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  1. Go back to modules and install the second part of the module called "Duplicator - Packages Manager". Afterwards you can manage your packages.
  2. Use the Duplicator module by @flydev 👊🏻. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/duplicator/ I just started using it myself and already LOVE it. Take your 2 minutes to configure it and from there... moving sites is super easy.
  3. Woah... that sounds nice. You can safely ignore them if necessary. They never caused any issues within my setups and environments so I never bothered to ignore them.
  4. And of course... always a fresh DB dump.
  5. I don't think it is necessary to start from scratch. Maybe you should ask your webhoster what they changed. Maybe their design-department was p*ssed and deleted/manipulated some files but I really can't imagine that - to be honest. I simple PHP change wouldn't cause such an issue - hence my thought about deleted/manipulated files. Updating/deleting the ProcessWireUpgrade module might already be enough as @BitPoet mentioned. It's strange your backend doesn't work at all. @dragan spotted a good isse as well - the install.php - but still... Where are you located (FR maybe?) - maybe we know someone somewhere around you who could assist here.
  6. In most cases... everything but /wire/.
  7. That's a weird error. Can you login into the backend? If so... clear all compiled module files. Another option could be disabling the module itself. Sharing your screen could help. Sadly I don't use Skype or Teamviewer. Do you have full access to your site via FTP?
  8. If you are using Mailchimp... there are at least 2 modules that could handle that. If you have FormBuilder... you could use it as well to submit entries to 3rd parties, such as Mailchimp.
  9. ProcessWire 3.0.123 and PHP 7.2 play really nice together out of the box. An update or upgrade of ProcessWire therefore isn't needed actually. The downtime you experience might be another issue... either cached pages, a bunch of cached compiled files and modules... are there any errors in the frontend or in the logs (Setup > Logs) you could share with us? Is only the frontend or even the backend/admin area affected by those issues? Or maybe even better a link to your site. Oh... welcome to the best community in the world. 😉
  10. Sorry @alexmercenary I somehow missed your question. There is no hook or option in the module itself for this. You could somehow set an individual class to the body tag on certain pages and hide the whole banner with CSS. body.noCookies #cookie-manager { display: none !important; } /* OR */ body.page-1234 #cookie-manager { display: none !important; } /* OR */ body.tpl-basic-page #cookie-manager { display: none !important; }
  11. The comments below are GOLD! Nonetheless... there are two more reviews on that site - which are 5 and 4.5 star reviews: https://www.g2.com/products/processwire/reviews#reviews
  12. Sad to say but I have not that much time to test this the next few days... so I have to ask: How nice does StaticWire play with ProCache? Will I export the ProCached-version of my pages - including compiled CSS and JS, minified HTML?
  13. I guess you followed your instructions so... I'm quite clueless as well. I just stumbled across this: https://stackoverflow.com/a/26336358 - maybe it helps to check if it actually works at all.
  14. Straight from the ProcessWire .htaccess file: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. [NC] RewriteCond %{SERVER_ADDR} != RewriteCond %{SERVER_ADDR} !=::1 RewriteRule ^ %{ENV:PROTO}://www.%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] That should work right away... are you using a real hosting account or something like Github pages or Netlify?
  15. Hi @gebeer, you are right - there is no detailed opt-in like Borlabs or Klaro have by now. I played with something like that in an experimental version of that plugin but it's far from ready to use - maybe a proof-of-concept maybe even less. For the time being I use the manage/opt-in/consent solution to let the user opt-in to allow cookies/scripts/trackers. They are all listed on the privacy page. Until the visitor gives its ok, I block everything - or better to say: I don't load anything until that point. if (localStorage.getItem('pwcmbAllowCookies') === 'y') { // load Google Analytics // load Matomo // load whatever } I have to add the detail that most of my clients don't use Google Analytics and weird tracking/post-view trackers anymore. They never looked into their analytics before and drop them now. They get their metrics from Google My Business, Bing Webmaster and in most cases that's all they need. Fair enough.
  16. Short note for all those who use this module. In a fresh install of ProcessWire 3.0.148 this module (yes, it's only officially support until 2.7 - but still) stopped working properly. Settings like skipping existing pages/entries will be ignored and the import into date fields is not possible at all. Last working environment I can confirm is ProcessWire 3.0.133.
  17. That as well. I fixed that later on. Somehow I broke the entire setup at different parts now - beside the issue mentioned above - and plan a complete rebuild. But that's fine actually as it was more or less a playground.
  18. To keep you all in the mood...
  19. How could it be... it was silly me. There was actually a hook in a module that caused this issue(s). Or to be precise: the function caused it. Function that causes issues: public function getTotalRating($event) { $page = $event->arguments[0]; if($page->template->name = "mediaSeries") { // logic here } } Function that doesn't cause issues: public function getTotalRating($event) { $page = $event->arguments[0]; if($page->template = "mediaSeries") { // logic here } } Checking the template name wasn't a good idea.
  20. Upgraded manually to 3.0.148 but still the alert shows up and the module can't be installed. Moving form-builder shows an alert everytime I change its position in the page tree - as well.
  21. Today... after a short break over the holidays I started to work on a project again. I created templates, fields, and various other stuff... but once in a while there was a short alert after saving/changing things. I didn't pay much or any attention to it as it's common to see some alerts while changing, bending and breaking a system while setting up everything. But now... these alerts start to pop up everywhere. Tried to move the form-builder page in the page tree, tried to change a template, tried to install a module... in almost all cases of doing anything this alert shows up: ... has the system flag and you may not change its 'id' or 'name' fields. Right now I'm running: ProcessWire 3.0.147 PHP 7.4.1 (I know this is bleeding edge - but still). OS: Linux (Manjaro) DB: MariaDB Profile: Multilanguage www-user: $user I wanted to install the PW Upgrade module via Autocomplete Module Class Name and manually but I can't as it always ends in the shown (screenshot) result above. Anyone an idea why this shows up (now)? The PHP 7.4.1 is running here for quite some time now (or at least there was no update in the last 2 weeks) and other instances didn't show the alert at all. Read/write permissions are fine. No hooks, no weird modules, user roles or anything by now are implemented. Glicht? Hiccup? User-Machine-Disharmony?
  22. Yes, I was referring to them. Back in the days when I used it, their project started to look unmaintained and kind of outdated. That was years(!) ago so it doesn't really matter anymore. But still... I was pleasantly surprised.
  23. That's weird. Clear all cached files - website cache and the compiled files. There must have been a change somewhere, maybe in a main settings of whatever. As @flydev says... enable that option and while you are doing this check the modified date of your files and folders within your web root.
  24. Which version of ProcessWire are you running? Did you an upgrade recently? What PHP version is running?
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