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  1. @kongondo absolutely understandable. :) I have maneuvered myself into a strange setup with two sites with different systems (one that I inherited form another freelancer). One page imports stuff from the other but only in a certain frequency. My problem resulted in something changing on the source page (PW) and the reference on the other site being wrong at that point (different file name). I just managed to fix this (5 minutes ago) by changing the import on the other page (importing the images instead of linking to them). So this topic is resolved. My reflex to fix things on the PW site must be, because it is always easy to do stuff in PW and the other system is a different kind of breed. :) Thanks for trying to pitch in. :) you were right, to fiddle with this issue on the site of the source was not the right way.
  2. I would indeed not like to modify any core files... 😞 But thank you for the suggestion.
  3. Hi guys, is it possible to keep image files in their folders if an image is removed from an image file? Images are also linked externally and it would be nice to keep old versions. Cheers Sascha
  4. WOW! Great. Not only helping with this particular question, but also helping for future self help! πŸ˜„ Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I would like to send out an email to the admin group if a page get's published or unpublished. I found this old topic on that matter: But I guess there have been some changes since 2012 πŸ™‚ Is there a "page gets published" hook yet? Or is there any other quick way to do this? I did not find anything with a quick search. Cheers, stay healthy and thanks Sascha
  6. Hi Guys, I'm trying to get Dublicator up and running as a automated backup solution. While it is working as expected if I trigger it manually, I'm still figuring out the automation. But this will come πŸ™‚ Anyway. I wanted to report that if you delete packages via the Package Manager, the corresponding logs do not get deleted. This results in Packages shown in the summary on the config page. (see attachment). This might be a wanted behaviour but confused me. πŸ™‚ This could be fixed by deleting the logs manually via FTP. Cheers Sascha
  7. Hi guys, thanks for the great input. I will have a look at the plugin, but I guess @elabx solution would be more flexible in my case. This might be the way to go! πŸ˜ƒ Cheers Sascha
  8. Hi guys, I'm looking for the not so uncommon functionality to publish (or "un-hide") pages on a specific date and time. I did not notice till now, but this functionality seems to be missing from the core. Scheduled pages seems to do just that but is not supported for PW3... Is there really no module or function that publishes pages in the future? I know that I need to setup a cron job or use lazy cron, but I'm wondering if I miss something? :) Cheers Sascha
  9. Thank you for this extensive answer. I might go back to use FieldsetGroup for this particular purpose. :) It is easier to loose the "use one field in several contexts" than to deal with "build some complicated solution for the conditional requirements" for this.
  10. Hi guys, I'm working with pagefieldset and have several fields in there. Every field has a accompanying checkbox. I want to only show the field, if the checkbox is checked. That works as expected if I have a rule in "visible only if" like "checkboxfield=1". However, I would like this field to be required (of course only if it is visible aka the checkbox is checked). The visibility thing works, but on save PW complains about the field not being filled, even if the checkbox is not checked. Usually if a field is hidden, the check for required is not executed. This does not work in "pagefieldset"? Even If I add "checkboxfield=1" to "Only required if" it does not work. Is this because dependencies in repeaters do not work stable and pagefieldset works like a repeater? Cheers Sascha
  11. It feels like the I miss something regarding scope or so. Because this also stoped working once I moved it into the repeater... shouldn't the hook fire, regardless if the field is in the fieldsetPage?
  12. This sounds about right. I think I will switch to the FieldsetPage structure. I used that before but forgot about it πŸ™‚ Question related to FieldsetPage: Usually I do the following. Mark a field as required and have a visibility condition so the field only shows up if needed. This does not give an error on saving is the field is hidden. With FieldsetPage I have an error that the required field cannot be empty. Even adding the condititon to "required only if" does not help. Funny thing is, the visibility condition works as expected otherwise. So, the field only shows if the condition is met, but it is marked as required. Do you have any idea why that is @BitPoet? In my example above I have "sender_trailer_file1_changes_check=1" as condition.
  13. Hi guys, I'm trying to achieve a timed update of posts kind of feature. I'm using a process mentioned here: In short: I have a date field and if the date is in the past I switch content from fields (like "title_change") to the origional fields (like "title"). After that I clear the change fields. Full code here: // set date date_default_timezone_set("Europe/Berlin"); $planned_date = $single->sender_change_datetime; //check if date is in the past and if so, work your macgic if($planned_date < time()) { echo "date is overtime" ; // stop output formating $single->of(false); // Collect change data // Title if($single->sender_title_changes_check) { //set new field $single->title = $single->sender_title_changes; $single->sender_title_changes = false; $single->sender_title_changes_check = false; } // Quality if($single->sender_quality_changes_check) { //set new field $single->sender_quality = $single->sender_quality_changes; $single->sender_quality_changes = false; $single->sender_quality_changes_check = false; } // Genre if($single->sender_genre_changes_check) { //set new field $single->sender_genre = $single->sender_genre_changes; $single->sender_genre_changes = false; $single->sender_genre_changes_check = false; } // Description if($single->sender_description_changes_check) { //set new field $single->sender_description = $single->sender_description_changes; $single->sender_description_changes = false; $single->sender_description_changes_check = false; } // Pakete if($single->sender_paket_changes_check) { //set new field $single->sender_paket = $single->sender_paket_changes; $single->sender_paket_changes->removeAll(); $single->sender_paket_changes_check = false; } // Logo if($single->sender_logo_standard_changes_check) { //set new field echo $single->sender_logo_standard_changes->eq(0)->filename; $single->sender_logo_standard->removeAll(); $single->sender_logo_standard->add($single->sender_logo_standard_changes->eq(0)->filename); $single->sender_logo_standard_changes->removeAll(); $single->sender_logo_standard_changes_check = false; } //remove the changes checkbox and clear date $single->sender_change_check = false; $single->sender_change_datetime = false; //save page $single->save(); //flag changes necessary $changes_necessary = true; } Works as expected. BUT my issue is with images. Look at the detailed code here: if($single->sender_logo_standard_changes_check) { //set new field echo $single->sender_logo_standard_changes->eq(0)->filename; $single->sender_logo_standard->removeAll(); $single->sender_logo_standard->add($single->sender_logo_standard_changes->eq(0)->filename); $single->sender_logo_standard_changes->removeAll(); $single->sender_logo_standard_changes_check = false; } This works fine, but the image is empty. There are no files present. I guess this is because I clear the "sender_logo_standard_chages" field with "removeAll()"? It automatically deletes the files? If this is my problem: How do I delete just the file reference in "sender_logo_standard_chages" while keeping the files? If this is NOT the problem: How do I achieve what I want to achieve? :) Thanks guys for any input Sascha
  14. Hey Robin, great stuff! Works as a great addition to the server side validation by BitPoet! Thank you very much! πŸ™‚
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