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  1. I was trying to do the same, but the installer for Ubuntu doesn't work! I'm glad it worked out for you though. If you do end up using Devilbox, don't forget to use sudo. I think that's where I got thrown off initially.
  2. @MilenKo, If you're on OS/x I'd recommend using MAMP or MAMP Pro. I would just NOT recommend AMPPS at this stage, for any platform going on my personal experience. I'm not familiar with High Sierra, but not being able to run DevilBox with elevated privileges could be an issue. That certainly was the case in Ubuntu.
  3. Yeah that's my normal method too, but I don't recall devilbox having that option. I'm pretty sure this is what turned me off Unix many moons ago. Especially the packages you mentioned that had dependencies upon dependencies.
  4. @fbg13 : Put that down to me being a Ubuntu noobie. I was googling where the best place to install applications to and there wasn't a definitive answer. Coming from OS/X, this isn't an issue you would normally think about. So I looked at where my existing applications were installed at. I had only just installed the O/S so I didn't really have many apps. 1 of the first ones I installed, Chrome, happened to be in /opt. So that's where i chose to install my applications (if I had a say where it goes) On hindsight, maybe I'll do things differently in the next build. So you recommend a separate, entire partition for applications only? I'm guessing this wouldn't work if I switched distros for example right? Does it still work if you go from different versions of the same distro?
  5. @fbg13 , not sure if it's because I had devilbox installed in /opt. 1 of things I'm learning coming from OS/X to Linux is applications can live in all sorts of directories, and some of them require sudo and others don't. Urgh
  6. Linux. As I stated previously, I refuse to do web development on Windows (unless it's ASP.NET) 🙂 It was mainly using sudo to launch the application. The documentation doesn't state that you had to use it, and this is where i was thrown off for most of the time. Other than that, you just had to add an entry in /etc/hosts file to map an address to your local instance.
  7. I finally got devilbox working. Turns out, RTFM actually worked against me in this instance. Most of the errors I was getting was permission related, so had to run it with sudo. And had to do extra configuration that they don't tell you about up front.
  8. So is that running Windows 7 on a VM on a Windows10?
  9. Mine's a missing CPU support from the O/S so not sure a driver can fix 🙂
  10. It's more to do with paths & limitations with path length etc in Windows. They allegedly have fixed it, but I don't trust the fix because I can still see it happening on my local machine despite applying all sorts of fixes for it. I agree Windows 7 being stable. Unfortuantely, you can only run it on older hardware. No chance if you have equipment of recent specs. I couldn't even install Windows 8 on my laptop.
  11. I just did, but I can tell you that is not what actually happens if you try and install it. There's all sorts of installation issues, and even if you work through them, the app doesn't launch because there's an issue with the underlying Graphics library it is using. Laragon looks really cool. Alas, it is only for Windows and I refuse to do Website work on Windows unless it's ASP.NET specific work.
  12. Update Ampps : Can't seem to install it on Ubuntu. Useless piece of ... Devilbox : I can't get docker daemon running locally. It's opened up a pandora's box I don't have time to deal with ... urgh ...
  13. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6434961244045873152/
  14. I think this varies between card to card (prepaid Visa) so you need to read the terms & conditions. Also, it might be prudent to just put a minimal balance of $10 or something, as sometimes companies test out the registered card by debiting/crediting a small amount of money. In theory, they should tell you they do this test during your onboarding process/
  15. Fintechs have started offering products like a Prepaid Visa card, if you were particularly disinclined to give the traditional Banks more of your money. I applied for one influenced by some of the horror stories I've been reading from the Royal Commision into Banking (here in Aus)
  16. Can you add a Visa prepaid card with Zero balance on it? If so, then this should be a reasonable workaround, no?
  17. Long but well written, detailed and informative article written by an Engineering Manager for Google Chrome about the true cost of Javascript and what you can do to alleviate some of that cost. Must read! https://medium.com/@addyosmani/the-cost-of-javascript-in-2018-7d8950fbb5d4
  18. Here's another show I took a chance on and was greatly rewarded. It stars Josh Hutcherson from the Hunger Games but I really like him in this one. And it's funny too. At least 1 LOL moment for me per episode. Check it out if you're in the mood for a laugh
  19. Slightly off topic but @Robin S, do you know about this? https://www.masterclass.com/classes/judd-apatow-teaches-comedy and btw, great post
  20. FrancisChung

    TV Series Talk

    I recently discovered a show called Final Space and it's been a revelation so far with very entertaining characters and humour to boot. They have an all star voice lineup including David Tennant, Steven Yuen, Conan O'Brien, Ron Perlman, Caleb McLaughlin etc It's kinda like a blend of Futurama & Rick & Morty with an ongoing plot like a normal TV series, rather than having storylines that are confined to each episode only. Check it out if you're a fan of the above shows. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6317068/
  21. On Day 7 if the punchline was "Wordpress" instead of MongoDB, I would have lost it.
  22. Well, one is an IDE and the other is a code editor .... it's like comparing apples & oranges ...
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