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Found 1 result

  1. Hello PW community, I hope my post fits correctly in this forum category. Great to be here. Great to have found my new favorite CMS and an awesome community! I learned a lot from you guys by lurking on the forums and I hope can help someone else in the near future. I could need some advice about a very specific subdomain setup with a single PW install. A multi-language multi-site setup 1x top-level domain but with subdomains for country specific site versions Some subdomains have the same language (different country), others differ Current setup using apeisa's Multisite module In Page Tree Domain Country Language / www.domain.com International site english /en.domain.com/ en.domain.com United Kingdom english /de.domain.com/ de.domain.com Germany german /at.domain.com/ at.domain.com Austria german /ch.domain.com/ ch.domain.com Switzerland german /fr.domain.com/ fr.domain.com France french ... I guess the name for something like that is "Geo-Targeted Subdomain Approach". I first wanted to do a folder-based language approach but the requirements have changed - thanks to the SEO guys *yay* :-/. In advance Since the project must be finished during the next few weeks, if anyone of you PW professionals is available short term, I would be interested in talking to you to find a solid solution to make this work. The site's content will grow soon and I'm concerned how the client will be able to manage all of his different country sites (subdomains). For example my current challenges are with managing lots of content in this environment, PageListSelect, sitemap.xml generation and more. The site is working but things are starting to get complicated and some functionality undesirable. I guess mostly of how the subdomains are set up with the Multiside Module. My question I don't know how I can efficiently marry the multi-language features of PW and this multi-site setup with subdomains. Also there may be other solutions for the subdomain setup beside the Multiside module. If any of you has an idea, did something similar or could give me some pointers in how you would approach a setup like this - that would be so awesome! The Challenge and options in how to prevent a content management Massacre Managing multi-language content in a multi-site environment, preferable with single pages and not duplicate content Can it be done with LanguageSupportPageNames of PW 2.3.1/2.3.2 dev branch? I'm still not sure If I should be using the dev branch for a live production site. Current setup I have already set this up and it's working fine using apeisa's Multisite module - which was a real life saver, since the site had to go live very quickly in a light/base version. The site content Company with a single product and pages like support (can be many pages), faq, forms etc in each country All countries (subdomains) describe the same content, but text and images can be different on subdomains in a different or same language All subdomains/sites have many pages in common but not every page does exist in every country. Most content is currently duplicated on all domains and this creates a mess as the site grows obviously. Have not found an efficient solution for a multi-site/multi-language page/field setup No PW language support is currently in use I already thought a lot about how to reduce complexity of my setup, created some working snippets but encountered some problems. Was thinking about letting the content live somewhere hidden on the site, creating my own function or by using something like this and pulling everything in with a nice and easy configuration (field to select a country etc..), which with my PHP/PW knowledge sounds insane to be build by myself. I have more information, but I didn't want to spam this post - hrm *cough*, as I've done already. Phew, sorry for the long post. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance and thanks for reading this. Regards //symb
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