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Found 10 results

  1. I can't find anything about this in the forums or anything, but I have a file field that accepts mp3 files. Trying to upload from an Android phone (I've tried from two) the files aren't accepted, it says they must be mp3 files, but they are, so it's not reading the file extensions I guess... The error names the file name without the extension saying it's missing the extension. Has anyone come across this? Thanks.
  2. I have a PW site where I had been successfully uploading png and jpeg files. Recently the file and image file fields don't save. The upload status bar completes (100%) without error but when the page with the file field is saved the uploaded file name is missing from the refreshed page. This must be due to a site hosting change but I need more specific info like error details before I raise it with them. The php v5.4 config has file uploads enabled and safe mode is off. I have tried the following to fix this without success: I have read and tried the fixes to the similar posting from Soma: can't upload image/files problem Upgraded the PW site from 2.3 to 2.5.3. (no change) Turned on debug in config.php with no obvious error messages showing. Debugged core\WireUpload.php where I found that the recommended fixes from 1. wouldn't work because the file field is not using Ajax. Have you got any other suggestions?
  3. I've been trying to work out how I can provide a frontend file upload (whatever file format the user chooses to upload - albeit not executables!) for registered users to be able to create pages/posts and upload any file they wish so they can create a link to the file so it can either be downloaded or displayed. Everything I've read so far appears to relate to just images and uploading and adding images is already covered using the images field. Any thoughts/guidance would be a appreciated.
  4. Hi All, Just a quick question, if a form has an upload field should there be a working link in the subsequent email which allows you to view the uploaded file? As it stands only the name and size of the file appears in the email although viewing the source it appears wrapped in anchor tags, albeit without any href attribute. I'm not sure if this is the correct result or if I have somehow managed to cause this and there should be a working link to the uploaded file.
  5. I tried uploading an image with an English filename which went through perfectly fine. Then I copied and pasted the same exact file and gave it a Chinese name instead. Next I attemped to upload this image however I got this error message: "Unable to move uploaded file ..." I am not sure how to solve this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi, wow, this is weird: I am running two sites with one ProcessWire installation. Both are using VersionControl module. I moved both sites to another webserver right after installing VersionControl. On site #1 ...sometimes (!) file upload is not possible (the pink status bar gets stuck at 100 %) already uploaded files (before moving to the new server) cannot be deleted file descriptions cannot be changed no error messages are given, not even in debug mode While on site #2 ...everything's fine: uploading, deleting, changing the description... I read Douglas' post on a glitch in dev 2.5.19, but I'm using the regular 2.5(.0). nghi's post on a similar problem describes pretty much what I'm experiencing here, but if there was something wrong in the suhosin.ini, site #2 would encounter the very same problem. If I use VersionControl to set the file field back to an earlier version where the file was not uploaded yet, the file disappears and is deleted from /assets/file/[page-id]/. Same vice-versa when setting to a version before a file was deleted: It is recreated on the page and in the filesystem. Permissions are -rw-rw-rw- for all files. Any ideas? Sarah
  7. Hey guys, Not sure if any of you have had this issue before but I have some file upload front-end forms where the client is able to add new files, replace, update etc. Recently they have been having problems where some files when being replaced are failing (they become 0kb) - up until now I've been trying to figure out the pattern to produce this and it seems to be when replacing the existing file with a file with the exact same filename. Can anyone think of a PW or PHP reason why this might cause a problem? If not, I'm guessing it's something within the form code... Thanks.
  8. Hello everyone, I was just asking myself whether any has already created some kind of ajax file upload in Processwire for a page that is not yet created. As a simple example, think of a user registration form with the usual fields including an avatar image. I'd like to use something like Plupload, Dropzone.js or a similiar Ajax file uploader to upload the file asynchronously already before the rest of the form is processed. That would make it possible to i.e. directly show the user a resized preview of his avatar image, build forms with a lot of file uploads that would otherwise break the file upload limit, and probably a lot more neat features. It would be essential, that it is usable like a standard backend file upload/image field afterwards, it would be even better if files are also located in the id-named folder in assets/ after submitting the leftover form. The way I thought about how to do this would pack the following functionality in a plugin: Use some existing Ajax file uploader to get the file from client to server. There, a module takes care of the request, saves the file to some temporary folder and answers with an (id) reference to the image to work with it later. Ideally - if it's an image - it would already be possible to get a resized version of the image to provide a live preview. When the form finally get's submitted, the request includes the reference to the file. On the server, the image field is constructed as usual and the file itself get's moved to the "default" location. The temporary reference is deleted. One problem I see with this approach, is that after a while you will have a lot of unused files and references but that's no problem that a cron job with some code to get rid of old stuff couldn't solve. Having written all that down: Is there anything that already solves more or less what I described? And if not: do you see any problems with my outline or do you have a more elegant idea to implement this? Any feedback on this is appreciated, for sure. Marc
  9. I just added a file upload field to my detail page template. In the field detail, valid file extensions are: pdf doc docx xls xlsx gif jpg jpeg png. However, when I go to upload a file to a page - a pdf for example - I get this error: "pdf is a invalid file extension, please use one of:" Do I have to somehow whitelist these file-types somewhere in the backend? Or perhaps this is a permissions issue? Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. Once again, I got a problem with a hosting where I can't upload images/files. It just uploads to 100% then the bar disappears and it's like before. In the post I see this message: error: false message: "Page not saved (no changes)" Filepermission seems ok. Install went normal. Any ideas what to look for? I can provide phpinfo if needed. PHP version is: PHP/5.2.4-2ubuntu5.23
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