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  1. @AndZyk I completely second what you're saying. What's most appealing with ProcessWire is (was?) its independency of third party assets...
  2. I fully agree.
  3. Good hint. I didn't know it - that is, I don't know nothing about URL segments. (So shouldn't give any advices... sorry!)
  4. You're right. Bad idea.
  5. A workaround - though not really pretty - could be: Assign a new template to the page "Actual home" using this template file (say) redirfirstchild.php: <?php namespace Processwire; if($page->numChildren) $session->redirect($page->child()->url); That would redirect a request of the "Actual home" to the "New home" page. Downside of this: The URL would become something like "" (whatever pagenames you use). To suppress the "actualhome/" part, you perhaps could use URL segments (I don't have any experience with them). Edit: And you'd keep the "Actual home" page in the tree (content removed, of course).
  6. I have no answer to your question, but would like to mention that using flags as language indicators is not the best idea: why-flags-do-not-represent-language
  7. Create a Hanna Code named cyan of Type PHP with an attribute text and the following code: <?php echo "<h3 class='cyan'>$text</h3>"; ?> Then the call would be [[cyan text='This is cyan text']]
  8. Salve franciccio-ITALIANO, maybe you're looking for something like this: (Or google for "processwire maintenance mode".)
  9. The homepage is now displaying correctly 3.0.62, but not so the Download page Why not leave out the version numbers on the buttons, just saying "The newest master version of ProcessWire" etc.? And adding a link to Release Notes for more details...
  10. When there is the need to check a new participant if he matches one of the ones enrolled previously, I think you can't avoid having an identifier for every participant. Edit: Assuming every participant is a page (the PW way ), the page's ID would be the natural unique identifer for your purpose.
  11. Why not give the Page 1.1 a modified template with the Family setting "May pages using this template have children?" set to "No"?
  12. Using PW 3.0.41, I made a successful upgrade of AOS from v0.1.5 to v1.4.3 via the backend; but the module's settings page continues showing v0.1.5. (Clearing the compiled files and refreshing doesn't help.) Edit: Logging out and in again helped.