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  1. Do you mind to tell more about the scope, things and features you need and maybe even hourly rates or budgets you planned to offer for those kinds of projects? What about your website URL/domain to check it up right away. Your phone number results in different results so far which might scare the good guys here. Just asking for others that might be interested.
  2. @ngrmm I had a similar issue and went kind of a different route and added role="main" to my main header and excluded it later on in my PrivacyWire CSS. header:not([role=main]) { // here you go } For the moment that should work out quiet nice without any or at least only minor issues - at least when you are working with less, sass, SCSS and similar.
  3. I can confirm that 0.2.5 works as expected. Thanks @joshua!
  4. Hi @joshua and fellow cookie munchers. I might have spotted another glitch in the cookie matrix. What I did/tested: I changed the version number in the settings. What happened: nothing until I cleared the ProCache cache (which is fine I guess), then afterwards... the cookie banner showed up again and asked for consent (which was expected) BUT... all external media assets, tracking scripts, etc. were still loading (which was unexpected) giving consent closed the banner (fine) BUT it came right back on the next page Why did it happen: The test user had already given consent and therefore and old entry existed in the local storage which said sure give me cookies and whatever BUT it didn't recognize the new version and therefore didn't revoke the old opt-in/consent on first load with the new version AND wasn't updated after opting in again. TL;DR Changing the version number in the settings does not reset/clear/delete/revoke all previously given and stored local storage settings and won't update after giving consent again to the new version.
  5. Thanks @joshua! Version 0.2.4 fixes that behaviour.
  6. Anyone else experiencing weird behaviour with the external_media option while opting in/out of it? A recent project needed a little overhaul therefore external media is now only available after opting in to it BUT... it's not working out as expected after you later on decide to opt out or in to it. Thought about issues with some custom JS but even on a clean install the issue occures. It's not happening with any other option so far - so I could work around that issue for now. As you can see the values in local storage are already off for external_media.
  7. Probably a missing </body>.
  8. Right now... I'd say either Manjaro (Arch based) or Pop OS 20.04 (Ubuntu based - but with slightly better defaults in my opinion). Otherwise based on your prefered desktop environment or window manager. Ubuntu/Debian based systems have the huge benefit of .deb files which seems sometimes way easier in terms of installing necessary software. And LAMP stacks are way easier to setup.
  9. Moving slowly back from concepts to coding and started with some easy tasks like reading. There were a few interesting articles - unfortunately only a few web and dev related ones - but I don't want to miss the opportunity to share them with you. I will add/update this thread as I walk through each and every article. Please, feel free to add your current findings! CSS Findings From The New Facebook Design https://ishadeed.com/article/new-facebook-css/ Styling Scrollbars with CSS: The Modern Way to Style Scrollbars https://alligator.io/css/css-scrollbars/
  10. Ok... you stepped up my game. No doubt. Still... I'll try to get into my old code.
  11. My search was based on "client entries" so they can browse through all requests and saved entries they ever made. Maybe I find that code again or can gain access to the system. If so... I will let you know.
  12. Right now... plain Telekom (german ISP) works more reliable than my VPN connection. Via VPN my connection was actually rejected a few times by now today.
  13. Maybe totally OT but I had to store some really large JSON objects and therefore stored them straight in pages. Maybe not ideal but even after 12,000 entries/pages the system responds super fast. If I remember correctly I used a textarea field and never had any issues. Not perfect but... well... it works.
  14. Have to test this here... especially for those special occassions like 1.234,00 or 1,234.00 as I'm here on a mixed language/locale setup (DE/US) which is actually quite challenging for most online banking solutions that often deny any input. I'll report back as soon as I can.
  15. Insane output of great modules! 👍
  16. Without an aditional layer (as in VPN) it's almost impossible to access processwire.com from Telekom/Germany. Super slow and most often with timeouts. Can't tell I see this on any other site or service.
  17. You might want to look into the user's profile and change the admin theme to the newest aka UIKIT. Never saw and old login screen in the last 6+ months. Just in addition to this... I don't think you can mix Reno and the new UIKIT theme. Either the one or the other.
  18. VPN Switzerland was still slow.
  19. Same here... almost back to normal.
  20. Tested that already... didn't make any difference. So... you are probably correct. Got confirmation that it works from Austria as well, too.
  21. Was down for me that last ~2-3 hours. No chance at all. Even pings timed-out. Location/Provider: Germany, Telekom Right now the site and the forum are super s-l-o-w.
  22. Oh my... I loved Textpattern so much back in the days. I used to use it for everything and it was a joy. Then... as projects became larger and more complex I found ProcessWire. I migrated all my sites over and it was pretty easy - at least in my case. First of all I migrated all the templates for sections and articles over. Rebuild the logic like posts per pages, custom article views, listings and those things. It took a while because ProcessWire was still new to me then. But after that it was pretty easy. I created custom templates to create CSV exports of all my content (maybe a total of 300 pages and 10 sections). Afterwards I imported everything from my CSV files, put everything in place, created lots of redirects and done. The one thing that was quite work intensive... image migration. I did it for each and every site manually. Wouldn't be a problem today but at that time I wasn't that good in handling files. 🙂 ProcessWire modules I used: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-jumplinks/ https://modules.processwire.com/modules/import-pages-csv/
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    Better face value (not as in Phil Collins album) than body count. Joking and fun aside (which we still shouldn't lose and very often need nowadays): Never feel ashamed to use a face mask or use anti-viral stuff on daily items. Just stay safe and minimize the risks. I personally don't wanna miss anyone of you here!
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    No way! Eyes need protection as well. 😆
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    Looks like something I'd expect in a game like Doom or something like that. It looks so super scary to be honest. 😱 65 cases (right now, 27/03/2020)... I wish that was true! Left the house today after almost 2 weeks for groceries... it was super weird outside. I saw in total 2 cars on the streets and 8 people in total in the supermarket and on the streets combined. As long as the birds are chirping I try to stay calm.
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