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  1. Sorry... it was a problem with field access!!
  2. Someone has already asked but... no way for multi-language? I think that multi-language support should be the first thing to take care when developing a new module
  3. Hello I discovered a very strange problem I can not how to solve... I use this $meta_title = $page->meta_title!="" ? $page->meta_title : $page->title; In normal navigation everything work perfectly... but in private mode (incognito), system seems to ignore meta_title and writes the page title. Any idea??
  4. Hello is there a way to generate a different size image via api during the same process of import? product->setOutputFormatting(false); $product->images->add($file_url); $product->save();
  5. sorry... solved :-/
  6. Hi all... i tried and searched (maybe not enough, sorry ) I've got an offer template with a multiple page reference with stores. I would like to get all offers associated with a store. Template: offer store -> page reference (multiple)
  7. Sorry all... found it!!!!!!!!!! I need to activate other languages for any single store! Is there a way to do a massive update?
  8. But strange thing.... the store url, in other languages than default, exists and it works
  9. Hello... I search a lot but no results I've got a simple selector $items = $pages->find("template=store"); I've got result with default language... no results with other languages
  10. Hi @Zeka very easy indeed!!! Thank you very much!
  11. Hi @Zeka thanks, but in this case I think I will find all pages that with template store and repeater_field.hours = 10. I come with an example. These are the fields in my repeater: days hours I'm in the store page and I want to find only hours related to the day, for example friday. The example you provide me is not what I need
  12. Hi I've got a template for a store and I use repeater for opening hours. When I'm on the store page I would like to search inside this repeater to find the hours related to a precise day. Is it possible with selectors?
  13. Hello I wrote a function that read files tree from a folder and rebuild the structure with PW templates. I tested it on a frontend template and it works perfectly. Now I'd like to call this function inside backend by simply clicking on a link on the main menu. How can I achieve this? thanks
  14. I meant, not create, but choose from a list like other attributes. Anyway I solved with class as you wrote.
  15. Hi I'm implementing uikit on a theme. It can be useful (and in my case necessary) the opportunity to add data-attributes to ProcessPageEditLink, with or without values. Example <a href="my-image.jpg" data-uk-lightbox>...</a> <a href="" data-uk-lightbox="{group:'my-group'}">...</a>