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  1. I have a sudden and strange bug. While my local installation is doing fine, I can no more have access to my pages on production site. It looks like that the JqueryCore is not working. I uploaded a new wire directory, just in case, but to no avail. My site is identical on production and local. Have you ever experienced this? I just get this dialog: Unknown error, please try again.
  2. Hi, I must create a synchronisation process to import data from a CRM. I have a page reference field where I don't know in advance all the available options. It has to be added in the reference tree. In my import script, based on Ryan's Import Page by CSV module, i coded this: $p->crm_member_type = $data['TypeDeMembre']; where $p is a valid page to be saved. $data['TypeDeMembre'] is a string. Actually, if the entry is already present in the page reference tree, the data is saved correctly. But if the entry does not exist, nothing is saved. This page reference field ("crm_member_type") is set to accept new entry on the UI, but I think this feature is not available from API. Do I have to check first if the entry exists then create a the right page to be referenced afterwards?
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