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  1. Hi is there a way to avoid file extensions check? I would like to upload any kind of files.
  2. Hi @Mike Rockett I would like to notice you that the php requirements for this module is incorrect. Since you use 338 public function canBeIncluded(Page $page, ?array $options): bool you need php 7.1 at least
  3. Hi @bernhard and thanks. This would work perfectly in a textfield but unfortunately I have these fields inside a Profields: Textareas and Profields: Table. How can I hook them?
  4. Hello quite strange request! I've got two fields (inside a Profields: Textarea and Profields: Table) filled with generated URL. I would lock them but would also like to have the link instead of the flat string. Any idea?
  5. Hello I have a question: is it possible to set email field as unique value field? It's quite strange to me that this is not a feature... or I missed something? 😕
  6. Hello I really don't know if it's the right place... I have a CKeditor Textarea and the text inside is like this <p><strong>something></strong> <em>other</em></p> When I render the text in template the space between strong and em is removed... 🤔 OK.....it is caused by HTML minify :(((
  7. Hi is it normal that if I add two different roles (that have different restricted branch) to a user, when I log in I can see only one branch?
  8. nabo


    Hello this is my script public function recordUserModifications() { $this->addHookBefore('Users::saveReady', function($event) { $page = $event->arguments('page'); $page->setTrackChanges(Wire::trackChangesValues); $page->setTrackChanges(true); $new_changes = $page->getChanges(true); die(var_dump($new_changes)); }); } and this is the result, when I change name and email array(2) { ["name"]=> array(1) { [0]=> NULL } ["email"]=> array(1) { [0]=> NULL } } I expect an associative array containing an array of previous values, indexed by property name, oldest to newest, but it's NULL. Thanks if you have some suggestions
  9. Hello I wrote a module with a hook in page render. The problem is that the hook works also when page are "rendered" in lister. Is it possible to isolate the page render only to the single page view? thanks
  10. I'm trying to understand what are the differences between toggle and select options (with radio input of course) 🤔
  11. Hello I have a page that is called "Uno" in default language (italian) and "One" as English version, and parent is "Servizi" ("Services" in English). I need to get this page using path... so $pages->find('path=/it/servizi/uno') but I think this is equivalent to $pages->find("path=/servizi/uno") the problem is that I want to get this page using the solely the language path because this case always return the page... and it's not what I want $pages->find("path=/it/services/uno") $pages->find("path=/it/servizi/one") $pages->find("path=/en/servizi/one") $pages->find("path=/en/services/uno") is there a way?
  12. Yes... but these settings make sense if they are at field/template level, not page.
  13. Hello I'm working on a project that use PW as backend CMS. PW serves formatted data of each page but the engine simply generates json from pagearray. I would like to set one or more variations on images, so I think it would be useful if there were a field to set possible variations... even with overrides!
  14. nabo

    Find users

    I've tried... but I don't get any results... this is the selector in use: has_parent!=2, _custom="template=user", limit=25, sort=-modified, include=unpublished I also would like to display ProcessPageLister in a custom module $pl = $this->modules->get("ProcessPageLister"); $pl->defaultSelector = "template=3, parent=29, include=all, limit=100, status<9999999, sort=name"; $out = $pl->execute(); return $out; but... this is the result
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