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  1. Hi all, something new in that context?
  2. Ok, it worked ... till the moment when I (as Superuser) wanted to add a new User. I got the "Fatal Error: Call to a member function attr() on null" in this line of the hook: $title->attr('autocomplete', 'off'); As a workaround I replaced it with if ($title) { $title->attr('autocomplete', 'off'); }; That helped - but I feel unsecure if there's something bad still left. Obviously it's just because the user template doesn't have a title field...
  3. Thank you so much, @MoritzLost, that worked - and I've learned again something...
  4. Hi all,when an editor in the admin adds a new page and clicks the title input field, a drop down list would open to offer the formerly used titles. How can I prevent this? (It seems to confuse my editors somehow.) Thank you.
  5. If you opt for using @Macrura's InputfieldSelectize https://modules.processwire.com/modules/inputfield-selectize/ then just follow the steps under "Usage":
  6. You don't want to edit anything in the core - you would loose the modifications with the upgrade to a newer PW version...
  7. You could try $parent_title = $page->parent->title; $items = $pages->find('template=items-ordered,supplier=$parent_title');
  8. Stupid me - just didn't have that idea... Thank you, Zeka!
  9. Hi all, I'm using the Custom fields for files/images introduced in PW 3.0.142. In the Editor, the only way to see that the image has custom fields is to hover on the thumbnail to reveal the Edit link. I have a special "editor" role for some user. When he opens the page for editing, I would like the custom fields of that image already be open and ready for being edited. Most likely I'm missing somethimg obvious - but how can I make this happen? Thank you ottogal
  10. Hi Aleksey, one way to add a new article page would be: Open any existing article for editing and save it with the option "Save + Add New". The new page will automatically get the same template like the sibling one getting saved. But if there's no need for more than a few different categories, why not use an own template for each category? (And make benefit of the family settings). Good luck ottogal
  11. Hi all, working with the regular site profile: Doing a front end search, a results page would be opened, using the template "search". Instead, I'd like to let pop up a modal showing the results. What is the way to achieve this? Thanks for hints! ottogal
  12. Hi @kongondo , it's quite a while I'm planning to use your Blog Module. Now I started my first try, installing version 2.4.5 in PW 3.0.148. I chose Blog style 3 and installed the demo template files. When in the Blog dashboard I open the Authors page, I get the Error "Call to a member function size() on boolean" in ProcessBlog.module:1686. Line 1686 is this one: '<img src ="' . $author->blog_images->first->size(75, 75)->url .'" class="blog_author_image">' : What's going wrong? Thank you ottogal
  13. Hi August, as you see on the markers you have selected your previous picture. In that case the picture will be replaced by the newly inserted one. Just click behind the first picture to remove the selection. When you then insert the next one, it will be put next to the first one. Good luck!
  14. As I said - I don't know if PW selectors undergo short circuit evaluation or not. (And PHP is a programming language, isn't it?) I'm not familiar with the internals here; perhaps someone else can tell more.
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