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  1. They should do a stateofjs article every month. There's always a new framework that is the flavour of the month
  2. Unfortunately I moved away from Berlin. I hope to catch one in the future if I am back.
  3. They're pretty good at watching what you do. They had plenty of practice with Windows 10 ? FYI, OS/X can be just as intrusive, but try telling that to a fanboi ....
  4. I have and it's the closest thing to MAMP available on Linux when I looked around last year. For myself, I'm not too bothered about the "bloat" and I'd rather maximise time spent solving real issues. So I was happy to use it when I had to do some Processwire work.
  5. If you're in the mood for trying out a different distro, I can heartily recommend PopOS. I've been using it for a year now, and I will never go back to OS/X as a dev environment. https://itsfoss.com/pop-os-linux-review/
  6. Having just set up Settings Sync across just 2 machines, I can see why Bernhard said it is clunky. Entering Tokens / GistIds for each new configuration is a pain. Something more integrated or baked into VS Code would be the ideal solution. Or Coder.com. Will load up my extensions there and see how that goes. Update : I mentioned running Docker in an earlier post. Perhaps it is not the cure-all I thought it was. https://medium.com/canal-tech/why-using-docker-in-your-local-dev-environment-is-probably-not-a-great-idea-3836c6823d60
  7. I think the Github acquisition all ties back to selling Cloud and other services to the Developer community. MS is now a services company as Nadella likes to state. I guess future iterations of Github where it integrates with Azure and other MS Products will be the telltale sign
  8. Unless of course, you get your German mate to set up coder in a server running in his lounge room (he did it in like under 10mins) and first impressions are pretty impressive. I'm using Coder from Australia connecting to a home server in Germany, and the limited experience I have is pretty good. Latency is expected but better than I thought. I haven't installed extensions that I normally use and I should sftp across a project I'm working on to fully test it out. But just opening/editing files seem pretty good so far. A bit busy at the moment, but when I get a chance to test it out in anger, will let you know.
  9. I only did a basic course years ago, but once you build a Container with all your dev env set up, it's just a matter of using that same container in different machines. Any future updates or changes, you can just do it the reference container and reuse the same container in as many places as you wish. Also, sounds like an awesome excuse to try out Docker and see if you like. I know a friend whos been doing this for years and always trying to get me to do it, but laziness wins sensibility most of the time ? UPDATE : Looks like coder solves the running vscode in Docker problem
  10. I wish I had that problem too lol #1stWorldCodingProblems As everything in VS Code, there will be extension to solve your problem. Have you looked at this? https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Shan.code-settings-sync Or if you want the same Development experience no matter the machine or location, have you considered setting a dev environment in Docker?
  11. Couple of extensions I've been using for a few weeks that haven't been mentioned here yet. (as far as I can tell) Bracket Pair Colorizer : Nested Brackets can be a nightmare to debug and is a pet hate of mine. This extension will save you, unless you're colourblind in the default colours . But I'm sure you can tweak the colours if it comes to that. ext install CoenraadS.bracket-pair-colorizer Path Intellisense : If I have to explain what this does, we're definitely not on the same path. ext install christian-kohler.path-intellisense Material Icon Theme: I know Material Design was mentioned before. This is an alternative one. Not sure what the difference is between the 2 but I'm using the Winter is Coming theme, and there seems to be an overlap between this and the Material Design theme. ext install PKief.material-icon-theme Winter is Coming theme: Any GoT fans out there? ext install johnpapa.winteriscoming
  12. It's not as foolproof as you might think it is. https://hackernoon.com/why-you-should-never-save-passwords-on-chrome-or-firefox-96b770cfd0d0
  13. I realised that after I posted. Unfortunately, I can't seem to delete posts .... so sorry about that Amigo
  14. Trialing Lastpass after going to a talk given by the author of https://haveibeenpwned.com/ last night. I figure if you don't get one after that, you're just asking for to be pwned.
  15. There's a big list of VS Code extensions here that is regularly updated. https://github.com/viatsko/awesome-vscode
  16. There's a huge list of them available here. https://github.com/viatsko/awesome-vscode
  17. What does it mean in terms of Web Developers & the Web Sites they make? Do we need to be implementing some sort of Copyright checks everywhere?
  18. A lot if not majority of Korean Banks online banking system are still using ActiveX for their online banking. (No wonder North Korea has managed to hack a few banks in the last couple of years) So it's not surprising that they still support older IE Versions.
  19. FrancisChung

    other CMSs

    I was actually a financial systems developer before building my first website using Processwire. Actually, if it weren't for the community, I'd be in Sheeeeet creek. I've been passed up a few times for some great jobs/contracts because I just lacked the requisite <Insert latest JS framework>, so I can't afford to put my head in the sand and ignore it any longer. My opinion about JS (It's slightly better than my opinion about Donald Drumpf, POTUS) does not matter. If I want to stay in the game, I gotta play the game too.
  20. FrancisChung

    other CMSs

    I was of kindred spirit like yourself regarding JS, but I think I've put it off as long as I could. Not have skilled up on the latest JS technologies is now hurting my chances rather than helping in the roles I'm going for, so I haven't really got much of a choice in this matter. Hell exists everywhere in the dev world, but I agree ... JS Hell is a special kind of hell
  21. An alternative avenue of promoting Processwire to more users is to write a review about it on Capterra. I think Processwire deserves more than 2 reviews! https://www.capterra.com.au/software/161666/processwire Edit : To leave a review, you need to go to this link https://reviews.capterra.com/new/161666
  22. FrancisChung

    other CMSs

    That's on my list to learn as I'm learning Angular at the moment. Strapi looks like the most interesting one I could find. https://www.capterra.com.au/software/170599/strapi
  23. FrancisChung

    other CMSs

    Has any one here used a JavaScript based CMS, assuming such a thing exists? If so, can they share their experiences with it? I"m thinking about doing a small project using a JS based CMS to improve my JS/TS skills
  24. Hate to say it but unless you need to use XCode, try and stay on the oldest OS possible. I'm still using Yosemite and have no intention of upgrading until someone puts a gun on my head. Wifi issues, unfortunately, seem to be 1 of the recurring OS/X issue that never seems to go away.
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