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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys, Can you tell me if it is possible to build a form with Form Builder https://processwire.com/store/form-builder/ having checkboxes with input field option? So on the frontend there would be a checkbox like "Other" where you can enter something yourself. What I am having in mind is this
  2. Markup CKEditor (for Form Builder) An inputfield for displaying markup editable via CKEditor. The module is intended for use with the Form Builder module. Allows blocks of static text to be included within a form, which can be edited in the form settings using CKEditor. Screenshots Usage Install the Markup CKEditor module. In the Form Builder module settings, add "MarkupCKEditor" to "Inputfield types to use with FormBuilder". In your form settings, add a new field of type "Markup CKEditor". Enter the text you want to show in this field using "Markup Text" on the "Details" tab. Configuration In the module config you can set items for the CKEditor toolbar that will apply to all Markup CKEditor fields. If you want to insert images in your markup field then add "Image" to the toolbar items to enable the standard CKEditor image plugin. The ProcessWire image plugin is not usable because in a FormBuilder form there is no page to store images in. Advanced There is a InputfieldMarkupCKEditor::ckeReady hookable method for users who want to do advanced customisation of the CKEditor inputfield. It receives three arguments: The InputfieldCKEditor object The form as a FormBuilderForm object The field as a FormBuilderField object Example $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldMarkupCKEditor::ckeReady', function(HookEvent $event) { /** @var InputfieldCKEditor $cke */ $cke = $event->arguments(0); /** @var FormBuilderForm */ $form = $event->arguments(1); /** @var FormBuilderField $field */ $field = $event->arguments(2); if($form->name === 'test_form' && $field->name === 'my_cke_markup_field') { $cke->contentsCss = '/site/templates/MarkupCKEditor/contents.css'; $cke->stylesSet = 'ckstyles:/site/templates/MarkupCKEditor/ckstyles.js'; } }); http://modules.processwire.com/modules/inputfield-markup-ckeditor/ https://github.com/Toutouwai/InputfieldMarkupCKEditor
  3. Hi there, My form is not getting submitted, it is showing: Unable to verify successful email delivery of this form submission. Attaching for your reference as well: In the Backend, it is showing Connection timed out with smtp.gmail.com Pl guide me how to resolve that
  4. I'd like to know if it's possible for you to integrate Paypal to the Form Builder module. I'd like to use the Form Builder to build a paid job listing. Job submissions would be only published to the site after the payment via Paypal (standard checkout). Could you tell me if this would be something you'd consider adding? That's the only thing keeping me from building this project with PW right now
  5. What is the best practice for having a form (only accessible to a logged in user) save the user's progress between sections of the form? Fieldsets? Multiple forms? Use case: I have a very long application form that would take 30 minutes for the applicant to fill out and I would hate for all progress to be lost due to user error. The progress needs to be logged into the user's page. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I am using the formSubmitSuccess form builder hook to send a copy of the form submission to a third party. However I couldn't figure out how to get the submissions form type at this point, the reason being is that I only want to send the data onto the third party for certain form types. I don't have the submission details being passed into the hook, wasn't sure how to achieve this so at the moment I have it doing a DB query to pull the latest submission details for that form type so I'm rather stumped about how I can go about achieving this. Hope thats makes sense.
  7. Hello, I'm wondering how to add the value of a field to a URL when submitting a form, while also processing the form with FormBuilder and storing the entry in the CMS. Is this even possible with the versions below? FB 0.2.5 | PW 2.7.2 Is there still a dedicated Form Builder forum here anymore?
  8. Hi All, Just a quick question, if a form has an upload field should there be a working link in the subsequent email which allows you to view the uploaded file? As it stands only the name and size of the file appears in the email although viewing the source it appears wrapped in anchor tags, albeit without any href attribute. I'm not sure if this is the correct result or if I have somehow managed to cause this and there should be a working link to the uploaded file.
  9. Hello! I need your assistance please. I purchased the module FormBuilder. Unfortunately, the module discontinued delivering customer submissions to e-mail box specified in the module settings. Direct mailing to the e-mail box works OK. The module settings stays the same and are correct, like "Send e-mail to administrator(s) is checked. The last version of FormBuilder 3.0 has been installed. Please advise how to resolve the issue becase I cannot get orders from customers anymore (((
  10. I want the data inserted in the forms to be fetched into a XML document is it possible or any other alternate options to do the same
  11. I am working with an embedded form using the "template embed". The default size is cutting off the bottom of the date picker in the iframe it creates. I am therefore trying to figure out how to make the iframe that formbuilder creates get taller. Does anyone know how to do this? I cannot seem to find documentation on this. Thank you.
  12. We have a client with a site running ProcessWire. We have encountered some issues with a form a previous developer on our team made. Since we are extremely busy and need a helping hand, I am reaching out to the community. Essentially the form we had is an order form running on Form Builder. We chose form builder because of the ability to rapidly develop forms and store data. However we can move away from it for the order form. Basically here is what we need: An order form running on PHP or FormBuilder Form must output an order number and send an email to various emails with the order details. Also need an auto responder email with the order details and business information from the client. The order number must increment. Once the form is submitted, the results need to display on the same page with a print button. This form must work on all browsers! Need this built today or tomorrow. Will pay immediately and we will keep work coming your way if all works well. PM for the site details.
  13. Hi I have got the wiremail working with smtp with google apps and when I test any email address from wiremail I will get the email. But when I try to submit a form on my website using form builder I will not receive email but details of the user will get register in the database. Please I need help I have tried everything possible but form build will not deliver the email.
  14. Hi, I've been setting a website with Form Builder (great!) on a development subfolder. When I went online with the website this morning, everything was working except Form Builder. It gives me a 404 File Not Found in place of the forms… The Subfolder is located on the same server. dev.mywebsite.com to www.mywebsite.com Any idea why? Is it a license issue? Or a setting I'm missing? Thanks for helping me out here.
  15. Basically, I created a site for a client that is a marketing and advertising site for personal ads. The site is intended to allow a user to view the site and if the user wants to post a personal ad to promote their services such as music performing, dancing etc. they can for a small fee. (It's pretty much like back page.com and craigslist.com without the ugly design. More focused to look like a website, with 1 page personal ads.) Currently the site is using the latest Processwire release on Foundation framework. I have users coming to the site and if they decide to post, they click on a link located on the bottom that says post new profile. Once clicked, they arrive to a page that has a form builder embedded form. I am using form builder forms to process the user information and create a new page under the category of their choice. This is working and creates pages quickly for anyone that wants to post an ad. (I was advised not to use this method but due to lack of time, I had to run with Form Builder.) Here is what the system does now: Once a user completes the form, they submit the data and the page is automatically created. The user receives an auto response email with a message asking them to make a payment via a link contained in the auto response email. The link goes to a paypal subscription. Once the paypal subscription is paid, we are manually sending the user a user name and password to manage their page through a front end editor that we setup in Processwire. If they do not pay in 24 hours, we manually delete the page. As far as spam goes, we only have the spam filter enabled on the forms with the turing test question and answer. Here is what I need the system to do: I need help setting up a way to ask for a credit card first, then process the card for the payment, then post the page. I also need help redirecting the user to the newly created page after they have submitted the data through the form builder form. I also need a way to automatically create a user and password and assign it to the newly created page. I am up for any suggestions and welcome all of your input. I would like to essentially make this an automatic type thing. Where all we are doing is checking to make sure things work. Versus manually adding users, manually deleting pages etc. I AM OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTIONS ADVICE, ASSISTANCE ETC. Feel free to PM me as well. If a heavily experienced user feels that they can accomplish this build another method via API etc. please provide some guidance. Again, thanks so much to everyone in this community that has enabled me to learn more, create great things and accomplish tasks, Processwire is truly amazing!
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