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  1. A small step to world domination! Love the idea. 😂 So, just updated the file, tested again, added a {bracket} value. No issues. Everything works as expected!
  2. So... I updated to the version you linked in your post. No errors while updating. New module settings page looks great and works as expected so far. I added query paramters just to test them: And got this: Only updated relative links are affected - as far as I can see right now.
  3. Ok, I missed this detail somehow. These additional options are awesome for internal linking - at least in a solid setup.
  4. Are we talking about this? https://support.plex.tv/articles/sonic-analysis-music/ I might want this. Or at least might want to try this. Does PlexPass Sonic only uses local media or is it possible to somehow put Spotify, Deezer, YouTube into it as well?
  5. Another follow-up video: Is anyone here using ProcessWire with React, Vue, Svelte or any other JS framework?
  6. It actually does... just tested it. But you can - as always - actually miss it. The first time ProcessWire notices this, it's a large notification... from then on it's somewhere hidden. The good thing: most of the time this isn't really an issue. Well... yeah, this community is probably one of the best you can find. But to be honest and fair here, not all questions are that easy to solve. Some take a bit more time.
  7. Why don't you put all the posts directly under /campus/ instead? That would result in page/post urls you are looking for. Or do only appear some of those posts under /campus/ once in a while and only there? That would be possible with a URL hook as shown by Ryan in the example. Minor changes necessary of course. Just in case you really want to have some posts under /blog/ AND /campus/ this would result in duplicate content and you would have to fix this with canonical tags. Some more questions just to understand this better: Why do you want to mix different content types (posts, news, ...)? I can get that but why would it then be necessary to change the URLs?
  8. At first it did sound like a namespace issue but the module has a namespace so I threw it in a demo instance: No issues so far. Installed without errors, output is minified. ProcessWire 3.0.210, PHP: 7.4, 8.0, 8.1 @ZAP Can you please check that there is no other copy of that module in place. Maybe with a different folder name or something.
  9. I really enjoy your insights and view on this. Especially with the shown example. 👍 Exactly that. I really enjoyed that video. Even though I really didn't care about his background in first place. The video title was all I needed to watch it.
  10. I don't know if this was discussed already before... so in case you need to check if PrivacyWire is enabled to show/hide things, like a custom cookie-settings button or link. This is how you check if PrivacyWire is enabled: // needs $config->useFunctionsAPI = true; $privacyWireModule = modules()->get('PrivacyWire'); // check if PrivacyWire is active $privacyWireIsActive = $privacyWireModule->is_Active; // down in your template if($privacyWireIsActive) { // do whatever you need }
  11. It's actually about PHP/Laravel as a backend/middle-man solution instead of all these JS/node.js solutions around and the benefits it brings. The main focus, at least in 2 of the 3 videos, is still somewhat how it works with JS-frontends but still a nice change compared to most other topics in that sphere. You might want to watch or at least skip through some of the videos, the last one is fairly short, to get an impression. It's super interesting, not because of the JS stuff, but because of what Laravel offers and what some see as easy setup and solution compared to what they build as a final product (portfolios, blogs, and such more minimal projects).
  12. Just something I stumbled across and noticed the last few days/weeks. More and more Devs (mostly from the JS-sphere) are talking about PHP, and not only about the latest JS framework trends. There is a downside as they are talking about Laravel most of the time, yet it's something I didn't expect.
  13. @ryan That's correct. Those messages appeared right after I upgraded to 3.0.219, coming from 3.0.217. At least that was what I thought yesterday. I just gave it another try starting with a fresh database backup from production, and everything went perfectly fine without any issues going from 3.0.217 to 3.0.219. I really can't remember I ever tried the 3.0.218 in that setup and moved back/down to the 3.0.217 again. That wouldn't make any sense at all. I made a big downgrade to 3.0.165 a while back for testing purposes but that shouldn't result in issues here. This is how it looked this time: I will keep an eye on this as I want to upgrade some more local setups to the latest dev version. And those definitely never ever saw a 3.0.2xx version before.
  14. Just dropped the latest/3.0.219 into a local dev instance and was greeted with this: Besides my gastro modules nothing makes sense here (for me) and I can't find the source of this issue. Unfortunatelly moving back to another version of ProcessWire didn't solve the issue. I had to import an older version of the database as well.
  15. Ok... so I made the move and downgraded everything down to 3.0.165 Still no data loss. Which is fine for me, yet... nothing that help's you a bit. Is there something special in your setup?
  16. I use this with/on all major or high profile projects that handle lots of data to create a backup each and every time soneone logs into the site. The space is available. And if not... log in every 4 week to delete a few backups.
  17. Tested in a local 3.0.217 without any data loss with the same behaviour I remember before when renaming a field. If you want, I could downgrade to your version (whatever it is) and go from there. It's local and I could take a look.
  18. So... since there was lot's of feedback to 90s music... maybe you all want (and probably should!!!) to look up: https://www.youtube.com/@dj_jambor/videos So much and many awesome mixes and remixes.... for 90s, 2000s, and many more. András Jámbor has so many awesome mixes I couldn't even list here. I just love it... there is no need for me to create my very personal playlist of any kind as this already exists. Please follow András Jámbor and his channel. It's such a good and pleasant place to listen to awesome music. Follow him! No shout out needed.
  19. As @MarkEsaid... set the default date to today in the settings. Don't be too flexible with clients, otherwise they enter things like "every third sunday after easter but only in leap years that end with 9" or something. Think about sane defaults a client can choose from. Similar to the ones provided by LazyCron.
  20. Somehow this error sounds like a "We updated your host to PHP 8.1 from 7.x without asking you"-problem. Can you please check which PHP version is running on your instance.
  21. What about the core module Page Path History? It takes care of page URLs in case they change and redirect from old to new URLs. ProcessWire is quite good at managing old URLs, at least for those created in your ProcessWire instance. In case of a migration it's something totally different. There is even a managing area under the settings tab in each page. There would be no real need to add redirects anymore. Unless you want to use something that never existed before.
  22. I receive the markup but couldn't access any data somehow. Using $rockfrontend every time wouldn't save me that much time so I tried using it the .latte way. This did the trick. Thanks for this hint!
  23. Can someone please give me a hint on how to use RockFrontend with Latte and combination with RepeaterMatrix? I just can't find a way to show the content of my blocks (RepeaterMatrix types). {* home.latte *} <ul n:if="$page->blocks"> {foreach $page->blocks as $block} <li> {include '../blocks/' . $block->type . '.latte'} </li> {/foreach} </ul> {* oneOfTheBlocks.latte *} <div> {* NOPE *} {$block->headline} </div> <div> {* NOPE *} {$page->headline} </div>
  24. What exactly does this mean? In case this means "5 people updating pages and the host goes down"... yeah you really should look for a more reliable host. In case this means "we have 50-100 users visiting the site to look up the news"... you might want to look into optimizing the page or invest in ProCache. Can you give us a number (ballpark ranges are fine) of visitors and page impression we talk about here? Low traffic can mean everything between 100/month to 50k/month.
  25. Just stumbled over this... https://www.slant.co/topics/5409/~php-cms
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