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  1. Better face value (not as in Phil Collins album) than body count. Joking and fun aside (which we still shouldn't lose and very often need nowadays): Never feel ashamed to use a face mask or use anti-viral stuff on daily items. Just stay safe and minimize the risks. I personally don't wanna miss anyone of you here!
  2. No way! Eyes need protection as well. 😆
  3. Looks like something I'd expect in a game like Doom or something like that. It looks so super scary to be honest. 😱 65 cases (right now, 27/03/2020)... I wish that was true! Left the house today after almost 2 weeks for groceries... it was super weird outside. I saw in total 2 cars on the streets and 8 people in total in the supermarket and on the streets combined. As long as the birds are chirping I try to stay calm.
  4. Some similar and some other tools here: https://technicalseo.com/tools/ Further details about this topic: https://moz.com/blog/meta-data-templates-123 If you need a module for this, try SEO Maestro.
  5. @ryan released a new version (1.0.8) of this module a few days ago. Thank you! It works perfectly fine as previous versions did - even with the most recent DEV version of ProcessWire. There are also some new features included. Grab your copy now from the modules directory or via the upgrade module. Have fun and stay safe!
  6. Each and everything related to Piwik/Matomo is blocked here... so I missed that one. Good one @adrian.
  7. Guilty for that one. Oh... wait... 😂 Don't take meds unless necessary! You might want to know and feel if somethings is wrong with your body. Otherwise... Netflix-binging is fine. At least for good TV shows. Times are very strange right now. Done all my groceries through Amazon and other online shops just to stay away from other people. Actually... had to go to my car dealer to get some things fixed with my car but they are already closed until further notice. So... either online grocery shopping or whatever. WEIRD. TIMES. Keep and stay safe guys!
  8. Nonetheless... someone had to implement all those designs and features. I really like it ... somehow. Kind of UIKIT and still some kind of custom. I know how often I struggle with a "designer's idea" of something so... a great job.
  9. Kind of... Love on first sight... to be honest. Love the straight and clean look of everything. And I love the speed of that site. My internet connection is quite lame but still.. everything was almost instantly present and usable. There are... some things I could call a "glitch" but... maybe... it's just me and I will take a closer look later on. That's... WOW! My whole setup doesn't use that much of disk space. 😂 Well done @horst, well done!
  10. Just some links I follow each and every day: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 https://www.zeit.de/wissen/gesundheit/2020-03/corona-pandemie-virus-covid-19-ausbreitung-live-blog
  11. Germany starts to close schools, cancels events and in parts public areas as restaurants and bars (Munich, Berlin as an example - more to come for sure). Borders will be closed starting tomorrow. Hospitals, doctors and various other medical areas are in... "alert mode". I live on the countryside and people stay calm, no panic so far and no shortage for toilet paper or even "anti-viral/desinfect stuff". Clients have to cancel lots of their events (creatives like comedians, restaurants, schools) but they see it as their responsibility to keep everyone as safe as possible. Hard times as it's their bread and butter but... somehow this will work out at the end. Hopefully. Keep and stay safe everyone!
  12. Not that much has changed since my inital post but still I want to give a short update. One thing has changed and made my life easier. I re-installed Manjaro and used it's XFCE edition and installed i3 afterwards. So I had everything in place I may need in the future - as in graphical interfaces for changes or settings. But to be honest... I never needed it by now. Still... happy to have it around. Another thing I changed was the keyboard layout. I used to use a QWERTZ (DE) keyboard but for a few weeks now I'm using a QWERTY (ANSI) mechanical keyboard and layout. Im still struggling to hit each and every key in the right moment but... well... it works quite well so far. Most of the time it's even easier than before as < >, [ ] and { } are way easier to type as before. At least while writing code. (Dear german/austrian/swiss DEVs... try an ANSI QWERTY keyboard... brackets, braces and however they are called... are way easier to type.) Don't know how I got here but by now my full boot time is down to 11 seconds, which is nice, but overall... using lots of terminal programs my CPU load and memory usage went way down. CPU on average 10%, and RAM at about 1GB. Quite impressive on a 2015 Thinkpad with i7 with 8GB of RAM. Due to a dedicated swapfile I can almost double my RAM to 16GB in order to run Chromium, Firefox, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi, while Thunderbird, ScreamingFrog, VS Code and lots of other apps running. Git, Yarn, NPM and all the tools I almost never used running almost each and every day - in terminal but still. Still struggling to prepare my MS Surface to love Linux but... yeah... everyone needs I hobby I guess. Details can be seen in the screenshot below... otherwise... ask here or in the DMs.
  13. Wow... thanks @joshua for this. This is really a nice extension or more advanced and often asked for solution. I wil definitely try this and check out what is possible with your module. Great work!
  14. That's unique to the ProcessWire-environment. Never trust a Tax-Guide that's older than a month. 😭
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