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  1. Affinity used it in a clever way. I like(d) their software.
  2. d0h... I'll be in Hamburg that day but please have a beer "auf meinen Deckel"! @marcus is there a https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ or beer button we can join in for the meetup?
  3. First off all... I stumbled across this by accident and didn't follow the whole conversation... more or less... but as far as I understand the Adminbar (module) is only available to those who are logged in. So why bother with any libraries, browser extensions and such that (in most cases) only apply to those who aren't logged in? There are many modules that behave differently when compared to logged in users and guests. Sorry if I miss an important point here!
  4. Jamie... put it on the screen!
  5. I really hate dealing with comments - due to GDPR and such - but maybe I should give it a try. (Kind of) Glad you pushed me into this direction with your question.
  6. A Ferrari 360 is way more elegant than a VW Golf V but still... you can't move more than 4 boxes (4x 12 bottles) of beer with it. So... if you feel fancy, you can pay for it - as in hosting prices. Actually Python is supported pretty good in most of the hosting environments I know. And compared to cars it's kind of a Porsche Cayenne and you can move 10 boxes of beer with it and still can go 230km/h if you wanted to.
  7. And that shows the highest rated comments? N-e-v-e-r used them actually. But still interesting to know for an upcoming idea.
  8. Those are independet fields - at least by default, even though there are some connections between textareas and image fields. Since I started using ProcessWire, back in 2014/2015, I never had this kind of need/request. I guess the project you are working on is kind of automated or at least kind auto-optimized - a larger blog or something. Am I right with this?
  9. Never tried it actually... @louisstephens but still consider using it. The Surface/pencil combo is - especially after some updates in the past - pretty perfect. The "open txt-file for notes"-workflow is awesome since ever. I do this every day and move my notes once in a while to whatever tool I use in that moment. In VS code it's perfect as you don't have to save to keep changes. In VIM - which I try right now - I enabled autosave for .md files and that works pretty good as well.
  10. @louisstephens Notion is the new and better Evernote, right? Just realized how awesome my Surface with a pencil works as a "note taking app".
  11. I stumbled across Zettlr a few days ago. https://itsfoss.com/zettlr-markdown-editor/ https://www.zettlr.com/ Update: At the end I started playing around with Emacs orgmode. But I guess you will need a solution right away.
  12. Well... as @dragan has no access to any of your template files and doesn't know anything about the whole setup of your site it's actually everything he or anyone else can tell right now. Who maintained the site before? A co-worker or an agency? Someone built that site and that someone can or at least should be able to provide you more details.
  13. Had two calls last week from people who wanted to know if I can help re-animate their dead sites. They had issues with plugins during an update in their WP sites which locked them in a maintenance mode or something. Still weird but at least it was kind of easy to fix. So this seems to be a real issue in some circumstances. But back to the topic... As @szabesz and @elabx already mentioned... the workflow can quite easily be implemented. Maybe you just setup a small site and test the user and publishing workflow. In terms of upgrade issues and performance ProcessWire is way ahead and the better choice - in everything else as well.
  14. You could also use either of these methods/modules: Module Menu Builder - create custom menus, including external links. You decide what will be in it. Module Jumplinks - just create the pages you want and create redirects within Jumplinks (/old/path -> https://wherever.test/). It's easier and it handles more than redirects - like 404s and counts every click on your redirects.
  15. I kind of like it as we set things up there. A few years ago I didn't like the global use of page for absolute everything and the menu label setup... but nowadays it feels weird to have a global settings page/area as in WordPress or things like posts and pages. Maybe you can add your SnipWire (page) into the navigation bar next to setup somehow. And as far as I know is your module quite huge and almost a standalone version of ProcessWire... it would make perfectly sense to add it to the top bar. Disclaimer: yes... I'm sometimes weird, confused and do things differently.
  16. So it sounded great. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes... indeed.
  17. Maybe I need glasses now but... what on that site and the editor looks awesome? I can't see anything special. Not even the real input and/or block type selection dialogues. I'm confused... ๐Ÿ˜•
  18. Timezone related things... not as far as I know. Regarding your mail settings it depends a) on your server configuration or b) on the module you use for it. I guess you didn't install any further module related to mail sending/delivery so you want to take a look at WireMail: SMTP in which you can define everything necessary for sending mails.
  19. Well... why don't you rename your module to ZekaProcessDashboard?
  20. Time/Timezone/Area... Had a similar "issue" a while back while using a US hosting company instead of a german company. Had ~8 hours difference (if I remember correctly). Another thing might be mail scheduling and/or routing - as in "the server needs to figure out how to send mails". TL;DR Timezone settings Mailserver/SMTP settings
  21. You will need: ProcessWire (of course) ProcessWire ProCache ProcessWire Modules as you like and need Netlify Account (in my case, you can use any other hosting or Github pages) Git Account (Gihub, Gitlab, Bitbucket) ScreamingFrog (free version should fit most needs) Things to keep in mind FormBuilder will not work (out of the box) 40x/50x must be defined separately Redirects must be defined separately Module-based functionality will not work GDPR/Opt-in/Cookie consent must be added differently Avoid using core/module files (UIKIT, jQuery, CSS, etc.) Where to save files and how to address them Most content and design related files can be saved in ProcessWire itself. Logos, favicon, trust icons and whatsoever. Some files can't be stored in ProcessWire - or shouldn't be stored in it - fonts and sitemaps (XML) in my case. While developing the overall site always use relative paths and URLs. Fonts and other assets need to be addressed by their web-root-based path (/site/templates/myassets/font.ttf and so on). Internal linking should be relative as well. Otherwise you have to change those link URLs manually which is PITA. Which files to copy and where you find them As we use ProcessWire we want and should use everything we can to make our webdev life easier here. Let ProcessWire and some modules do the work while harvesting the results for our benefits. While ProCache takes care of generating minified CSS and JS, SEO Maestro generates a nice and handy sitemap.xml. Depending of your installed modules you want to (at least) double check the output and results in your static site. As already mentioned FormBuilder and Simple Contact Form will not work, 404 management and redirects by the awesome Jumplinks modules will not work, too. Instead you have to create your very own .htaccess file with all redirects and error documents. Other modules like MenuBuilder, SEO Maestro and some other modules do a pretty good job even in your static site as their benefits result in already rendered HTML/pages. Autolinks, Automatically link page titles and Share buttons are some modules that will work as well. While it didn't work for me it may work for you - the Cookie Management Banner module. I had some issues and decided to install and use Cookie Consent manually. The Workflow First of all build your site. Make it perfect. Do whatever you or the client wants or needs. Whenever possible look into your rendered HTML and cached pages. Take a closer look at all the URLs and paths. It's already a good idea to run ScreamingFrog and find out if there are any files missing, links broken or pages missing. When everything is done, clear all cached files, all minified JS and CSS. Start a ScreamingFrog session and let it run. It will visit each and every page on your site it can find. Hidden pages, orphaned pages and of course drafts and pages behind JS-links will not be found and therefore cached by ProCache. Look into /site/assets/ProCache-XXX/ and /site/assets/pwpc/ now and double check that there are your pages and JS/CSS files. You will need those afterwards. If everything is fine you have to copy things around now. The Setup - folders and structure In my case the easiest way to go was setting up two local sites - one with ProcessWire and another one with the static files, assets and other things I needed. In the examples below only relevant parts are listed. project.pw.test (ProcessWire) /sitemap.xml (Generated by SEO Maestro) /site/assets/files/ (copy the whole path) /site/assets/pwpc/ (copy the whole path) /site/assets/ProCache-XXX/* (copy only the content of this folder - all files and folders) /site/templates/myassets/ (copy the whole path) project.sv.test (Static version) .htaccess (for redirects and 40x/50x error pages) 40x.html 50x.html /sitemap.xml /site/assets/files/ /site/assets/pwpc/ /site/templates/myassets/ all files and folders from /site/assets/ProCache-XXX/ As you can see there are only a few things to copy. When you're done with copying these files to the static version of your project, open it up in your browser. Check for missing files and test it. Let ScreamingFrog do the most work and check for any kinds of errors. Fix them in your ProcessWire-site and copy and test again. Check your 404s, your redirects and everything else you would normaly test. Create checkafterupdate.txt and write down whatever went wrong in your first try. This will be a great checklist later. The Final Step As everything is copied now and at its correct place you can upload it to your host. In my case the static version is a private git repository on github.com. I can commit and push my changes there and Netlify takes care of publishing the new version - most of the time within seconds. The benefit of using git - compared to S/FTP - you always have some kind of control if something brakes and you have to revert and check changes. In my case it's Netlify but you can use Github pages or any other hosting solution you want/the client pays for. Be careful with GDPR-related things as DPAs. You have to have them in most cases - Netlify did a great job here and I found everything I needed, while Github disqualified itself back then due to missing documents and kind of a sluggish support. Questions? Ask.
  22. On-demand mirroring of remote web server files to your dev environment ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  23. Just a short additon - same topic, different thread: @elabx not often as in once a month or once a day?
  24. The weekend is fine. The only time I can do fun things like this. ๐Ÿ˜ Maybe... in your case... take a look at /site/templates/errors/500.html That site will be shown if there are any problems with your database. I use this on "smaller" hosting solutions to prevent any issues. That 500.html can be customized a lot and therefore show an almost complete site if necessary. Contact forms don't work - or at least not out of the box - but at least a customized page shows up. Depending on how often those issues happen with your hosting, this might be a nice middle-way as it's already there. Regarding those "mysql administration things"... this shouldn't be your job. Maybe you ask and tell your hosting company about it and let them fix issues - maybe it's even better to switch to another company. In terms of ProcessWire and static sites... with the right setup it's super easy. You just have to jump some loops but after that it works fine. Depending on your OS you might need some extra steps. OSX, Linux are fine. Windows might need WSL/2 for this.
  25. If it's not that urgent @elabx I can write up my setup this weekend to show you the process I established for that project. I would consider git as the established bridge to get this done. Would that work for you? In total I think it's not that much of an overhead and for experienced PW users kind of a perfect way to create static sites. @ryan pushed me into this direction with one if his comments a while back. I tried it and played around with it. And to be honest... the outcome was quite impressive.
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