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  1. I used the Update option in Tracy's Module Information from the Admin (and used the Delete button in the module's Settings afterwards). In site/config.php I had the permissions set to $config->chmodDir = '0755'; and $config->chmodFile = '0644'; Maybe this '0644' prevented the update of the file adminer-4.8.1-mysql.php and others. In fact the actual version was 7.2, I didn't recall having upgraded one day. (It's indeed a years old site not touched often later.) But sure, I should update anew. Many thanks for your considerations, @adrian! ottogal
  2. FYI: Just updating the TracyDebugger module did not affect the files and directories in the panel/ subdirectory. I had to delete Tracy and reinstall it to get that solved. (Perhaps because of the PHP version being very old, too: 5.6 )
  3. Thank you for the quick reply! I'm planning to get more into the details of the great Tracy module...
  4. Hello to this tremendous community! The hoster of one of my ProcessWire websites is warning me about a critical vulnerability caused by the Adminer module: So I've got some questions: (1) My installed version of TracyDebugger is v 4.19.33. (I didn't use it much, so never considered an update.) Would it be sufficient to update it to v 4.25.22 to fix the problem? Or would I need a seperate update of the Adminer module? (2) I also thought of just uninstalling the module ProcessTracyAdminer. When trying this in the Admin, I'm told to manually delete the respective files and directories. Presumably I'd want to delete the file ProcessTracyAdminer.module.php and, in the panel\ subdirectory, the file AdminerPanel.php and the subdirectory Adminer\. Am I right - or is there more to it? Any insight is much appreciated! ottogal
  5. Hi joe_g, I'd recommend to read this fine tutorial written by kongondo a few years ago: Tutorial: Approaches to categorising site content That's the right "PW way" doing it, profiting from the great API. Good luck! ottogal
  6. In your CSS you have .uk-container { display: flow-root; box-sizing: content-box; max-width: 1200px; /* <<<< */ } That's the culprit.
  7. I'd try findOne() instead of find().
  8. A really great write-up! Should find its way into the Showcase...!
  9. On that page it says Suche nach "festival für freunde" It might be a case issue. Usually a search term in double quotes is case sensitive.
  10. You could have scrolled to the very bottom of any page in this forum... ?
  11. Hi @Gary, before choosing any of the countless slider scripts out there consider reading Heydon Pickering on inclusive design of sliders: A Content Slider (For sure not easy if you are a beginner...) Kind regards ottogal
  12. Salve, @franciccio-ITALIANO I think you don't need several templates. Just create one template and add the two fields (of type Textarea). Then for each FAQ you create a page that is using this template.
  13. Hi, wouldn't you want to calculate the $diff with the unformatted timestamps and just output the result in 'Y' Format? (Or I misunderstand the use case.)
  14. As far as I know in PHP a quotient of integers with a non-integer value is treated as float. So I'd try to cast the $percent value: $percent = (int) $percent; or $percent = intval($goalNum / $raisedNum);
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