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  1. Hey ho! Sorry for late reply. All answers helped a lot! By knowing where to find the image sizer logs I could see that memory exceeded as horst suspected. I've tried the imagemagick module before but even if I checked everything I could it did not seem to work. Just before asking for help here and with my hoster. I found the mistake with rubber duck debugging ;)) -> The images where already generated (broken), so processwire did serve the broken images. After getting rid of them, the imagemagick module does a wonderful and ligthing fast job by recreating them. All fine! grazie mille! Toni
  2. In Addition, this is what a broken image looks like: $ cat /Users/base/Desktop/cmueller_dasstillebildverlassen4.780x0.jpg This is intentionally invalid image data.
  3. Hi, I'm facing a strang problem. In my template I'm setting different sizes for srcset: $view->set('images', $page->picture); <img srcset="{$img->size(780,0)->url} 780w, {$img->size(1024,0)->url} 1024w, {$img->size(1440,0)->url} 1440w" src="{$img->url}" class="col__image"> All fine. However, the moment I reorder images in backend the different generated image sizes are broken. Does somebody has an idea what could cause it? Version: ProcessWire 3.0.123 Thanks! Toni
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