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  1. Looks like bogus to me. Get those once in a while as well. I have Git running on most instances. So I can easily check any file changes. Oh... and when someone wants Cr*pto... always check if the exchange rate does make any sense.
  2. Welcome to my world... kind of. My main hoster and most other setups I know handle log file rotation by default - so files don't grow that large and older log files will be deleted after either a few weeks/months or in case there are too many files in the folder. Can't remember the tool you use but it should have something like this as well. I remember Webmin had something back in the days. In bigger projects and when the client wants me to take care of most of the things I check the log files at least weekly - or when using a CDN - monthly and then dig through error-logs.
  3. In case none of you have a nice little hook for adding a label to non-pw/non-core/non-ryan modules at hand, I'd like to suggest and discuss such a feature to mark modules by explicitly with either ProcessWire / @ryan or 3rd Party Module. Both for core and additional modules by Ryan in first place. The same for 3rd party/community modules. Reasons #1: Clients look into the modules section, see a huge list of modules, yet they were assured NO 3rd party modules were used. 😲 Doesn't feel right for the client, even though it might be totally fine. Hard to explain to someone that does only understands what he/she sees. There might be more very good reasons but this was my quite big annoying F**K UP last week. Any thoughts, ideas, or hooks?
  4. Just pushed the 2023-04-08 update: ⚒️ Features Search: Added a first version (proof-of-concept) of the recipe search. #6 Prev/Next Links: Added previous/next links on the recipe pages to for faster navigation around recipes. #7 🐛 Bugfixes Twitter Meta/Social Tags #4 Internal links, SEO tags and assets #5 🍕 Misc changes Added: Transparency Report Added: Advertisement Added: Community projects Updated: About, Changelog Listing only 5 recent recipes on homepage, makes it a bit faster Enabled Table of contens on pages where necessary More in the Changelog.
  5. ProcessWire doesn't care what the folder is called it lives in. I could be just /var/www/ or /public_html/ or /home/user/_client/domain.tld/. There are a few things you really need to take care of: $config->httpHosts $config->db* and the whole database setup of course file/folder permissions https://processwire.com/docs/security/file-permissions/ take care of all .htaccess files, especially in the root You could just move all files by hand or use either ProcessExportProfile or Duplicator. Some even just use Git to move a ProcessWire instance around. It get's a bit more complicated in case you want to run ProcessWire inside a subfolder of another project. But there are different threads about this here in the forum.
  6. I had to give it another spin/try. Reasons to convince a developer or web design agency: Reasons to convince a client:
  7. How do you sync this whole setup over to a new machine? The built-in sync or do you reinstall each and everything on another machine?
  8. Is this related to this? https://processwire.com/talk/topic/22847-processwire-dashboard/?do=findComment&comment=232002
  9. Ok, I misread the part in the docs. Page List isn't working as I read that. I use collections for this/a similar use case. // https://daun.github.io/processwire-dashboard/#/panels/collection $panel->add([ 'panel' => 'collection', 'title' => 'Newsletters', 'data' => [ 'collection' => 'template=newsletter, checkbox_sent=0', 'sortable' => true, 'columns' => [ 'title' => 'Subject', // 'url' => 'URL', // 'modified' => 'Modified', ], ], ]);
  10. RestApi Jumplinks These are the only modules that take care of or interfere with your URLs - at least I know this for sure with these two. What I would do now is this: Check the Access settings in the template Check the 404 monitor in Jumplinks to see if the 404 exception actually exists/gets caught. Check for existing jumplinks in Jumplinks for that URL. Check that specific page you are testing with for entries in the settings tab under What other URLs redirect to this page? Check if PagePageHistory module is installed, which is needed for the previous point Check redirects in .htaccess. Check if the RestApi module is involved here and double check that setup. Check the settings in the Languages Support - Page Names module Check if there is something in _init.php, init.php, ready.php and maybe even config.php. Or search any of your templates for: $session->redirect and redirect Redirects don't happen that random that's why I am bit confused for this one.
  11. Which version of ProcessWire are you using? Which modules do you use? Is the 404 page working at all? Does the template exist? Is there a redirect defined in the template? Is it the original 404 page, with ID 27? Is there something special with this setup? URL segments? Any hooks? Multisite? Multilanguage (I guess)?
  12. You can use a selector and hide the parent... https://daun.github.io/processwire-dashboard/#/panels/page-list?id=options
  13. While learning ProcessWire you will burn through a lot of test and demo sites. Or at least I did. And it was fun. Just start building something you already know the structure of. Like a blog, music collection or movie review type of site. Those data structures are relatively easy so it's a good starting point in my opinion. You will get things wrong at the beginning or will find better solutions later on. Enjoy the process. I rarely use HTML-comments in my PHP files so there is nothing I had to change. There are two awesome plugins preservim/nerdcommenter and tpope/vim-commentary - maybe those have some settings available to master this part. Yet I support @flydev's recommendation of using VS Code could be a better option right now. You have way easier access to everything and always see where you are, where you might need to go, and yes... the whole structure. Way more important are extensions. That's way easier in VS Code than in VIM. Maybe not better but faster. The moment you know all necessary files, where they are, which names they have, which names and files might be in several places or are similar (init.php and _init.php for example) switch back to VIM if you like. FZF or Telescope are way faster and more reliable than VS Code's Ctrl+P feature. With NVIM's LSP setup and some configs it could probably outsmart VS Code extensions as well.
  14. So... there are more videos in german available. I recently found these from @hheyne. https://www.youtube.com/@henningheyne/videos They will help a lot to get into the topic of ProcessWire even more. The easiest way to get a basic understanding of PHP - at least in my opinion and for a good start with ProcessWire - the official tutorials are really good at this. They tell you how to work with ProcessWire and the absolute basics you need. You can achieve a lot with just that. Maybe not an eCommerce/shop system or similar, but a blog, portfolio, and such are absolutely possible. Maybe look into the existing site profiles to see how others do things. There are some interesting ones there. https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/ https://processwire.com/modules/category/site-profile/ You really should play with these and give them a try. In terms of all the frontend stuff... that's a bit harder. Even though Bootstrap and UIKIT are nice frameworks, you should know at least the basics of HTML and CSS. Which brings us back to the beginning unfortunately. The way I learned most of the stuff was by playing with existing themes and templates - that's decades ago. There are tons of free themes/templates out there you could deconstruct. https://styleshout.com/ https://html5up.net There are good tutorials from Kevin Powell, WebDevSimplified, developedbyed, and many more on YouTube. Maybe give them a try.
  15. I have no solution at hand but can confirm that this module has some issues with PHP 8.x.
  16. The Prepros live server is not capable of handling ProcessWire, just plain HTML/CSS/JS files. So using DDEV is probably one of the easiest ways to get started. On Windows Laragon would be a great choice as well. Especially as the installation is almost only one click. But you got that part already... the last thing I can say: Have fun and enjoy ProcessWire! Nowadays I use DDEV as well. While the setup is a bit complicated at first, you get used to it after the second or third time installing everything. And it's way fast and easier to manage all those different version of everything and spinning up a new project is super fast!
  17. Do you use the on-demand file download (https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.137/#on-demand-mirroring-of-remote-web-server-files-to-your-dev-environment)? If so... disable it. It's perfectly fine within a running setup but once in a while it's not working as expected.
  18. Imagine why Microsoft's BING AI is in some parts way better than anything else? Hint: Github Absolutely everything in terms of code is in Microsoft's hands right now. No matter that... there are more ethical questions in regards to this. What's allowed and what not. On the other hand, there are already models that found possible cures for lots of illnesses, more critical things in terms of society and such, some are already in real-life studies, like some possible cancer cures and even old Nicola Tesla patents and whatnot. I hope and wish people want unopinionated and unbiased models. Otherswise the echo chambers just became million times bigger than already. BUT... noone can say which model/AI is really that neutral. So... yeah. In terms of writings and suggestions... GPT4 is already quite good as this. Feed it your last 10+ books you read and you will get awesome results. Depending on your input and your prompt... you might be impressed. You can. I tried it with Inferno (Dante, not Dan Brown) and some other similar books. You could ask whatever you want. Just ask with some optimized prompts. Maybe even try DAN prompts or use extensions to allow internet access. 🤯 There is so much going on right now. If you are interested in models and specialiced prompts... follow Brian Rommele on Twitter. He has some interesting prompts that show you how to "manage" the deeper level https://twitter.com/BrianRoemmele Just tried to find a bookmark of someone that trained GPT on a local Raspberry Pi for his needs. There are already so many solutions out there. Most of the things we experience right now... are 6+ months old already and were just made public to us. Or how could so many companies, services and even single person offer such incredible tools within weeks? BING AI, Canva AI, Mozilla AI, Brave AI... and... much... more...
  19. Just took a moment to play a bit more with ChatGPT (v3.5) and built a simple module with it. While it was pretty easy, ChatGPT needs a lot of assistance to make things work out as expected. Adding the Processwire namespace? Nope. Taking care of user input and sanitizing? Nope. But that's totally fine for me. It took about 30-40 minutes from start to published on Github. See: TextformatterAsciiEmoji The README.md was also written by ChatGPT.
  20. Are you using multiple textformatters on that field? If so... try adding the VideoEmbed formatter either to the top or bottom. Is the video you try to embed public and listed or maybe age restricted? In such cases as unpublished, hidden, restricted it might not work. Finally make sure the url is in its very own paragraph. <p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2eIIthzqFo</p> This won't work <p>This video<br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2eIIthzqFo</p>
  21. FYI So... this might be another hiccup or something but... after a few hours I tried to generate more content, yet... that was my feedback. Tried it a few few times. Like a warm-up for API, yet no success. The key I used (double checked), was my most recent key I created, which worked just a few hours ago in several tries successfully. Limits/Usage was all green (aka: totally fine). $120/month (with $0,00 in my account) - so that shouldn't be the problem, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I created another new API key... and tried again... and it worked out as planned. Can't say more about what this was or what might have happened here. Just as a feedback.
  22. Ok... now we are talking! Adding billing details is necessary and creating a new API key afterwards probably as well. Did both and everything is up and running. Just did a small test and generated a full article just by giving a topic and a predefined action in the settings. Love it! Additional note: just switched back to my primary account, created a new API key there and it works there as well.
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