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  1. FYI So... this might be another hiccup or something but... after a few hours I tried to generate more content, yet... that was my feedback. Tried it a few few times. Like a warm-up for API, yet no success. The key I used (double checked), was my most recent key I created, which worked just a few hours ago in several tries successfully. Limits/Usage was all green (aka: totally fine). $120/month (with $0,00 in my account) - so that shouldn't be the problem, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I created another new API key... and tried again... and it worked out as planned. Can't say more about what this was or what might have happened here. Just as a feedback.
  2. Ok... now we are talking! Adding billing details is necessary and creating a new API key afterwards probably as well. Did both and everything is up and running. Just did a small test and generated a full article just by giving a topic and a predefined action in the settings. Love it! Additional note: just switched back to my primary account, created a new API key there and it works there as well.
  3. The new version looks good and while testing the settings worked out pretty well, I now get this error: I checked my account and quotas are fine. Even billing settings are enabled/set.
  4. I can't find this in any of my files in the setup. On the other hand... ChatGPT is offline for me wherever I try.
  5. Is it correct that I need to install dependencies via composer? If so... fine. Got that. Another thing: Is there some way to get debug infos if anything was posted or fetched from ChatGPT? Just tried it and can't figure out if it's just ChatGPT that over capacity right now or me/the setup.
  6. All recipes are now located in the old processwire-recipes/Recipes repository. All links were updated. We lost some parts in the Git log history but is was worth it. So whenever you want to submit a new recipes or update a new one... it's based/should be based on the previous repository. https://processwire.recipes/recipes/create-page-via-api/ (for example / see below recipe / git / raw) All old recipes were tagged with v1 and branched out to the legacy branch. Just in case. Some more minor updates will follow and can be found in the Changelog. @teppo this might be a very good moment to update your footer link again - we are on a new domain now, while being back on the old github/repo. Thanks in advance!
  7. I did indeed. And was quite happy in some instances. To be honest... I don't know if it was the 7g or another version. Somehow the 7g sounds unfamiliar at the moment. I might say it was 5g or so. Not sure at the moment. But for sure it was from perishablepress.com. It was recommened quite a few times. Yet it wasn't always working back in the days in all instances and therefore I went on and looked for more solutions and ended somewhere around Cloudflare and some other CDNs. Nowadays I almost always (if possible) sign up and stay there at Cloudflare. I really love what you get there.
  8. I face this issue on about 3/4 of all of my projects (client/personal/side) for several years now. Depending on the niche and how well known and established a project is in the search results and elsewhere... the amount of bot/"vulnerability scanner" traffic is impressive. From low 1000s/month to tens-of-thousands/day. Real estate, finance, health, insurance... and some other niches (upcoming topics and trends) are somehow prone to those "visits". I looked for solutions in the forum in the past, got real nice options and solutions, tried them, yet most of the time I went with Cloudflare as CDN and they blocked out most of those visits and even blocked out whole countries therefore. Sure it's another $20/month but for bigger projects necessary. Thought of mine: Look up headers and all possible markers for Scrapebox, Xenu, GSA in addition to your lookups... as those are some of the most used engines/bots/tools to generate bot traffic "regular" users play with (as they are super affordable) to find sources for backlinks, guestbook links, spam comments and such. There are way more out there but they don't even make a dent in your logs/statistics. Not to forget tools like ahrefs, Sistrix, Ubersuggest... and way way more. While those last mentioned tools are just for auditing, you might even want to use, all others should be... blocked in some kind or another. Or maybe there should be a list of filters looking for matches in some kind. There is yet another one: Screamingfrog (which is acutally a real white hat tool for auditing - I use it almost every day on a lot of domains) yet it can cause a lot of traffic due to audits. I'm not sure if there is a marker for ScreamingFrog to whitelist it on a project/domain but it really just scans the site. For a good reason. In case you want to test ScreamingFrog against your filters... you will find it and can use it for free in respectable way. It's an awesome tool we should be able to whitelist! To anybody that uses that upcoming module in the future, PLEASE let me know your experience. Could be cheaper for my wallet by far!
  9. ProcessWire doesn't do any detection in terms of language. The default here translates more to main language on which everything operates. So the behaviour you experience is perfectly normal and fine. In case you need some kind of detection, you have to get this done with either PHP (not so solid, when ProCache is in place) or JS. In the past we had a module for this but it was super outdated and is no longer listed in the modules directory. Here are some posts about "language redirect" or "language detection". In case you want to change the default/main language for your project: "Change homepage's default language"
  10. That's because there isn't one yet. I have the search functionality somewhere back in my mind. Promised! I thought I keep it simple. As mentioned above the search functionality will come, yet I'm not sure about which way I go here. For now the whole setup is more a proof-of-concept but we will get there. You are absolutely right about that. For now in an upcoming version I went another route with this as just plain white and shadows didn't work out that well on the eyes as well. I have some thoughts and ideas here to solve this dead end kind of browsing. I guess we will have this next week. Depends on other projects. You can just send a pull request with an updated version of the recipe. There is no rule against several solutions in one recipe. In my opinion this would be actually really awesome to show and tell that there are different ways. So feel free to either submit a new or updated recipe. I really appreciate both! In case you update the existing recipe you want to update the version, if available or give a new one, and add yourself to the authors. I updated the recipe sample here. In case you or someone else need additional data points like ProcessWire min/max versions or similar. Just add it to the recipe, let me know in the PR and we get it sorted. Thanks guys for all the great feedback and ideas!
  11. That would explain it. Still wondering why... as it as/is a catch-all inbox. Just re-subscribed so... everything is fine. Thank for looking into it @ryan.
  12. Thought so, too. Yet... haven't seen it in a long time.
  13. So... you might have noticed that there was another/new release on processwire.recipes. A few things were added, removed, updated... and... so... on. Latest major updates are listed on the changelog page. (which is a new addition on its own) I added a CoC (Code of Conduct) page, legal details were updated, an upcoming section and a small UI update was there in between as well. AND... please ⭐ Star this repo on Github I'm happy to have your feedback!
  14. Thank you so much. I really hope and wish we all can achieve some kind of an awesome hub for newcomers and even long-time users. This would be great. Just pushed another UI update. Still not perfect but at least that issue should be gone for now. Would appreciate your feedback on the latest update.
  15. I'll look at it as soon as I can. As well into your PR on Github. Looked good. Just need to figure out how to use and distribute those snippets. All snippet solutions I know need at least some kind of container/index. But we will find out. (See PR comment.) They all have the same format now. Changed his prior to the very first release. All recipes are based on the Legacy repo for now. I personally have some more snippets/recipes which will be added shortly. Good point. Maybe we should define those recipes as 3.x only - even though they would/might/could work on a 2x. We will find out I guess. We could always add this additional layer. I have those already in place. I might add categories after adding some of my snippets/recipes. As there are a few for FormBuilder and other Pro Modules. Which could be a nice addition. But that's yet another "we will see" option for now. We can and should for the moment. I already merged your PR into the latest version/release. Thanks for all the thoughts, updates and PRs. Awesome!
  16. I hope we all together can keep this project stay alive, and make it a super-awesome-meta-collection-of-goodness for ProcessWire. There are so many awesome solutions and answers to common questions and challenges for whatever task buried deep into the forums. From basic questions to full-blown Pro module solutions. Maybe we all should be more sensitive to answers and solutions we get and at least should think about submitting those answers to the repository. In my opinion this repo/project should have the goal to be the starting point for all ProcessWire Newcomers. From easy tutorials to advanced setups. BUT... that's just my thought for the moment. To make this whole project NOT my personal project, I will add more and more people from our community as maintainers/owners to this whole repo and will think about a solution to find a way to finance the domain without me. But those are future tasks. Just wanted to let you know. It's not about me, but the thought behind all this!
  17. Thank you, @gebeer for the awesome feedback. I love that idea! I wish we could create some sort of snippet collection (right now) from all of these recipes in some kind or another. While it would be quite easy for me to export each recipe to another format of almost any kind, almost each and every recipe has to follow some or all rules of formatting. Right now... the formatting is super basic but we can work on it and even could create snippets for only those recipes that support the wanted formatting. I could export those snippets, each and every time into another repository, when a recipe get's flagged as "isSnippet=true". If we can find a workable solution and formatting for real snippets... I'm here to support it! But first we should define a default/standard format for recipes and go from there. I wish we could go through all of the recipes to make them some kind of uniform, working with ProcessWire 2+, and mark those which only work with ProcessWire 3, or whatever version of ProcessWire, just to find a solid foundation. From there we could work out a snippet format and necessary fields, export them and even publish them to whereever we want. Something I forgot... there are snippets, ready.php snippets, common hook snippets... and probably more... so we have to classify snippets and recipes right from the start in some kind. But sure... that's possible. This will be fun! I really love this idea.
  18. Another short update: In the last few days @marcus and I talked and he made a member and owner of the "old" organization repo on Github so we can still use the old/former official repository - that's awesome! Yet... the old domain is long gone. I tried to contact the new owner but no chance so far. Even through buyback-services and domainer/s. Outlook: I will update all recipes to the new markdown format, while keeping a copy of the legacy version in a separate branch/version. I will update all guides on how to submit and update recipes in the next few days. AND: I bought the processwire.recipes domain - so I hope it was worth it. 😉 MORE (ideas and changes and whatsoever): Details will follow soon on processwire.recipes! In other news: Thanks @teppo for updating the link, I'll have to contact you again when the new domain and repo are online for the public. 😁
  19. Yes, but I haven't received it for quite some time now. 🤔
  20. Are all these details you talk about here (and in some other threads) documented somewhere? I looked up, read and tried everything from Github (README, Wiki), YouTube (which gave me the final "Try it now!"), the Forums, all threads... but somehow I feel various parts are missing - at least for me. I really try to use RockMigrations in one or another real project... but for now only SUPER simplified. Then... in some other threads (like this) people are super happy, like @Stefanowitsch and @dotnetic. Did I miss something? Is there a doc/guide/howto about all those classes/functions/hooks/methods/options/younameit... OR did you all read through the module to find out what's probably possible in some way? (Please don't ask what I am missing in the docs. The answer would be: "Almost everything! B'cause I'm stupid. 😉")
  21. Have a look here: https://processwire.com/docs/start/install/new/#installation-with-composer-and-packagist
  22. As the project processwire-recipes.com went offline quite some time ago now, I took the repository and deployed a browsable version of it over on: https://processwire-recipes.pages.dev/ There is also a new repo: https://github.com/webmanufaktur/processwire-recipes/ ... on which this deployed version is based on. Changes, fixes, updates can be submitted there. Feel free to update links, fork the repo, submit changes for recipes layout or whatever. It uses 11ty for rendering .md to .html and all the other magic. I will add further details in regards to formatting recipes and submitting new content in the future. Further notice: @teppo: you link to the old domain on weekly.pw Changes/Updates: incoming - right now this is WIP (work in progress) Maintainers: feel free to let me know, I'll add you to that repo Details: the repo is on github: see above hosting/deployment: on Cloudflare Pages via 11ty updates: all updates against the master-branch will be deployed within 60 seconds after commit changes: right now only via pull-request maintainers: wanted - see above
  23. Right here: https://processwire.com/download/site-profiles/ But keep in mind:
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