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  1. To keep you all in the mood...
  2. How could it be... it was silly me. There was actually a hook in a module that caused this issue(s). Or to be precise: the function caused it. Function that causes issues: public function getTotalRating($event) { $page = $event->arguments[0]; if($page->template->name = "mediaSeries") { // logic here } } Function that doesn't cause issues: public function getTotalRating($event) { $page = $event->arguments[0]; if($page->template = "mediaSeries") { // logic here } } Checking the template name wasn't a good idea.
  3. Upgraded manually to 3.0.148 but still the alert shows up and the module can't be installed. Moving form-builder shows an alert everytime I change its position in the page tree - as well.
  4. Today... after a short break over the holidays I started to work on a project again. I created templates, fields, and various other stuff... but once in a while there was a short alert after saving/changing things. I didn't pay much or any attention to it as it's common to see some alerts while changing, bending and breaking a system while setting up everything. But now... these alerts start to pop up everywhere. Tried to move the form-builder page in the page tree, tried to change a template, tried to install a module... in almost all cases of doing anything this alert shows up: ... has the system flag and you may not change its 'id' or 'name' fields. Right now I'm running: ProcessWire 3.0.147 PHP 7.4.1 (I know this is bleeding edge - but still). OS: Linux (Manjaro) DB: MariaDB Profile: Multilanguage www-user: $user I wanted to install the PW Upgrade module via Autocomplete Module Class Name and manually but I can't as it always ends in the shown (screenshot) result above. Anyone an idea why this shows up (now)? The PHP 7.4.1 is running here for quite some time now (or at least there was no update in the last 2 weeks) and other instances didn't show the alert at all. Read/write permissions are fine. No hooks, no weird modules, user roles or anything by now are implemented. Glicht? Hiccup? User-Machine-Disharmony?
  5. Yes, I was referring to them. Back in the days when I used it, their project started to look unmaintained and kind of outdated. That was years(!) ago so it doesn't really matter anymore. But still... I was pleasantly surprised.
  6. That's weird. Clear all cached files - website cache and the compiled files. There must have been a change somewhere, maybe in a main settings of whatever. As @flydev says... enable that option and while you are doing this check the modified date of your files and folders within your web root.
  7. Which version of ProcessWire are you running? Did you an upgrade recently? What PHP version is running?
  8. Didn't know they were still alive. Used it once or twice with pretty good results back then.
  9. wbmnfktr

    G b rain

    Is it me... or... I don't get it.
  10. This forum here is powered by https://www.invisioncommunity.com/ - it's a paid solution. You could (technically) build something like a forum with ProcessWire itself but there is no real ready-made module/solution for that. All parts you would need are out there but at the same time it may end in a lot of work. Depending on what you really need and want, you might want to look for a real forum solution. Back in the day https://www.phpbb.com/ was kind of the best solution or at least it was easy to maintain. There are probably way more, maybe even better solutions out there. Yet I don't know any of them.
  11. Well... I had to buy myself something to play with. Thank you @ryan for LoginRegisterPro!
  12. How do you like this forum? https://invisioncommunity.com/
  13. wbmnfktr

    Aaron Copland

    I will take a look at their repo next year. Maybe there is/was something. I did actually. I couldn't find anything related to that issue. It happens on processwire.com, the Aaron Copland site and even with my default UIKIT test sites I run locally. At first I thought about an issue with my Brave installation (from Arch Linux AUR) but it happens on other machines, too - all linux as their is no Windows or OSX/macOS device with me right now. I have to dig deeper into it as it's something that annoys me a lot and I need/want/have to use UIKIT in an upcoming project.
  14. wbmnfktr

    Aaron Copland

    Love to see a nicely customized UIKIT project. Good job, @Macrura. But another thing - as you probably use UIKIT way more often than I do - have you ever noticed high CPU load in Chrome/Brave on a UIKIT website while it's just sitting there in your browser tab for a few minutes? I noticed it on your project, the ProcessWire Blog and showcase and even some other UIKIT-based sites out there.
  15. What about... You have (almost) each and every possible variant in your module/setup available... why don't you let users decide which to install and which set is mapped to whatever language available. You could list all available/defined languages of a ProcessWire instance and the user/admin could/has to decide which language belongs to whatever set. Similar to the field mapping in FormBuilder (save to pages). For example: default is EN, while Deutsch is DE and Italiano is IT Would that work? Would that be enough? I don't know. Just an idea.
  16. Error 410 means the file is gone. Which is weird for me as I never saw a 410 in ProcessWire anywhere. A 404 for sure, but never a 410. I'd probably check my ProCache call in my template file(s) and either use another method or just disable minify/combine and everything else just to dig through everything. Are all your CSS/Less/Scss/SASS files in place? Are their errors in them? Are mixins missing or anything that might break creating your CSS output. Maybe you could should us your code you use to call ProCache, the rendered HTML output or give us a link to the site - maybe there is more. There are quite a bit of places to look for possible issues. But to be honest, I don't think it's ProCache itself. It's more likely that a file is missing/corrupt or something like that. This for example is my ProCache call in a recent project. That one build.less file is the only file I need as it imports all other files. ProCache takes care of compiling and minifying it. <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo $procache->css('assets/css/build.less'); ?>"> How do you use ProCache? What are your settings? How many other CSS files are there? Last but not least... why didn't you post in the ProCache support forum? 😉
  17. That should be illegal. As @dragan said: you should look for a way more solid hosting company for your projects.
  18. Seeing those numbers, stats and graphs your website is either a super-high-traffic one or the service you are paying for is more or less useless. 6+ days uptime, 1.7TB traffic, 5.6m connections - what are the numbers for website traffic, like visitors daily/weekly/monthly? What kind of website is that? Are you able to check the server logs? Maybe there is someone or something pushing your server with fake requests, like scanning for security issues, sub-folders, default paths and such things. If your project receives tons of traffic each and every day plus some peaks now and then - you really should consider switching hosting companies or consider a CDN (Cloudflare, KeyCDN - but be careful with GDPR-compliance). Get your numbers (total traffic and page impressions for the last 12 months, strip it down to a monthly average) and talk to companies like Hetzner or Mittwald. When 50-100k visitors per month on a cheap US hosting for $3/month are possible, your server should be able to handle much more than that.
  19. Sure... tell more about you, your company, your sites, your needs... and there will be plenty of talented ProcessWire developers that like to help you.
  20. Welcome @venkatesham. In case @bernhard's linked profile doesn't work as expected you want to try this one instead: Skyscraper Profile for ProcessWire 3.x
  21. Well... @joshuag isn't that active at the moment but maybe someone else knows a bit more about this module and can offer assistance here. Nonetheless you could try to contact him - he has contact details on his website (http://www.99lime.com/modules/recurme/).
  22. I'd support @rick's advice. Setup, coding and everything around ProcessWire as eCommerce solution might already be too much effort in time and money just to get things rollin'. I don't know Prestashop but yet Shopify might be an option as well. Low fees, ready made solution with lots of features right out of the box. You and your client could split things - a shop on a subdomain and the marketing buzz on the main-domain powered by ProcessWire.
  23. Just an opinion and the same @Gideon So already said but... this module should be part of ProcessWire by default. It saved me hours today. Literally.
  24. There is an old video around that shows how it could be done. It's the older version of ProcessWire in that video but it would work the same nowadays - just looks a bit different now. In terms of best workflow... it really depends on various factors as @bernhard already mentioned. I wrote about my personal workflow in or with ProcessWire here and here.
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