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  1. I'm not totally sure about the HTML Options in the textarea settings if they might already do that or just look for changes. But ProCache is able to do that (never tested to be honest). Edit: I have to revoke this. ProCache does not change any <a href="">.
  2. I'd like to buy a shed there... right next to the coast or at least a lake or something... this would be even more than awesome. Offers are welcome and can be made through my public profile. :)
  3. Well... what module is affected and which versions of PW are you running. This kind of error is uncommon to me at least. It looks like the regular textarea field needs an update so this error is even more... weird. Are you running a special kind of setup... like IIS oder NGINX or... whatever?
  4. wbmnfktr

    Qubes OS

    Sure... yes... but... why? Most of us aren't whistleblowers, keep secret start-codes for whatever kind of m*ssles or r*ckets... so... 🤔
  5. Just a little side note... Thank you @joshua! Don't know when or if I will visit Göttingen anytime soon but... dein nächster Bierdeckel geht auf mich! (for english readers... try DeepL Translate for the last part.)
  6. Just tested... within 3.0.169 and the most recents version of those modules/Textformatters. Vimeo and Twitter work. YouTube doesn't work with any of the modules/Textformatters ... but it worked a few weeks back.
  7. This gets an A for awesome! And big thanks for the modules. They look pretty neat as well.
  8. I used some .xyz and .pw domains but for real projects. Not as dev/stage domains. I dropped the .xyz because users don't click them at all. You can have a #1 spot in the SERPs but still CTR is super low. At least in non-fancy or super small niches these domains didn't work out that well for me. Same content on a .com/.net and even .org workes way better. There are some areas users seem not to care at all. Like Linux or less usual topics as crypto, privacy and security. For client projects I use my regular domain - most of the time. Something like clientname.dev.domain.com .pw domains are... well... some kind of special as well. I kept most of them for the time being.
  9. Just stumbled over this: https://javascript.info/
  10. As it says... the trial is unlimited in terms of time. Sometimes a message pops up but that's it. For testing purposes absolutely fine.
  11. Similar to @BillH I use Prepros to build my static versions (which I keep in each and every step of a project). YES... There is in 95% of all projects a static copy/version of all my projects. Just to be able to change and tweaks things even without any database and PW instance. It makes devlife so much easier - at least on my side. New projects will be build totally static before I even start using PW. Somewhere here in the forums I posted a detailed workflow I use for a couple of years now. Sadly I can't find it right now. So... in short: no livereload in PW projects, only in static versions.
  12. Totally different and strange... yet absolute awesome! Love those tracks right now... while listening you might know why. Follow their channels. They are AWESOME!
  13. If you are handling real Adult content this is not enough - at least in the EU region. You can use a lot of cookies and checks to serve rendered HTML (depending on your region with a small whitelist/blacklist of words or based on corporate decisions without any of those) without any images or videos and you are fine. See recent changes over at P*rnh*b. They had to delete a lot of content due to reasons. Maybe define your or your business's goals to make the need more clear. There are a lot of ways to skip certain things. As said before... if you have to deal with REAL ADULT content... there forums out there that describe ways to get around restrictons. Most basic solution is - as far as I know - log in those who confirm with YES, OVER 18 WHATEVER... and deliver content which is viewable for those. You might want to use Login Register Pro for that. Which works fine as I have heard from others. *cough*
  14. Well... while this works (1): This doesn't (2): I use a slightly modified version of Ryan's Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo module which already saves the "no cookie" domain to the database. Users would paste the URL as usual, the module fetches the oEmbed data but in my case the domain will be replaced. Around line 104 in Ryan's module I changed that part: $embedCode = str_replace('youtube.com', 'youtube-nocookie.com', $data['html']);
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