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  1. Hi PhotoWebMax, this could be just a cache issue, I presume. BTW, there are quite a few former MODX users in this community (like me and you - I remember your contributions in their forums years ago - , and of course kongondo and others. What I'd like to say: Don't let you get discouraged in using PW just because of some fiddling issues with a gallery script which will be solved and have nothing to do with PW. Having found PW several years ago I quit using MODX from one day to the other and never looked back. Good luck!
  2. ottogal

    Nope: That doesn't help since you are finding the tasks, not the projects. So instead of creating a new PageArray you better create a normal PHP array $matching_project_IDs and add the IDs of the matching projects: $matching_project_IDs[] = $task->parent->parent->parent->id;
  3. ottogal

    If you have really many projects, to avoid loading them all into memory you should use findMany() instead of find().
  4. ottogal

    Given your Page Tree structure, the following should be possible - assuming the Tasks have a common task_template with the field assigned_to_user: $matching_tasks = Spages->find("template=task_template, assigned_to_user=user1"); Smatching_projects = new PageArray(); foreach ($matching_tasks as $task) { $matching_projects->add($task->parent->parent->parent); };
  5. Have a look also to the section on Sub-selectors in that doc. So this should do it: $matches = $pages->find("template=group, children=[my_int_field=0]"); And for the other case: $groups = $pages->find("template=task,parent=[closed=0]");
  6. In the API Reference:
  7. Just guessing: The second scenario should be possible with $matches = $pages->find("template=group, children('my_int_field=0')"); And the first one (even more guessing) with $groups = $pages->find("template=task,parent().closed=0"); or $groups = $pages->find("template=task,parent()->closed=0"); Or, more likely: $groups = $pages->find("template=task,parent(closed=0)"); Not sure at all. (Couldn't test it by myself.)
  8. ottogal

    About the distinction between a template and its fieldgroup you can read in the API Documentation: See the last section "Using Templates and Fields from the API" from
  9. ottogal

    Looking into the Dev Tools: The CSS rules for #topnav say position:absolute for some screen witdths and position:static for others. The breakpoints are defined by min-width or max-width, a bit confusing... Best would be to have always #topnav{position:static}.
  10. ottogal

    In my case it's independent of the scaling factor: the same at all zoom levels. So that seems to be a real problem of Fx...
  11. Using the newest version 60.0.1 (64-Bit) of Firefox (and already in preceding versions) I get the menu rendered wrongly (see first attached screenshot - Windows 10 on a 1920x1080 screen). So the item Modules (or Forums) is not accessible, a click would activate the search input field. With the Developer Edition of Firefox all is fine (second screenshot). Can someone confirm this observation?
  12. Your pessimistic impression of programming help forums is explicable just because it's your very first post in this community. Stay here, and you will soon have lost your prejudice...
  13. ottogal

    Uups - I should have known I missed something obvious: I forgot to click the move button before dragging... Stupid me. Thanks for the eye opening gif!
  14. ottogal

    Hi all, already since several version upgrades there is no longer the option to trash a page by dragging and dropping it onto the Trash page. But when you open the Trash you always see the (now erraneous) hint:
  15. ottogal

    @tpr Thank you for looking into it. It's not such a big issue to waste time on it.