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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, in a project I use the multi-instance feature of ProcessWire to get content from another ProcessWire instance which is kind of a "database". I do not modify the external content. For a slider I want to store references to the "database" in an InputfieldPage. To get the available pages I use the following code in my ready.php: $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) { if($event->object->hasField == 'kub_highlight_artworks') { // Server path to the PW installation $path = '/var/www/vhosts/.../'; // The root URL for the P
  2. Hi! So I am trying to pull some information from another ProcessWire installation within the admin area (_main.php / page tree from the AdminThemeUikit module). $pwpath = "/path/"; $pwurl = "https://url.example"; $pw = new ProcessWire($pwpath , $pwurl); which then gives me this error I then read that if it is not already in a ProcessWire environment that I would have to include the core, require('/path/to/wire/core/ProcessWire.php'); Which I tried, and makes sense that it already says it is included. So what now? Here is my _main.php
  3. Having a problem with a basic multi-site instance. The multi-sites are dynamically created and run as sub-domains and all is ok with them. They are created during a sign up process by end users. During the sign up process - once the new site & db has been created, I had planned to load the new site instance and add a new user to it, using code similar to this.. $newSiteInstance = new ProcessWire($path, $newSiteUrl); $u = $newSiteInstance->users->add($sitename); $u->pass = $pass; $u->email = $email; $u->addRole('content-v
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if there is an option to load another site in the FieldtypePage by using the custom PHP code to find selectable pages. // placed as custom PHP code to find selectable pages return $content->pages->get("/")->children(); When it needs hooking into methods as "InputfieldPage::___getSelectablePages" or "InputfieldPage::___findPagesCode", I'd like to know how. By just placing the following code somewhere in the methods it won't work, but maybe someone else knows how? $content = new ProcessWire('/mypath/to/content/site/', '/content/'); // placed
  5. I have setup two websites, A and B. A can read pages from B using the multi-instance API. But how do I get A to save a new page to B? I have this simple test setup: $path = "C:/Users/Marc/Documents/development/www/siteB/"; $url = "/siteB/"; $siteB = new ProcessWire($path, $url); $np = new Page(); $np->template = "my-template"; $np->parent = $siteB->pages->get('/forms/'); $np->title = 'test multi-instance form'; $np->save(); The page is saved to site A instead of B, with no parent. Is this a case of saving it to the wrong instance? If so, how do I save it to the corre
  6. I'm working on a process module that connects to another ProcessWire 3.0.54 installation on the same (local) server (both sites running 3.0.54). I'm trying to use multi-instance for this, so: namespace ProcessWire; $path = "C:/Users/Me/Documents/development/www/pw3/"; $url = "http://www.test.me"; $site = new ProcessWire($path, $url); Those simple three lines generate the following error: I'm probably missing something obvious here as I don't have much experience with namespaces yet. Any suggestions?
  7. What am I mixing up that this won't work, or better to say will throw "..Base table or view not found..." $meta = new ProcessWire($config->paths->root . 'site-meta/', "http://meta.$config->domain"); $backupPath = $config->paths->assets . 'backups/database/'; $backup = new WireDatabaseBackup($backupPath); $backup->setWire($wire); $backup->setDatabase($database); $backup->setDatabaseConfig($config); $backupFile = $backup->backup(['description' => 'saludos your Cron']); if ($backupFile) { wireZipFile("$backupFile.zip", $backupFile); exec("ln -sf $backu
  8. Hey guys, As I'm refactoring one of our websites completely I thought it's nice to start from scratch and make use of new multi-instance support to import data from the old site. Most of it works nice so far, except I'm encountering a little (I guess) UTF-8 issue as the imported content within the new site has some black diamonds with question marks in it. I tried utf8_en/decode and combinations in any order, $sanitizer->purify / ->entities / ->unentities, htmlspecialchars and various other possible solutions with no luck Then I tried the same grabbing and inserting t
  9. I'm using the multi-instance feature of PW to create a page from the wordpress admin and after the page is created i save its id in a custom meta field in wp. The page should be created/updated when a post is first created or updated through wp's post_updated hook. Here is the code: The page is created in PW but its id is not saved in wp custom meta field. If i comment the "$p->save();" line i don't get the error, but i obviously need it. On localhost it works, but on the server i get the error; same PW, WP (same plugins) and PHP version, only the os differs, Wi
  10. Hi guys, I would very much appreciate to get your feedback to the following idea: We've created a publishing system for our company that is based on ProcessWire. Currently we are only using it for one publishing page. But it could very well be possible that in the future we are in need of managing additional pages. I'm thinking of something like it is described in the article about Multiple-site support, but with something like a site-core that is included by any site instance. To keep server management simple all the instances could use the same database. Imagine the following folde
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