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  1. Firefox has some nice features while debugging grid layouts. At least they feel more solid than those in Chrome. I use Opera once in a while but only for very basic tasks. Somehow it feels clunky and slow. While Chrome was my daily driver for a long time I recently started using the Brave browser for casual browsing. For now I tried to unsubscribe again and added those mails to the Spam list in Gmail. Maybe this helps.
  2. That sounds weird but... the good new are... it's probably not a server issue. Just a few questions to understand things better. Has your user superuser rights/privileges? What's your username? Admin? Check your access roles in Access > Users. Are all pages affected or only some pages? (you said some pages don't update) what can be changed? what can't be changed? what have pages with/without changes you can/can't save in common? templates? fields? What can/can't be changed? Do you get any error messages? What do they say? Do you see any changes in the backend? After saving a page: can you see and any new timestamps in Settings (tab) > Info?
  3. Do you guys receive (unwanted) newsletters from Mozilla/Firefox as well? For a couple of weeks now Firefox seems to push their new Premium version to those who use their sync-service. I tried to unsubscribe a few times but... it doesn't work.
  4. That's far from the best and ideal solution to go on vacation but did you change something within the path that @teppo mentioned? Even if so... the index.php is still somewhere else than that path. It's either weird or a good moment to change and set up a better and more secure environment.
  5. There are a few things that came up in my mind right now. First I thought it looked like a failed git/SVN merge of some kind but afterwards it looked liked a failed upload from FileZilla. At least they both look pretty similar somehow. As you stated that there are more instances of other sites and CMSs on that hosting you might want to try to set up different users for different sites. I guess you are using a US hosting company such as DreamH*st, H*stgator or Blueh*st, *2, or another 3.99/month mass-hosting ... I had several similar issues with these companies in the past - but to their rescue - they offer different users on a account to separate installations/instances of different sites. TL;DR: what @teppo and @louisstephens say seems to be the case... someone got somehow access to that hosting. Maybe even through a nifty trick in W*rdPress.
  6. What kind of error? What did it say? Just tried to upload files with © in it and... well it worked as expected. The © was translated to c. In this case I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.123. Update: tried it on a 3.0.98 now and even there it works without problems.
  7. You can actually add it to those "Quick create"-versions as well. It should work. Add the line to your configuration and give it a try.
  8. Thank you @Jonathan Lahijani... my reading list for the weekend just became way more interesting with this.
  9. Oh... kay... now I understand and get almost the whole idea here. This might be too good to be true but maybe your client already has a CSV, XML or something similar with each and every possible configuration... you could import and use. With such a foundation/starting point you could even take a lot of stress on the client-side.
  10. Forget my idea for a second. It is based on a (maybe) wrong assumption. Reading your previous posts and the explanation again... there is a few things I don't get. WHO defines the total code. Does your client say "Product D with Source Z,D, and H has total code [WH-ATS-OEVER]"? If so... you could take the total codes (defined by your client) as a leading instance and use my idea (probably). If not... you could go the way @dragan recommened and create your very own total codes. This is kind of hard to understand because of the huge amount of product-source-bundles you can possibly create. And another thing... what if a product has only one light source and not ten or seven or four? Can they even be mixed in that way or is there another dependency?
  11. That's possible and needed actually. Products product #1 product #2 product #n Sources source #1 source #2 source #2 Total codes total code #1 product #2 ref source #1 ref total code #2 product #2 ref source #2 ref total #n product #1 ref source #n ref
  12. Maybe they renamed it for whatever reason. Try to add the line to your configuration. I guess it should work in your version as well.
  13. What's the leading identifier in this whole product-source-total code setup? the product the source the total code Right now you add sources to a product... but what if you turn this around and add products and sources to a total code? As I understand it: product source ->total code How I would try it: total code product source With the second setup (product + source = total code) you could use the PagefieldPairs module and sync references to make it available across all products/sources/total codes. Are there any more details you can share to show the kind of setup and bundling of products and sources?
  14. You're welcome. If there are any details about your project/idea and some details from your analytics. Let me/us know. I guess we can help you to find the best solution available.
  15. I know from a trusted source that some of you use Laragon as their prefered Windows DEV solution. Due to a recent conversation I noticed that there might be a nice little feature some of you may not know about. Laragon offers the Quick app option with some tools already predefined. In order to have ProcessWire there as well you just have to add one (two with a comment) line to your Laragon configuration. # ProcessWire ProcessWire=composer create-project processwire/processwire %s Just in case you want to start your next project a little bit faster.
  16. Well... I stumbled across this almost by accident and... I really like love it. 1 remote file 1 setup file Ready to go Almost as easy as setting up a new project in laragon. <?php /** * Universal Starter Default * * @author wbmnfktr, webmanufaktur.net * @version 1 * */ $password = $this->randomPassword(16); return [ 'pw' =>'https://github.com/processwire/processwire/archive/dev.zip', 'profile' => 'https://github.com/webmanufaktur/pwbmultiblank/archive/master.zip', 'settings' => [ 'timezone' => 368, // vienna 'dbUser' => 'root', 'dbPass' => '', 'dbTablesAction' => 'remove', ], 'recipes' => [ function() { $this->installModule('FieldtypeRepeater'); $this->installModule('HannaCodeDialog', 'https://github.com/Toutouwai/HannaCodeDialog/archive/master.zip'); $this->installModule('ImportPagesCSV', 'https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ImportPagesCSV/zipball/master'); $this->installModule('InputfieldPageAutocomplete'); $this->installModule('LazyCron'); $this->installModule('MinimalFieldset', 'https://github.com/Toutouwai/MinimalFieldset/archive/master.zip'); $this->installModule('PageHitCounter', 'https://github.com/FlipZoomMedia/PageHitCounter/archive/master.zip'); $this->installModule('PagePathHistory'); $this->installModule('ProcessDatabaseBackups','https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessDatabaseBackups/archive/master.zip'); $this->installModule('ProcessExportProfile', 'https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessExportProfile/archive/master.zip'); $this->installModule('ProcessForgotPassword'); $this->installModule('ProcessJumplinks', 'https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/seo/jumplinks-one/-/archive/1.5.54/jumplinks-one-1.5.54.zip'); $this->installModule('ProcessMenuBuilder', 'https://github.com/kongondo/MenuBuilder/archive/master.zip'); $this->installModule('ProcessPageClone'); $this->installModule('TextformatterHannaCode', 'https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessHannaCode/archive/master.zip'); }, ], ];
  17. You have my attention... please tell more.
  18. Well... you can't really compare any other ProcessWire site with ProCache to your site. So... let's go another way here to find out if ProCache is even necessary in your case. Are there more than 100 visitors per hour? Are there heavy or large peaks of visitors? Do you have to query lots and lots of data on each page load? Then ProCache is probably a good choice. You could also use and try template cache and wire cache, which are both quite good actually, and precompile and minify every CSS and JS before using it. With those two tools can easily optimize a ProcessWire site to a certain level and boost performance/speed even without ProCache. ProCache is an awesome tool but even with it enabled you can build slow sites. And the other way around of course.
  19. Didn't California pass a privacy law/bill/act in 2018 as a foundation for something similar to the GDPR? Oh... and in regards to the EU-US privacy shield and the GDPR-compliance of a company those have to follow the rules as well or have to find someone who certifies them anyway.
  20. Just a small addition to this. I just added a new site profile to my Github page. It's a mix of the official blank and the multi-language site profile. The reason I made and published it is simple. This kind of setup/profile is almost always my starting point for a new project. So it saves me a lot of time for the inital setup. I kept (almost) all example files, removed demo content, added a few core modules and stripped almost everything in the output/template files. No UIKIT. No real output strategy. No hassle. Just BLANK in multilanguage flavour. It's not much, but it's honest work. PWB Multi Blank
  21. That could be one reason or maybe their backend isn't that powerful and scalable by now as they might need it to be. Or... building reputation, some clients, enough press and BUZZ that Google or Microsoft take a closer look and maybe even buy them. Wouldn't be the first time. In terms of affiliate business... yes... that could be a great opportunity. Similar to GorillaROI. And they offer a quite small service but it seems to work out pretty well for both sides.
  22. Probably a legal, tax and more bureaucracy problems. DeepL is based in Cologne (Germany) and maybe their are even patent-depending problems or issues involved.
  23. Had a similar task a few weeks ago and this is the way I went... exported the whole site with Site Exporter created two local copies of it - one as a reference, one as the new version made all necessary field and template changes - only added fields and moved content where necessary edited the template's output to the new design started switching to new fields on the frontend where added added PagePathHistory module (core) and Jumplinks module reworked content to fit the new needs and fields reorganized the pages crawled the new page with ScreamingFrog to find dead links, 404s and similar things looked for fields, templates, whatever that were not necessary anymore created a working copy of it deleted all "unnecessary" fields, tested and debugged the almost finished site To make some things more clear. When I started with 1. I already had a full HTML dummy of the new site/design, so I exactly knew what the goal is/was/will be. So no surprises later on with the client (for example: we want that, that must move to there). I could just migrate the new styles over into the template files and move content accordingly. So... I guess... sometimes the easiest way is the most comfortable. Depending on that site, there might be other things to include, such a custom modules or developments but as you built that site, you should know what's involved somewhere else there.
  24. This approach seems totally fine. You could speed things up using $cache or even ProCache. Depending on the overall setup one thing might work better than the other. To be honest... build your structure, build up your content and when you reach 100-200 news/events/whatever type of content try playing around with different settings. Do it again and again. Always have a DEV environment to test those things. In most cases there is more than one way to get things done in ProcessWire. At first one approach seems to work fine but later on with more content and users another might work way better. I find myself quite often in this situation and rework things in projects after a while because of things and the amount of content changes. My opinion on this: Don't force them. Give them the option to choose what they want. Offer a nice "The last time you watched CITY. Go this way to get all the latest news for CITY." You never know why someone visited a particular city. Maybe just for interest or by accident. Yet again there is no real this is the best option to do this answer. In your case you might want to look at the page reference field and take a look at this post about categorising content and this post about getting references in different ways. You can also try the skyscraper demo @ryan did a while back. He is handling a lot of data and references there as well. This version of Skyscraper profile works with the latest ProcessWire verion.
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