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  1. It's not as foolproof as you might think it is. https://hackernoon.com/why-you-should-never-save-passwords-on-chrome-or-firefox-96b770cfd0d0
  2. I realised that after I posted. Unfortunately, I can't seem to delete posts .... so sorry about that Amigo
  3. Trialing Lastpass after going to a talk given by the author of https://haveibeenpwned.com/ last night. I figure if you don't get one after that, you're just asking for to be pwned.
  4. There's a big list of VS Code extensions here that is regularly updated. https://github.com/viatsko/awesome-vscode
  5. There's a huge list of them available here. https://github.com/viatsko/awesome-vscode
  6. What does it mean in terms of Web Developers & the Web Sites they make? Do we need to be implementing some sort of Copyright checks everywhere?
  7. A lot if not majority of Korean Banks online banking system are still using ActiveX for their online banking. (No wonder North Korea has managed to hack a few banks in the last couple of years) So it's not surprising that they still support older IE Versions.
  8. FrancisChung

    other CMSs

    I was actually a financial systems developer before building my first website using Processwire. Actually, if it weren't for the community, I'd be in Sheeeeet creek. I've been passed up a few times for some great jobs/contracts because I just lacked the requisite <Insert latest JS framework>, so I can't afford to put my head in the sand and ignore it any longer. My opinion about JS (It's slightly better than my opinion about Donald Drumpf, POTUS) does not matter. If I want to stay in the game, I gotta play the game too.
  9. FrancisChung

    other CMSs

    I was of kindred spirit like yourself regarding JS, but I think I've put it off as long as I could. Not have skilled up on the latest JS technologies is now hurting my chances rather than helping in the roles I'm going for, so I haven't really got much of a choice in this matter. Hell exists everywhere in the dev world, but I agree ... JS Hell is a special kind of hell
  10. An alternative avenue of promoting Processwire to more users is to write a review about it on Capterra. I think Processwire deserves more than 2 reviews! https://www.capterra.com.au/software/161666/processwire Edit : To leave a review, you need to go to this link https://reviews.capterra.com/new/161666
  11. FrancisChung

    other CMSs

    That's on my list to learn as I'm learning Angular at the moment. Strapi looks like the most interesting one I could find. https://www.capterra.com.au/software/170599/strapi
  12. FrancisChung

    other CMSs

    Has any one here used a JavaScript based CMS, assuming such a thing exists? If so, can they share their experiences with it? I"m thinking about doing a small project using a JS based CMS to improve my JS/TS skills
  13. Hate to say it but unless you need to use XCode, try and stay on the oldest OS possible. I'm still using Yosemite and have no intention of upgrading until someone puts a gun on my head. Wifi issues, unfortunately, seem to be 1 of the recurring OS/X issue that never seems to go away.
  14. Congrats @kongondo on your new endeavor! I think the pricing model you've mentioned is pretty much the defacto pricing model for most quality software products out in the market. Increasingly, software is turning to the SAAS model, so the pricing model reflects market trends right now. In fact, if you're not adopting this model, you should ask why you are unable/unwilling to do so.
  15. I was trying to do the same, but the installer for Ubuntu doesn't work! I'm glad it worked out for you though. If you do end up using Devilbox, don't forget to use sudo. I think that's where I got thrown off initially.
  16. @MilenKo, If you're on OS/x I'd recommend using MAMP or MAMP Pro. I would just NOT recommend AMPPS at this stage, for any platform going on my personal experience. I'm not familiar with High Sierra, but not being able to run DevilBox with elevated privileges could be an issue. That certainly was the case in Ubuntu.
  17. Yeah that's my normal method too, but I don't recall devilbox having that option. I'm pretty sure this is what turned me off Unix many moons ago. Especially the packages you mentioned that had dependencies upon dependencies.
  18. @fbg13 : Put that down to me being a Ubuntu noobie. I was googling where the best place to install applications to and there wasn't a definitive answer. Coming from OS/X, this isn't an issue you would normally think about. So I looked at where my existing applications were installed at. I had only just installed the O/S so I didn't really have many apps. 1 of the first ones I installed, Chrome, happened to be in /opt. So that's where i chose to install my applications (if I had a say where it goes) On hindsight, maybe I'll do things differently in the next build. So you recommend a separate, entire partition for applications only? I'm guessing this wouldn't work if I switched distros for example right? Does it still work if you go from different versions of the same distro?
  19. @fbg13 , not sure if it's because I had devilbox installed in /opt. 1 of things I'm learning coming from OS/X to Linux is applications can live in all sorts of directories, and some of them require sudo and others don't. Urgh
  20. Linux. As I stated previously, I refuse to do web development on Windows (unless it's ASP.NET) It was mainly using sudo to launch the application. The documentation doesn't state that you had to use it, and this is where i was thrown off for most of the time. Other than that, you just had to add an entry in /etc/hosts file to map an address to your local instance.
  21. I finally got devilbox working. Turns out, RTFM actually worked against me in this instance. Most of the errors I was getting was permission related, so had to run it with sudo. And had to do extra configuration that they don't tell you about up front.
  22. So is that running Windows 7 on a VM on a Windows10?
  23. Mine's a missing CPU support from the O/S so not sure a driver can fix
  24. It's more to do with paths & limitations with path length etc in Windows. They allegedly have fixed it, but I don't trust the fix because I can still see it happening on my local machine despite applying all sorts of fixes for it. I agree Windows 7 being stable. Unfortuantely, you can only run it on older hardware. No chance if you have equipment of recent specs. I couldn't even install Windows 8 on my laptop.
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