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  1. With "suddenly" I meant after installing language support field. After I uninstalled it the selector worked again. Point is: it shouldn't be a feature if alternate language field is used. At least to my understanding. Might need to test some more on my site.
  2. Hi there, i have a selector that goes like this: $pages->find("has_parent!=2,created<$ts,title=''"); This has worked fine in the past and should get me certain pages that are older than a certain period ($ts) and have an empty title (happens in a circumstance). However I have no installed Languages Support - Fields. This is only because in ONE Template I wanted to have a language alternate title. I called this field "title_german" and it works as expected. However: Suddenly the above selector gives me ALL the pages that do not have the field "title_german" filled IF the user has German as his language. In English, everything is fine. First of all: Only one template has "title_german" the others only have "title" and it is certainly not empty. Still, they all get selected. Second of all: Shouldn't looking for "title" in a selector check "title_german" first and if that is empty fallback to "title"? I mean, I could check the user language and modify my selector to "title_german" but what if "title_german" is empty and "title" is not? Any idea how to do this? What did I do wrong? Thanks for any input. Sascha
  3. @BitPoet That's exactly what I'm looking for. Works perfectly out of the box! ❤️ I just wanted a hint into the right direction and you posted the complete solution! THANKS so much, that really saved me some time 😉
  4. In one of my projects editors "constantantly" create pages without titles and abandon them (see screenhot). Due to some circumstances I had to activate the "Name for children" and autogenerate the name. So when the editors create a page in that section it is automatically saved with an cryptic name when they add a new page. When the editor just closes the browser or due to other reasons does not use this page there are several "empty" pages that no one uses. I would love to delete those empty pages after 24 hours or so. Question: What would be a good way to achieve this? I'm thinking aloud here: Use a hook that is regularly fired? (Which and how) Check if there are any pages with empty title (and/or other factors) and that are created 24 hours+ ago? Delete the page? I have never really used any hooks and so I'm a bit lost where to start and how to "cron" this task. Any hint would be helpful, maybe I even miss something that could be used to more clean up those abandond pages more easy. Thanks in advance for any help, Cheers Sascha
  5. @matjazp Sorry for the radio silence. I had another project which needed to be finalised. I tested your version and it works really well! Thanks for helping with those changes!!! ❤️
  6. Thanks for looking into it. I wonder why the Superuser is able to do it... 🤔 Anyway. I will have to write my own way to handle it.
  7. Hi guys, I'm using FEEL on a project and it works very well. Unfortunately I'm not able to use the add-new Mode for users and also not the edit button for users for non superusers. I have a list of all users and would like a specific user role (and superusers) be able to open the edit screen for a user via FEEL. The user role can add and edit these users without a problem in the backend and superusers can also see the FEEL Button. But the "normal" user role cannot. This is probably because of the fact that they don't have access to admin template pages? The other issue ist the add-new Mode for users. I have tried something like this with page 29 being the parent of all user pages: <?php echo $pages->get(29)->feel(array('mode' => 'page-add', 'text' => __('Add user'))); ?> Regardless of the user permissions of the logged in user, the button to add new users doesn't show, not even for superusers. Any idea how to use FEEL with users, specifically with a nonsuperuser role? Thanks for any input 😉 Sascha
  8. @kongondo absolutely understandable. :) I have maneuvered myself into a strange setup with two sites with different systems (one that I inherited form another freelancer). One page imports stuff from the other but only in a certain frequency. My problem resulted in something changing on the source page (PW) and the reference on the other site being wrong at that point (different file name). I just managed to fix this (5 minutes ago) by changing the import on the other page (importing the images instead of linking to them). So this topic is resolved. My reflex to fix things on the PW site must be, because it is always easy to do stuff in PW and the other system is a different kind of breed. :) Thanks for trying to pitch in. :) you were right, to fiddle with this issue on the site of the source was not the right way.
  9. I would indeed not like to modify any core files... ? But thank you for the suggestion.
  10. Hi guys, is it possible to keep image files in their folders if an image is removed from an image file? Images are also linked externally and it would be nice to keep old versions. Cheers Sascha
  11. WOW! Great. Not only helping with this particular question, but also helping for future self help! ? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I would like to send out an email to the admin group if a page get's published or unpublished. I found this old topic on that matter: But I guess there have been some changes since 2012 ? Is there a "page gets published" hook yet? Or is there any other quick way to do this? I did not find anything with a quick search. Cheers, stay healthy and thanks Sascha
  13. Hi Guys, I'm trying to get Dublicator up and running as a automated backup solution. While it is working as expected if I trigger it manually, I'm still figuring out the automation. But this will come ? Anyway. I wanted to report that if you delete packages via the Package Manager, the corresponding logs do not get deleted. This results in Packages shown in the summary on the config page. (see attachment). This might be a wanted behaviour but confused me. ? This could be fixed by deleting the logs manually via FTP. Cheers Sascha
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