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  1. That should be illegal. As @dragan said: you should look for a way more solid hosting company for your projects.
  2. Seeing those numbers, stats and graphs your website is either a super-high-traffic one or the service you are paying for is more or less useless. 6+ days uptime, 1.7TB traffic, 5.6m connections - what are the numbers for website traffic, like visitors daily/weekly/monthly? What kind of website is that? Are you able to check the server logs? Maybe there is someone or something pushing your server with fake requests, like scanning for security issues, sub-folders, default paths and such things. If your project receives tons of traffic each and every day plus some peaks now and then - you really should consider switching hosting companies or consider a CDN (Cloudflare, KeyCDN - but be careful with GDPR-compliance). Get your numbers (total traffic and page impressions for the last 12 months, strip it down to a monthly average) and talk to companies like Hetzner or Mittwald. When 50-100k visitors per month on a cheap US hosting for $3/month are possible, your server should be able to handle much more than that.
  3. Sure... tell more about you, your company, your sites, your needs... and there will be plenty of talented ProcessWire developers that like to help you.
  4. Welcome @venkatesham. In case @bernhard's linked profile doesn't work as expected you want to try this one instead: Skyscraper Profile for ProcessWire 3.x
  5. Well... @joshuag isn't that active at the moment but maybe someone else knows a bit more about this module and can offer assistance here. Nonetheless you could try to contact him - he has contact details on his website (http://www.99lime.com/modules/recurme/).
  6. I'd support @rick's advice. Setup, coding and everything around ProcessWire as eCommerce solution might already be too much effort in time and money just to get things rollin'. I don't know Prestashop but yet Shopify might be an option as well. Low fees, ready made solution with lots of features right out of the box. You and your client could split things - a shop on a subdomain and the marketing buzz on the main-domain powered by ProcessWire.
  7. Just an opinion and the same @Gideon So already said but... this module should be part of ProcessWire by default. It saved me hours today. Literally.
  8. There is an old video around that shows how it could be done. It's the older version of ProcessWire in that video but it would work the same nowadays - just looks a bit different now. In terms of best workflow... it really depends on various factors as @bernhard already mentioned. I wrote about my personal workflow in or with ProcessWire here and here.
  9. So there is still another problem with your setup. I understood your post in that kind, that the 500 issue was solved. πŸ˜•
  10. The notification/alert tells you what to do. About 2-3 clicks and it's done. At least it should be done.
  11. I did just that with the DEV version of the Duplicator module. It went super smooth. Install the module (dev version) change some settings create an export download installer and archive upload installer and archive done All you need is a new database and of course access to upload those files.
  12. Thank you @flydev. I somehow missed that road to 1.3.12-ATO but I just installed and tried it again. Backup and reinstall runs buttery smooth. Perfect!
  13. Hey @flydev just tried to backup an almost abandoned project of mine with your Duplicator module. Installation (recent version from the modules directory via PW), setup and initial backup (local folder, no FTP or cloud) worked fine and I was curious about how the installer.php would work and gave it a try. Then at some point it became weird. The installer looked for config.php in a folder that does not exist at that point and path. I repeated everything, moved the files around but there was no config.php anywhere in the backup. Neither the script created one. Am I missing something here or ... changed something somewhere else that doesn't work well with your module? I created a backup of an PW 3.0.132 instance. Both, remote and local, use PHP 7.2.x- This question isn't urgent or anything!
  14. Which version of ProcessWire and PHP are you using? How did you install the module? Is it a clean installation or a running project? Try another browser or private mode. Take a look at site/assets/logs/errors.txt for more details. Enable debug mode in your configs.php. @adrian is it safe to rename or remove Tracy from within the file-system? Btw.: this is the official Tracy Support Thread where this post would have been better. πŸ˜‰
  15. Why in a hook and why saving the image to another field and so on? Why not just checking it in the template and outputting different values for OG/SEO?
  16. Didn't @bernhard write something similar about how to be efficient in creating thousands of pages a few days/weeks back? Those weren' files but at least performance wasn't the problem if I remember correctly.
  17. Try the $user->isLoggedin() option. I don't know enough about session handling in ProcessWire and why this is the way it works in your setup. Which version of ProcessWire are you running? Are there any other broader modifications/custom codes for session or user handling? Did you install any session related modules that may interfere here?
  18. That would be a masterpiece of course! As @szabesz already wrote... sometimes you want to take care of some fixes you need and aren't available at time. Therefore the idea of naming this module PWQuickFixes seems to be pretty accurate.
  19. IMHO... I see your concern and fear here but... this module isn't for the average user as they aren't that deep into the core details of ProcessWire. Mentioning an issue is easy, reporting an issue is work, fixing an issue with this module is art.
  20. Similar background... totally different solution: 2,000 recipients 1 older lady weekly newsletter Nothing worked out good enough. No software, no CMS plugin, no nothing. For a small fee each newsletter she now gets kind of proofreading, formatting and everything her newsletter needs. She writes and sends the newsletter in her mail client (Thunderbird) to me, I copy/paste everything into a plaintext file, format everything, read everything, put it together in Mailchimp and send it out to her recipients. It takes about 20 minutes. Everyone is happy. As it works so well for her, she wants to send more newsletters with more content, more links in the future. Lucky me.
  21. Maybe not related but in the past I always stumbled across two things: code in templates needed a $page->save whenever I changed something in an image field while in a module/hook it wasn't necessary or caused strange errors another thing was that I always had to foreach() through the image field I try to find an old module I built... images were a huge deal in it.
  22. I added $config->sessionExpireSeconds = 120; to my config.php deleted all cookies and sessions (/site/assets/sessions/) opened a private window and logged in waited 2+ minutes clicked a link and was redirected to the login page It works in the backend. How and why there might be a difference in an application or frontend... I don't know. Maybe caching, maybing something that keeps the session alive. Another thing is session()->isLoggedin where did you find that? All I know is $user->isLoggedin(). Maybe you could try: if(!$user()->isLoggedin) session()->redirect(config()->loginUrl);
  23. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ Because you never know when a crocodile shows up in your office! In the last couple of years I went through a lot of keyboards 2x Microsoft Bluetooth Design Keyboards 3x Thinkpad X1 Carbon (2015) keyboards 2x Surface TypeCover 1x Razer Black Chroma Something No coffee, soda, cigarettes, tobacco, fast food, children or crocodiles involved! They just stop working. E, A, S, C, X, V, Esc, Ctrl, Alt... all left/left lower keys. πŸ˜•
  24. Have you cleared all previous cookies and session files? Just to make sure there aren't any "old habits".
  25. Just thinking about it... could this replace all of my custom code snippets in ready.php? If so... this could be way more handy than I thought at first.
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