('Y-m-d', $cle->date); ?></strong></p> <?php echo $cle->body; ?> </div> <?php endforeach; ?> When I disable a repeater item... it still shows up. In regular pages this wouldn't happen so... what do I have to change for the Dashboard? Maybe I skipped a thought or two... but this confuses me.
  2. I totally agree and therefore looked through threads but... no chance so far. Don't know if it's pwlink (CKEditor module from PW) or CKEditor itself that needs to be changed... maybe @ryan can clarify and give us an update. I guess and bet Ryan could clarify this or can somehow resolve this and the issue @teppo mentioned.
  3. This is a great addition and idea! @Jan Romero Fool-proof or advanced settings to make it more secure and more awesome. A point I didn't see due to so many instances I installed and configured. Maybe we could even open a thread to collect solutions based on hosting companies to get some idea about how different providers need different settings within .htaccess or whatever. Just an idea right now but I know that I had to tinker around with things in STRATO (DE, hosting company) a lot a few years back and even some hostings (I won't name names here) I moved away from because it didn't work out at all.
  4. Probably not as you already can't choose the languaged-link from within CKEditor. Or at least we don't know how. I can manually set any link to wherever in whatever language. That work's totally fine. But... a non-developer can't switch links to different languages.
  5. I can confirm this! Tested on 3.0.189-dev and 3.0.190-dev so far.
  6. That looks way better and works almost as expected... at least in the frontend. Trying the EDIT page option results in an error. Full error:
  7. I just somehow ran into this problem and find no way to fix - besides importing and old DB backup (probably). Full error below: What did I do? Within that instace I installed a second language for testing purposes, edited the homepage so that it has /de/ (default) and /en/ (second language), changed the Languages Support - Page Names settings to redirect to the default language path (/de/), created some pages, tested, felt fine with it. Somewhere in-between I updated to the latest 3.0.190 dev and tested a bit more, did other stuff (frontend only, no API code or module dev), then deleted the second language and wanted to the change the homepage again... so here we are. All other pages with (former) additional content in another language work fine, can be edited and whatsoever. The main difference seems to be that the homepage contains a repeater matrix field with content that's only available in english (second language I deleted now). I always thought deleting languages is enough... maybe it isn't. Someone any ideas?
  8. In a client-case... I would have done probably the same as you and posted here. Haven't looked through the forums but maybe someone had this issue as well. Can't really imagine noone else ever had this issue. But ok... maybe though. For my personal projects or projects I maintain... I'd go the easiest route for whatever it would be in those cases. Another idea... you could probably use $page->viewable() within the template.
  9. I wouldn't say I'm stuck... but my clients could end in a dead-end for some reason (this reason). Most of my multi-language projects just show the default-language content. In case I use RepeaterMatrix (ProFields) the client or I can always add a single text-block that shows something in the non-default language and go from there. Right now I could imagine using a HannaCode block that lists all available alternative language versions... in your case it would be just the spanish version.
  10. This doesn't indicate a properly working Apache for all scenarios at all. It's just the most basic startup screen you could imagine for LAMP setup. So... you installed everything in just one folder (/var/www/html/PROGRAMMSUBFOLDER)? No... set up VirtualHosts. That's a one-time-investment in a solid dev environment. From there... you could go in any direction. With ProcessWire, WP, Drupal, Typo3... whatever. That's the default behaviour when installing ProcessWire into a subfolder. While it works... I wouldn't recommend it. Only when you really know what you are doing, testing for example, or when you already installed Processwire 100 times. ProcessWire was ready to go. Your setup wasn't. Sorry when this sounds a bit rude but using a non-working or better to say not fully configured environment as a base for whatever kind of (web-) development and then blaming the software because it doesn't like it that much... is unfair. I can't and won't blame you but I want to move your focus to the reason for your experience here. It wasn't ProcessWire. Sure installation is sometimes a bit more than just clicking but in this case there were way more steps than really necessary. In case you want to experience a super solid installation that's a breeze... use something like Laragon on Windows, MAMP on Mac or ... let's skip the Linux part here. One last word here: Even though my response here could be read a bit harsh... I really appreciate that you stayed the whole way, worked through everything from start to finish. And I wish and hope you start to love ProcessWire like each and everyone here in this thread and community.
  11. Editing the link within the dialog or in the source code - like you. Yet... I never had this challenge before so far. Tried this now out of curiosity. Don't know any other way right now. WOW!
  12. As this module was just recommend to me I had to give it a try. Got the necessary API keys and grabbed the latest copy from Github. The result so far: Double checked the entered credentials, picked some templates and ... I'm running the latest PW 3.0.189 here and have to remove the module to bring the site back to live.
  13. Short URLs VS Flat URL Structure Does URL Length Affect SEO? https://www.searchenginejournal.com/does-url-length-affect-seo/425230/ Google: No Benefit to An Artificially Flat URL Structure https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-no-benefit-to-an-artificially-flat-url-structure/400609/
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