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  1. Imagine you have a nice conversation with someone and only a few hours afterwards you are knee-deep into a module and possibilities you never thought of. Thank you @bernhard for hijacking my plans for the weekend.
  2. The login to add/edit the profile as well. Redirects after login attempt to https://login/ .
  3. On Github is a .txt file, that correct. But its content should work just fine. NEVER delete a file you might need again. Especially while debugging. So as the new .htaccess doesn't as well... what were the last changes you made? Did you install or change files aside from .htaccess? Did you move folders? Did you enable anything in your hosting panel? It seems you tried to install SSL. How did you do that? Via hosting panel? Manual cert files or something similar? One change in the .htaccess can potentially break everything but it can always be reversed.
  4. Rename the old htaccess file and just add a fresh copy from the Github repository.
  5. Outgoing link tracking is possible with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Piwik. You could also create masked links with the Jumplinks module. It counts clicks on each Jumplink. You could combine these two methods to track a much broader audience.
  6. I don't know if this hook causes the error. Test the registration without that hook to confirm it. Your modules seem to be fine - I guess. Unless you don't use a weird setup with nginx or frameworks of any kind (no, not materialize.css ) I have no idea where this comes from.
  7. Do you have any custom code somewhere? Maybe in ready.php? Really can't tell where this comes from. What modules do you use? Which version of ProcessWire and PHP?
  8. You're welcome. I wouldn't create a fresh installation... just start taking things apart. Check your page reference field. Maybe there are no pages, maybe they are hidden, maybe your input type is wrong, maybe whatever. Check if you added the field to the user template and to the module settings. Try another browser, delete your cache... if there were any errors they should show up. Maybe you will find something in your dev console.
  9. Just installed Login/Register/Profile module, created a page reference field and a select options field to test, added both fields to the user template and the module settings, added the module code to a template and it worked. Maybe me screenshots help in some way.
  10. If the job needs to be done just download all files manually or try Site Profile Exporter. Some tipps and details on how to migrate manually can be found here: https://processwire.com/docs/security/migration/
  11. I love their idea of minimal code and uncluttered but yet customizable tools. I recently set up a machine with Linux again to find out if I could establish a more solid workflow than on Windows. After several tests I finally decided to go with Ubuntu 19.04 and the Gnome desktop. It works pretty well so far. On another way way older machine I run Manjaro with i3 and hopefully soon some suckless tools. It's amazing how well that old Thinkpad X201 performs with that kind of OS.
  12. Just in case: suckless.org > surf = http://surf.suckless.org/
  13. @louisstephens I just send you a message - attached to it the whole script.
  14. Maybe I don't really understand your problem here. The default language itself is english but as soon as you install a language pack to/into the default language it's (in your case) russian. Or french. Or finnish. From then on it's business as usual. Have you ever used ProcessWire before? What's the main issue you are facing right now? The overall functionality of ProcessWire maybe? My PWBRecipes profile has english as default, too. That won't help you.
  15. I don't know any video you could watch which explains that ProcessWire setup in that detail. But as you are working on a fresh installation you don't have to anything. Almost. You can just add pages, add content in russian language and you are done. There might be some parts in the frontend which need translation and those can either be changed in the template itself or within the language (default language: /yourProcessWireAdmin/setup/languages/edit/?id=1010). Depending on how much experience you have with ProcessWire and what kind of page you want to build you SHOULD read what I linked to above. You may even want to read the tutorials on how to work with the whole setup.
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