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  1. Would you mind telling us a bit more about your workflow in regards to projects and their migration? This would be super interesting.
  2. Ok... that's what I meant @bernhard. Awesome!
  3. This would be some kind of a dream for me to have in ProcessWire. Wasn't there a Wishlist somewhere for features to include in PW that @ryan takes as a kind of inspiration? If I could I vote for something like that 100 times TBH.
  4. I'd like to expand that question to even more error-codes. What would be the best way to send as 30x, 40x, 50x as a response. There are some special codes I'd like to use, 307 for example.
  5. This is such a nice addition. Didn't know I need it but now. Thanks @Richard Jedlička!
  6. I can confirm this with a totally new and clean installation. No modules, hooks, whatever.
  7. Some would and will call this... craftsmanship. I like it. Easy to maintain. Nothing that interferes without knowledge. I like the touch of open source and free software due to Codium.
  8. Yet another functional setup without bells and whistles. IDE/Editor My "IDE" is a simple text-editor called neovim but due to a few plugins it has all I need. Yet I don't want to call it an IDE as it starts within half a second and runs from the terminal. My neovim has support for all kinds of LSPs, snippets, Git, code formatting, and whatever I really need. Tons of stuff. Tools Neovim - hyperextensible Vim-based text editor https://neovim.io/ As it says already it's a hyperextensible Vim-based text editor. I use it in a terminal and therefore it's pretty fast. Neovim has initialised a project already while VSCode starts. The absolute benefit for me is that I just need to download my configuration file(s) to a new setup, start neovim once or twice and everything is ready to go. No hassle. But the learning curve is ... weird. Tmux - tmux is a terminal multiplexer https://github.com/tmux/tmux/wiki Allows me to use just one terminal window to do 90% all the things I need to do through the day, while developing something with ProcessWire or frontend-related things. PrePros - Your Friendly Web Development Companion https://prepros.io/ In case I need a tool that does all the SCSS, Sass, less, JS things I prefer the easy way here. A benefit is that I can save the config file for each project right in the project, put it into Git and whenever needed I reinstall Prepros and go from there. Another hassle-free tool. ScreamingFrog - The industry leading website crawler for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu. https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/ The easiest way to find issues on a website and while looking for errors it's stress-testing the hosting environment. In case you do SEO for a project you should give it a try. It's probably ProcessWire under the installable SEO-Tools. Missing NPM, Composer, yarn, npx and things like that? I'm too old for that. Whenever needed I download a module or use one of my site profiles right away. And for most other things Prepros does its job. Hosting/Server webgo - german hosting company. https://www.webgo.de/ Hosting Company of the Year in Germany since 2017 and probably the only hosting company I recommened to clients and even friends. But almost any other hosting company that has git and Let's encrypt support. I curate a list for myself to know where to go but webgo would be probably my choice. PW Modules FormBuilder ProCache ProFields (RepeaterMatrix, AutoLinks, VerifiedUrl) ProMailer AutocompleteModuleClassName Duplicator HannaCode ImportPagesCSV Jumplinks MenuBuilder PagefieldPairs PageHitCounter PricacyWire ProcessChangelog ProcessDatabaseBackups ProcessWireUpgrade RockHitCounter (PageHitCounter Addon by @bernhard) Snippets WireMailSmtp I guess these are most of the time self-explanatory. There are a lot more modules I have used, used to use and maybe will use some day. But all of these are in my default tool-belt when needed right now. Workflow I run Debian Linux on my main-machine where I do all my work and therefore have a local Apache2/MariaDB/PHP server setup running. Here starts absolute every project in its very own VirtualHost and Git repository. I prefer to use a similar setup like @horst and do the actual development on my local machine and then deliver it to a testing/stage/qa system where clients can take a look at the progress. The difference here is that my dev/testing/stage setups all run on my hosting accounts. I like to have a bit more control at this point. Everything gets transferred via Git. From local to testing/stage/qa and later on even the live environment. Changes will be made only on and within the local dev setup. So it's super easy to see whenever a client changes files or something was changed on the remote server. I guess that's all.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, @ryan!
  10. As this doesn't interfere with non-composer users... sure. Can make life easier. Another 2 cents: All modules (maybe only those with some kind of frontend/GUI) should have specific permissions to allow them to be part in roles in more advanced setups.
  11. A few thoughts: $config->userAuthSalt was changed a database update broke something (update through your hosting company) a browser extension interferes a CDN interferes (Cloudflare is really good at it) you use the wrong user name you changed settings to login with e-mail That's it for now.
  12. Can confirm this as well. Happened a lot the last few days. Various search queries.
  13. Can't really explain why* this is such a great addition and change (at least for me) but that's just perfect! * I could but noone would believe me that there are areas in Germany with super slow internet connections. I'm super curious what happened to the new site-blank profile as it's almost always my starting point. Maybe we can even offer localized versions for Germany, Austria, Switzerland (page name settings like ä=ae, ö=oe, ü=ue, language packs pre-installed, and such). Let me ask this straight away... do you have something in mind, like the Kubrick demo setup for WordPress back in 2005? But for ProcessWire? A blog, with categories, pages, simple forms, tags, whatever. Maybe we as community could work together to build something like that. As well as in terms of design and even in basic content and best practice examples. Super minimal without any modules. Everything with just PW-Core functionality. I'd be on board for this adventure. What about offering multiple ZIPs as download options right away. Therefore maybe less hassle during installation - due to slow internet connections for example. On-demand download during a installation might be (at least for me sometimes in my hometown here) quite difficult and another source for "errors" the forum has to explain and clarify. starter.zip blank.zip core.zip and so on... All of the above are just thoughts... driven by great additions from @ryan.
  14. I'm totally fine with that! My previous feedback was just meant to be a PW-community-intern-feedback-circle of some kind. Towards you @Spiria. I don't know anything about their (JCCBI) politics (political or legal reasons) for such a strict setup but ok.
  15. Just played a bit yesterday with some of my proxies and VPNs... that site from JCCBI was kind of restricted. Right now I can access it from Germany, UK, Netherlands and Sweden. Some more exotic like Hungary, Russia, Belarus and Poland don't work. There might be reasons for this but on the other hand it feels somehow weird. NOT a judgement... just a feedback.
  16. Please check if your Header label contains a textarea and remove it. That was an issue in my setup - at least I think that was the issue - but haven't had the time to really confirm this. If that's a problem within your setup as well, it would confirm my assumption and therefore probably a bug.
  17. That's a Cloudflare CDN message. As far as I know it's some kind of Firewall rule to block unwanted traffic.
  18. Can't confirm this issue in PW 3.0.190-dev. Is there something in the logs or the dev console in your browser? Maybe only a cache issue of some kind.
  19. I've seen some hacks / config settings for VSCode to display at least the parent folder of a file. Never tried or used them... but maybe still worth trying to look into this. Just an example: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39598007/showing-path-in-file-tabs-in-visual-studio-code
  20. A look in all logs could be helpful. Maybe there is a more detailed error somewhere. Besides that we could try to figure out if there are any hooks or modules involved that might cause those issues. Are there any actions like database backups or do you perform any checks while logging in or via hook? Do you use ready.php or _init.php somewhere? I guess at some point someone might say TracyDebugger can help in such cases but I rarely use it so I can't assist with it. TL;DR what's in ready.php? what's in _init.php? which modules are installed? what's written in all the logs?
  21. Always purchase those Umlaut-domains but although get those ae, oe, ue domains... you can always redirect in any direction. I maintain restaurants-neumünster.de while everything works from restaurants-neumuenster.de - better to have those domains than be sorry. Even get those misspelled-domains. Depends on the domain base but... think about it.
  22. Still... I have no real clue in regards to whatever JS.
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