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  1. Running that test in WireMailSmtp 0.6.4 with ProcessWire 3.0.240 on PHP 8.2 doesn't throw any errors here. Don't have a 3.0.229 at hand right now to test it with. What WireMailSmtp and PHP version are you running?
  2. Why not combine something like PageRender::renderPage() or whatever is closest to your needs and LazyCron in this case? Or trigger it with something in your template or a global include. What do you want to achieve with this?
  3. Isn't this the most modern way of doing it? html, body { height: 100%; } body { min-height: 100vh; // those who don't know min-height: 100svh; // those who know margin: 0; }
  4. I bet it does but not on the homepage. I skipped through your website and the only page that is cached by ProCache, is the homepage. At least that's the only one I found. Pretty sure as ProCache bypasses all PHP. Just checked it with this. public function init() { if ($this->user->isLoggedIn()) return; // necessary as the backend would trigger this as well $this->wire->log->save('debug', "from init"); } public function ready() { if ($this->user->isLoggedIn()) return; // necessary as the backend would trigger this as well $this->wire->log->save('debug', "from ready"); } I don't know the details about cache maintenance in ProCache but it's more than the init/ready methods. It absolutely is. And yes... you could prioritize hooks but that wouldn't help in this case - I guess: https://processwire.com/docs/modules/hooks/#hook-priority
  5. What's your cache's lifespan? I use 604800=1 week for almost everything. Homepage cleares after an hour, RSS isn't cached at all. Both are the only ones that receive any counts at all. That only triggers when ProcessWire/the module actually boots up. So on first uncached page load. After that neither ProcessWire, nore the module know anything about page loads due to ProCache magic accessing the cached versions. In conclusion you might receive more counts but probably have a way lower lifespan set in ProCache or parts of your page's cache are more often invalidated. I most often publish in chunks once a week so there isn't much happening in terms of deleting the cache. Was my first thought as well!
  6. So... yet another short update here. 2 sites - almost identical in terms of ProcessWire and overall setup - both have issues, only one uses HTMX for preload/prefetch, both use aggressive ProCache settings (cache lifetime 1week+). I'll rule out that HTMX as the issue here. I deleted the MostViewed-log file on both sites, after putting all pages in cache, only un-cached pages were registered anywhere. Can you please double-check and verify on your own site that it still works on pages that are cached in ProCache. A few hours later... [Sponge Bob - sequence voice]
  7. My Tracy is from a few days ago without any configs changed. Anyway... version 4.26.34 works perfectly fine!
  8. Just updated to the latest TracyDebugger version (4.26.33) via Upgrades (ProcessWireUpgrade) module and run into the error above. ProcessWire 3.0.240 PHP 8.2
  9. I looked into the stats once in a while and tried to figure out whats happening but still have no clue. Just for yesterday (2024-07-10) the overall numbers are this: MostViewed logs: 19-28 views tracked (only 3 detected bots and therefore no tracking) MostViewed overview: 20 views listed Google Search Console: 79 clicks Analytics: 132 page views (107 unique visitors) MostViewed's numbers are fine within itself. The 24 hour range is a bit blurry in the logs so I would say this is ok. Looking into the 79 registered clicks in Google Search Console and comparing those with 107 unique visitors in my analytics does make absolute sense when looking into the sources/details which show 83 hits from Google overall and some other sources. So it's not that the module catches too many bots or that the numbers are just slightly off. The views don't even reach the module. I thought about ProCache as an issue but you already cleared that. Cloudflare CDN shouldn't be a problem as well - that would filter out absolutely everything. Here comes the fun part: MostViewed tracks my RSS feed, which isn't tracked/listed/shown in Google Search Console or web analytics and that number is 100% on point. That RSS feed is not cached by ProCache, just standard cache for 1 hour, it's not linked anywhere in the frontend, it's just plain PHP and some RSS/XML output and it doesn't use any templating engine. There are two last things that I can think of that might cause this: HTMX Preload Plugin - some weird AJAX content switching voodoo ProCache - still, as it bypasses almost everything and goes straight to static files
  10. You have a run here. It's impressive! ?
  11. Just to clarify a few things... is this the overall structure you have/want to accomplish? ├── Homepage ├── Houses (template: houses) │ ├── Small House (template: house) │ ├── Medium House (template: house) │ ├── Big Mamas House (template: house) │ │ └── ref_floors: (page reference field: "parent=floors, template=floor") │ │ ├── Basement │ │ ├── 1st Floor │ │ ├── 2nd Floor │ │ └── 3rd Floor │ ├── ... │ └── Super Large House (template: house) ├── Floors (template: floors) │ ├── Cellar (template: floor) │ ├── Basement (template: floor) │ ├── 1st Floor (template: floor) │ ├── 2nd Floor (template: floor) │ ├── ... │ └── Attic (template: floor) └── ... If so... could you mark and add more details where you need some kind of logic/automation, please. And those additional fields where you want to add custom content if and where needed.
  12. I guess this is a good use case for a small hook in /site/ready.php. In this thread are code examples about how to set/activate languages via API and even a hook snippet. Would be the easiest/fastest way to add this behaviour. You would need to limit it to the author template - just in case.
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