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  1. @Gadgetto Snipwire looks awesome. Many many thanks. I will give it a test run. May I ask you two questions. - with snipcart/snipwire is it easily posible to calculate price reductions before checkout. let's say you buy two t-shirts and like to reduce the second shirt by 10%? - I've seen the dashboard has links for bills. Are those in PDF Format and in case can one customize the PDF template? Much Kudos again! Great working and sharing!
  2. Hey ho! Sorry for late reply. All answers helped a lot! By knowing where to find the image sizer logs I could see that memory exceeded as horst suspected. I've tried the imagemagick module before but even if I checked everything I could it did not seem to work. Just before asking for help here and with my hoster. I found the mistake with rubber duck debugging ;)) -> The images where already generated (broken), so processwire did serve the broken images. After getting rid of them, the imagemagick module does a wonderful and ligthing fast job by recreating them. All fine! grazie mille! Toni
  3. In Addition, this is what a broken image looks like: $ cat /Users/base/Desktop/cmueller_dasstillebildverlassen4.780x0.jpg This is intentionally invalid image data.
  4. Hi, I'm facing a strang problem. In my template I'm setting different sizes for srcset: $view->set('images', $page->picture); <img srcset="{$img->size(780,0)->url} 780w, {$img->size(1024,0)->url} 1024w, {$img->size(1440,0)->url} 1440w" src="{$img->url}" class="col__image"> All fine. However, the moment I reorder images in backend the different generated image sizes are broken. Does somebody has an idea what could cause it? Version: ProcessWire 3.0.123 Thanks! Toni
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