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  1. Hi @abdus, I wasn't aware there was built in caching capabilities outside of Procache. I've checked it now and alas it is off. I'm also a Procache subscriber but have turned that functionality off too. But your comment about template caching somehow inspired me to try connecting to the index.php directly, and that seems to fixed the problem (?!?!) Now Safari and all mobile browsers are loading normally, per normal without having to reference the index.php directly. I have no idea why that has fixed it. I've checked the DirectoryIndex section of .htaccess file, and it's exactly the same as the the default Processwire file. Thanks a lot for your cache busting script. Will incorporate it probably at the next release as a backup plan for such scenarios.
  2. Hi there, I'm experiencing a real weird caching issue with Safari (Desktop) and all mobile browsers where it is loading the old version of the site and refusing to reload the website. I don't seem to have the problem with Chrome where a reload did correctly reload the latest version of the website. Has anyone come across this issue before? Things I have tried (and failed) : 1) I've replaced our .htaccess file with the standard one that comes with Processswire 2.8 2) Everything here 3) Deleted everything under /assets/pwpc folder. 4) Deleted all local wesbite data on laptop/mobile and reloaded. Much appreciate if anyone can help me
  3. Update : The second link works but the first doesn't. So try :
  4. Excellent infographics, @diogo. I can agree with most of the things in there although I normally start the day out with classical music and progressively branch out to other genres. I normally go to Idagio for my classical music fix. I've also recently started listening to some buddhist chants like below if I wanted to get into a bit of a "trance", although I can see this not being to everyone's taste. Finally, someone recently mentioned this to me (haven't tried it yet), but I recall of seeing it possibly on this forum first?
  5. If you're convinced it's your PHP/MySQL setup, then I suggest you start profiling your MySQL DB on both sites and compare and see if you spot anything out of the ordinary. I've done it for other databases, but not MySQL so I can't give you any specific MySQL advice I'm afraid. I've never had to reduce first byte time on my site (yet) so I'm not very knowledgeable in this subject matter. I think this article might get you started .. Have you also run your sites through ?
  6. Have you done a tracert / traceroute against both sites and see if there's anything out of the ordinary? If you're using Apache, have you compared the .htaccess file against the other sites?
  7. /** * @backupGlobals disabled * @backupStaticAttributes disabled * @runTestsInSeparateProcesses * @runInSeparateProcess * @preserveGlobalState disabled */ When you say annotations, if you are referring to the above, then in my project they are inside the class definition. If you managed to get it working outside the class, then perhaps it doesn't matter as much whether they stay inside or outside the class. If the PHPUnit documentation says it should reside outside the class, then people should have that in mind if they are still getting errors. I've reviewed my tutorial and whilst I did describe the setUp method in detail, I probably should mention that it's a method you must include and implement. I will change it accordingly.
  8. Which annotations are you referring to, and which class {} ?
  9. @chrizz, Are you using PHPStorm?
  10. I discovered an error with the config.php file in the following line $config->chmodDir = '0755'; // permission for directories created by ProcessWire It was set to '0' not '0755'. Alas, it wasn't the cause of my issue ... I've narrowed it down to it being something in the backend database. If I point the (not working) codebase to an older database, it seems to load up. Unfortunately, I've tried to compare the database dump scripts between the 2 databases and I can't make heads & tails sense out of it. Anyone has any suggestions for comparing 2 databases? Some custom code?
  11. @gebeer: I've managed to eliminate all errors that were displaying in the KIS Error logs. And the page still won't load ... At this point, the only thing left is to use the working site as a base and try updating its codebase + data and hope for the best.
  12. @gebeer, I've checked the folders and they all have the same directory owner/group settings. I would imagine if there was a problem on the directory level, I would be seeing this issue all over the place and not a couple of specific pages. I've also spotted some bugs in the last 15minutes and have eliminated them so the only issues I see now are the permission issue(s) with the image files. I'm going to add some extra debugging, error handling to see if I can shed any more light into it.
  13. Hi @gebeer, thanks for the response. To answer your questions : 1) The owner / group of all the image files are the same. They belong to the owner / group name that bears the account name. 2) The files are definitely all there. I haven't checked all of them but I've spot checked about a dozen and they are there as expected. 3) Looks like I already have code file_exists check in SquareImage.php, albeit I'm checking for the full path, not the path that starts with /site/template ... Is there a PW API call that does a file check that takes in a path name that starts with /site/templates .... ?
  14. Hi PW Community, I have a problem where a page is loading up fine on my local dev machine + 1 of the test sites, but not on another test site. They have identical PW (2.8.35?) and codebase installed. The 2 sites are hosted on the same hosting provider, as well as our other sites. 1) Error Logs. There is nothing particularly strange logged on the PW Error log for all the sites. I am getting a "You must assign a template to the page before setting custom field values (title__data) [pageClass=Page, template=] (WireLog)" error, but I'm getting this error on working pages as well. However, there are some errors in our Hosting Provider's log. The error seems to point at some sort of permissioning issue regarding reading the image files? 1.a) File / Dir permissions of Images - I've checked file permissions on the normal and problematic sites. They are all identical 2) .htaccess - I've tried running the .htaccess file from the working site on the problematic site - No Luck 3) codebase - I've done 3 comparisons. They are identical on all sites. 4) wire directory - See above 5) Behaviour - So the problematic site loads up most of its page as expected without problems. It's just a couple that it has issues with. Problematic URL Example : Working URL : I've also attached the KIS Error Logs. Has anyone come across behaviour like this before and what would be the way forward to fix this? KIS.Error.Logs
  15. Does it have to be CSV? I've recently migrated to a XML based export functionality because of the limitations of the CSV format.