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  1. ottogal

    @adrian Thank you for your concern. All five points are valid arguments, I support them all. And thank you even more for your steady effort to improve this valuable tool!
  2. ottogal

    @ryan Kudos for the launch! What a progress! Some hints: 1. You might edit the starting post of this thread and link to the life site now. 2. The issue with the cut off dropdown remains (screenshot Firefox on Win 10): 3. I second the use of the wordmark logo instead of having ProcessWire in the site's font. (Even if I find the wire part of the wordmark a bit unfortunate, typographically.)
  3. Very interesting sites, thank you!
  4. ottogal

    For me (on Win 10, Firefox) Segoe UI looks good. Of the Typekit fonts I'd prefer benton-sans too. There's a typo in the link to the Krub version above: should read
  5. ottogal

    A direct comparison shows that typographically Kurb is way better than Barlow. Sigh.
  6. ottogal

    An observation: The title of the newsite homepage is An open source CMS with a powerful API: ProcessWire CMS while it was ProcessWire CMS: An open source CMS with a powerful API before. Given that bookmark lists are using the titles (which often get truncated) the latter version should be kept.
  7. ottogal

    Just stumbled over the fact that using this color attribute in the URL makes some links not working anymore. Examples: 1. On the page, clicking the submenu item Selector fields results in this bad URL: 2. On the page, clicking the submenu item About hooks results in this bad URL:
  8. ottogal

    Really overwhelmed by the incredible efforts by you, @ryan, and the community! Many thanks! My two cents on colors and contrast: Making the blue background darker would increase the readability of the white text on it (and of the h3/h4 headlines on white) - and it would reduce the irritation on totally blue pages like the blog. I'd propose And, please: Make the body color darker, say #333333. Reading text with too low contrast ist very tiring. Two more remarks: I like the font "Krub" - it's looking fresh and modern, like PW is - whereas the font "Work" looks oldfashioned to me. But of course, if a font is not rendered well on some platforms, it's not an option. I'm not sure you should show an image of the iMac (despite the pride owning one...). At least I would remove the foot of it, so it's brand is a bit less obvious. Again: Thanks and compliments!
  9. ottogal

    Thank you @kongondo for this information. That shows the exemplary security awareness of @ryan in all his work! One of the reasons that makes us glad using PW...
  10. ottogal

    @bernhard You're right, my comment really sounds a bit weird, and I apologize for that. (I became aware of that soon after having posted.) Of course, if someone uses a flag to indicate the German language, it's not "wrong" to take the Austrian one and not the German one - both are equally suitable for this purpose, or unsuitable. Just because of a possible ambiguity of this kind they both are unsuitable - that's the point of my remark. I also apologize to @Gadgetto: My intention was not to criticize, but to give some well-meant advice.
  11. ottogal containing a link to containing a link to Please take these concerns earnest.
  12. ottogal

    Hi Gadgetto, two remarks: (1) Your very first animated GIF shows the wrong flag for Germany: It's the flag of Austria - a German speaking country, that's true. This is a great example for the following insight: (2) It is not the right way to distinguish languages by flags! There are some threads here in the forum where this question is discussed. When I find some link, I'll share it.
  13. ottogal

    Thank you for the clarification. Shouldn't that response be replaced by a less irritating message?