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  1. iNoize


    Hello, how to set the values to "Inherit defaukt value" via API ? With some tests i have now the Title is empty in the $page->seom->title. e.G. here https://prnt.sc/t2r1vr I have something like this. $seom is my SeoMaestro TV $seiten = $pages->find("template=basic-page, include=hidden"); foreach ($seiten as $p) { $p->of(false); if ($p->seo_title != '') { $p->seom->meta->title = $p->seo_title; }else { $p->seom->meta->title = $p->title; } $pages->save($p); } but it does not work for me. I need to set it to default Value if its possible ?
  2. iNoize


    OK thanks, it means I have to set manually for each document where the images fiels is called immo_images. This Module don't check also for the TV value. Example if images is empty use the next one placeholder from main config
  3. iNoize


    Hello, some of my sites have the Image TV called {images} and some {immo_images} if i try to define the basic value like {images} {immo_images} it doesnt work. for images. For descriprion is no problem but how i can solve this for images in open graph ? Thanks.
  4. iNoize


    Hello, i tried to install this module. (currently MarkupSeo in USE) created a TV called $seom applied to home template and basci page to test. Maybe how to define the meta tags values ? Can i use the current tags from MarkupSeo or for example i want to use the summary as description. in the sitemap i see only one entry with the home template. The basic pages are not shown. Have I to set something specially ? Thanks
  5. iNoize

    PW OnOffice import

    Hello, need some help for an RealEstate project. It have to use the OnOffice to import the objects. https://apidoc.onoffice.de/
  6. Hello, have somebody solved it now ? The Problem i found out is with the png . Tried it with jpg it works. How to handle it with PNG Files ? Updated the mpdf to 6.1
  7. @wbmnfktr OK I think the error is not in the pages2pdf I use to import files the ImportPages2Xml module and when the multilanguage is on then the error comes that pages2pdf Fatal Error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 2 passed to Pages2Pdf::getPDFFilePath() must be an instance of Language, instance of ProcessWire\Language given, called in /usr/www/users/ulmmsc/2018cms/site/modules/Pages2Pdf/Pages2Pdf.module on line 177 and defined in /usr/www/users/ulmmsc/2018cms/site/modules/Pages2Pdf/Pages2Pdf.module:259
  8. @wbmnfktr ok thats really embrrassing now. With the Templates I was in the wrong path. The module path not the template. With the multilanguage i installed not the profile only the module (part of PW Multilanguage Support ) But thanks a lot for the HELP. Now it works with the PDF files without multilanguage.
  9. @bernhard @wbmnfktr Thanks for the fast answer. So i try to describe the situation. I have installed the module. CURRENTLY SITCHED OFF THE MULTINLANGUAGE SUPPORT ON PW ProcessWire 3.0.126 © 2019 PHP 7.2 So now if i try to change the templates in /site/modules/Pages2Pdf/default_templates for example default.php <h1><?= $page->get('headline|title') ?></h1> <p><?= $page->body ?></p> <?php if (count($page->immo_images)): ?> <?php foreach ($page->immo_images as $image): ?> <div class="image"> <img src="<?= $image->size(400, 400)->url ?>" alt="<?= $image->description ?>" /> </div> <?php endforeach; ?> <?php endif; ?> _header.php <?php /* * Pages2Pdf default header markup * Styles defined in styles.css file * * You can use {PAGENO} for the current page number and {nbpg} for the total of pages * */ ?> <div class="head">Test </div> Hier kommt EXPOSE <hr> Hallo WELT Then try to generate the file on the site $options = array( 'title' => 'Expose als PDF', 'markup' => '<a href="{url}" target="_blank" class="btn button-sm border-button-theme col-lg-12 col-md-12 col-xs-12 margin-b-10" >{title}</a>', //'page_id' => '', // Pass a page ID if you want to download the PDF for another page ); echo $modules->get('Pages2Pdf')->render($options); nothing happens. It generates always the same PDF see as attached. There is the standart header and footer. Also on the content is the standart code. THE CACHE IS ON 1 neubau-einfamilienhaus-in-burgrieden-pdf-1148 (1).pdf
  10. Guys I'm really desperate. The templates can not be changed, I have no idea why. Not the headers or not the default it always stays the same. It also does not work with Multilanguage. Is nobody there who can help me?
  11. Hello I get this Error if I try to Execute ImportPagesFrom XML Fatal Error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 2 passed to Pages2Pdf::getPDFFilePath() must be an instance of Language, instance of ProcessWire\Language given, called in /usr/www/users/ulmmsc/2018cms/site/modules/Pages2Pdf/Pages2Pdf.module on line 177 and defined in /usr/www/users/ulmmsc/2018cms/site/modules/Pages2Pdf/Pages2Pdf.module:259 Language Support is installed. Also is Multilanguage Checked in the pages2PDF Module
  12. Hmm Strange get still {"error_type": "OAuthException", "code": 400, "error_message": "Only response type \"code\" and \"token\" is allowed"} OKAY IT WORKS. There was a empty space on the end from URL Thanks a lot
  13. Has nobody the same problem with this module? I think instagram changed the Api or something?
  14. hey together, for few days i have some trouble with this Module I cant find the error. Also Updatet the language as @AndZyk told the post before. Anybody else the same problem ?
  15. Yes I think also, but i have approved me then the company and dont know what facebook need more ? is there some steb by step guide or something else ?
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