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  1. I fear it's not that simple.
  2. The person who marked this as CON did not understand Processwire...
  3. No need for excuses, adrian - it's fine to see different options. I'm not a Tracy user up to now, but might get it soon...
  4. As superadmin I often use some tiny HannaCode for testing purposes. To avoid any irritation I would like to hide them from the list of available HannaCodes seen by editor users when they right-click in the CKEditor field. Is there a way to achieve this?
  5. Sorry, posted in the wrong thread. Sorry again, it was the right place. Because you referred to it in the following post, I try to redescribe what I proposed: Use a variable $my_path = $path_template . "/myAppDirectory"; and modify the code to echo $my_path . "/js/createjs-2015.11.26.min.js"; Sorry that it was not helpful - and to all for the confusion!
  6. Dear all, I want to apologize for my harsh comment which was a spontaneous reaction and not well thought-out. I highly appreciate the spirit of this friendly community and didn't want to hurt anybody. Those of you who have read more of my posts know that usually I try to be constructive and not a troll. Best wishes ottogal
  7. Are you joking?
  8. To be more explicit: See this codepen.
  9. Hi VirtuallyCreative, instead of $homepage = $pages->get('/'); foreach($homepage->and($homepage->children) as $child) { you might try this $homepage = $pages->get("/"); $children = $homepage->children; $children->prepend($homepage); foreach($children as $child) { (Found in this thread.)
  10. Hi all, this article on CSS-Tricks: Transparent JPG (With SVG) might be of interest for some of you. Kind regards ottogal
  11. Hi Jon, nearly a year ago you asked a $session related question. There were some hints in the answers, weren't they?
  12. Thanks mr-fan - that seems to be a nice idea! I for sure will take a nearer look into it - after my actual problems hopefully will be solved... (I've got a similar Hanna Code to display a Video, using the jQuery plugin VideoJS - which mostly works well, but not on some mobile devices, e.g. on WinPhone 8 or iPhone...)
  13. Thank you, Robin S. It's so easy to make CKEditor get worried. Your trick prevents the warning message, so it looks less worrying to me...
  14. Hi all, distracted for a while by other (bigger) problems, I now came back to the situation discussed here in this thread in october: For my Hanna Code call [[mp3 audio='LINK']] now I have this Hanna Code (mp3.php): (and all works fine - ) <?php $a = new SimpleXMLElement($audio); $pagelink = $a['href']->__toString(); $pagename = basename($pagelink); $ap = $pages->get("template=audio,parent=audiopool,name=$pagename"); $link = $ap->mp3->url; ?> <div class='block'> <audio controls width='400'> <source src='<?= $link ?>' type='audio/mp3'> </audio> </div> <p><?= $pagename ?></p> But when I open the Hanna Code in the editor and click the button "Save & Test", I get the following messages: The line number refers to the file ....../site/assets/cache/HannaCode/mp3.php where the line and a blank line are prepended - so the line in question is, of course: What is wrong with the code, and how can I get rid of these Warnings? Thankful for some clarification: ottogal
  15. I would like to join, but only beyond 9th of january.