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  1. For now, I have solved the situation with the solution of @angelo, italy which integrates directly with the Stripe checkout. However, it would be nice to have this solution integrated as a module of Processwire
  2. Grazie @angelo, italy This saved my life today. Would be great to develop this integration as a Processwire module. @Cybermano to interact with the checkout page you just need a post form with the action to the checkout page. Ex: <form action='<?php echo $pages->get('template=checkout')->url; ?>' method='POST' > <button type='submit' id='checkout-button' >Pay with Credit Card</button> </form>
  3. With the dashborad information from stripe, I saw that a number of payment attempts were rejected by the customer's bank for 'authentication_required'. I think the secure payment method with the customer's authentication request is required.
  4. Hi @apeisa First of all, I thank the module. That was very useful to me. I used it a few years ago without any problems. I have only reactivated at the same site (which still has Processwire 2.5.3) and have feedback that some users fall into the "else" condition of if ($payment->processPayment()) (the one that on the example returns "are you kidding me?"). I mean this is an exception that shouldn't happen... or am I wrong? What could be behind it?
  5. Hi @Soma $fields->get("body")->label; Seems to not consider the multilanguage label. Is that why it is out of $page context?
  6. I'm using the Page Reference Field in a multilanguage Site. When the admin creates a new page through the field option on the template, the page is created without activate the secondary language. I've found this pretty old workaround (that works): https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/889 (in the current version, the hook goes on the row 884 of InputfieldPage.module): // ====================================================== // Hook to create new pages with languages active : // ====================================================== $trimmed_title = trim($title); $languages = wire("languages"); foreach($languages as $lang) { $page->title->setLanguageValue($lang, $trimmed_title); $page->set("status$lang", 1); } // ====================================================== I wonder if I'm making any mistake and there is some lost configuration. I suggest to enable the possibility to give the multilanguage field for the title when creating a new page through the page reference field. (I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.123) thanks Alex
  7. Hi tpr I've just passed through the same problem. The solution is to give the location/name of your twig file as the second parameter. Ex: {{ __('my_string', 'home') }} for templates/home.twig or {{ __('my_string', 'includes/header') }} for templates/includes/header.twig
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