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  1. wbmnfktr

    Have you ever heard of citations in Local SEO? It's almost the same with plain text domains and URLs. They aren't as powerful as nofollow or dofollow links (and all their flavours) but they will work. Mentioning a domain or brand name will give some kind of signal to Google (and some others). It's the same with press-release spam and how it works combined with some more reliable and trusted methods. To answer your question: no, it's not that easy for black-/grey-/bluehat people. They do much more than just that. There are much more effective things that work way better and are sometimes as easy as press-releases or mentioning a domain. I guarantee you that a few hundred mentions of your domain spread across the internet can help your rankings. The more trusted the place (a PW forum for example) the better. If you want to challenge yourself get a copy of GSA Search Engine Ranker or Scrapebox, some proxies, a few domains and play around.
  2. wbmnfktr

    Doesn't matter. Even in plain text Google would see something like a citation and therefore thinks "Hey, they talk about www.whatever.tld so let's count it in.".
  3. wbmnfktr

    @Pixrael you should remove the link to that SC*M/SP*M site. Or do you want to support that kind of business?
  4. Kind of similar as in providing snippets. The main focus will be different and will include solutions for often used scripts like OwlCarousel and modules as well. I want to show how certain thinks can be done in/with ProcessWire.
  5. I guess... we all love and use 3rd party scripts, tools, services and modules for our ProcessWire projects. From image galleries to contact forms and newsletter subscription services lot's of things are already there and ready for use. So I am looking for your most common used and trusted scripts, tools, services and modules. You may ask yourself why I want to know this and before hiding everything behind curtains here is the answer: I plan to create a collection of ready to use ProcessWire snippets for common and often used scripts, tools, services and modules. Therefore I'd like to know what you use for your projects so I can create those ready-to-use snippets. I already have a broad collection of snippets I use everytime but I think there could be much much more. For example: I like to use Owl Carousel 2 and Slick slider for image galleries and/or sliders and Mailchimp as a newsletter subscription service. The main goal is that I want to provide working solutions and answers for ProcessWire starters. More and more questions in the forums are 3rd party related (How do I use this gallery script in PW? or How does this service could be used in PW?) and for those I want to create a copy&paste / ready-to-use collection of snippets. So... I ask you to tell me your most used scripts, tools, services and modules. Feel free to share your trusted 3rd party options with me. P.S.: I don't ask you for your snippets and solutions as they are your business secret and someone already paid you for it. But... if you want to share your scripts with me and the public you are more than welcome. P.S. 2: Modules will be part of this collection Things, thoughts and details about my project so far: Idea: born Domain: registered Hosting: paid / sponsored Scripts: in progress Tools: in progress Services: in progress Modules: in progress Free, premium, freemium: free (no ads, no tracking, no affiliate links) Authors: you & me (full credits given to you) Ideas, thoughts, questions, answers? Let me know!
  6. wbmnfktr

    auto-accept is like a silent opt-in until someone decides to block cookies. auto-accept doesn't hide the cookie banner at all. Without auto-accept and without user consent (allow cookies) you couldn't trigger analytics or anything else. That's fine, too. Visitors have a chance to opt-out. Their very first visit will not trigger any analytics or third-party cookies as they aren't at that point. When you deal with Google Analytics, Adsense or affiliate/marketing cookies this possibility and settings are nice little helpers.
  7. wbmnfktr

    I don't want to show the banner. That's the point. auto-accept mode + allow user to manage + user blocks cookies = banner does show up auto-accept mode + allow user to manage + added line to .js + user blocks cookies = banner does not show up
  8. wbmnfktr

    The negative viewCount becomes relevant (at least in my case) at this point around line ~257: // if they haven't explicitly accepted it (ie: auto-accept) then display the banner if (pwcmb_settings.auto_accept && cookieMonster.cfg.viewCount != -1) { cookieMonster.ui.show(); } I don't know if it's really necessary for you to get your head around it - at this point. Maybe in the future. To be honest... I think my actual case seems to be kind of special.
  9. wbmnfktr

    In my case the banner doesn't show up again. It works as expected. Banner is gone. Cookies are set. Values for cookies are fine.
  10. wbmnfktr

    I can confirm that the latest version only supports either auto-accept mode or allow users to manage. But by now I use both options auto-accept mode and allow users to manage without any problems. I added one line to the cookie.monster.block function (jQuery version) to make it work. //set cookieMonster variables when user blocks cookieMonster.block = function() { // added to disable banner while blocking cookies in auto-accept mode cookieMonster.cfg.viewCount = -1; // cookieMonster.cfg.allowCookies = "n"; cookieMonster.cfg.selectionMade = "y"; cookieMonster.cfg.storedVersion = cookieMonster.cfg.version; cookieMonster.sendActionBeacon(); cookieMonster.updateStatus(); } I'm not sure anymore that auto-accept mode was the real deal-breaker here but that missing line. Maybe the (original) author had something in mind when he/she decided not to add that negative viewCount in the block function. In my use case I need it to get my expected behaviour while having all options (auto-accept and blocking) I want and need.
  11. wbmnfktr

    Bug or feature: Denying cookies works different to what I expected. I allow page visitors to manage cookie settings. Those who deny cookies get a success message but afterwards the cookie banner shows up again. I would expect that those who deny cookies get the same experience as those visitors that allow cookies and therefore that the banner doesn't show up again. Tested with version 0.4.0 in jQuery and vanilla flavour. So... is it my expectation or the module/banner behaviour that needs a fix? +++ UPDATE +++ The option auto-accept mode interferes here. Enabling this results in the slightly unexpected behaviour. Disabling this option ends in the expected behaviour. I think the bug/feature question is answered now.
  12. wbmnfktr

    a URL field that intermittently verifies itself sounds like something I would really like (for external links/URLs). Right now - with external URLs in mind - I think of a list of URLs that show the status codes of all links/URLs similar to Jumplinks module does for redirects. Would this be possible?
  13. wbmnfktr

    While using it as page names that will never see the light of the day I will probably be fine with it.
  14. wbmnfktr

    This sounds like something I could use in some projects and therefore replace my buildCustomUniquePageName() function in those projects. Will definitely give it a try.
  15. wbmnfktr

    Woah... that's a stunning backend!