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  1. Hi and thanks for your module! I am trying to install it, but I get this errors: InputfieldWrapper: Skipped field 'cookie_groups' because module 'InputfieldAsmselect' does not exist InputfieldWrapper: Skipped field 'content_banner_text' because module 'InputfieldCkeditor' does not exist InputfieldWrapper: Skipped field 'content_banner_details_text' because module 'InputfieldCkeditor' does not exist InputfieldWrapper: Skipped field 'content_banner_privacy_link' because module 'InputfieldUrl' does not exist InputfieldWrapper: Skipped field 'content_banner_imprint_link' because module 'InputfieldUrl' does not exist InputfieldWrapper: Skipped field 'ask_consent_message' because module 'InputfieldCkeditor' does not exist I am on PW version 3.0.123 Do you know what can be causing this issue? Thanks
  2. I have the same issue, but I also noticed another problem: Initially I had Italian as main language, but I switched to English as main one. Now the new pages created by PageReference are created with the name "untitled-xxxxxxxxxxxxx" (xxx = a series of number) and they have no Italian title so the page has an error cause it is missing the main title. Does anyone know if I am missing some steps or should I also look into processInputAddPages?
  3. Does anyone knows on which files could I have a look to understand what is happening?
  4. I am sorry, that was a typo. The error is 410. Yes the error is always shown, also to guest users, if ProCache is enabled.
  5. Hello, I am using ProCache v3.1.8 on ProcessWire 3.0.96. Everything worked fine in the past, but today I noticed that the css file serverd by procache gives a 410 error. The file is there, I checked. I deleted the cached files, I deleted the css file, I looked into the .htaccess file looking for some clues about this problem but nothing worked. The only way i can see my website correctly again is disabling ProCache. Has anyone any clue on what could be the cause of the problem or on what should I do to fix it? Thanks!
  6. Thanks @wbmnfktr and @dragan! I was looking into it and it is acually way more complex than a single color picker. It is challenging and I would like to give it a try but I think I would initially go with dragan suggestion. It sounds like a smart and fast solution! Thanks!
  7. Hello everybody! I am working on a project that should allow the user to generate a gradient from the admin panel. Something similar to the Photoshop gradient panel, or to this https://www.colorzilla.com/gradient-editor/ Is anyone aware of an existing module that is already doing that? The alternative is that I try to write my first (!) module! Do you have any advice or suggestion on how I should approach this? Thanks
  8. Hello everybody, I'm working on website that has some simple queries. I have the same version on my server and on my client server but the one on my client server is incredibly slow on make some simple queries of pw pages. I suspect that could depend on server or database settings but I'm not an expert in that field so i don't know exactly what to look for. Does anyone has some advices on what could affect that? What should I check? Thanks!
  9. Thanks @PWaddict, yes i already did that, but it didn't help Thanks @BitPoet. The PHP version is 7.1.10, so a very recent one. And from phpinfo, for open_basedir i can read open_basedir no value no value Should i ask my server admins to change something? Thank you.
  10. Sorry, i think i posted this in the wrong section...
  11. Hello girls and guys, i moved a PW project to a new server and now i get this error: Uncaught Exception: Cannot open source device in .../wire/core/Session.php:267 I updated PW to the last stable version 3.0.98 but i still get the same error. The site is working on localhost and on another server, so i suspect can be something related to the server settings or php. Here is the full error Error: Uncaught Exception: Cannot open source device in .../wire/core/Session.php:267 Stack trace: #0 .../wire/core/Session.php(267): session_start() #1 .../wire/core/Wire.php(380): ProcessWire\Session->___init() #2 .../wire/core/WireHooks.php(723): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___init', Array) #3 .../wire/core/Wire.php(442): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\Session), 'init', Array) #4 .../wire/core/Session.php(166): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('init', Array) #5 .../wire/core/ProcessWire.php(432): ProcessWire\Session->__construct(Object(ProcessWire\ProcessWire)) #6 .../wire/core/ProcessWire.php(209): ProcessWire\ProcessWire->load(Object(ProcessWire\Config)) #7 .../index.php(52): Pr (line 267 of .../wire/core/Session.php) This error message was shown because: site is in debug mode. ($config->debug = true; => /site/config.php). Error has been logged. I'm printing phpinfo hoping that can help. Any idea on how to solve this? Thanks
  12. Thanks bernhard, i tried to change the trailing slash option to "no" and also the Scheme/Protocol to HTTPS only, but nothing changed. I always get the 301 redirect. Any other idea? Thanks
  13. I'm checking some other projects too, and actually i see this behaviour in other projects. Is there some configuration or setting I'm missing?
  14. Hello girls and guys, i was trying to figure out why facebook was not reading the og tags on my page and i saw i get a 301 redirect if i curl my website (and also for facebook crawler) but i'm able to see the page correctly via browser. The website in on https. There was a redirect from http to https but i disabled it for now. I checked the .htaccess and i commented all the 301 redirect lines, still i get the 301 redirect. I'm trying to understand where the redirect is happening. Is there any file i should check other than .htaccess? Thanks!
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