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Found 12 results

  1. Hello PW community, I hope my post fits correctly in this forum category. Great to be here. Great to have found my new favorite CMS and an awesome community! I learned a lot from you guys by lurking on the forums and I hope can help someone else in the near future. I could need some advice about a very specific subdomain setup with a single PW install. A multi-language multi-site setup 1x top-level domain but with subdomains for country specific site versions Some subdomains have the same language (different country), others differ Current setup using apeisa's Multisite module In Page
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to have a multi-site (multiple databases) setup on a IIS (Microsoft) server. I know that IIS is not officially supported by ProcessWire but customer is insisting on IIS. I get an 500 Error when trying to access the sub-domain/other processwire site. Did somebody do this before or is it not possible at all to have a multi-site setup on IIS? Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, I was playing around with the ProcessWire command-line script sitemap.sh (https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/include/) I currently have a multi-site setup (with separate databases). -> site -> site-other The sitemap works but it shows only the pages from the default site directory. How can I get the sitemap of the site-other directory? Here is my working code that prints the sitemap of 'site': #!/usr/bin/php <?php namespace ProcessWire; include("index.php"); // bootstrap ProcessWire function listPage($page, $level = 0) { echo str_repeat("
  4. Using ProcessWire's in-built multi-site support (option #1 here), is it possible to bootstrap the various sites? To bootstrap ProcessWire, the only requirement is to include /path/to/processwire/index.php/. In option #1, there is only one index.php. So, including index.php defaults to bootstrapping the main site (i.e. the site at /site/. Is it possible to bootstrap the other sites, i.e. site-dogs, site-cats, site-birds, etc? I've searched the forums but nothing relevant comes up. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I am using ProcessWire to run a multi-site environment using the Multisite module by Soma. It's working great with one small caveat. It always defaults to the English version of the site. So when you access the base url (somedomain.com) it always redirects to somedomain.com/en/. In my particular case I need it to go to the Germany version somedomain.com/de/. Some things I've tried: I've tried fiddling around with the AutoDetectLanguage module to have a user redirected based on the detected browser language - didn't work. I've also tried messing with a mo
  6. Hi Folks, We have a multi-site #1, multiple sites, multiple databases platform in development/concept at the moment. A company can sign up, register, and PW then creates a db, copies over a site folder with /wire symlink. All seems to work well, after sign up they can then enter into their subdomain site. ( Because of this dirty hack below that inserts the new subdomain into PW's hostSiteConfig array. Without this, the subdomain is not correctly registered as a PW site & instance I think). Does anyone know how to dynamically add an entry into the index.config.php file ? Know
  7. Having a problem with a basic multi-site instance. The multi-sites are dynamically created and run as sub-domains and all is ok with them. They are created during a sign up process by end users. During the sign up process - once the new site & db has been created, I had planned to load the new site instance and add a new user to it, using code similar to this.. $newSiteInstance = new ProcessWire($path, $newSiteUrl); $u = $newSiteInstance->users->add($sitename); $u->pass = $pass; $u->email = $email; $u->addRole('content-v
  8. I'm having trouble getting a multi-site installation (I'll call them "site1" and "site2") working on a shared cPanel host. The installation was working on my local hosting environment with two virtualhosts pointed at the same folder, allowing me to access both sites. On the cPanel server I'm wanting to use subdomains for both sites: site1.mydomain.com and site2.mydomain.com So in my cPanel hosting I have site1.mydomain.com as the primary domain for the account, and I have added site2.mydomain.com as a cPanel domain Alias (I believe this was called a "Parked Domain" in previous versions of
  9. Hi there, I'm trying to set up different instances of our website so I thought I'd try it out locally first before deploying out to the real world. I'm interested in a multi-site/independent DB setup so I'm following the instructions (Step1 Alternative) in https://processwire.com/api/modules/multi-site-support/ The steps I've taken are : 1) I've copied my /site folder to /site-dev. 2) Modified index.config.php and moved it to the webroot 3) Modified config.php in site-dev and changed the DB credentials. I thought this was all the steps I needed to take but it didn't work. I've al
  10. Hi, wow, this is weird: I am running two sites with one ProcessWire installation. Both are using VersionControl module. I moved both sites to another webserver right after installing VersionControl. On site #1 ...sometimes (!) file upload is not possible (the pink status bar gets stuck at 100 %) already uploaded files (before moving to the new server) cannot be deleted file descriptions cannot be changed no error messages are given, not even in debug mode While on site #2 ...everything's fine: uploading, deleting, changing the description... I read Douglas' post on a glitch in dev 2.5.19,
  11. I'm developing relatively big site with a number of weakly connected web-services. By "weakly connected" I mean that they share same users and some common catalog but the rest (and bigger part) is not shared (service-specific catalogs, languages, etc). As site becomes too big and complicated I think to move these weakly connected web-services to their own sites, e.g. one PW core but several sites with their own dbs. Users as well as shared catalog remain at "main" site, being maintainable via PW admin. Before this move I'd like to consult with you guys. Specifically - would this code work
  12. Hi, I have a project rebuilding a company website that does not have any CMS managing it at the moment. There is also the need for a separate site they refer to as an 'intranet' but it is more like a company resources website which is accessed by multiple interstate offices and also by sales staff on the move. This site contains files and info they would consider sensitive information. I am interested in using the multi-site feature of processwire to share some files across both sites. The resources website will have user login access, does anyone have any advice on additional security to
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