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  1. Maybe this would do it: https://www.zeitverschiebung.net/en/city/2192362
  2. Aren't there missing the opening <li> tags? It should be foreach ($items as $item) { $content .= '<li>'; if ($item->front_position == $item->index() { $content .= '<a href="' . $item->url . '">' . $item->title . '</a>'; } $content .= '</li>'; }
  3. No problem here...
  4. Extremely helpful hint - thank you!
  5. Hi all, did I miss anything that might have happened in a few years in this context?
  6. That was the way they did it in other CMSs I used in former times - before I luckily found ProcessWire! It was like a breeze of fresh air after a long stuffy time... The dilemma you are in is to incline to habits you are familiar with. Try to understand the way PW works, and you will soon be convinced. (And as a next step: Try to convince the client...) All the best!
  7. Thank you for the insight - I wasn't aware of this.
  8. Isn't it a rather common security consideration to not allow passwords to be pasted?
  9. The gain of "nicer looking" IDs is way smaller than the possible loss of consistency or risk of side effects not being aware of...
  10. Sorry, but i have to pour some water into the wine: It works well only on my local installation (xampp), but not on the live site. With toggle_field=1 in the selector, the output is correct; with toggle_field=0 the output is empty, $posts->count() is 0. Considering a remark in https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.139/ I thought it could be necessary to make it a required field. But that changed nothing. Finally I got it to run correctly by editing the value in each single post (changing it to 1, save, changing back to 0 and save again) - at least there are not so many posts at the moment... Obviously setting the default value to 0 (directly at the creation of the field) has no effect at all. Just an hour ago I realized that the very same issue was adressed by @Nils Wiere in this post (and that I already asked back in June...): So further help is much appreciated!
  11. Indeed, that was the reason for the strange behaviour. Thank you, Ivan, for your help.
  12. Hello all, using PW 3.0.148 with the regular site profile for a blog, I got an an empty pagination output when I had a Toggle field in the selector. The Toggle Fieldtype was introduced with https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.139/ . The selector resulting in empty pagination: $posts = $pages->find("parent=blog, sort=-date, limit=10, toggle_field=0"); It worked well, when I replaced the Toggle field with a Checkbox field: $posts = $pages->find("parent=blog, sort=-date, limit=10, checkbox_field=0"); So the prerequisites for the pagination to work are given. The settings for the Toggle field were: Formatted value: Integer Label Type: Yes/No Input Type: Toggle buttons Default selected option: No Thanks for any hints!
  13. I didn't say that would solve your problem. But it was necessary anyway. I'm not sure that how you're calling the function recursively is correct.
  14. $page is the API variable for the current page you are on, so you can not redefine it here. Better take foreach ($children as $child) {
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