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  1. In your CSS you have .uk-container { display: flow-root; box-sizing: content-box; max-width: 1200px; /* <<<< */ } That's the culprit.
  2. I'd try findOne() instead of find().
  3. A really great write-up! Should find its way into the Showcase...!
  4. On that page it says Suche nach "festival für freunde" It might be a case issue. Usually a search term in double quotes is case sensitive.
  5. You could have scrolled to the very bottom of any page in this forum... 😀
  6. Hi @Gary, before choosing any of the countless slider scripts out there consider reading Heydon Pickering on inclusive design of sliders: A Content Slider (For sure not easy if you are a beginner...) Kind regards ottogal
  7. Salve, @franciccio-ITALIANO I think you don't need several templates. Just create one template and add the two fields (of type Textarea). Then for each FAQ you create a page that is using this template.
  8. Hi, wouldn't you want to calculate the $diff with the unformatted timestamps and just output the result in 'Y' Format? (Or I misunderstand the use case.)
  9. As far as I know in PHP a quotient of integers with a non-integer value is treated as float. So I'd try to cast the $percent value: $percent = (int) $percent; or $percent = intval($goalNum / $raisedNum);
  10. Hi John W., hoping not to misunderstand your data structure: I'm sure that the Drs. are not in the Gifts businesss, and Mary's Flower shop ist not involved in physicians' tasks. So the hierarchy of your categories should be just like your wanted output (see the attached image). Then the individuals (Dr. Adams, Dr. Smith, Mary's Flower Shop) need only to have a reference field to the Secondary Categories - not to the Primary Categories. (Since Mental Health is a subcategory of Physicians, Dr. Smith automatically is categorized as Physician...)
  11. Saying "consider" and "should not", I tried to give advice - of course there is no "must not"... I'm aware that many and big players don't care, or see some benefits in their way to handle this. They ignore the arguments against it, and that is bad.
  12. Please consider that flags should not be used to distinguish languages! See the notes here, visit the links:
  13. Maybe this would do it: https://www.zeitverschiebung.net/en/city/2192362
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