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  1. In regards to the TextformatterEmoji ... is there something planned or already existing to allow content authors to input those shortcodes from within CKEditor? While I know a few of those shortcodes some or most of the clients I work with (probably) don't.
  2. Just created some new instances with the latest ProcessWire version and something felt a bit off. I got various notifications (as debug is turned on) but to be honest... I didn't expect to see those updater messages in a fresh and clean installation (blank profile, no backups involved). Nothing that critical but somehow this feels wrong at least for me. Update: In addition to this... if those messages were "green"-colored like success messages it would have been something completely different and positive.
  3. Updated a side project (https://www.restaurants-neumuenster.de/) today to the newest master and all related modules without any issues. Such a perfect setup overall! Feels not only faster but even Google says it is. Never saw those ratings on that site
  4. Could end in trouble within an upcoming project. So therefore... +1
  5. Three real-life projects running the dev-version from last week without issues. Maybe there is time on the weekend to update to the latest dev-branch.
  6. It's me again... this time with a weird finding. There are 2 snippets with schema.org markup and some {{page.variables}} within them. The first one (schema-restaurant) should be placed before </head> for pages with a specific template. The second one (schema-sitepage) should be placed at the same spot (before </head>) on all non-admin pages. Expectation: schema-restaurant would be rendered on all restaurant pages based on the template selector. schema-sitepage would be rendered on all pages across that website which are accessible in the frontend for users/guests. Reality: schema-restaurant gets rendered on all restaurant pages based on the template selector. schema-sitepage gets rendered only on restaurant pages based on the template selector from schema-restaurant. What I tried: I deleted all snippets, added them again one after another, changed the position of the snippets, tried different snippet names and yet the seconds snippet won't render on all non-admin pages. I have to disable the first one (schema-restaurant) in order to see my schema-sitepage snippet. UPDATE 2021/08/29: Fixed in latest version. Thanks, @teppo
  7. Ok, that's interesting. Just gave it a quick look and have to look closer into this the next days but... well that could be a dealbreaker. Haven't had enough time for that. I just use it with WiremailSmtp and it works pretty well so far.
  8. It's working perfectly fine now. Thanks, @teppo!
  9. Sorry for interrupting the usual programm and topic here but... @franciccio-ITALIANO maybe you want to look up a mentor/tutor here that helps you to maintain and build ProcessWire sites from either the ground up or even to maintain already built sites. I know you from your past questions, requests and and posts in several other topics. As much as I want to see someone helping you... the more I think you need someone that's guiding you from the basics of PHP to the basics and fundamentals of ProcessWire to the state you can work out ProcessWire sites from each and every state and upwards. So... my questions for our awesome community is... who can help and assist @franciccio-ITALIANO to get to a state where he is able to maintain a basic ProcessWire-website? Native italian speakers (is this even the correct way to write this?) go ahead... and let us know. If there is noone who can assist... let me know @franciccio-ITALIANO... I'll put time aside to guide and assist you in some kind but in english. ;)
  10. Hui... that was a show-stopper right here... while I was adding more scripts to the Snippets module on my personal site. Got this error message: Darn… Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function has() on string in site/modules/Snippets/Snippets.module.php:85 #0 wire/core/Wire.php (420): Snippets->___isApplicable() #1 wire/core/WireHooks.php (951): Wire->_callMethod() #2 wire/core/Wire.php (485): WireHooks->runHooks() #3 site/modules/Snippets/Snippets.module.php(50): Wire->__call() #4 wire/core/Wire.php (417): Snippets->hookPageRender() #5 wire/core/WireHooks.php (1062): Wire->_callMethod() #6 wire/core/Wire.php (485): WireHooks->runHooks() #7 wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module (225): Wire->__call() #8 /wire/modules/Process/Proc (line 85 of site/modules/Snippets/Snippets.module.php) This error message was shown because: you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. While adding a simple JSON-LD to the homepage (ID 1) from within the selection tool. Fixed it for the moment by deleting the module, its database table and cleaning everything up with the Missing module dialogue within ProcessWire. Reinstalled the module afterwards and tried another single page... no luck. Still the same error.
  11. That sounds perfectly fine to me. Thanks Teppo!
  12. I'd totally love that! HANNA is almost everywhere I go... so in my case that would be a perfect match. And therefore I'd support that thought. I'd be perfectly fine with those solutions as they are PW-native of some kind - at least in my setups. But sure... I'm open to other and even better options and solutions.
  13. I just want to confirm that this module is awesome! And it does exactly what I needed. I was able to move quite a few things from my templates into this module and even added this to a live-project today in order to be able to maintain JSON-LD/schema.org snippets much easier. To be fair... you need most of the data in your pages and have to have quite a good structure to use the selector option in the module settings and such but... it works perfectly fine. A quick outlook to those that want to play with this module: If you need a special order for your snippets to load, you can tweak and change this with the snippet names. AAA renders before DDD and don't use numbers as 110 comes before 90. A name change later on won't help. ;) So just in case you have different JS/CSS before </head> or something similar. @teppo is there something on the way or planned in regards of PHP code within those snippets (if/else, ...) or to support variables from within _init.php and such?
  14. Woah... that's a nice find here. I planned building exactly that tomorrow (but way more primitive than this) for a project.
  15. Just in case... add this: https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/logging-outgoing-emails/ to your setup and you will see each and every mail in the logs. Should only be used in DEV environments... privacy and such... you know.
  16. Hey @MattCeb, welcome on board. As you describe it there shouldn't be any problem so far. There is one thing... the cache. So you might want to try to delete the cache within ProcessWire, your browser and even all your cookies. Another thing could be a missing opening/closing body or html tag. But in that case it wouldn't have worked any time so I think that shouldn't be the case. Another thing... the ProcessWire CookieManagementBanner is a super valid solution for everyone that wants full control about everything but there is another great module called PrivacyWire by @joshua which in some cases might be even better as you built-in support for much more.
  17. Maybe we should ask @Pete and @ryan if we can somehow add an attention-banner within the forum and maybe even the website for all to see in order to star the project. 700 is so... weird and so low... that sound so wrong!
  18. Wow... thanks again @teppo! https://weekly.pw/issue/374/
  19. Thanks @diogo, the export function is already in place within a project but it's still a lot of work going that route. So much to clean up afterwards. I looked into the API but that wasn't exactly what I thought I remembered and searched a bit more. I stumbled over Webflow Pages for WordPress which is fairly close but the other way around - Webflow in a CMS. Quite nice but still not I was looking and hoping for. @AndZykthe CMS is actually quite nice for small projects as far as I was told and what I have seen. The project I'm working on right now has so much data entries (events, bands, locations, and such) and the client is already a bit frustrated with only a few sample datasets. Therefore we looked into other options and... here we are. For now I will just spend my time cleaning up those export files and do the rest in ProcessWire. Thank you guys!
  20. Wow... Thank you so much @Cybermano! That helped a lot and gave a good insight, ways, options, and things the module can do. Next step for me will be... playing around with it as there is quite a lot to play with.
  21. Just in case it gets worse: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/optimizing-404s-in-processwire/
  22. We all know webflow for one or another reason. While some of us (like me) aren't real fans of those zero-code tools but... they are still quite charming of some kind. At least you can build prototypes quite fast and play around with a lot of different things which take lots of time without webflow - like animations and such. So... my questions goes into another direction. Here we go: Is webflow capable of connecting to an external data source aka database aka ProcessWire JSON/API/GraphQL instance? I looked up several topics in their forums but... it's either way too late, the search was wrong, or webflow is not capable of such things. I'm confused as I thought and maybe even remember an announcement that advertised exactly that feature. Can you guys either enlighten me or direct me to a topic of that kind?
  23. Thanks @Pete. Didn't know about that.
  24. I remember you did something for a restaurant and put somehow allergens in it... is this the module for that? If so... I really don't get what this module could do for me. I built several restaurants sites now and had to deal with those details for each and every dish... I really don't want to offend you but I just don't understand what I see here. Maybe the was just too long already.
  25. So true! Repeaters are nice but... only in limited cases. Keep the title field - reuse or overwrite it with a unique identifier of some kind or anything else... had so many cases I thought I wouldn't need it but at the end it was somehow my lifesaver or at least the one and only unique identifier I had. Free your mind from the label "title"... you can write anything in it, either way. You could also ignore that field, remove it in your template to be seen and work with the module PageUseIdAsName to get your unique identifiers.
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