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  1. Hello guys, I'm working on an important project and I'll probably need to import end export templates and fields from my local site to the production one. The last time i used the built-in import export tool i had some issues cause that feature was still experimental at that time. Now I'm using PW 3.0.96 on this new project and i just wanted to ask if the import/export feature is now stable or not. I have very strict deadlines i would like to avoid any possible issue. Thanks!
  2. Thanks @adrian Yes probably the export/import feature messed my repeater fields. In the end I decided to trash all the old fields and to start again with new ones so now it should be fixed. Thank you guys.
  3. Ok, i think I got where the problem is. The 2 repeaters have the same template id in the database. I have to fix that.
  4. Yes, I'm pretty sure I have some messes on the database. I tried to delete the first repeater. First i removed it from the only template that was using it. But then, when i tried to delete it i got an error message that says it can not be deleted cause it's used in 56 pages (i also emptied the trash before and tried again). Probably i have to dig in my database.
  5. @dragan unfortunately i can not go to old state cause a lot of contents are being inserted by my client during these last days. I'll definitely try to merge the two custom modules into one.
  6. @adrian sorry i forgot to mention: PW version is 3.0.62, so it should be the last. @dragan thanks, i'll change my functions names se they are not the same. But i think i understood where the problem is but i don't know how to fix it. I have these two repeaters and their children fields where inverted when I imported them via pw import fields. Then i though i fixed but they are now somehow related. That means that, if i fix one repeater's children also the other repeater get the same children. I suspect it could be some problem with ids in database. Maybe the best thing to do is create new repeater fields from scratch, if you don't have better suggestions on how to fix this problem. Right know i tried to fix one repeater and when I checked the other one, its children fields were changed and were the same of the first repeater.
  7. This are the modules I have installed. There are two custom modules I made (GlobodoroChildren and GustoChildren). But I don't think they can be responsible for this problem. You can find them attached. GlobodoroChildren.module GustoChildren.module
  8. Thanks for the reply. @dragan I'm using the CronjobDatabaseBackup module to make daily backups of the database @Robin S no I'm not using it. If I remember correctly i had this problem for the first time when i used export / import fields tool in processwire to copy this new fields from my local pw to the remote one.
  9. Hi guys, I'm getting crazy trying to figure out what is the cause behind a weird problem is giving me some bad moments with my client. I have a repeater field, with some fields as childre. From one day to the other the children fields of the repeater change and i find other fields as children. Also, all the content my client inserted in that repeaters are gone, cause now we have the new empty children fields. I really don't understand what can be the reasons behind this. This happened more than once. It' s like there is a repeating action that changes the repeater's children. The only repeating action I can think of is the chronjob for the database. Could this depend on that? Have you any idea or suggestion of what should i check or ho to solve this weird problem? Thank you very much!
  10. You are freakin' awesome!
  11. Hi, i'm working on a website based on an old PW website. I started from the old one and i upgraded PW version to the last one (3.0.62) replacing wire directory, index.php file and .htaccess file. After i started working on it i noticed that it was messing with my repeaters, saving them in wrong parent pages with wrong templates. So i decided to downgrade to the previous version (2.6.1) and now my repeaters are working again. But now i have problems with the Password field and when i try to edit an user or the pass field i get this error Warning: Creating default object from empty value in [...]/wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypePassword.module on line 44 Error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method stdClass::setPage() in [...]/wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypePassword.module:45 Stack trace: #0 [...]/wire/core/Field.php(485): FieldtypePassword->getInputfield(Object(Page), Object(Field)) #1 [...]/wire/core/Wire.php(387): Field->___getInputfield(Object(Page)) #2 [...]/wire/core/Wire.php(325): Wire->runHooks('getInputfield', Array) #3 [...]/wire/core/Field.php(554): Wire->__call('getInputfield', Array) #4 [...]/wire/core/Wire.php(387): Field->___getConfigInputfields() #5 [...]/wire/core/Wire.php(325): Wire->runHooks('getConfigInputf...', Array) #6 [...]/wire/modules/Process/ProcessField/ProcessField.module(729): Wire->__call('getConfigInputf...', Array) #7 [...] (line 45 of [...]/wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypePassword.module) This error message was shown because site is in debug mode ($config->debug = true; in /site/config.php). Error has been logged. When i was using the newer version i made some changes on the password field security options, so maybe it could be related to that. Could some one please help to fix it? Thanks EDIT: Of course i downgraded putting the old wire directory, index.php file and .htaccess back
  12. Hello girls and guys, i'm looking for an Italian ProcessWire Developer that could help me with a website. I've developed a web platform for car sellers since three year now. The website is a training and motivational platform, and every year it has a new "edition" with a new theme a new graphics, but the backend part is mostly the same every year. This year the platform has to be released around the 30th of November but i won't be working for 2 weeks around that date. So I'm looking for someone who can maintain the website and help my clients with possible bugs or problems during these two weeks. This person should know how PW works, should be able to understand and write PHP and fix some minor problem on the front-end side. My client is Italian that's why he or she has to be Italian-speaking. If you are interested or you know someone who cold fit this request, please send an email to andrea at andreaverde dot it or write me a pvt message here. Thanks!
  13. Thank you guys!
  14. Thanks Bernhard, this is my case: I have a page "Lawyers" that contains other pages, that are groups of lawyers i.e. "Partners", "Associates", etc. Iniside every group i have pages for every lawyer. So in the end is something like this: Lawyers |__Partners |__Donald Duck |__Uncle Scrooge |__Mickey Mouse |__Associates |__Bugs Bunny |__Duffy Duck |__Speedy Gonzales and so on with other groups. I'm using the lawyers page to load and filter all the lawyers by group, name and others criterias, so i'm loading the filtered data via ajax and using vue.js to show them on the page. I'm also updating the page url, using js, according to filtered data. For example, my starting url is "/lawyers/". If i filter al the partners that should be "/lawyers/partners/". If i continue filtering for country that should be "/lawyers/partners/italy/". An that is not a problem as long as i start my navigation starting from "/lawyers/". But, of course, if i go directly to "/lawyers/partners/" pw open the partners page (that does not have a php template). That is why i need everything after "/lawyers/" to be considered as an url segment. Is there a good way to make it work? The only other solution i could come up with is using a different page (not "Lawyers") as starting page for searching and filtering lawyers so that i can use url segments without conflicts with children pages. Is there a better solution? Thanks