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  1. So, I figured some more stuff out! The error that is happening is a 500 error on the AJAX response! (see Attachment) I managed to get the error loged and this is the output: [19-Sep-2016 15:11:33 Europe/Berlin] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 66848001 bytes) in Unknown on line 0 My hosting company suspects that the memory limit is getting overwriten somewhere else, as it shows up just fine in the phpinfo: http://dis-ag-kulturaudit.de/infophp.php Does anybody have an idea what could be going on? Thanks Sascha
  2. that makes sense thx Login: test Passwort: testtest
  3. Hi guys, I have once again a problem with huge file uploads. I'm trying to upload a 25MB PDF and a 50MB Video. Both do not go through. I belive I have tried every suggestion in any other post, but it is still not working. Am I missing an important php setting? http://dis-ag-kulturaudit.de/infophp.php Login: test Passwort: testtest Any idea would be appreciated! Thanks Sascha
  4. Ah yes! Sometimes I still have problems to think in "pages" Thx!
  5. Hi guys, I'm developing a site for a fitness studio. They need a course booking system. It is planned to have a schedule with courses and registered users can block their slot in each course. So I now need to have a relationship between several users and a page (each course is one page). I will have a button which will book the course and which can also be used to cancel the course. How would you guys save the relationship between all the users that have signed up for the course and the page? Thanks for any idea Sascha
  6. Hi Ryan, is this not supported any longer? I tried to modify both files and added the permission to my editors. But they do not see the support tab or a language tab. Thanks for any input Sascha
  7. The 0.0.8 version works well for me! The error mentioned above is gone! Thank you very much!!!
  8. I also have the same problem. I just tried for the first time. Don't know if it worked beforehand.
  9. hi guys, I have a project which is about to get live and it has two languages: default: englisch second: german Unfortunatelly translation of content will not be done in English for the launch. How can I simply redirect EVERY person that is not logged in to the German version of a page? Once everything has been translated I will delete the redirect and everything should be fine. It would be great to have a redirect only for not logged in users so the editor can check how the site looks like when adding the translations. Any idea? thanks Sascha
  10. Hi guys, I'm working on a project right now that will be mainly use jquerymobile. Currently I have a structure of pages like this Home - Chapter 1 - Insert 1 - Insert 2 - etc. - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 the inserts are subpages of the chapters and are automatically inserted into the chapter page. They end up to be a JQmobile accordion (but this is irrelevant for my question). I do this because I want editors to conveniently be able to link to subsections. This way the just need to pick a Insertpage in the editor as a link target and with some php magic I can jump directly to the section on the chapter page. So they do not have to remember IDs or any anchor link nonsense. Now I want to add little information snippets, like footnotes, modal dialogs and stuff. I'm struggeling to decide if I once again will work with insert subpages or a different approach would be better. I basically want people to add a link in the CK-Editor on a word, that will trigger a tooltipp for example or a modal dialog with a short hint. Another option would be to add a repeater so they can just add unlimited little popupsnippets, but they would need to add anchor links in the CKEditor manually this way. And I have not even found a way to show the id of a repateritem in the backend (so the editor can manually create the anchor link to the hidden element). How would you guys approach this scenario? I'm happy about any tipps and hints! Thanks Sascha
  11. Hi ukyo, did you find anything?
  12. Hi! Awesome Module (pun intended) This would turn out very usefull for my next project, However I get some strange behaviour when leaving an edit page without changing anything on the icon. It gives me a confirm box saying there is unsaved content (see attachment). Does anybody have the same behaviour or knows what I do wrong here? Thanks for any suggestion. Sascha
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