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  1. Maybe we should ask @Pete and @ryan if we can somehow add an attention-banner within the forum and maybe even the website for all to see in order to star the project. 700 is so... weird and so low... that sound so wrong!
  2. Wow... thanks again @teppo! https://weekly.pw/issue/374/
  3. Thanks @diogo, the export function is already in place within a project but it's still a lot of work going that route. So much to clean up afterwards. I looked into the API but that wasn't exactly what I thought I remembered and searched a bit more. I stumbled over Webflow Pages for WordPress which is fairly close but the other way around - Webflow in a CMS. Quite nice but still not I was looking and hoping for. @AndZykthe CMS is actually quite nice for small projects as far as I was told and what I have seen. The project I'm working on right now has so much data entries (events, bands, locations, and such) and the client is already a bit frustrated with only a few sample datasets. Therefore we looked into other options and... here we are. For now I will just spend my time cleaning up those export files and do the rest in ProcessWire. Thank you guys!
  4. Wow... Thank you so much @Cybermano! That helped a lot and gave a good insight, ways, options, and things the module can do. Next step for me will be... playing around with it as there is quite a lot to play with.
  5. Just in case it gets worse: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/optimizing-404s-in-processwire/
  6. We all know webflow for one or another reason. While some of us (like me) aren't real fans of those zero-code tools but... they are still quite charming of some kind. At least you can build prototypes quite fast and play around with a lot of different things which take lots of time without webflow - like animations and such. So... my questions goes into another direction. Here we go: Is webflow capable of connecting to an external data source aka database aka ProcessWire JSON/API/GraphQL instance? I looked up several topics in their forums but... it's either way too late, the search was wrong, or webflow is not capable of such things. I'm confused as I thought and maybe even remember an announcement that advertised exactly that feature. Can you guys either enlighten me or direct me to a topic of that kind?
  7. Thanks @Pete. Didn't know about that.
  8. I remember you did something for a restaurant and put somehow allergens in it... is this the module for that? If so... I really don't get what this module could do for me. I built several restaurants sites now and had to deal with those details for each and every dish... I really don't want to offend you but I just don't understand what I see here. Maybe the was just too long already.
  9. So true! Repeaters are nice but... only in limited cases. Keep the title field - reuse or overwrite it with a unique identifier of some kind or anything else... had so many cases I thought I wouldn't need it but at the end it was somehow my lifesaver or at least the one and only unique identifier I had. Free your mind from the label "title"... you can write anything in it, either way. You could also ignore that field, remove it in your template to be seen and work with the module PageUseIdAsName to get your unique identifiers.
  10. Hey @Pete... do you have an idea when we will have the reputation count back? The more I use the forum now, the more I somehow want it back as fast as possible. It's probably weird but... it was such a great indicator for a lot of things here. And no... it's not about my silly amount of reputation points.
  11. Hey @LuisM... just a short feedback on this. I'm really happy you would take your time to guide me and probably anyone else trough this setup and what's possible with it. I already talked to @bernhard in the past several times in regards to his module as I was super interested how all that works. I'm still impressed what he does with that setup. I really really love those kinds of setups, workflows and automations... yet... the initial setup of RockMigration is already way larger and more complex than any of my projects. My projects (look at muskaat.de) are most of the time super simple and straight forward. They do what they need to do... sometimes more complex, sometimes only a few more files, and most of the time only a DEV and LIVE stage. Nothing I'd need such a setup for. Even though I really am a Spielkind (someone that loves to play around with all possible options). Still... I know and understand the benefits of those setups with RockMigrations - and your addition to it - and what they could and can do. As I'm most of the time the one and only developer for now... Git is perfectly fine for any workflow I can imagine. I'm missing two or three developers on my side and maybe a few more stages, like dev / qa / testing / preprod / live, within my projects to really benefit from your and @bernhard's modules. Yet... I really appreciate all the things you both and several others here build to make ProcessWire even more awesome for whoever.
  12. What do you get there? Back in the days cody house was more or less something like a plain HTML/CSS/Webdesign course of some kind. Right now by looking at their site it looks almost like you would get quite nice skeletons for what ever use case. Am I wrong with that?
  13. To be honest... what you @LuisM and @bernhard built... it's somehow awesome but either way somehow insane. I love it... even though I almost will never use it by myself... as it's either too complex or way out of my comfort zone. (for now) Yet... I really appreciate what you @bernhard do for the community with all your modules and ideas and you @LuisM who builds things on top of it. Love it!
  14. We should keep reputation count IMO. As it's a good quality signal.
  15. This might be some kind of an unpopular opinion but... ProcessWire gets even better while reading the docs, recreate all tutorials available, and through repeating each and every step from installation to writing a hook within a module. That's how I started to love ProcessWire - coming from Textpattern with a background in Drupal, Wordpress and other CMSs. I'm everything but a programmer, coder or developer... still I can do so many things I always wanted and needed to do. My very first project (2014/2015) with ProcessWire was awesome back in the days. It had so many features, functions, options, and what-ever... yet... looking into the code today... I was a foolish guy back in the days. Yet the project is still alive, running, and the client is happy as ever. You will grow with each and every project, while reading in the forum. Yes... reading each and every post here (top right corner: unread; thats a nice link you might want to add as your starting page) will help you so much. I'm into ProcessWire for quite a long time... yet I find so many things it can do... without even knowing. To be fair... you are right... the community here is way more than awesome than anywhere else! IMO* Final words to this loose rambling... Welcome to ProcessWire! * IMO
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