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  1. I would use sort=sort in the selector string here - as you already do. It should work without issues unless you have some sort settings applied in individual templates. Maybe in some other part of your code you mix things up again. That $view->top_categories can't be the whole code. Is that Twig you are using? Are there additional checks or queries?
  2. I use htmx polling for that in a monitoring widget. It's only visible for superusers so that was the easiest way. Don't know if this would actually fit your use case at all.
  3. You did an absolutely amazing job here, @bernhard. Holy... lots and lots of small details and things to consider. Love the write-up/case-study for this project.
  4. I can only agree with that 100%. Right from the start, the Skyscraper profile helped me a lot to understand the basics - from fields to templates, queries, and so on. With the Invoice profile, I'm really starting to realize how much I don't know or use at all. It's so much fun to play with the profile and take it apart. It's absolutely impressive what can be done with just the core. It's insane and genius at the same time. Thank you, Ryan!
  5. They did and I asked for it. For whatever reason. 😄
  6. There is a difference between: field does NOT exist in template field does exist but has NO value You can check a lot with is defined - see here: https://twig.symfony.com/doc/3.x/tests/defined.html {% if page.field is defined %} ... {% endif %} Another thing in TemplateEngineFactory / Twig you can uncheck Strict variables to make life a bit easier. Yet another thing could be your include is out of scope and you might need to include with instead - see here: https://twig.symfony.com/doc/3.x/tags/include.html {% set vars = {'foo': 'bar'} %} {% include 'template.html' with vars %}
  7. This is aweseome news. Great new site, great new collab. I wish you all the best. Congrats, guys! 🍾 Honestly can't wait to see your future projects and the case study for your site.
  8. So... I am everything but a gamer (ok, maybe Sonic on the Raspberry or something like that) but still... I always thought about buying TVs or Presentation Displays (64" 8K+ while super low prices) yet... I always remember something that's telling me: DONT DO IT! But I can't remember THAT THING. Something of refresh rates from input to output and combined with colors. Just asked our new friends from the AI section and I got this: So... I actually guess, based on that, it was the refresh rate. Most TVs only run 30/60hz and back then only a few 120hz. I don't know if this helps but... who knows.
  9. like: {% set noindex = 'via twig' %} or in a noindex field in your template? So... {{ page.noindex }} would look for a field called noindex in your page template and would output it's value. I use TemplateEngineFactory / Twig and it would throw this kind of error message in case the field/value does NOT exist - either in page context or via $view. So the questions is: What kind of field/fieldtype is noindex or is it a value you get from somewhere else? If it was a select/option you might have to look for {{ page.noindex.value }} or maybe {{ page.noindex.label }}. If it was a boolean you would work with your kind of of setup and would just output the value you need. My best guess actually is, that the field/value doesn't exist in page context because either the field is not in that template or you try to render a component/include, which might be out of scope. Can you please tell me a bit more about your setup of fields and templates.
  10. The Snippets module by @teppo is absolutely perfect for this!
  11. There are some videos on YouTube about that aka "TV as PC monitor". Like this one: There are a few things: from input lag, connections, colors, to refresh-rate and even things I didn't even know existed. I don't know if the video above answers all your questions but maybe it gives some more insights - I remember LLT (Linus) made a similar video a while back, but coulnd't find it.
  12. Like a newsticker or newsfeed that updates whenever there is a new post? I will need something of that kind in a project very soon and looked at a solution with HTMX using polling or SSE. While looking into it I stumbled across something an old thread here: Haven't had the time to dig deeper but maybe this is good starting point for you.
  13. I already love this one. Have a nice weekend @ryan.
  14. Before this ends in a yes, no, maybe, only with custom code answer: Give this a good read: https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/how-to-use-url-segments/ URL segments might feel a bit off at first, but at the end it's only a smaller thing in-between. The initial setup can be tricky but going from there it is like working with any other page or template.
  15. That's always surprising for so many. Especially for those that don't do much of this internet stuff. Those pages are solid. Is it correct that you don't use ProCache on those sites? They are pretty fast.
  16. Even though it's completely different it reminds me of my all-time favourite: Infected Mushroom
  17. Hope you had a joyful Christmas season, @ryan and ALL! I wish you, @ryan, your whole family, and of course each and every one of this wonderful community a Happy New Year! I know I wasn't this active in here this year, but be sure I missed and thought about you all the time. Cheers, for an awesome 2024!
  18. 🔥 PW Weekly 501 ❤️ Thank you, @teppo!
  19. In lack of better words, WOW! (just got me my copy of V2 to play around with 😁)
  20. Finally got some time and it looks good to me. File names looking good as well. See here. I couldn't find anything about transparency in logos (besides that all colors will be stripped out at some point) so processwire-original-wordmark.svg seems to be a good fit.
  21. Content-wise... a great update, as I am not that often around here right now. The moment my latest projects are done, or at least in review, or... short before release I will drop you a message as RockPageBuilder sounds interesting. But right before that I have to try RockMigrations and RepeaterMatrix support - as those are spread around so many projects of mine. 😱 Besides that... there is one thing you could look into right now: Screenshot: Thunderbird 115.3.1 (Linux) Readability. It's quite hard to read due to those tight line-heights, and maybe the foreground/background contrast could be smoother. Yet, line-height is an real issue for me here. I wanted to read it, so I did. Otherwise I'd probably just ignored the mail (if it wasn't from you). Oh... and you better send a newsletter the moment your new website is ready!
  22. That's so sad and bad at the same time. 😒 I will do so... I'll let you know on Saturday/Sunday (the day after tomorrow, and the day after that...!
  23. First: define the matching /name/ for each language in your homepage Second: Go to Modules > Core > Languages Support - Page Names > Settings and define the behaviour This way the homepage will redirect to your specified default language /name/ if set. It won't redirect from /nl/ or /es/ back to the default one. In case you want to switch to another language as the default one - take a look here: Change homepage's default language
  24. wbmnfktr


    I have to play with it after all these years. Kinda feels like home. Textile was awesome back then.
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