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  1. @evanmcd You're right, of course - sorry for my stupid intervention.
  2. There is a great tutorial by @kongondo that might be helpful for situations like yours:
  3. Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  4. @evanmcd You say So it seems you get the head tag twice.
  5. Yes, I considered this. But indeed each video has to be fetched from it's own page (child of one page "video pool")...
  6. Thank you, @Robin S, for this nice module. But I'm not sure I can use it for my special case. To let my editor user embed a video from a internal page into a textarea (CKE), he would insert a HannaCode like this: [[video source='LINK']] Here the editor has to doubleclick the string LINK to select it, and click the "Link" Button of the CKE. The modal window "Insert Link" opens, and the user just needs to click "Select Page" to choose the page containing the wanted video in a field of type File. The HannaCode "video" itself would wrap the file data with the necessary code provided by the videoplayer script in use. This all works fine - even if I admit it's not very elegant. After installing the HannaCodeDialog module, the string LINK appeares in the input field "source" of the dialog, of course. But there it's not possible to evoke the Insert Link action of the CKE. (And if there exist already some other calls of this HannaCode in the CKE-textarea, they also would become the functinoality of the module, and those LINKs were not editable anymore, too.) So I ended in uninstalling the module. May be this could be solved by using some dynamic options - I didn't dive into these yet. And of course, very likely my way to use HannaCode at all is a bit stupid, anyway...
  7. I fear it's not that simple.
  8. The person who marked this as CON did not understand Processwire...
  9. No need for excuses, adrian - it's fine to see different options. I'm not a Tracy user up to now, but might get it soon...
  10. As superadmin I often use some tiny HannaCode for testing purposes. To avoid any irritation I would like to hide them from the list of available HannaCodes seen by editor users when they right-click in the CKEditor field. Is there a way to achieve this?
  11. Sorry, posted in the wrong thread. Sorry again, it was the right place. Because you referred to it in the following post, I try to redescribe what I proposed: Use a variable $my_path = $path_template . "/myAppDirectory"; and modify the code to echo $my_path . "/js/createjs-2015.11.26.min.js"; Sorry that it was not helpful - and to all for the confusion!
  12. Dear all, I want to apologize for my harsh comment which was a spontaneous reaction and not well thought-out. I highly appreciate the spirit of this friendly community and didn't want to hurt anybody. Those of you who have read more of my posts know that usually I try to be constructive and not a troll. Best wishes ottogal
  13. Are you joking?
  14. To be more explicit: See this codepen.
  15. Hi VirtuallyCreative, instead of $homepage = $pages->get('/'); foreach($homepage->and($homepage->children) as $child) { you might try this $homepage = $pages->get("/"); $children = $homepage->children; $children->prepend($homepage); foreach($children as $child) { (Found in this thread.)