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  1. I'd support that statement. That was one reason I didn't spend that much time with Laravel even though it's interesting. But the community is quite nice as well. Not as good as PW but... yeah.
  2. Sure... redoing the whole video isn't short by any means, but key concepts of Laravel... Routing, Components, Templates, Auth... maybe. That wouldn't take "that" long I image. Or maybe something different that might give Laravel users a WOW-effect. What was it in your case what made you think "In PW that's way easier!"? I'm not that deep into Laravel but from what I saw and know... there is way more in Laravel you have to take care of which is already backed into ProcessWire.
  3. A nice, clean and short comparison with Laravel might attract even more people right from the start. At least as an opener to attract keen Laravel user. I like that idea.
  4. I once added a field to my repeater-fields to switch files. It was called something like "theme" or "style" and when something was selected in it, I just took the value, pointed it to the "new" layout/render file and went from there. So... in some kind an alternate render file, yet controllable.
  5. A few months back I had the urge to try a lot of new things and one thing was a SSG (static site generator) called 11ty.dev and there was one channel and one website that made it super easy to start. https://www.youtube.com/@11tyRocks/videos https://11ty.rocks/ I liked it because it showed everything from start to "sure you can build an app with that". What I want to say is that even guides on how to install ProcessWire, make it more secure, or about hooks or how to "write your own module" would make perfect sense. There is more than enough courses could cover. As already mentioned... there are few bits and pieces out there, most of them are quite outdated or at least the ProcessWire backend already looks totally different which makes it awkward in some kind to watch those videos. A new fresh approach sounds really good. There are tons of topics your course or maybe even courses could offer and talk about. See @bernhard's videos. They are really great and in full detail while only talking about a specific module. Haven't thought it through but I personally would provide some basics at least (installation, file and folder structure, some best practices), then maybe something like building a blog or magazine (as mentioned already) and go from there. A blog could have a RestAPI, a custom RSS Feed, and, so, on... oh and there is always: SEO, Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. There could be courses about "Why ProcessWire is perfect for (or) How to do SEO, OM, AM with ProcessWire". Just outlined a few ideas out of my head. ProcessWire Basics Installation Security Migration Updates and Maintenance How to structure your project Dos and Dont's Import a HTML Template/Theme ProcessWire: Your First Real Project Blog/Journal/Magazine Member Area ProcessWire Advanced User, User roles, Access rights How to Hook How to Customize How to Whitelabel How to RestAPI/GraphQL ProcessWire as Headless CMS Use VUE, Angular, Svelte, AlpineJS with ProcessWire Your very first ProcessWire module How to structure your backend, fields and templates ProcessWire SEO PageSpeed Caching SEO-related Modules ProcessWire Setups Multi-User Setup Multi-Instance Setup Multi-Domain Setup ProcessWire Master Class ... ... ... My 2 cents for now.
  6. Really can't tell what's happening here but I can say that my old projects still work perfectly fine even with more recent versions of FormBuilder. Yet not that old as FormBuilder 30. Version 34 is probably my starting point... so you might have to upgrade for now as version 30 is quite far behind. Maybe it's an issue with PHP 8 or something. You could try that. Otherwise as mentioned above get a new license and go from there. What version of ProcessWire and PHP are you running with your v30 of FormBuilder?
  7. I don't want to be a grinch here or anything like that... but: Did you talk to your tax accountant about receiving donations through PayPal, Buy me a coffee, Github, whatever? You might want to. At least to be safe. Just asking for a tax audit I had a few weeks back. 😕
  8. As you can use almost ANY available HTML in ProcessWire... the part of buying templates/themes is self-explanatory. While selling themes... there are some (3 or 4 I know of) but that's it. As ProcessWire is so individual in a lot of areas, creating themes only works out for basic setups like blogs or something. That's the reason I dropped most of my starter profiles a while back. Those worked for what they were but supporting tons of "I need this, that, and whatever ... BUT without paying anything" made me drop them completely. Yet selling full-projects based on ProcessWire is thing that works out pretty well if you know your audience/niche.
  9. Interesting... for me it's always $config->dbHost = 'ddev-projectname-db'; You can use it on both actually quite easily. The benefit is (as @bernhard already mentioned) it's Docker-based and you could move on to almost any other machine just with your local config. BUT on Linux it depends a bit on your distro as Arch doesn't has the needed packages - even in the AUR they are missing. Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora/CentOS work totally fine. One thing I learned the hard way... talk to your real host to know what they are using so you can create a matching DDEV host with PHP, MySQL/MariaDB versions matching that exact provider. That makes things way easier sometimes. I can't as Laragon is one of most wonderful dev-setups you can use in my opinion. Install and go from there. It was always a real pleasure to use it and I never ever had any issues with it by itself. Yet... sometimes (as mentioned above) the real hosting company didn't match up with the Laragon setup which caused minor issues at some point - it's years back so I don't remember the details anymore.
  10. In terms of ProcessWire: Probably absolute nothing - maybe clearing cache and cookies. In terms of Matomo: I'm not that sure if there is a path somewhere or anything that needs to be fixed.
  11. Just to get this right... does your folder structure within your hosting look like this? If so... that's NOT how you do it. Each domain and (almost) all subdomains should have their very own folder. A bit more like this: There should be a tool or config where you can map domains and sub-domains to their very own folder. Otherwise you will almost always have issues. Your ProcessWire on www.mydomain.tld isn't able to change behaviour of matomo.mydomain.tld UNLESS you mix it up like in the first screenshot.
  12. I'd say the "How to do it" is your personal preference. Using breakpoints, JavaScript a mix of both, whatever fit's your needs and tools. The way more important part or question is or should be: Which parts of the navigation need to be visible at what point and at which position? I say that because on a personal blog you can do whatever you want while noone really cares. They know they are on a blog and they most likely will find what they are looking for. On the other hand there are lots of patterns (already burned into the users brains) people look for. A shop is totally different in terms of navigaton than a wiki. A restaurant has totally different focus than an insurance company. Look up all the big online shops. In terms of navigation, search inputs, browsing... they are almost exactly the same. Either due to those patterns or because they all use the same framework/components (for example: Shopify). Sure there are fancy ones but those only speak to a small audience that's looking for a specific item or experience and don't just browse to spend money. Compare websites from big players and brands to your clients. People know clicking the top-left logo brings them back to the homepage, while the top-right ☰ means there is menu when clicking. Each niche and type of website has it's very own patterns, behaviours and things people look for. Maybe that's a better thing to focus on. And don't forget to have fallbacks for those without javascript, using screen-readers or keyboard-driven navigation. Accessibility is a huge part here. (I'm guilty on this one but I'm working on it.)
  13. Hey @ryan is there something in the works in regards to findRaw and matrix fields? Right now they are quite difficult to handle as I have to call each and every field that is in one or another matrix types to get my desired results. blocks (my matrix field) - fields across some types Something like myMatrixField.* doesn't work - unfortunatelly. Another thing is that I can't query things like type for each of those matrix blocks. Is there a workaround or something upcoming in those regards? Asking for using ProcessWire as a Headless CMS with NextJS in a simple and light setup without GraphQL, RestApi modules or similar.
  14. Will look into this - probably very soon - yet I still very enjoy this very module in my setups for quite some time now. Thanks @monollonom!
  15. Super nice site. Just a thing I stumbled across: bluefox.studio/contacts/ results in a 404 (link coming from bluefox.studio/services/post-sound/) And there is this URL: bluefox.studio/SHOWCASE/ which probably should be in lower case like the canonical (incoming links: https://bluefox.studio/our-process/commercial/ & https://bluefox.studio/our-process/documentary/)
  16. Dazed and Confused Communication Breakdown
  17. Why not use a custom page name as a reference/ID across those instances? You could create those "on the fly" when someone is signing-up and therefore that "ID" would be unique. us-[timestamp]-{page->name} eu-[timestamp]-{page->name} Sure... using Page IDs is way easier, yet creating your "own ID" or using a "foreign key" could be an option. Needed this within a product catalogue (not users) but still. It worked out quite well.
  18. Same here... used both in the past until now... almost each day I work with PW and forgot something however. Those are my most used bookmarks across all browsers. Maybe we (the Mods) could update the very first post or add an alert or something. Those resources are key!
  19. What about we make this some kind of universal profile which works with webpack, bun, npm, yarn, vite... whatever. Or at least use this a guide for setting up all of those different setups. I never really used any of these tools - at least six months or so ago - right now I use NPM due to other tools I use now and therefore kind of started to like it (and as it's super portable through all OS I use, have to use or play around with). As soon as I am back at home I could provide a NPM/TailwindCSS/AlpineJS/browser-sync setup. Pre-Version of the mentioned above can be found here: https://github.com/webmanufaktur/processwire-addon-tailwindcss (WIP at best for now)
  20. That domain is already taken as well. Yet... in case of domains... you should know who to ask first.
  21. Here I am again... talking about ProcessWire while looking at other CMS... Has anyone of you tried? https://payloadcms.com/ https://directus.io/ While their feature lists look awesome right from the start, the backends look kind of basic - compared to what we can do in ProcessWire, while extending those seem like kind of a bit of work. No matter what. Yet... there are features we don't have in ProcessWire like default Rest API, GraphQL, and such. (Yeah... I talked about it a lot in the past.) Just asking for your feedback you have. Maybe insights for more details. So... anyone any insights about those? I will try those mentioned CMSs in the next weeks and therefore hopefully can write more about those compared to ProcessWire. If you ever used another CMS like those mentioned above or similar, let's talk about it. I'd like to hear more about it. (Don't worry... ProcessWire is still my absolute favourite CMS I ever used and use till today.)
  22. That's true. The added description and details help a lot. When I looked into this thread there wasn't that much happening. A short intro and a link... which didn't help that much.
  23. Checkout for what? Checkout with which providers? Checkout with which framework? What is your module doing? Don't get me wrong but... a bit more details would be nice. Maybe adding your README here would be a great start. Is this based on Shopify, Snipcart, Foxy or plain ProcessWire? I'd like to play with your module. Easy one-click-solutions are always nice, but... details and some kind of introduction would be really nice. Update: Details were added.
  24. When you search for getSubmitActions you will find some thread talking about adding and removing buttons. At some places you can see how titles/labels of those buttons were set. As a starting point: Maybe that helps? https://processwire.com/talk/search/?&q=getSubmitActions&quick=1&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
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