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  1. Can you please post your Apache2 host/vhost configuration file. Especially the <Directory ...> part could be interesting - as this is crucial in most cases. My configuration looks like this: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName pw.test ServerAlias www.pw.test pw.test DocumentRoot /home/YOURUSERNAME/www/pw.test <Directory /home/YOURUSERNAME/www/pw.test> AllowOverride all allow from all Options None Require all granted </Directory> ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/pw.test-error.log CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/pw.test-access.log combined </VirtualHost>
  2. I worked with those (VirtualBox, VMWare) that's why I asked. 😉 Really can't imagine doing so but hey... if this work's for you, I'm perfectly fine with this. Just wanted to make sure I understood that correctly. I'm glad I can keep one machine up and running with my toolset.
  3. You really have a virtualmachine with Windows for each and every project you work on?
  4. First of all... Welcome to the World of ProcessWire. I don't know anything about the site-profile you are using. I've seen it but never worked with it. Resizing an image can be done in various ways. You either upload it in the correct size already, you resize it in the backend or define a size within the template code through the API, finishing touches in CSS and so on. What you describe sounds a bit like that you are not only new to ProcessWire but maybe even to webdev - both is fine. BUT... I highly suggest you take a look at the ProcessWire Tutorials which guide you through a lot of steps. Videos are nice but those aren't anything like tutorials (at least those I know about). The site profile will give you a nice starting point but you won't end up with a highly customized version of just from using the backend or settings in it. You will have to tinker around with the template files, the CSS and might even have to complete new markup.
  5. Nice one... it's amazingly fast even though there are tons of images. TTFB is almost instant. Where is the site hosted and what kind of hosting is this? Standard webhosting isn't that fast usually. Another funny side note... I know this company and actually have bought some of my suits and wardrobe there. Funny how small the world is. That's weird!
  6. In other news: Color-coding content blocks is such a great addition. Even those who don't use the backend that often find the right spot way easier now. Thanks @Ivan Gretsky for the idea and @ryan for adding this to the latest dev branch.
  7. Question to all of you... What about a setting that enables PageAutoSave O N L Y when in PreviewMode? I play a lot with Page Autosave + Live Preview but sometimes I'm just tackling my daily tasks and the auto-save feature is (kind of) too much as I start writing but can't finish the text due to a phone call, "writer's block" or my empty coffee cup. Yet the content was entered, saved and is available on the frontend for page visitors. Luckily only within a side project at the moment but still. I could enable the feature only for unpublished pages but most of the content that gets edited is already published and therefore live-content. I'm almost missing a setting like "enable autosave only when livepreview-window is active". What do you think?
  8. Besides that... the homepage is HUGE.
  9. Maybe I can take some time and look how to customize your module. Right now I use a hook for this kind of maintenance. While it's using template and fields it's not that easy to update like your module. On the other hand changes are documented.
  10. Thanks @Robin S. I'll add those settings/permissions to my modules later on. Just in case. For 3rd party modules I might to keep it a bit more future-proof. Thanks @BitPoet. Your untested but working code was the solution for my upcoming problems here. That it's safe for future updates is one of the best parts.
  11. In case you use Neovim/VIM you can still use this VSCode extension through coc-snippets.
  12. As far as I can see it's solely based on fields without taking any templates or other settings into account. Is this correct?
  13. Maybe I missed a lot of things or the day was way too long, yet... the question is here and around. How do I grant permissions to modules and their actions/settings/whatever for (restricted) Roles when there is nothing like a permission within those modules? In this case I looked for a permission for ImportPagesCSV... the module itself doesn't have any permissions set (as far as I can tell) compared to ProcessJumplinks (L:477). Never needed this kind of detailed user settings so far... so please enlighten me or at least point me into a direction... or the easier way: place a way bigger stone on the one I live under. Thanks in advance, guys!
  14. Maybe a weird question but... will we buy the dev/testing/beta of Padloper 2 via a Padloper 2 interface? Asking for testing purposes.
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