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  1. nabo

    Thanks... I see. But I can't understand why this warning
  2. Hello I attached a screenshot of the problem I see in any user edit page
  3. nabo

    Hi when I upload a file via custom file the name is changed. I think that there's a core sanitizer... eliminates spaces, double spaces and replace any strange character with _ What's the rule behind?
  4. Hello I can't get the title in other language than default $type_materials = $fields->get('material_tipology'); foreach ($type_materials->type->getOptions($type_materials) as $type_material) { echo $type_material->title; } this works but I get only default title in every language.
  5. SOLVED case 'FieldtypeFieldsetPage': $rdata = []; $rdata["label"] = $field->$label ? $field->$label : $field->label; foreach ($field->repeaterFields as $i) { $l = wire('fields')->get($i)->$label ? wire('fields')->get($i)->$label : wire('fields')->get($i)->label; $rdata[$l] = $p->$field->get($i); } $pdata[$field->name] = $rdata; break;
  6. Thanks... but, again, this is not problem since I get ALL fields with this foreach foreach ($field->fields as $f) { instead of fields related to fieldsetPage
  7. Thank @elabx but the problem is not there. It's here case 'FieldtypeFieldsetPage': $rdata = []; foreach ($field->fields as $f) { $rdata[$f->name] = $f->get($f->name); } $pdata[$field->name] = $rdata; break;
  8. Hello, this is my code $p = $pages->get("/".$pageId."/"); if($p->id) { $pdata = ["id" => $pageId]; // array for storing page data with added page id $p->of(true); // set output formatting to false before retrieving page data // loop through the page fields and add their names and values to $pdata array foreach($p->template->fieldgroup as $field) { if($field->type instanceof FieldtypeFieldsetOpen) continue; $value = $p->get($field->name); switch ($field->type) { case 'FieldtypeOptions': $pdata[$field->name] = $p->get($field->name)->title; break; case 'FieldtypeFieldsetPage': $rdata = []; foreach ($field->fields as $f) { $rdata[$f->name] = $f->get($f->name); } $pdata[$field->name] = $rdata; break; default: $pdata[$field->name] = $field->type->sleepValue($p, $field, $value); break; } } $response = $pdata; I'm trying to get all fields and values from a FieldtypeFieldsetPage (I think that for a repeater is the same)... but it doesn't work... I got ALL fields with null value
  9. nabo

    Hi Bernhard and thanks for your attention. I used your tip in a bad way... now it works
  10. nabo

    Sorry, maybe I was not too clear... $exhibitions = new PageArray(); foreach ($events as $event) { foreach ($event->event_exhibition as $exhibition) { $exhibitions->append($exhibition); } } $exhibitions->sort("event_first_date"); foreach ($exhibitions as $exhibition) { echo $exhibition->parent->title; } This change $exhibitions->append($exhibition->getForpage()); doesn't work. I think "parent" works for page but not for repeater
  11. Hi $exhibitions = new PageArray(); foreach ($events as $event) { foreach ($event->event_exhibition as $exhibition) { $exhibitions->append($exhibition); } } $exhibitions->sort("event_first_date"); each event use repeaters for exhibitions. I need to print all exhibitions but at the same time I need the title of the event... I tried $exhibition->parent->title.... but it's not working
  12. nabo

    Sorry... it was a problem with field access!!
  13. nabo

    Someone has already asked but... no way for multi-language? I think that multi-language support should be the first thing to take care when developing a new module
  14. nabo

    Hello I discovered a very strange problem I can not how to solve... I use this $meta_title = $page->meta_title!="" ? $page->meta_title : $page->title; In normal navigation everything work perfectly... but in private mode (incognito), system seems to ignore meta_title and writes the page title. Any idea??