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  1. wbmnfktr


    I have to play with it after all these years. Kinda feels like home. Textile was awesome back then.
  2. Just another way to migrate a full install... either via exporting the site profile or while using Duplicator. Maybe you should try that instead. Those manual migrations... I did this for a very long time, yet I always missed something and had to look for the issue for quite some time.
  3. Wasn't that the goal? I'm confused right now. Or maybe worked too little with frontend editing.
  4. Does pasting it with Option + Cmd + Shift + V (Mac) / Ctrl + Shift + V (Windows) helps here?
  5. wbmnfktr


    The big yellow one? Oh yeah!
  6. wbmnfktr


    I loved Textpattern so much!
  7. So... I use Devicon for quite a few things across projects and today I looked up ProcessWire... without success. Yes, I was suprised in some kind. See here: https://devicon.dev/ It's possible to request an icon to be added - see here: https://github.com/devicons/devicon/wiki/Requesting-an-Icon (Issues: https://github.com/devicons/devicon/issues/new/choose) Who is able to offer, provide, and/or upload the official files with the correct colors and settings? The whole topic isn't super critical for me, but it would be another way to show ProcessWire is serious.
  8. No judgement in regards to WordPress, just an interesting article. https://make.wordpress.org/core/2023/09/19/analyzing-the-core-web-vitals-performance-impact-of-wordpress-6-3-in-the-field/
  9. Actually found the time to use a VPN to inspect that site (ProtonVPN, and TunnelBear VPN work great) now, and... I already have a complaint to file. While the site overall seems perfectly fine, the header slider is super bad in my opinion. Those topics seem quite important to possible website visitors, maybe even the only reason to look that site up, and those topics are somewhat hidden, while they could be a major navigational point/entry on the homepage or maybe even every page. I'm not sure if this is the case but they sound quite important to me, and shouldn't be hidden in an element that doesn't even indicate it's a multi-topic/multi-element slider. On the other hand it does seem to be super straight forward to get the things done. I'm not sure what's exactly happening at each and every part of that site but compared to our german sites... few steps ahead. At least compared my village (yes, only ~280 people around here) we still can't do things online. Besides complaining online forms don't work. Jokes aside. I am not a designer and therefore really enjoy a functional website that does what it should. Therefore great work in most parts. At least for what I can tell.
  10. I don't want to hijack this topic too much, yet I have to ask. Is unpoly worth the ~50kb? Even combined are AlpineJS and HTMX less than that. And there would still be a place for BarbaJS. I use AlpineJS in bigger projects that have quite some heavy lifting in terms of JS-needs and are more than just a simple website. HTMX looks pretty fantastic, yet I didn't build more than a few simple proof-of-concept projects with it for now. Which is sad. Smaller projects get the VanillaJS-treatment and JS is down to less than 5kb. unpoly looks super interesting but the ~50kb are such a bummer. That's more than the average page size without images.
  11. That's why Softaculous announced a new version in their installer. Until this moment I thought they'd support the DEV versions now and was totally thrilled... but ok. I'm totally for it. That signals ProcessWire is alive and well (see the Softaculous post above) and people can see it. To be honest here: we all should push way more details about your and the overall work on and the features of ProcessWire to the outside world. But that's another topic for another day. Have a great weekend, @ryan!
  12. Wow... that's fascinating in some way as I just made my move back to good old ProcessWire with some nice additional extras. Like TailwindCSS and AlpineJS - HTMX is on the list - but that's it. So, yeah... still some Node.js and build scripts involved but that's fine for me. I even moved some small sideprojects from 11ty and Astro back to ProcessWire just because it's way more solid, real, or something like that. Can't describe it. Weird I enjoy ProcessWire right now way more than 12 months ago just by using totally different tools for a few months.
  13. I have had the very exact thoughts about this for quite some time. What are your reasons here, beside super heavy JS-frontends (React, Preact, Nuxt, Next,...)?
  14. I played around and worked a lot with Astro in the last few months, and one thing I really liked was working with <Components />. Right now I try to move my experience from it towards my PW/Twig/Latte setup. Some parts work pretty well, while some things don't work out as expected. Splitting parts isn't that easy in PW, when using PW and Tailwind. Due to the missing build-step. But ok. I can live with it. When using plain CSS, this could be a totally different thing. Yet the CSS and JS isn't scoped. Boooh! I didn't use plain CSS for about 18 months now - which is wild, as I was a plain-CSS-advocate since always. But I am working on it again, which feels super awkward on its own right now, as PW is totally different compared to Astro or the tools I used in the last months. I could imagine using <Components /> in one way or another using Twig/Latte and some ProCache-magic... I could minimize CSS way more, yet I don't know if all that is really necessary. For what I can tell right now... each release with PW and JS/CSS is way bigger than in Astro, as PW has no real page-based build-step. That's fine for me, as most of my projects are super minimal right from the start and get 4x 100 in Google Pagespeed. To be really honest... I am at a point right now in which I really don't care about the last 100-500ms in a pagespeed tool anymore when I at leat get the 94 scores for each step. Addional note: Right now I work on a 11ty/Astro setup that loads all data, pages, and structure from PW in JSON-format. Loading all data (from https://www.restaurants-neumuenster.de/) takes about 1-2 seconds in total while building all pages, data entries, and everything else takes another 3-5 seconds. It works, yet I don't like the result somehow. There are things I really don't like and have to fix in JS/Nunjucks/Liquid or some other parts of the setup. Right now: I focus really on optimized PW Twig/Latte workflows and for minimals sites using JSON using 11ty/Astro as frontend layer.
  15. So much fun stuff to play with...
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