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  1. FrancisChung

    There are no guarantees that Gitlab or any other providers won't do that either. If people are afraid of snooping, they shouldn't check-in code to a 3rd party provider in the first place.
  2. FrancisChung

    I'm glad it's MS buying it and not some other company. (Imagine FB or Apple with their recent track record ..) Their track record with Developers for most part has been pretty good especially of late, and I hope their involvement means more features that developers ask for (e.g. Folders to organise repos) will actually get delivered. I wouldn't be worried about MS stuffing this up unless it's people involved in Windows 10 and/or Skype are being transferred to work on Github. There's been a bit of knee-jerk reaction with some devs jumping ship for Gitlab already but there's far too many Open Source projects on Github at the moment and I can't see any of them jumping ship to Gitlab, at least in the near future.
  3. FrancisChung

    If you are referring to config->debug = true setting, then yes try turning it off and see what happens. It might just error silently and do nothing when you try and process the payment. Update : You could try disabling the File Compiler, but I don't know if that will help. In theory, your compiled code and uncompiled code should be executing the same logic. But certainly, do give it a try as when you're debugging errors you shouldn't dismiss any possibilities outright.
  4. FrancisChung

    You should really redirect this to the Padloper developers as they would be able to provide better support. From what I can see it looks like an error occurred whilst handling the payment, but it wasn't handled (i.e. there was no contingency code to process this type of error) stef4341 is probably the account the website is hosted on, that would be my guess.
  5. Does anyone here a personal portfolio site or a personal website that I can draw some inspiration from? I need to knock one up with minimal effort. I was wondering if there's any commercially available themes or solutions I can leverage? I looked at something called Gitshowcase but it didn't quite output what I needed, as it seems to have a very limited biography section.
  6. FrancisChung

    Glad you sorted it out eventually. Perhaps now is a really good time to implement a Backup Strategy whilst the lesson of hardship & panic is still fresh in your mind
  7. FrancisChung

    Is there another computer you could try the install on? That should tell you whether it's definitely the install itself or machine related and we can go from there. What sort of machine / OS is it?
  8. FrancisChung

    I Just wanted to add that if you're using Procache (which you should be if you value performance), just be wary that you MAY have to use relative paths. I had an issue where the fonts were not being loaded using a path of /site/templates/fonts/.... It used to work flawlessly but it stopped working 1 day. Tried to get to the bottom of it with no success, but Ryan suggest a workaround to use a relative path. i.e ../fonts/....
  9. FrancisChung

    If anyone is interested in Data Science (Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning etc), then I highly recommend this course as your starting point. It’s offered by the Stanford Uni’s Andrew Ng, who is considered a leading pioneer in this field. The course is regarded as the starting point for any aspiring data scientist’s learning path. It's an 11 week course with a lot of subjects to cover, but Andrew Ng does an amazing teaching job. There is a lot of maths in the course, but don't be afraid of it too much. I was dreading it before the course, but it turned out unnecessary. You just need to know what a gradient is (of a straight line) and what the sigma symbol is (Summation). They also use partial derivatives, but you don’t need to know how to derive them. Matrix Operations are used heavily, but there’s a really good primer as part of Week 1’s syllabus. The course uses Octave/Matlab instead of R/Python etc. And the course feels more like a traditional Computer Science course where they really try and give you a good basic grounding in theory. Having said that, I thought the exercises you did got closer to real world problems as the course progressed. Whilst you will be very well grounded in all the concepts of Machine Learning, you will probably have to do at least another course or projects to learn how to apply this knowledge in the real world. I've also shared some tips here for newcomers of the course, if anyone is interested:
  10. FrancisChung

    My 2 cents on Udemy. You need to be selective/careful on Udemy. They seem to have a more lenient criteria on who can upload a course, and the quality of the courses can wildly vary as a result. I've seen some really good courses as well as some (god) awful ones. My advice is to have a look at the average ratings of the course, compare the score against other courses in the same domain, and also read the user reviews (both good/bad) and make a decision.
  11. FrancisChung

    I thought I'd start this topic because I seem to be recommending certain courses to people repeatedly, so why not share it with the PW community. The topic can be a review or overview of any IT or non IT-related courses you're doing or have done. I'll start off with a course on teaching you how to learn. I'm halfway through this course and I can already see huge improvements in the way I'm learning and also my approach to learning. I wished I've taken this course when I was a student! The course can be taken free, and all it takes is a couple of hours of your time. If you have kids that are in school, I think this should be compulsory viewing for all children in academia. If you're into self-improvement or learning, then I can't recommend this course highly enough.
  12. FrancisChung

    Hi @BitPoet, if you've got a spare moment do you mind sharing what you've done? I am quite intrigued. (Perhaps in a separate thread and not hijack this one) When you say it's really fast, I assume you don't mean XDebug but some other methodology/tools for debugging.
  13. FrancisChung

    You're right about XDebug slowing everything to a crawl. Have you tried these tricks involving the profiler and remote host?
  14. FrancisChung

    Great work TPR, I wrote some JS code to do this a while back, and it wasn't pretty ... at all. Thanks for this
  15. FrancisChung

    @Robin S , I haven't forgotten .... just been flat out recently. As you can see, I've programmed the side mouse buttons accordingly to my own usage patterns. The commands you see are for PHP Storm. Most/All of them are commands i use for debugging. I also have other profiles for different programs / IDEs as you can see on the top menu (Visual Studio, Diablo3 etc) Another interesting thing is there is a right mouse button you can click (G-Shift) which you can press to get an alternative set of comma. I've grouped out IDE editor commands here seperately. Also, it lets you have 3 different modes according to Colour which you can customise. You can see above that I'm currently in the default mode of Purple. There's a button at the top of the mouse that lets you cycle through other modes. Following picture shows the commands for the Red mode. I've put in some Web Browser commands in the Red mode for example. So it's a bit of work to program the commands you use and lay it out the way that's useful to you. I am happy to provide the profiles if anyone needs it, save you hours! The huge advantage of going through this process is you can just learn 1/2 set of layouts and you can use it on multiple IDEs , enviroments. My Visual Studio layout is almost identical to PHPStorm layout (bar some unique commands) so I know exactly where the StepOver or StepThrough commands are exactly. Perhaps overkill if you just use 1 IDE or program in 1 environment but if you're jumping around, then I don't know of a better solution than this. The only issue you might have if you're intrigued is sourcing the mouse. I think I've seen some go on sale on eBay still ...