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  1. You shall not distrohop! 😉 Fingers crossed for the next time.
  2. Does that machine still exist? Tried using another git client another OS?
  3. Short update: I dumped a new database copy into my setup and by now it looks like it's working 99% of the time. The errors I see now are in the templates only. As far as I can tell there was something wrong with the admin user or the guest role in my previous try. At least the guest role didn't show up (as additional role) in it's profile and I wasn't able to set or remove it.
  4. Looks like there is something wrong with your entire encoding. At least this looks like missing UTF-8 support. Did you move the folder, upgraded the webserver, changed the PHP version or something of that kind?
  5. What exact consent do you want to save/document/store? Cookie banner? Newsletter signup/opt-in/double-opt-in? Marketing / Re-Targeting opt-in? I'm not a lawyer by any means so I don't want you to follow my approach but this is the way I do it and my legal advisors don't scream in total panic when I tell them about it. Cookie banner Client side cookie (simple true/false) if true: cookies were set and the banner doesn't pop up again if false: no cookies at all (besides session cookies) cookie banner pops up every time Newsletter most of the time I use Mailchimp as I have a GDPR/DPA contract with them to handle everything - they store and document all opt-ins and opt-outs and are responsible for it. Users have to tick up to two checkboxes in order to signup for the newsletter - the first a common privacy checkbox, the second is a detailed explanation that the newsletter is handled by a third party. I will receive a sign-up notification via email I can archive, print or whatever. Related database entries will be deleted a few days later. Mailchimp uses double-opt-in in all cases and documents these. Unconfirmed signups will be deleted once a week. Marketing / Re-Targeting I stopped using it as my marketing budget isn't that high to pay even more lawyers. 😉
  6. It's not my site or a project I did work on in the past... so some details aren't available at the moment. But I'll get those soon. The database backup was done via Site Profile Exporter - I will try a real mysql dump soon and will see if this helps. There are no stuck sessions around, caches look fine in all areas. I played already with custom .sql files but this doesn't get the job done either. Log files don't tell anythings special beside that error mentioned above. I guess there is something broken with the database backup or a settings that doesn't play well in my environment. I will try to match all settings to the previous setup. That is good idea I haven't thought about, yet. Thanks for pushing my thoughts in new directions!
  7. Running into this issue right now with a quite large site I look into for performance reasons. Installation was quite tricky with a 420 MB database, lots of template, fields and even more pages. Anyone any idea how to fix this or where to look first?
  8. Just threw some wallpapers at it and... well... really like the result so far. Great tip!
  9. wbmnfktr


    There is still Theme Forest and some other good commercial sites. In case of commercial themes you have to read through the license agreements carefully if you plan to provide the site profile afterwards or in case of free themes you want to ask the creator first.
  10. Can't wait to get my hands dirty with the upcoming FormBuilder v40. But there is one thing I'm asking myself now: How about saving those re-used forms into pages? Will there be still the need for all kinds of fields for templates?
  11. Those are? It's in the cookie. Saving it server-side would open even more gates therefore some solutions are not GDPR-safe as they save it on their servers. Where is that quote from? By now I have a solution on some of my personal projects that are approved by lawyers to be GDPR-safe and those could collect tons of data... just by one cookie and one click. I paid lots of money to be safe ... so your sources would be really nice as I could get some money back - maybe.
  12. After each session? I really doubt it but where did you get this info? Didn't find that session thing on eRecht24, WBS, JanoLaw and others. I source for that would be awesome! If that's the case some parts of the module/script need some changes to reduce cookie lifetime. Right now the cookies live quite a long time - as the user opted-in or out.
  13. So... I installed it and... maybe @ryan wants to take a closer look at it. I don't know if this is correct in any way. Maybe it's both at the same time... somehow. Don't know.
  14. That module is listed in every ProcessWire installation. Screenshot below is from an instance I installed a few days ago. So... I guess they don't ship Pro modules with it.
  15. Well... actually... that theme is based on ProcessWire and comes with a full site profile so the question wasn't that wrong here. They say: Quick install in less than 5 minutes (Using Processwire wizard) Powerfull admin panel (Processwire) that makes sense for both the developer & client Helpful documentation + Processwire documentation That's the first commercial ProcessWire theme or profile I have seen in the wild.
  16. If you have Site Profile Exporter installed I'd create an export next weekend.
  17. Don't know anything about them - at least I can't remember it. That's far from best practice - I would try another solution here. Sure... would be nice to tinker with it but it's hard to tell what to do first without any insight. Is there a repository or profile export I could checkout or even install locally?
  18. You might want to consider Cloudflare as a CDN and kind of protection layer for your site. They block spammy requests, cache what's possible and can give some control over what's happening. But please read through the GDPR things before. Maybe it's time to clean up the site a bit in order to have a much smaller footprint in terms of server connections, memory usage and page sizes. What kind of hosting is this? Are they reliable?
  19. I like the 2 months free at skillshare deals way more. This offer feels already a bit off right from the start. Don't know why.
  20. Your database doesn't respond (in time) aka is down. Saw this quite often in uncached projects on cheap hosting plans. Why? Maybe too many open sessions or a too many requests in very short period of time. Look into /site/assets/sessions. If that folder if full with files it might be the cause of this issue.
  21. Maybe you will find something in the logs /site/assets/logs.
  22. Have you tried removing $p->of(false) ? Otherwise have a look here: https://processwire.com/docs/fields/repeaters/ Repeater fields need to be initialized in order to accept a new item. At least it was necessary in the past. Maybe that's the case why it doesn't work. $building = $page->buildings->getNew(); // initialize - the important part $building->title = 'One Atlantic Center'; $building->feet_high = 880; $building->num_floors = 50; $building->year_built = 1997; $building->save(); $page->buildings->add($building); $page->save();
  23. Some details were written down here: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.139/#new-toggle-field This is some kind of feature you have to use, need or want to fully understand this fieldtype. I actually love to have such a field - but haven't played with it yet unfortunately - as it will probably save me tons of time and make things easier in the future. I will use it for conditional settings in my templates - I guess. At least I needed this kind of possibility in the past and now it's here.
  24. wbmnfktr


    Heads up: SeoMaestro and ProcessWire 3.0.139 (DEV) don't like each other. Just ran into this issue - luckily in a local testing environment - while creating/editing a SeoMaestro field. Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function prepend() on null in /home/alexander/www/ssw.test/wire/core/Fields.php:1066 Stack trace: #0 /home/alexander/www/ssw.test/wire/modules/Process/ProcessField/ProcessField.module(1412): ProcessWire\Fields->getCompatibleFieldtypes(Object(ProcessWire\Field)) #1 /home/alexander/www/ssw.test/wire/core/Wire.php(380): ProcessWire\ProcessField->___buildEditFormBasics() #2 /home/alexander/www/ssw.test/wire/core/WireHooks.php(813): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___buildEditFor...', Array) #3 /home/alexander/www/ssw.test/wire/core/Wire.php(442): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\ProcessField), 'buildEditFormBa...', Array) #4 /home/alexander/www/ssw.test/wire/modules/Process/ProcessField/ProcessField.module(1020): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('buildEditFormBa...', Array) #5 /home/alexander/www/ssw.test/wire/core/Wire.php(380): ProcessWire\ProcessField->___buildEditForm() #6 /home/alexander/www/ssw.test/wire/core/WireHooks.php(813): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___bui (Zeile 1066 in /home/alexander/www/ssw.test/wire/core/Fields.php) Diese Fehlermeldung wurde angezeigt wegen: Sie sind als Superuser angemeldet. Fehler wurde protokolliert. Update: 3.0.140 same behaviour
  25. Never felt comfortable with CSS naming conventions like BEM... I tried a lot but never really used it from start to finish. My variable and/or class names are a wild, weird and colorful mix of everything. 😂 And I'm even guilty for things similar to this: .yet--another--color--change--experiment--123 {...} .the__client--asked__for--it {...} It's like eating healthy. I know how it's done but... 👼
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